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Metal News for June 8, 2007

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Interview with Tony Campos Of Static-X

On May 5 I had the pleasure of interviewing a member of one of the bands my friends and I grew up on and got into metal because of - Static-X. After ritually going to see them for my birthday with my friends for the past 3 years, I was finally able to meet one and talk with one of the members of Static-X, I was able to interview Tony Campos. Tony was fun to interview. He was watching "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" when I got on their bus and we talked about it a bit before the interview. During the interview I was partially star struck, as I could not believe that I was interviewing someone I grew up listening to and always dreamed that I would be in this situation! Although I stumbled through some of it, I hold it as one of my best interviews. My questions to the Static-X bass player are as follows: More...

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Isis To Be Webcast Live on Fabchannel.com

June 11th American metal band Isis will perform at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. Their entire concert will be webcast live, in video and audio, on online-concert-channel Fabchannel.com. The webcast starts at 20:30 CET. Afterwards the concert will be included to the online video archive at fabchannel.com. Live as well as on demand the Isis concert is free for everybody to watch.

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Full Blown Chaos Signs With Ferret Music

New York hardcore band Full Blown Chaos has officially signed with Ferret Music. The group will release their next full-length, "Heavy Lies The Crown," with Ferret in August. Singer Ray Mazzola comments:

"We spoke to a lot of labels and a lot of big players made offers but no band on Ferret we've known has had bad dealings or picked up and left on bad terms, there's a lot to say about that. We needed a label that is going to work as hard as us, you can only go so far if your team doesn't put as much into your band as you do and we feel we have that with Ferret."

Formed in 1997, the band has released material with Jailhouse Records and Stillborn Records.

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My Bitter End Goes On Hiatus

Middletown, NY metal band My Bitter End is apparently calling it quits. Drummer Michael Ranne posted the following message via Myspace:

"I don't know what lies ahead for the future of MBE. I think this may be goodbye. We had a great run and made some amazing friends. I tried to keep it together, as I tried since the inception of MBE and it just isn't happening. I wanna apologize to every promoter and kid excited to book/have us in your town. This is the last thing I wanted for us but I guess this is what everyone else feels is best. We are unfortunately forced to pull off every booked show starting tomorrow, June 8th. We are dropping all tour dates also. Believe me when I say my heart is in pieces but things happen for a reason and people move on. You will see me playing drums again soon, I promise. I don't wanna dive into any more details, I just want to be alone right now and gather my thoughts. Again, I'm really sorry and thankful to everyone who has supported us, new or old fans alike. I hope to see our friends again soon."

Collectively, My Bitter End has now issued the following statement:

"We are really sorry to inform everyone of the sudden news, but MBE unfortunately will be going on an indefinite hiatus for the next few months, possibly permenantly. Some of the members need to figure out some things in their personal lives. All shows, tours, and any other plans are being put on hold till further notice. Mike will be lending his drumming skills to bands in need of a session drummer so you will definitely be seeing/hearing him around still. The other members have decided to go back to work and school for the time being so they can have time to figure out life. We wanna personally thank all of our friends, family, Uprising Records, and all our brother bands who have supported us since back in the day. We would have never got this far and we all feel we accomplished some amazing things while being in MBE that we couldn't have done without you all... see you guys around. We love you all and hope to see you again in the future. But it's definitely goodbye for now."

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Burning Season, By Autumn's End Tour Cancelled

The Burning Season, By Autumn's End, and Odd Project tour has officially been cancelled. By Autumn's End has released a statement detailing their perspective:

"Donny here, with an update for all my compadres who are wondering simply, what the fuck is going on? Until a few minutes ago not even I could answer that question, as we delved deep into the calamity that was our recent tour schedule. Our situation grew more and more precarious as the tour that had been allegedly booked solid by a certain incompetent agent who shall remain nameless to protect the well... not so innocent... regardless... Our tour essentially deteriorated faster than a corpse would on a float in a fourth of july parade in texas... But throughout this diversity your good 'ol boys prevailed grinding shit out through sleeping in wal mart parking lots forced to spoon with eachothers sweaty matted bodies just to have space to lay down; battling morning wood erections and dehydration with the utter scum of the earth peeking in the window, praying that our fellow americans would be so generous as to not smash in our windows and rape pillage and plunder us.

"Despite some help from friends and the companionship of our stellar as fuck tourmates SOLIDARITY and FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS (amazing dudes and amazing bands) and accumulated some good times along with the horrific. We enjoyed a delightful stay in michigan exchanging salutations and reuniting with old friends back at skateland in westland and were brought pretty much to the point of orgasm by our AMAZING hometown crowd at the icon (thank you buffalo. we love you more than you know.), as well as some good times in the south (soundvent, sector 7g), and we can't forget our beloved home away from home the olean art space, and of course last but far from least... the unholy, the abominable, the epic...INFEST. It was a great reception for our first time gracing Allentown, PA with our presence and rather enjoyable shooting the shit and sharing the stage with the likes of cattle decapitation, suicide silence, bury your dead and several more of our favorite colleagues.

