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Metal News for July 1, 2012

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Futility Streaming Entire Album

Canberra ambient doom/drone band Futility is streaming its second album "The View from Here" over on Bandcamp. The album contains seven epic-length tracks and features an unusual doom/death cover of the Pink Floyd song "Comfortably Numb." You can also stream Futility's debut album over on that page. Listen to all seven songs below, which clock in at well over an hour.

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Captain Cleanoff Posts Tour Dates

Australian grindcore band Captain Cleanoff has posted the dates for its Southeast Asia Tour that it will be heading out on in late July and winding up in mid-August. The band recently played the High Voltage Fest in Melbourne in its first live performance in seven months. Captain Cleanoff recently released a split EP with the band The Kill. Check out the tour dates below.

27th July / Fri - KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA (**w/ IDYLLS)
28th July / Sat - TEMERLOH, MALAYSIA (**w/ IDYLLS)
29th July / Sun - BANGKOK, THAILAND
30th July / Mon - Day Off
31st July / Tues - SURABAYA, INDONESIA
4th Aug / Sat - Day Off
7th Aug / Tues - Day Off / Fly to KOTA KINABALU, BORNEO
8th Aug / Wed - Day Off
9th Aug / Thurs - RANAU, BORNEO
10th Aug / Fri - KUNDASANG, BORNEO


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Love.Might.Kill Issues Album/Video Update

Love.Might.Kill has checked in with the following update about releasing a new album and music video:

"Love.Might.Kill soon will release a videoclip of the song 'XTC' from the upcoming album '2 BIG 2 FAIL.' Similar to 'Pretty Little Mess,' the clip was directed by guitarist Stefan Ellerhorst, while Jochen Donauer once again edited the video. Rico von Hollen was responsible for the great shootings.

"'2 BIG 2 FAIL' will be released in October via Massacre Records in Europa and Hydrant Music in Japan, followed by a tour in Germany. The dates will be announced soon!" More...

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Vader Announces Upcoming Tour Plans

Polish death metal act Vader has checked in with the following statement about the band's upcoming tour activity through the end of the year and beginning of 2013:

"Tomorrow Vader will start their overseas journey to South America. They will visit Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, and Argentina. We plan a second leg of the tour at the end of 2012.

"Due to their performance at the Metalfest Open Airs in May, Vader will not be seen on most of the major summer festivals. Nevertheless, we have confirmed Ragnarock Open Air (20.08), Queens of Metal (21.08) and Fist Full of Metal (01.09).

"At the end of August Vader will also set off for the long awaited tour in smaller Polish towns as a sequel of Blitzkrieg VI! It will be a mega treat for Vader fans, as Peter already announced that they will play all 'Black To The Blind' and 'Sothis.' The main part of this tour will take place at the end of 2012 and will cover over 14 dates with Polish supports.

"In November Vader will go to China for their first tournee in this country. We are working on their come-back to USA and Canada. There will also be a European tour at the beginning of 2013 with Vader as a headliner."

For full details on upcoming Vader live appearances, head over to the band's official Facebook profile.

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Dionysus Posts New EP Teaser Trailer

Pakistani metal act Dionysus has posted a teaser trailer online for the "Hymn to the Dying" EP, which can be viewed below. "Hymn to the Dying" is set for release this coming July 10th, 2012, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Glimpse of the beloved
2. Valor of the Phoenix
3. Burial Ground
4. Bathing in unholy blood
5. Angels of heaving light More...

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Demonical Splits With Guitarist

Sweden's Demonical has issued the following announcement about parting ways with guitarist Pablo Magallanes:

"As a lot of people have asked us during the past months what’s up with the Demonical line-up we feel that it is time to sort things out.

"Since February Pablo Magallanes is no longer a member of Demonical. Only about two months after he officially joined the band we had to part ways due to him moving back to South America and as a result of this, some of the shows during the spring were done as four-piece.

"The timing of Pablo’s departure was not the best as Johan had already last autumn notified us that because of personal reasons he needs to take some time off from all touring activities during this summer.

"However, Johan will be back again after the summer and everything will be back to normal. We have not yet decided and feel no rush in deciding what to do with the vacant guitarist slot. We will continue as a five-piece live - that’s for sure - but in which form (fulltime or session member) is yet to be decided.

"As for now we have Daniel Gustavsson and Antti Kurvinen with us to fill in on guitars and so far everything has worked out incredible well. The shows we have done this spring have been awesome - actually some of the best shows we have ever done - and we are all very much looking forward to the exciting festivals and club battles that we have ahead of us.

"See you all in the ditch!" More...

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Promethee Releases "Banner Of Lies" Video

Promethee has posted a new music video online for the song "Banner of Lies," available in the player below. The clip was directed by Renaud Kritzinger, and "Banner of Lies" is taken off the band's upcoming new album "Nothing happens. Nobody comes. Nobody goes."

For more on Promethee, check out a previously posted video road report here or head over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Caricature Streaming New Song

Caricature has posted a new song online for streaming titled "Crimson," which can be heard below. The band also commented:

"This is a track off of our debut full length 'The Sound Of One Man's World Collapsing,' release date TBA. We are currently seeking a label.

"The band features former members of Too Late The Hero [The End Records/reTHINK Records], The Binary Code [ Metalsucks Release], System Divide [Metalblade Records], and former touring drummer of Whitechapel [Metalblade Records].

