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Metal News for June 5, 2013

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Inherit The Stars Posts New Music Video

Alternative metalcore act Inherit the Stars has released a new music video for "Citizens of Earth," which can be viewed below. The track comes off new album "We Were Made To Walk The Skies." The albums' track listing is as follows:

1. If We Fall We'll Fall Together
2. Citizens of Earth
3. Facing the Fire
4. Hold Your Breath
5. Imagine (If We Ruled The World)
6. Caught in the Crossfire
7. Through the Fallout
8. When Hearts and Worlds Collide
9. Here at the Edge
10. Destroy the Agenda (We'll Build Our Own Adventures)

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TOAD Reveals New Album Details

Phoenix, Arizona black ‘n’ roll death miscreants TOAD (Take Over And Destroy) are readying to unleash their "Endless Night" LP. "Endless Night" was captured by producer/engineer Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Recording in Arizona (who worked with the band previously on the "Rotten Tide" EP) and offers up a cover by Sean R. Williams (Animetalphysical).

Comments the band in a collective statement: “Night time evokes conflicting reactions within the human psyche. As primitive man witnessed the sunset he felt intrigued and thrilled, but most importantly he felt afraid. His terror served to protect him from the chaos and danger of the unknown. The same animalistic fear of the dark remains within us today, though it has migrated into the subconscious. Endless Night exploits both our aversion and attraction to the darkness. Recorded over the course of a full moon and All Hallow’s Eve of 2012, these songs swirl and creep with sinister melodies, then strike with violent hooks. The album is simultaneously exciting and permeating with horror. Our ancestors relied upon the warmth and light of fire to guard them at night. This record captures the dread of that fire being extinguished forever.”

Pre-orders are available here, and the track listing is:

1. Taste of the Grave
2. Cosmophobia
3. Howling House
4. Boundaries of Flesh
5. Endless Night More...

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Seven Sisters Of Sleep Announces Tour Dates

Los Angeles-based sludge bandits Seven Sisters of Sleep will set out on the longest tour run in the band’s history with label mates Full Of Hell next week. The following press release was issued about the band:

"Having shared the stage with Negative Approach, Integrity, All Pigs Must Die, Gehenna, Nails, The Love Below, Dropdead, Hoax, Eyehategod, Ringworm, Lack Of Interest and an amalgamate of other nihilistic acts since inception, SSOS has definitely mashed humans in the live setting, but never on an extensive excursion like the one scheduled to embark this week. Starting this Saturday, June 8th, Seven Sisters of Sleep will scathe the nation in a clockwise hook of live actions alongside labelmates Full Of Hell, beginning in Santa Cruz, California and slicing straight around to their exit wound in Baltimore, Maryland. NYC-based Psychic Limb will join the melee for three dates, and all three acts will support Trap Them on a one-off at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, the trek sponsored by Invisible Oranges. Prepare for war.

"The Seven Sisters of Sleep faction is touring in support of their mammoth second LP, Opium Morals, released via A389 in mid-March. With over thirty-three minutes of pure auditory authority, Opium Morals embodies the band’s murky blend of Disembodied, Grief, Harvest, Noothgrush, Unruh, Eyehategod and Xibalba into the most corrosive, debauchery-ridden and ethics-free sludge to date. All ten anthems from Opium Morals can be streamed at this location." More...

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James LaBrie Announces New Album

After his "Static Impulse" release in 2010, Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie returns with a new studio album entitled "Impermanent Resonance," to be released August 6th in North America and July 29 in Europe via InsideOutMusic.

"Impermanent Resonance" was once again conceived with LaBrie's songwriting partner for over a dozen years, Matt Guillory. Guillory not only took the leading role in composing the material, he also handled all of the keyboards and background vocals.

The album's lineup is intact from the previous recording, featuring Marco Sfogli from Italy on guitar, Ray Riendeau (Halford, Machines of Loving Grace) on bass, and Swedish drummer Peter Wildoer (Darkane, Majestic, Arch Enemy, etc.), who was a finalist in the Dream Theater drum auditions. Additionally, former Soilwork guitarist Peter Wichers came into the fold to contribute songwriting and studio guitars. More...

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Mirko Fadda Posts New Song

Italian solo artist Mirko Fadda has released a new song online titled "L i g h t." Check out the song below. You can also hear his previously posted track "Become" over at this location.