"Now for the business, due to the afformentioned troubles with an agent whom has the inability to return our phone calls, get proper booking done or merely do what his job entails, the plug has been pulled on our tour with the burning season, odd project and for the fallen dreams. Believe me, our band is extremely disgruntled about the situation and is without question more dissapointed about it than anyone. It is unfortunate when we are strung along week after week under the impression that all is well and then get hit with pretty much a shotgun blast to the skull last minute as we are informed that the tour will not be going down.

"Now at this point we have the choice, to tuck our genitals between our legs and lie down and die, accept our ill fate and the mounting odds against us, or rally with the assistance of supporters and return like the dead in a Romero film... You're goddamned right you know what one we chose... By Autumn's End is not going to miss a fucking beat and that's a promise we have more solid tours in the making for a bit later in the summer and are currently filling up as many dates as we can for the time we were supposed to be out with the burning season."

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Malfeitor Signs With Scarlet Records For One Album

Italian black metallers Malfeitor (M:Fabban (Aborym) on vocals and bass guitar and Atum (ex Biastema - Kvntvr – Tundra) signed a 1-album-deal with Scarlet Records (www.scarletrecords.it). M.Fabban himself explains: “I know Scarlet’s crew since 1997, they know how to launch a newborn piece of evil like Malfeitor. We received lots of interesting offers in order put some inch on paper, but Scarlet is a well-organized, well structured label, they’ve been in the scene for many years. They will do a cool work fo us. No doubts”

The debut full-lenght will be out in September 2007 both in CD and vynil LP formats. Its title will be “Unio Mystica Maxima”, 9 tracks of mind-crushing, freezing, obscure and weird luciferian black metal:

Adveniat Infernus – intro
Rex Bestia Fera
In This Place Forever
Unio Mystica Maxima
Jesus Christi to the Lions
Fiamme Udite
Black Magic Mushrooms (Mysticum Cover)

The artwork of the album, currently under-construction, will be signed by M.Fabban. The front cover of both the CD and LP version was realized by Marcelo HVC [Poisoned To Reality, Brazil].

Before the full-length’s release in September, Malfeitor will release a special hand-numbered , 666 copies limited edition split 7” EP with the Norwegian band Amok (feat. Goatpromoter Lava, ex Taake), through War Arts Production (Portugal - www.war-arts-productions.com).

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Korn Facing End Of Experimental Record Deal

Launch Radio Networks reports: KORN will officially complete its innovative two-album deal with Virgin Records with the July 31 release of the band's eighth studio effort, "Untitled". The band signed with the label in 2005 and was given a $25 million advance in exchange for Virgin obtaining a 30 percent stake in KORN's merchandise and touring revenue, areas previously off-limits to record companies. KORN guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer told Launch that he would advise anyone starting a label to think about new ways to work with artists. "The record company obviously is changing drastically, and I would look at different ways of developing artists, instead of just a traditional record deal," he said. "You know, sign the band, give 'em money to record, put 'em on the road...I think in the future it's gonna be more about developing an artist, more than just record sales."

Shaffer himself has his own label, called Emotional Syphon Recordings.

KORN's new album is due out on July 31. The band's first disc under the deal with Virgin, 2005's "See You on the Other Side", has sold 1.2 million copies in the U.S.

Shaffer told Billboard that the band wants to re-sign with Virgin, while singer Jonathan Davis said that he was pleased with the way the first deal played out, explaining, "A lot of people criticized us. They said a record company has no f***ing business getting in the touring business or doing any of this. But...it's good. People are scared just because the old way of doing business is broke."

KORN will kick off the 2007 Family Values tour on July 20 in St. Louis, with EVANESCENCE and a number of other acts on the bill.

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The Minor Times Part w/ Guitarist, Announce 7"

Pennsylvania's THE MINOR TIMES have announced plans to release a limited edition 7" split in addition to the band's forthcoming full-length, 'Summer of Wolves,' which is due out June 26 through Prosthetic Records. "Relapse records is going to be releasing a limited edition 7" with us and our friends Rosetta," the band says. "The record will feature two brand new tracks from us not available anywhere else. If you're not familiar with Rosetta, head over to their page, those guys are incredible. Needless to say, we're pretty floored to have a record coming out on Prosthetic and a 7" on Relapse with a great band."