"All guitars, vocals, and live pianos [mic'ed] recorded using the POD HD PRO by Line6 Mixed at Limitless Studios. By Greg Macklin {Jeff Loomis, System Divide, Ordinance, Chimp Spanner}."

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Gallows Releases New Video Clip

Gallows has posted a new music video online for the track "Last June," which is taken from the group's forthcoming self-titled album, due out September 10th, 2012.

You can check out the video below, or download "Last June" for free over here (email registration required). The new self-titled release is also available for pre-order at this location.

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Order Of The Blackguard Streaming New Single

U.K. black metal act Order of the Blackguard has now released a new single for streaming and free download, which features songs to appear on the band's upcoming album "Black Is The Colour... None Is The Number." The album follows the band's previous release "The Way of Cross and Dragon" (reviewed here).

You can check out the new single, containing the songs "Church of the Shrike" and "The Decline," in the player below or over at bandcamp.

The full album's track listing will be as follows:

1. The Woodcutter
2. Church of the Shrike
3. Death trains to death camps
4. The cult of the Hellion
5. The Decline
6. Here comes the snake...
7. The owls are not what they seem

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Iron Maiden Unleashes Mighty England On Mansfield

It was six years ago when I last saw the mighty Iron Maiden. This time was different, as the band embarked on the “Maiden England” Tour, closely matching the set list that was played during the “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” tour, which I remembered so well. The site was at the Comcast Center, an outdoor venue in Mansfield, Massachusetts (called Boston by the band). It was a perfect night, cool - threatening weather (that never came) - and a crowd of 14,000 people to celebrate a moment in time that for some of us was the rare opportunity to recapture memories from 1989-1990 that were frozen in our minds. The bonus of Alice Cooper as an opener made this a very special night indeed.

Iron Maiden shows are a pilgrimage for seasoned metalheads. It is rare to find a Maiden virgin, but I found myself in between two, my wife to my right and a 50 plus year old gentleman who found it important to grace me with his “knowledge” of music and the fact that Iron Maiden “cut the set of Alice Cooper short because they knew they couldn’t follow him.” I nicely reminded the man that 14,000 people showed up to see Iron Maiden, despite the fact that I myself am a huge fan of the Coop. We then engaged in an almost one sided “discussion” (mostly dominated by his apparent low self esteem and/or lack of companion) about how great music was in the 60's and ‘70's and how the 80's sucked (until, as he put it, he “started to appreciate it lately”). Though I was born in 1971, I expressed that I related (somewhat), but my love was the 80's and felt (at the time) that the 90's was a weak decade for metal. The engaged discussion was filled with mind-boggling ignorance which detracted from the importance of the moment for my wife to whom I periodically turned to mouth the words “Save me.” More...

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Slipknot Guitarist Pulls Out Of Rockstar Tour

American heavy metal outfit Slipknot has announced that guitarist Jim Root will not be participating in the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem tour due to health issues for an unknown length of time. This follows Root missing the bands show in San Bernardino, California. A statement from the band reads as follows:

"Jim has been seriously sick for the past two weeks and went to the hospital last week where he was advised that his appendix burst a couple weeks before and that it could have been life-threatening. Jim is at home recovering and is awaiting surgery to have pieces of his appendix removed and hopes to join the tour as soon as he is able. Slipknot will continue to headline the Mayhem festival and all other shows. We refuse to let our fans down and will not miss a single date. We will miss Jim greatly and our thoughts are with him. Jim sends his love to each and every one of our fans."

The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem tour will continue until August 5th and also features such bands as Slayer, Motorhead, Anthrax and As I Lay Dying.

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Sunday Old School: Queensryche

Given the recent headlines about Bellevue, Washington natives, Queensryche, along with Sunday Old School’s promise last month to cover more progressive bands, it seemed inevitable that the band in question would soon be appearing in our Sunday column. Queensryche began life in 1981, originally using the moniker, The Mob, formed by two members of a heavy metal covers band named Cross + Fire. The duo (guitarist Michael Wilton and drummer Scott Rockenfield) soon added to their ranks by recruiting bassist Eddie Jackson, and a second guitarist, Chris DeGarmo. Initially they had trouble finding a vocalist, but the group was able to convince singer Geoff Tate, who fronted another band named Babylon, to perform with them at a local rock festival. Tate refused to commit to the band at first, citing a lack of interest in performing heavy metal, though he was soon coaxed back to The Mob to record vocals for their demo tape, but returned to his current band at the time, Myth, soon after. The Mob soon changed their name at the urging of their manager, taking the tag, Queensryche from a song on their demo tape, which by now had been circulating worldwide and received massively positive feedback from such publications as Kerrang!, which proved to be enough to finally convince Tate to join the group on a full time basis.

The reception to their demo led to Queensryche signing a major label deal with EMI Records, immediately finding chart success when their self-titled debut EP (a re-release of their demo) entered the Billboard Charts at number 81. After performing their first tour together, the band flew to London to begin work on their first full length album, which hit the shelves in September 1984 under the mysterious title, "The Warning." The album climbed twenty places higher than their EP and found success overseas, particularly the song, "Take Hold Of The Flame" which was a hit in Japan. In addition to this commercial success, Queensryche were hired to support Kiss on their Animalize tour and soon released their second album, "Rage For Order," a more glam orientated affair than their previous work and laden with keyboards, but continued their commercial success, hitting the charts in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as reaching number 47 on the Billboard Charts. More...

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