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Metal News for July 1, 2006

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Dominus Praelii Plan Record South American Tour

The brazilian band Dominus Praelii is carrying the flag of traditional heavy metal for six years, and now are going for a new battle, to be featured in Guinness, the book of records. With the release of their second album, Bastards and Killers, the band booked a huge promotional tour, the Be a Banger or be a Bastard South American Tour - 2006, which will make the band to travel through 50 cities of the South American countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile.

If Dominus Praelii reaches such number of concerts, it will be the biggest tour made by a rock band (and related genres) in South America.

The announced dates of the first part of the tour are: More...

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Downlord Plan To Release Demos As Limited Edition

Open Grave Records and Downlord have announced the planned release of Downlord's two demo sessions as a limited edition (666 Copies) EP to be released on August 15th 2006.

DOWNLORD consists of members: Dave Ingram (ex-Benediction & Bolt Thrower) on vocals, Donovan Spenceley (ex-Sacrificial & Excessive Payback) on guitar, Rene Falther (ex-Excessive Payback & Iniquity) on guitar, Thomas Fagerlind (ex-Iniquity, Daemon) on bass, and are utilizing the talents of original drummer Rasmus Schmidt, whom recently stepped in to play with the band during their first live shows in Denmark & Sweden, supporting Bolt Thrower.

The track listing will be:

1. Loathe. Scorn. Detest.
2. Groin of God Amen & Out
3. Hate Brace
4. Full Scale Hatred (Previously Unreleased)
5. Old World Chaos
6. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead (Previously Unreleased)
7. Nail You in

Downlord are continuing to work hard on their debut album tentatively titled "Random Dictionary Of The Damned", due out in late 2006 on Open Grave Records.

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Incantation To Tour Spain With Irredemption

Incantation will embark on a string of dates in Spain alongside Spanish death metal band Irredemption in July.

“We are looking forward to some sick shows,” said guitarist/vocalist John McEntee. “We have played Spain only two times in the past and both were great experiences with some of the craziest crowds in Europe.”

The “Decimate Spain” tour will kick off July 14. “We want to thank Trauma Producciones, along with all the die hard Spanish death metal heads for making this tour happen,” said McEntee.

Incantation is currently recording its next album, “Primordial Domination,” which is set for a fall release on Ibex Moon Records. The trio recently completely a co-headlining tour with Vital Remains dubbed “Decades of Death.”

Decimate Spain dates are as follow:

07/14/06 Fri. Gamma, Murcia, Spain
07/15/06 Sat. Genesis, Almeria, Spain
07/16/06 Sun. Ritmo & Compas, Madrid, Spain
07/17/06 Mon. Iguana Club, Vigo, Spain
07/18/06 Tue. Rock Star, Bilboa, Spain
07/19/06 Wed. Mephisto, Barcelona, Spain
07/20/06 Thu. Cabell Disc, Valencia, Spain
07/22/06 Sat. Paraninfo, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

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Nine Metallica Concerts Available For Download

According to a posting on METALLICA's official web site, all nine shows from the band's recent European "Escape From The Studio '06" tour are now available for download via the LiveMetallica.com web site. "Check out Berlin with the first-ever performance of 'The New Song' or maybe Donington, which includes a performance of 'Nothing Else Matters' with Jerry Cantrell [ALICE IN CHAINS] on vocals," the posting reads. "All nine shows have the complete 'Master of Puppets' album played live and of course each show has its own unique vibe and local flavor."