In addition, THE MINOR TIMES recently parted ways with guitarist Lou Millinghausen on good terms. "Lou has been playing with us for some time now and was instrumental in the song writing process for 'Summer of Wolves," the band previously said. "We love the guy to death and will miss him a lot. Instead of searching for a replacement, we've simply decided that Tim will now handle all the guitar duties in the band. We have been practicing with this arrangement for over a month now and feel very comfortable with the idea of presenting it everywhere this entire summer. We've got a ton of shows coming up followed by four weeks of tour with our good friends Engineer."

The release of 'Summer of Wolves,' is the follow-up to 'Making Enemies,' which saw a 2004 release via Level Plane Records and was re-released in 2005 through Prosthetic Records. Producer Vince Ratti (Bury Your Dead, A Life Once Lost) returned again to record the record with the band to record the new record last winter and will be mastered by Alan Douches (Shadows Fall, Converge). The Mark Price-penned artwork is available for preview here (http://markpriceisafactory.com/tmt). In the meantime, THE MINOR TIMES has unveiled two new tracks from the forthcoming record on the band's MySpace page and pre-orders for the record are available here. Pre-orders ship within 24 hours of purchase.

Here are the confirmed THE MINOR TIMES tour dates:

6/16 Cheswick, PA - Sincerity Fest (with Cursed, Turmoil, Engineer)
6/18 Doylestown, PA - Siren Records (with Tides)
6/23 Burlington, VT – 242 Main (with Rosetta)
6/24 Falmouth, ME – Bike Barn (with Rosetta)
6/25 TBA (with Rosetta)
7/08 Philadelphia, PA – Trocadero (with A Life Once Lost, Starkweather)
8/08 Philadelphia, PA – The Waiting Room (with Trap Them)

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Kataklysm Hits #9 On Billboard's Heatseeker Charts

Kataklysm has managed to sell around 900 copies of their 2006 CD "In the Arms of Devastation" in the United States during the seven days ending June 3, 2007. The album's total U.S. sales now stand at just under 19,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan, landing them on Billboard's Heatseeker charts.

The band had this to say in response, "Dear fans, your boys in KATAKLYSM keep making impressive impacts... The latest being the band's latest opus and newly rereleased 'In the Arms of Devastation' album, which just hit the Heatseekers chart in Billboard on position #9 in the USA!! According to the band's label Nuclear Blast, this is phenomenal and unheard of for an album that is over one year old to chart! So a BIG thank you to all of you for your endless support. Get ready for our next album 'Prevail' because it will slaughter!!!!"

In followup to previous reports, Metal Reigns has posted a 20-minute audio interview with guitarist Jean-Francois Dagenais, conducted during the band's recent Invaluable Darkness Tour with DIMMU BORGIR. Download and listen to the interview at their website.

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Nightwish Announce New Tour Dates

Nuclear blast recently posted a set of European Nightwish tour dates covering 7 cities. This will kickoff a virgin tour for new vocalist Annette Olzon to get her warmed up for this fall when they plan to cover several dates in the US in support of their upcoming release "Eva".

06.10. IL Tel Aviv - Hangar 11
28.11. DEN Kopenhagen - KB Hallen
30.11. S Göteborg - Lisbergshallen
01.12. N Oslo - Sentrum Scene
02.12. N Oslo - Sentrum Scene
04.12. S Stockholm - Arenan
05.12. S Umea - Skycom Arena

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Never Enough Signs To Corporate Punishment

Corporate Punishment has announced the signing of Orange County’s NEVER ENOUGH (aka N3V3R 3N0U6H), the new project featuring Eighteen Visions’ guitarist (and ex-Throwdown vocalist/ Death by Stereo guitarist) Keith Barney and Drummer Trevor Friedrich, and Lylah Vocalist/Guitarist Norman Matthew.

The band will release their self produced, as-yet-untitled, debut EP on 9/11 via Corporate Punishment/Koch.

Said Guitarist/Producer Barney, "N3 is an outlet for all the love, rage and sadness in our lives. We know there are people out there that are just like us, people who still truly care about what's going on in the world around them and not just what's right in front of them."

On differences from his past project Barney adds, "lyrically we touch on politics and some other things which never happened in 18v. It's more message and idea driven, really trying to connect with people. There are songs that hit every spectrum of emotions - heavy and pissed, quiet and personal. It’s really important to me that people don’t just see this as an 18V spin-off."

As for the numbers, "everything is based in numbers- population, salaries, status, polls. Numbers represent a lot of the bad things in the world and the le tters represent communication and the things we need more of. People just can't seem to fucking get enough. Can't kill enough. Can't steal enough. Can't get thin enough. Can't get rich enough. You name it and people want more of it."

The band has posted several new tracks on their myspace page. More...

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