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Metal News for July 13, 2017

Last updated on September 20, 2017 at 1:05 AM ET

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Paradise Lost Posts First "Medusa" Trailer Clip

The countdown to "Medusa" is on! The album from U.K. death/doom pioneer Paradise Lost drops on September 1st via Nuclear Blast. The band issued the first in a series of trailer clips leading up to the album's release.

In the first, the band showcases the recording process for "Medusa." The track listing for the album is:

1. Fearless Sky
2. Gods of Ancient
3. From the Gallows
4. The Longest Winter (lyric video available here)
5. Medusa
6. No Passage for the Dead
7. Blood & Chaos
8. Until the Grave
9. Frozen Illusion
10. Shrines
11. Symbolic Virtue

Check out the clip here: More...

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Bloodclot Streams "Slow Kill Genocide"

Bloodclot - the band featuring John Joseph (Cro-Mags), Todd Youth (Warzone, Murphy's Law), Joey Castillo (ex-Queens of the Stone Age, Blast!) and Nick Oliveri (ex-Queens of the Stone Age, Dwarves) - issued the new song "Slow Kill Genocide" one day ahead of the full album release. Get "Up In Arms" via Metal Blade Records tomorrow, July 14th.

The track list for the album is:

1. Up in Arms
2. Fire
3. Manic (streaming here)
4. Kill the Beast
5. Prayer
6. Siva/Rudra
7. Soldiers of the New Babylon
8. Kali (video available over here)
9. Slow Kill Genocide
10. Slipping into Darkness
11. Life As One
12. You'll Be the Death of Me

Check out "Slow Kill Genocide" here: More...

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Occavus Releasing Debut Album This September

Chilean black/death metal act Occavus will release the debut album "Nocturnal Majestic Mysteria" via Unspeakable Axe Records on September 29th.

A promo video for album track "Union" is available in the player below. The song is an 8-minute odyssey through all of the band's startling blend of ideas and influences. Tremolo-picked riffs intertwine around blast beats, and the vocals are growled, shrieked, and even sung in eerie, stentorian harmonies

The Chilean underground scene has thrived for aeons with great bands playing every brand of extremity. Occavus is both unique within that scene and a fitting encapsulation of it, combining black metal with death metal, heavy metal, and more. They lay in wait for years as the long-in-the-works debut album was fine-tuned to exacting standards. Now "Nocturnal Majestic Mysteria" is to be unleashed on the world.

The cover art and track list are:

1. Andante Nocturno Op.7
2. Triumphal Defeat
3. Under Human Eyes
4. Psychic Burial
5. Ritual Death
6. Seer
7. Union More...

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Septicflesh Releases Lyric Video For New Song

Gods of orchestral extreme metal, Septicflesh, will release the unrelenting new opus "Codex Omega" on September 1st in North America via Prosthetic Records. As a follow up to the release of the first single, "Dante's Inferno," the band dropped the colossal new track "3rd Testament (Codex Omega)." Grab ahold of your seat and listen via the new lyric video in the player towards the bottom.

The video was created by Cloud Music Typography. Guitarist Sotiris V. comments on the track, "As the release date of our new album is getting closer, it is appropriate to introduce you to the song that revolves around the main theme, "3rd Testament (Codex Omega)". So, behold the anti-bible. Listen to the sutras of the 3rd and final book in the divine drama series..."

"Codex Omega" will be available as a 2-CD set, on purple wax vinyl as well as a U.S. indie retail store exclusive on white wax vinyl, and on all digital outlets. Preorders are up now and available at this location. More...

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Graveshadow Enters Studio To Record New Album

Recently completing a west coast run of shows with Russia’s Arkona and Norway’s Sirenia, Sacramento’s Graveshadow – a male-backed symphonic metal band that incorporates doom, thrash and Goth metal influences - has entered the studio to begin recording the sophomore album and debut for M-Theory Audio.

The band settled into The Captains Quarters in Ventura, California with producer (and Night Demon guitarist) Armand John Anthony.

“The idea came to record with Armand while we were on tour with Night Demon. I got to talking with him and he showed me some of his production work,” explains Graveshadow guitarist Will Walker. “What we really want to accomplish on this album is more of a raw and organic sound while still maintaining the symphonic elements of the music. It was a natural fit. The gear, the room, everything is working out to realize exactly what we were looking for. Armand is an absolute joy to work with and we feel he’s really helping us make this the best it can be.”

Recording will continue over the month of July with plans to release in early 2018 via the new deal with M-Theory Audio. Stay tuned for updates. More...

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Anubis Gate Returns All "Covered In Black"

Danish progressive metal act Anubis Gate will release its seventh album "Covered in Black" on September 1st via Nightmare Records.