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Voltage Streaming New Song

Bulgarian thrash metal outfit Voltage has posted the new song "We Are Coming!" online, which can be heard below. More info on the band can be found at Facebook here. Voltage consists of:

Borislav Zahariev - Rhythm guitar and vocals
Miroslav Zahariev - Drums
Kiril Petrov - Bass guitar and backing vocals
Georgi Aleksov - Solo guitar

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Zombie Sam Posts "Self Conscious Insanity" Preview

A preview of the new "Self Conscious Insanity" album by Italian outfit Zombie Sam is available online and can be heard below.

The album is out now via Coroner Records, and was mixed and mastered by Ettore Rigotti at The Metal House Studio (Disarmonia Mundi, Blood Stain Child, Slowmotion Apocalypse, Destrage). "Self Conscious Insaity" was produced, recorded, and arranged by Alessio Neroargento at AExeron Media Studio. The track listing is:

1. A Hallow Tale
2. Woman In White
3. Never Betray
4. Family Portrait
5. Through The Looking Glass
6. Retry
7. The Awake
8. Brake The Fate
9. A Beautiful Zombie
10. Stay Away From Me
11. Unreal
12. The End, For Now...
13. A Hallow Tale (Orchestral Version) (Exclusive Digipak Bonus Track) More...

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Dischordia Announces New Album Release

Rogue Records America is proud to announce "Project 19," the next release from Oklahoma City's own Dischordia. The label comments:

"The album is a big step for the death metal trio, expanding on their already punishing sound and giving the music additional depth and layers. 9 tracks fill the full length release, featuring the new single 'Madhouse.'

"The album drops July 23rd, 2013 worldwide both in digital and CD format. Those fortunate enough to see the band on tour will be able to buy the album early at the venues. The first single 'Madhouse' is being streamed on Rogue Records YouTube page and on the band's Facebook page and Mobile app. Check it out below." More...

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Wisdom Of Crowds Releases New Video Clip

The Pineapple Thief frontman Bruce Soord and Jonas Renkse from Katatonia have partnered with CraveOnline to premiere the duo's new music video for "Frozen North," taken from their joint effort, "Wisdom of Crowds," out now on Kscope.

Check out the new video, shot and edited by pelecandesign.com, online at this location or in the player below.

"The song is about desolation and breakdown," Soord told CraveOnline. "I love the fact that a director can interpret the song in such a way as to transport us to a foreign world! My image of being 'stuck in the frozen north' is nothing compared to being stuck on a planet far, far away...."

The album's track listing is:

1. Pleasure
2. Wisdom Of Crowds
3. Radio Star
4. Frozen North
5. The Light
6. Stacked Naked Pretend
7. Centre Of Gravity
8. Flows Through You More...

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Witchmaster Recording New Album

Polish black/thrash metal outfit Witchmaster has entered the studio to record the band's fifth as-yet-untitled album, and follow up to the 2009 release "Trücizna."

The album will see the return of Inferno (of Behemoth) to the line-up, after some 10 years of absence from the band. The rest of the line-up consists of Kali, Bastis, and Reyash (ex-Vader, Incantation, Supreme Lord). According to the band, fans should expect "nothing but satanic metal slaughter." More...

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In This Moment Posts Behind The Scenes Footage

In This Moment has posted behind-the-scenes footage online from the filming of the "Adrenalize" music video, which can be found below. You can also watch the music video itself at this location. "Adrenalize" comes off the band's latest album "Blood," which is out now.

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My Heart To Fear Releases New Lyric Video

Williamsport, PA's My Heart To Fear recently announced that new full-length, "Algorithm," will drop July 9th via Solid State Records. Now the band is sharing a first taste of the album with the world in the form of a lyric video for “The Witching Hour Pt. II.” Check it out below. Pre-orders for the new album are also available here.

“'The Witching Hour Pt. II' carries on in the vein of an older song, 'The Witching Hour,’” explains vocalist Trevor Pool. “The song was purposefully written as a sequel because we felt the original song was too metaphorical and could be difficult to grasp. With 'Pt. II' there is a plainly told story about the study and experimentation of the theological duality between demons/the Devil and angels/God."

The 11 track album was recorded at Atrium Audio with Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland and features notable guest appearances such as Ricky Armellino of This or the Apocalypse.