The following METALLICA "Escape From The Studio '06" shows are currently available for download:

Jun. 03 - Rock Am Ring Festival - Nurburgring, GER
Jun. 04 - Rock Im Park - Nurnberg, GER
Jun. 06 - Waldbuhne - Berlin, GER
Jun. 08 - Gelredome - Arnhem, NETH
Jun. 10 - Download Festival - Donington, UK
Jun. 11 - Download Festival - Dublin, IRE
Jun. 13 - Song Festival Grounds - Tallin, EST
Jun. 15 - Novarock Festival - Nickelsdorf, AUT
Jun. 17 - Heineken Jammin Festival - Imola, ITA

During a June 13 press conference preceding their performance at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds in Estonia, METALLICA's James Hetfield said that the songwriting sessions for the group's forthcoming album are "coming along exactly as [they] should. We're not rushing too much. [We're] taking our time. We want this to be just really good. We have a lot of material, which is better than the other way around. We're going to be [at it] a little while. Rick Rubin is the producer, who's done very amazing things with people. So we're pretty excited about his input." Drummer Lars Ulrich recently told BBC Radio 1 that the band's new album's going to be in stores in the summer or early fall of 2007. "I think we've realized that the creative process works a little slower for us than it used to, and we're OK with that," he said. "It's not a bad thing, unless, of course, you're waiting for a record."

Read the full article at Metallica.com.

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Guns N' Roses Manager Blasts Swedish Authorities

Guns N' Roses manager Merck Mercuriadis released this statement following the band's sold out show in Oslo, Norway last night (June 28) — their first since frontman Axl Rose was released from jail in Stockholm on Tuesday:
"We are very unhappy about Tuesday's events in Stockholm. To put this in context, we are in the middle of a tour — with sold-out shows last night in Oslo, tomorrow in Copenhagen, and Saturday in Zurich rounding out this week alone — and continuing until the beginning of August.

"The Swedish authorities were very aware of this, yet continually threatened us over a 12-hour period with between 5 days and 3 weeks incarceration without bail if Axl did not 'cooperate.' They were fully aware that there were millions of dollars at stake, not to mention the hopes of tens of thousands of fans who had paid for tickets to see Guns N' Roses.

"The point is, the police report should not be taken at face value, and if one were to be explicit, this experience is tantamount to being held for ransom. If the context were any different, Axl would probably have preferred to spend the time in jail in order to ensure that all the facts were a matter of public record.

"In addition to this, we are also not happy at the treatment he received. He was arrested after being accosted by a security guard in his hotel, following which he was physically mistreated by the arresting officer in the process of which a valuable bracelet went missing not to be returned. While in custody, he was held down by 5 police officers while a doctor tried to take blood to administer a drug test 3 different times. This illustrates not only the level of incompetence, but malice involved. The results of the test were negative, but the exercise was a clear example of an authoritarian approach trying to flex its muscles. This is the same draconian approach that assumes the security guard in question is telling the truth just because he has a badge.

"Here you have a situation where authorities are skewing information their way, with the media all too ready to run with the biased reports. I did not receive a single phone call Tuesday to verify or comment on any of the reported events. There is a long history of claims by law enforcement, media and others against Axl that have not held up against scrutiny, legal or otherwise. He has had countless baseless lawsuits brought by numerous attorneys and nothing of any merit has ever held up.

"This is not a criticism of the people of Stockholm. The 15,000 people at the show Monday night were amazing, and everyone we met before and after were terrific, until the encounter with the over exuberant security guard. That is where encounters with real people stop and the authorities attempt to take over. There were a number of people involved who treated Axl well, while the conduct of some was questionable and others still deplorable. Regardless, Guns N' Roses will return to Sweden where they will play once again for the people, not the authorities.

"Love him or hate him, don't get it twisted."

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Draconian: 'The Burning Halo' Track Listing

Swedish gothic doom metal band DRACONIAN will release their special "bonus" album, titled "The Burning Halo", on September 29 through Napalm Records (October 10 in the U.S.). The CD will feature three new songs, new versions of several demo songs and three covers.

"The Burning Halo" track listing (playing time 54:09):

01. She Dies
02. Through Infectious Waters (A Sickness Elegy)
03. The Dying
04. Serenade of Sorrow
05. The Morningstar
06. The Gothic Embrace
07. On Sunday They Will Kill the World
08. Forever My Queen

In other news, DOOM:VS — the long-awaited doom project of DRACONIAN lead guitarist and main songwriter, Johan Ericson — will release their debut album, "Aeternum Vale", on July 10 through Firedoom Records. The CD is said to be "filled with emotional, dark and melodic doom metal [that] will surely add some extra darkness to your already miserable existence."