With six highly acclaimed albums, what can be said about a seventh album? It would be easy to say the following: It is our most mature album. Or how about this: We built on everything that came before it and added new twists and turns. Or this is our most accessible album perhaps.

But that wouldn't be quite true. In fact it might even be quite untrue. Except for the part about building on past experiences, since everybody does that.

What would have been mature was to make an album resembling our previous album "Horizons", going with the beautiful feel-good vibe of that album (though its topics were not all that feel-good) More...

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Bleeding Utopia Issues Studio Update

Swedish death metal act Bleeding Utopia issued a video studio update on the upcoming new album. The band is currently in the studio finishing up the album, which is said to be a blast of deep-rooted Swedish death metal meshed with modern American extremes.

The new album will include 9 tracks of the bands most mature work to date, consisting of relentless in-your-face chops and an onslaught of melodic passages tying all the brutality together.

Check out the update here:

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With The Dead Announces New Album

Doom is all around us. The optimism of a new millennium has steadily disintegrated. The light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be a burning tower block and the powers-that-be are dancing in the smoldering ruins. Humanity is eating itself and we're all terminally fucked. As a result, it makes perfect sense that the emergence of British doom metal mavens With The Dead would strike a dissonant chord with so many people.

Formed in 2014 by former Cathedral/Napalm Death frontman and Rise Above Records boss Lee Dorrian and ex-Electric Wizard/Ramesses bassist/guitarist Tim Bagshaw, the band coalesced in a monetary burst of spontaneity and shared fury, resulting in the release of the eponymous debut album in 2015: one of that year's most widely acclaimed releases and a welcome shot in the arm for fans of merciless, unrelenting sonic despair.

Hell-bent on staking a further claim to be doom metal's most intense and remorseless practitioners, With The Dead have now completed work on their second album, "Love From With The Dead," which will be released September 22nd via Rise Above Records. More...

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Krossfyre Sets Date For Debut EP Release

Today, Spain's Krossfyre set September 15th as the international release date for the debut EP "Burning Torches" via Hells Headbangers on both CD and 12" vinyl.

One of the most exciting newcomers Hells Headbangers has come across lately, Krossfyre formed only last year, but set to work on writing and recording "Burning Torches," completing the six-song/20-minute EP last September at Moontower Studios. Although an otherwise brand-new name, Krossfyre include among their ranks members who do or have done time in such bands as Sheidim, Spain's Graveyard, Körgull the Exterminator, Insulters, Morbid Flesh, and Suspiral. Nevertheless, the creation of Burning Torches itself bespeaks a whole new era of domination.

Right from its very beginning, "Burning Torches" explodes with an excitement and electricity that are uniquely Krossfyre's, passion and poison mixed into one. More...

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Klogr Posts "Keystone" Details

Italian alternative rock/metal band Klogr issued details on the upcoming new record "Keystone." Slated for release on October 6th via Zeta Factory, the band issued the cover artwork and track listing for the album.

The artwork is a piece of a painting by the renowned Italian artist, Andrea Saltini. On it, Rusty commented: "A while ago, I saw a paint of Andrea Saltini and I was really impressed by it. When the record came to life with its contents, I immediately remembered that painting and thought it would be perfect for our cover. Luckily it was still available and we could use it for our design." Check it out below.

“Keystone” was recorded at Zeta Factory Studio and mixed at Mainstation Studio in Toronto, Canada, by David Bottrill (Peter Gabriel, Kid Rock, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool). The track listing is:

1. Sleeping Through the Seasons
2. Prison of Light (see music video here)
3. Technocracy
4. The Echoes of Sin
5. Pride Before the Fall
6. Something's in the Air
7. Drag You Back
8. Sirens' Song
9. Dark Tides
10. Silent Witness
11. Enigmatic Smile
12. The Wall of Illusion More...

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Mexican Chili Funeral Party Releases New Video

Italy's Mexican Chili Funeral Party issued a new video clip for the song "Vespucci." The track is taken from the band's latest album "Mexican Warriors' Revenge," which dropped back in February via Sliptrick Records.

Vespucci is a typical piece of high octane, speed induced madness that’s a hallmark throughout the album. The video features the boys, some masks, a heist, lots of beer, a dash of horror and a sombrero’d guitar solo! Check it out here:

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Diabolic Force Signs With Hells Headbangers

Today, Hells Headbangers announces the signing of Brazilian death thrashers Diabolic Force. The first fruit of this union shall be the band's long-awaited second album, "Praise of Satan," which is slated for international release later this year.

