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Metal News for June 7, 2015

Last updated on September 1, 2015 at 8:32 AM ET

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Golers Re-Issuing "South Mountain Style"

Following a re-issue earlier this year of "In N Outlaws" and preceding an impending Canadian tour (dates available after the jump), Golers will re-release the "South Mountain Style" album on June 9th.

Pre-orders are available at this location and you can check out the song "S.M.S" below. Don't let the hillbilly redneck look fool you - this is straight up punk/thrash to the max!


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Violet Cold Posts Full "Desperate Dreams" Album

One man Azerbaijan-based outfit Violet Cold has a new experimental black metal album online for streaming titled "Desperate Dreams." Fans of Germ will want to check out the full release below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro: Lonely Universe 02:25
2. La Petite Mort 04:26
3. Light Years Separate Us From Home 04:26
4. Desperate Dreams 05:12
5. Endless Journey 04:02
6. Stargasm 05:36
7. I See The Air You Breathe 05:12
8. Outro: Euphoria 00:51

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Fierine Streams Full Album

Slovenian power metal band Fierine recently released debut full-length "Rise Through The Flames," which is now available online for full streaming. Listen in below or over at Bandcamp here. The track listing is:

1. Intro 01:51
2. The Corpses Shadow 06:28
3. Fear 05:46
4. Godforsaken Place 03:46
5. Until The End 05:12
6. City Of Angels 06:05
7. Rise Through The Flames 06:55
8. Skyline 05:52
9. Out Of Control 03:57
10. Against The Odds 04:55
11. New Tomorrow 04:23
12. Who Killed The Dragon 05:05 More...

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Bone Gnawer Releasing "Cannibal Crematorium"

The horror connoisseurs from Bone Gnawer return with sophomore full-length record "Cannibal Crematorium," due out July 10th via Pulverised Records. The label comments:

"Once again led by Kam Lee (ex-Massacre, ex-Mantas, etc) and with the prior emphasis focusing on composing (dead) catchy riffs that sear deep in, Cannibal Crematorium is not something that you listen and forget easily. Simply put, there are no mindless brutality or distasteful technicality when it comes down to Bone Gnawer; this is purely good ol' fun Death Metal the way this genre intended to be."

The track listing is as follow:

1. Anthropophagist Inferno
2. Modern Day Cannibal (Featuring Sly Goregnome of FONDLECORPSE)
3. Chainsaw Carnage (Featuring Adam Scott & Tom Knizer of CARDIAC ARREST)
4. Horrors In The House Of Human Remains (Featuring Matt Witchclan of DEADMAN’S BLOOD)
5. Chawed, Mauled & Gnawed (Featuring Noel Kemper of GRUESOME STUFF RELISH)
6. Il Sesso Bizzarro Di Cannibali (Featuring Miss Desideria Gabreiella Annuziata)
7. Chrome Skull (Featuring Vincent Crowley of ACHERON)
8. Below A Murder Of Carrion Crows (Featuring Patrick Bruss of CRYPTICUS)
9. Carnivore Beneath (Featuring Dave Ingram of DEAD AMON THE DEAD MEN)
10. Untold Story: Human Pork Bun (Featuring Mark Riddick of FETID ZOMBIE)
11. Cannibal Crematorium (Featuring Dany Dead of DEAD) More...

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Redwolves Lets You Go

Danish power rock outfit Redwolves (formerly known as Awesome Mr. Powerwolf) has a new video out for the track "Letting You Go." The clip features Sebastian Dalgaard and was directed by Kasper Rebien. Check it out below.

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Perpetual Ferocity Streams "Untainted Children"

Egyptian DIY death metal duo Perpetual Ferocity has made the song "Untainted Children" available for streaming online. Check out the track below, taken off the album "The Darkness Under The Sun." You can also hear more from the band at Facebook here.

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Ear Spit Releases New Video

"Walk Through These Walls" - the 5th official single release by India's Ear Split - is out now as a music video available below.

The track was mixed and mastered by Illusion Audio in New Delhi and the video was crafted by Snow Leopard Productions in Shimla.

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For All Eternity Signs With Facedown

Sydney-based melodic metalcore band For All Eternity is bringing its signature beauty-laced brutality to the Facedown Records roster. The label comments:

"Intertwining classic hardcore vocals with hints of polished singing over impressive musicianship has catapulted the band to the top of the Australian independent scene where they have toured nationally with some of the best live acts in music - Emery, The Devil Wears Prada, Parkway Drive, Impending Doom, Hatebreed, Texas in July, For Today, Oh Sleeper and Demon Hunter to name a few.

"Now they’re preparing to build upon their international fan-base and take the US by storm with their supreme live show and their Facedown debut album 'Metanoia.' Join us in welcoming For All Eternity to the Facedown Family, and look for 'Metanoia' to be released on July 10." More...

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Sunday Old School: Grip Inc.

Throughout the history of the Sunday Old School, we’ve looked at a number of undervalued bands formed by musicians from more famous bands. Be it the recent article of Fastway, formed by Motorhead guitarist,"Fast" Eddie Clarke, the collaboration between former Sepultura/Soulfly frontman, Max Cavalera with Fudge Tunnel’s, Alex Newport on Nailbomb, or Rob Halford’s endeavours with Fight and Two. This week, Sunday Old School will continue this by taking a gander at what drummer Dave Lombardo got up to shortly after leaving Slayer for the second time.

After taking his leave from the thrash giants, Lombardo put together a new outfit with Polish guitarist, Waldemar Sorychta, a former member of the German thrash metal group, Despair. They took their influence from the groove metal style which had been popularised by Pantera and christened their new outfit, Grip Inc., being joined in their musical pursuit by British vocalist, Gus Chambers, a former member of punk band, The Squad, and bass player, Jason Viebrooks. This new quartet didn’t take long to attract interest from record companies and before long, they signed with German label, SPV. More...

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Mad Trapper Debuts New Music Video "Caved In"

Toronto metal and hardcore outfit Mad Trapper premieres a new music video for "Caved In", the latest track off the upcoming full-length, "Dead Living", which will be released digitally on June 29th via Sorrow Carrier Records.

Check it out now below.

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