"Aeternum Vale" track listing (playing time 50:10):

01. The Light That Would Fade
02. Empire of the Fallen
03. The Faded Earth
04. Oblivion Upon Us
05. The Crawling Insects
06. Aeternus

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Iced Earth Mainman Comments On New Guitarist

ICED EARTH mainman Jon Schaffer has now confirmed the addition of guitarist Ernie Carletti, (formerly of SLIK HELVETIKA) to the group's ranks. Schaffer's statement on the matter reads as follows:

"I just wanted to make a quick but significant announcement. After auditioning some very good guitar players I've made a decision. The man who will be handling the majority of the guitar solos on the next record as well as touring with us on 'The Wicked World Tour' is an awesome player named Ernie Carletti.

"As has been the case in the past we may have a few guests do a solo or two on the epic that this way comes, but the majority will be handled by Ernie. He is a world-class player and truly one of the best guitarists I've had the pleasure of meeting and hanging with. We're going to make a good team, I'm sure. We were introduced through Bernie at Bernie Rico, Jr. Guitars who is the son of the BC Rich founder/legend Bernie Rico. If you want to see some amazing top quality hand built guitars go to www.ricojrguitars.com and see what this master builder has been up to the last few years. I'll be auditioning bass players as well very soon so there will be announcements made in the not-too-distant future for that position. More...

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Malignancy Sign To Willowtip Records

Yonkers, NY based death metallers MALIGNANCY have signed to Willowtip Records. The band will record their new album, Inhuman Grotesqueries, in August.

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Live Megadeth Video From 1984 Featuring Kerry King

A rare MEGADETH live video from 1984, filmed at the band's debut live performance in Berkeley, California with Kerry King of SLAYER guesting on guitar, has been posted online at YouTube.com.

In a recent interview with Decibel magazine, Kerry King and fellow SLAYER guitarist Jeff Hanneman spoke about King's decision to play MEGADETH's first live shows more than 20 years ago:

Jeff Hanneman: "I thought [Kerry] was an ass for doing that. [laughs] I remember talking to Tom [Araya] about it, like, 'I guess we're gonna get a new guitar player.' I thought he was kissing Dave's [Mustaine] ass or something, and I thought it was kinda fucekd up. I think he was gonna join. Kerry will probably tell you something different, but why do that if you're not thinking about joining? I'm a loyalist, you know, and I thought SLAYER was the best thing going. Why go hang out with somebody else? If Dave would've asked me to do it, I would've told him to fuck off."

Kerry King: "I did it because I admired Mustaine — I'd seen him play with METALLICA. He'd be up there drunk off his ass, just ripping, not even looking at his fingers. Me and Jeff didn't know how to do that yet. [laughs] When he got kicked out and was sniffing around for a guitarist, I figured I'd do it because I thought I ould learn something. The other guys in SLAYER were probably unhappy, but we weren't really known back then, and the way I looked at it was that if people saw me playing in Dave's band, it'd be more publicity for SLAYER. Now you look back and you think 'supergroup,' but back then, absolutely not. I played their first five shows, and then I was like, 'Man, this is taking too much of my time.' I can't speak for Dave, but I don't think he would've been unhappy if I stuck around."

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Angela Gossow's Pre-Arch Enemy Recordings Online

ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Angela Gossow has uploaded samples of her early demo recordings with the pre-ARCH ENEMY outfits ASMODINA and MISTRESS on her official MySpace profile.

"The quality is not the best - we basically recorded it all in one take live in the rehearsal room with my smashed SM 57 mic and no vocal effects," Angela explained. "We had zero cash for studio recording and home recording/ProTools wasnt happening yet back then (at least not for us, none of us even had a PC!). It's underground death metal, nothing original really. I uploaded it simply because so many people asking me for it. And I dont want anybody to spend a lot of cash on some demo he finds on eBay! So save your money and have a little laugh [at my expense]."