A cult name in the metal underground, Diabolic Force are a power-trio in the classic mold of Venom, Bulldozer, and Motörhead. Theirs is a nasty 'n' blasphemous sound that encompasses the totality of ancient metal, be it thrash, speed, or first-wave black, but especially the unholy trinity of early Sodom, Bathory and Hellhammer. Diabolic Force built a granite-solid name on its underground work during the first decade of the 2000s, with the title of their first EP, "Old School Attack," laying bare its aims. But it was the release of the debut album "March to Calvary" in 2009 which ingratiated the band to diehards the world over. Alas, the band have been sadly silent since, but the time has now arisen for "Praise of Satan," in every way conceivable, an intensification and solidification of the trademark Diabolic Force attack, fouler and fiercer and more memorable than ever. More...

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Mausoleum Gate Announces "Into A Dark Divinity"

Finnish traditional metal act Mausoleum Gate will release the sophomore full length album "Into A Dark Divinity" on September 8th via Cruz Del Sur Records.

The 2014 self-titled debut album was not as much of a revelation as it was a reminder of how vintage metal should be played. Bucking virtually every modern production trend, the Finns greeted audiences with a warm analog production sound, flanked by the star-gazing vocals of V-P Varpula and the classy twin guitar action of Count LaFey and Kasperi Puranen. Critical and fan acclaim soon followed, along with key festival appearances at Keep It True and Muskelrock, with many hailing Mausoleum Gate as one of the most exciting new retro metal bands on the scene.

Three years removed from that debut, the Finns return with the six-song "Into A Dark Divinity." Capitalizing on the self-titled debut's majestic sound, Mausoleum Gate harnesses the keyboard-dominated bravado of classic Deep Purple and Rainbow and blends it with the proto metal visions of Manilla Road and early Iron Maiden.

With an increased emphasis on Hammond C3 organ and keyboard interplay (courtesy of bass player Wicked Ischianus), songs such as "Condemned To Darkness" and the lurking "Apophis" augment the high-wire vocals of Varpula, who has further established himself as one of the most distinctive vocalists in traditional metal. The melody-driven "Solomon's Key" and NWOBHM-nspired "Horns" recall an era where actual songwriting would make or break a band. The graceful closing title track also offers up a new angle from Mausoleum Gate, showcasing lush textures and atmospheric acoustic guitar work. More...

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Devilish Impressions Issues "The I" Teaser Clip

Hailing from Poland, the epic black/death metal act Devilish Impressions will release the new album "The I" on September 22nd via Lifeforce Records. The album will be available as CD digipak, limited vinyl LP and digital download.

The band issued the first teaser for the new album, which can be seen in the player below.

Recorded at various studios, including Dobra12 (drums) and Icaros Studio (guitars) the album was mixed and mastered at Impressive Art Studio by Przemyslaw Nowak who also handled vocals recording sessions and guitars’ re-amping. The album’s artwork (shown below), design and layout were created by Infected Minds.

The album features special guest appearances by Mercyful Fate/King Diamond guitarist Mike Wead and by Aeternus’ vocalist/guitarist Ares. Other artists who also contributed to the record are shamanic ritual meditative experimental act BO¨N and Impressive Art Studio’s owner Przemyslaw Nowak, who came up with interludes, additional background tunes and effects. More...

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L.A. Guns To Release "The Missing Peace"

As the revival of the classic '80s hard rock and heavy metal scene continues unabated here in the 21st century, one reunion has been at the top of the wishlists of many a fan for a long time: the songwriting combination of Tracii Guns and Philip Lewis under the L.A. Guns banner. What once seemed like a distant memory with no hope of returning has now come around and fans are about to be rewarded for keeping their fingers crossed and their hopes up.

That's right Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis are back together as L.A. Guns! The new album "The Missing Peace" is set for release on October 13th via Frontiers Music Srl. Today, the first video for the album's debut single has been released, so check out "Speed" in the player below. Tracii Guns describes "Speed" as "A response to the extremely fast paced "I WANT IT NOW!" world we are living in." Hard rock aficionados should keep their ears opened for a nod to the great Deep Purple's legendary track "Highway Star" in one of the verses.

Order the album at this location. More...

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Evil Sets Date for Debut Full Length Album Vinyl

Today, Japan's Evil set August 15th as the international release date for the highly anticipated debut album Rites of Evil), on vinyl LP format via Nuclear War Now! Productions.

Evil are a four-piece black/speed metal band from Japan. Formed in 2011, Evil has previously released two demos and a split CD, and now looks to introduce itself to a larger audience with its first full-length album, "Rites of Evil." Evil’s blend of black metal succeeds in combining the Italian speed metal assault of early Bulldozer, the unhinged Brazilian deathcore of Sarcofago, and the uniquely Japanese vocal style of G.I.S.M. Having toiled in the shadows to prepare this black metal Molotov cocktail, Evil is eager to unleash its incendiary debut on a largely unsuspecting public. Feel the full force of their onslaught at Nuclear War Now!'s Bandcamp in the player below, where the whole album is currently streaming in the leadup to its physical release.

Cover and track listing are as follows:

1. Nightmare Bells (Joya)
2. The Curse (Jubaku)
3. Transfixion (Kushi-zashi)
4. Yatsuzaki (Yatsuzaki-kei)
5. Mandala (Mandala)
6. Give 'em Hell (Shini-sarase)
7. Sword of Stupa (Sotoba-no-tsurugi)
8. Bishamonten (Bishamonten)
9. Eternal Hell (Mugen-jigoku)
10. Rites of Evil (Jaku-o-tataeyo)
11. Asura (Asura)
12. Brutal Mass (Zangyaku-shukai) More...

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Kreator, Gyze, Primal Fear Added to 70,000 Tons 8

UMC - promoters for the Original and World's Largest Cruise Festival, 70,000 Tons of Metal - has announced the next four additions to the 8th edition of the floating festival: German thrash legends Kreator, German power metal veterans Primal Fear, Japanese extreme power metal act Gyze and Scottish pirate scallywags Alestorm. This brings the tally to 21 of 60.

70,000 Tons of Metal 8 will set sail on February 1st-5th from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands. For more information on the voyage and ticket information, head on over to 70000tons.com.

The festival will board The Independence of the Seas (via Royal Caribbean). The ship will accommodate four stages: The Alhambra Theater is a five-story concert hall in which they spare no expense to remove part of the (very comfortable) seating so you have a real Mosh Pit on the High Seas; The more intimate Egyptian themed Pyramid Lounge offers the local club atmosphere; The third indoor stage is in Studio B, the ice skating rink featuring a maritime version of the Arena experience and last but not least their jewel: The Pool Deck stage - The World’s Biggest Open Air Stage Structure to ever sail the Open Seas, surrounded by multiple bars and pools, plenty of room to sunbathe on several decks and even hot tubs incorporated into the Pool Deck stage to soak in while you watch the shows!

Ticket prices include all on board entertainment, most non-alcoholic and non-carbonated beverages, all meals in the dining rooms, most on board restaurants and even 24 hour room service.

Kreator, Primal Fear, Gyze and Alestorm join the previous 17 artists to have been confirmed are (with 39 left to go):

Cannibal Corpse
Dark Tranquility
In Extremo
October Tide
Rhapsody Reunion
Sonata Arctica
Wolfheart More...

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Destroyer Of Light: Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

Austin doom quartet Destroyer Of Light premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "Chamber of Horrors", which will arrive in stores this Friday, July 14 via Heavy Friends Records.

Check out now "Chamber of Horrors" in its entirety below.

Explains guitarist/vocalist Steve Colca: More...

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Tides of Kharon Premieres "Coins Upon Our Eyes"

Edmonton, Alberta based melodic death metal band Tides of Kharon premieres the title track of the upcoming debut EP "Coins Upon Our Eyes", which will be released on July 21st.

Check out now "Coins Upon Our Eyes" below.

Track List: More...

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Bloodlust Debuts New Song "Freak of the Night"

Bloodlust debuts a new song titled "Freak of the Night", taken from the upcoming new album "At the Devil’s Left Hand", which will be released by Caverna Abismal on August 24.

Check out now "Freak of the Night" below.

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Scale The Summit Premieres New Music Video

Scale The Summit premieres a new music video for "Neon Tombs", taken from the band's latest release, "In A World Of Fear", out in stores now.

Check out "Neon Tombs" below.

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Incantation Premieres New Song "Messiah Nostrum"

Incantation premieres a new song and music video titled "Messiah Nostrum", taken from the forthcoming new album "Profane Nexus", which Relapse Records will have in stores on August 11th.

Check out now "Messiah Nostrum" below.

Comments drummer Kyle Severn: More...

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Stray From The Path Debuts "Goodnight Alt-right"

Stray From The Path premieres a new song called "Goodnight Alt-right", taken from the upcoming new album "Only Death Is Real", which will be out in stores September 08th via Sumerian Records. Numerous guest appearances will appear on the album, including Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley, Knocked Loose‘s Bryan Garris and rapper Vinnie Paz.

Check out now "Goodnight Alt-right" below.

Track list: More...

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Comeback Kid Debuts New Song & Video

Comeback Kid debuts a new song and video entitled "Somewhere, Somehow", taken from the upcoming new album "Outsider", which will be out in stores September 08th through Nuclear Blast/New Damage Records.

Check out now "Somewhere, Somehow" below.

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Arch Enemy Premieres Cover Of The Shitlickers

Arch Enemy premieres a new cover of the Swedish punk band The Shitlickers' "Leader (Of The Fucking’ Assholes)", taken from the upcoming deluxe edition of the band's new album "Will To Power", which will be released on September 08th via Century Media Records.

Check out now "Leader (Of The Fucking’ Assholes)" below.

The tracklist is as follows: More...

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