In other news, Angela has posted the following message on her MySpace page:

"We played Sweden Rock, Download, Hellfest and Graspop so far - and they all absolutely rocked. So many people, good weather (except Graspop - we had thunder and rainstorm) and lots of beer. The food was tasteless, as always, the showers cold and Hellfest sold backstage tickets to fans for 150 euros each. I HATE THIS. Total rip-off.

"Everybody who wanted an autograph/picture could meet us FOR FREE at the signing session... just like any other band. Those VIP tickets seem to become a big seller since Sharon Osbourne introduced them for Ozzfest.

"Do me a favor: Don't buy these overpriced tickets! At least not for festivals, 'cuz there is usually a good chance to meet the band at a signing session. Buy some good CDs instead and support the bands and not some greedy festival promoter..."

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Headline News

Enforsaken Calls It Quits, Plan Final Show

Arlington Heights, Illinois-based death metallers ENFORSAKEN have issued the following update:

"It's official. After eight years of existence, we have decided to lay ENFORSAKEN to rest. We will play our final show Saturday, August 19th in Chicago athe Metro. This wasn't the easiest decision to make, but in the end, we agree that ENFORSAKEN has now run its course. We've accomplished everything that we set out to do, and now it's time to move on. We're all very proud of our last album, 'Sinner's Intuition', and feel that now is a good time to end the band.

"We've chosen to burn out on a high note now, rather than just slowly fade into obscurity. Due to our many obligations outside the band, we cannot continue to put 100% of our time into ENFORSAKEN. We were basically kids when this band formed, and over the years, things just have to change. Whether you like it or not. It's as simple as that. Some bands linger on for years past their expiration date. ENFORSAKEN will not become one of those bands.

"Over the past eight years, ENFORSAKEN have left their mark on the world with CDs released in the USA, Europe and Japan. We've made many friends (as well as a few enemies, haha!) It was definitely an interesting journey for all of us, and we look back at our past with absolutely no regrets. So many of you from all around the world have gotten into our music, and for us musicians playing in a band, that's really what it's all about. Having kids from all over the place tell you that they've genuinely been moved by your music is definitely a nice thing, to say the least. We're very pleased that you enjoyed what your heard. Your constant kind words regarding ENFORSAKEN have always been greatly apreciated. Those words were never taken for granted and were always an inspiration to us. We can truly walk away from ENFORSAKEN with our heads held high at this point.

"We'd like to thank every one of our fans across the globe for their support throughout the years. You are the main reason why we stuck around for so long. Thank you.

"Thanks to everyone else that had a role in making ENFORSAKEN what it is today. You know who you are.

"So there it is. Not much more really needs to be said. We hope to see some of you at our last show in August. DEAD TO FALL, THE KILLER as well as a few other cool bands will be on the bill. It should definitely be a night to remember.

"Thanks again. We'll see you around..."

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Drowning Pool To Play All New Material

On Friday, July 21st Drowning Pool is going to showcase ALL their new songs at the Curtain Club in Dallas. The Curtain Club is rather small and the sound can’t be beat and happens to be the club where Drowning Pool got their start and is an all time favorite. This show will be listed in the paper under the name "Drunken Fools."

Here are the details:

Drunken Fools (aka Drowning Pool)
Friday, July 21
Curtain Club in Deep Ellum
2800 Main St.
Doors at 8:30
Also performing: Downlo, In Vain, Suicide Hook

Tickets are only $16.66 for ages 17 and up (under 21 will be charged $3 extra at the door--club policy). You can get tickets via Frontgate Tickets here.

If you plan to travel for this show, here are some hotel suggestions in the area:

Holiday Inn Aristocrat (800)469-6130
Magnolia (214) 915-6500
La Quinta (214) 821-4220
Days Inn (214) 827-6080
Adam’s Mark (214) 922-8000

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