“On Algorithm, the breakdowns are catchier, the vocals are better and are beyond appropriate for the music,” explains Pool. “No single part, instrument or effect is overused. There’s no filler. Everything is exactly where it needs to be. Nowhere was there something added just for the sake of adding something. Most importantly, we made the decision to write what we felt needed to be in the songs - nothing was written under the shadow of ‘what will please the most amount of ears.’” More...

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Sacrilegious Impalement Streams New Track

Today, Sacrilegious Impalement streams the new track "Down For Grim Lord" on Decibel magazine's website. The track hails from the band's new album, "III - Lux Infera," released in North America last week via Woodcut Records.

Listen to the song here or below. The album's track listing is:

1. Angel Graves
2. Down for Grim Lord
3. Scars for Scarred Ones
4. For Sins of the Pigs
5. Through Punishing Gates
6. Behead the Infants of God
7. Regain the Dormant Realm
8. His Gift Embodied
9. Deliverance from Unknown More...

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Summoning Streaming New Song

Seven long and agonizing years have finally come to an end, as "Old Morning's Dawn" - the new album by the cult band Summoning - is about to be released. Today Brooklyn Vegan and Invisible Oranges are hosting an exclusive premiere of the title track "Old Morning's Dawn."

Check it out here or in the player below. The following press release was also issued about the new album:

"Despite the long break, the congenial duo Silenius and Protector did not stray an inch from their patch. Their distinctive melodies are the heart of all the songs on the latest longplayer, and bring the listeners directly into the fantastic world of Middle-Earth. This becomes evident in e.g. 'Caradhras,' where already the first notes let the mighty and ice-clad mountain appear in the mist, whereas 'Flammifer' summons the spirit of Eärendil.

"The majestic and diverse hymns are a monument of epic proportions and are beyond comparison in each and every second. Summoning's epic black metal is the perfect soundtrack for a world filled with legendary characters, massive strongholds and breathtaking landscapes Old Mornings Dawn marks the glorious return of a band, who has already become a legend in its own right." More...

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Dysmoprhic Posts New Album Preview

Dysmorphic has posted a preview online for the "A Notion of Causality" album, which will be released on September 2nd, 2013 via Unique Leader Records. Check it out below.

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Reproacher Signs With Foreign Room Records

Wyoming audio terrorists Reproacher are pleased to announce their union with Foreign Room Records for the release of the ear-lashing "Nothing To Save" full-length. Set for official discharge on June 11th, 2013, "Nothing To Save" offers up eleven misanthropic assaults of relentless powerviolence-seared hardcore.

The album was recorded in in January, 2013 in Salt Lake City by Andy Patterson (Gaza, Call of the Void), at the Boar’s Nest. Mastering was done by Jack Control at Enormous Door.

Check out the song "Averse Arrest" at New Noise Magazine or in the player below. Elaborates vocalist Joel of the track:

“This song is about some of my views on the media in America. In short, it’s a scam that's becoming more corrupt with time. The news is secondary to the advertisements, because that's where the money is made and every decision comes down to their fiscal bottom line. George Gerbner describes the paradigm that the media has created as causing a ‘mean world syndrome’ where the media has us convinced that the world is a terrifying place. This keeps us locked inside, glued to our TVs, waiting to be told what to think. It’s kept people consuming and keeps them dependent on the medications and the fast food and soda.” More...

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Witherscape Reveals New Album Artwork

Witherscape, the new atmospheric and progressive dark metal outfit formed by Dan Swanö together with fellow Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ragnar Widerberg, will release debut album "The Inheritance" on July 29th in Europe and August 6th in North America via Century Media Records. The album's artwork and track listing are now available below.

1. Mother Of The Soul
2. Astrid Falls (streaming here)
3. Dead For A Day
4. Dying For The Sun
5. To The Calling Of Blood And Dreams
6. The Math Of The Myth
7. Crawling From Validity
8. The Wedlock Observation
9. The Inheritance

The album's concept is split into different episodes, with the story briefly taking place in a remote village in northern Sweden in the late 1800's. The central character lives in Stockholm and comes from wealth, and upon the death of his family, he's informed by the family lawyer that he has inherited a large estate up north. Having been oblivious to the estate's existence, he decides to investigate, and once he's there, as Dan Swanö puts it, "all kinds of weird shit happens..."

The cover artwork for "The Inheritance" was created by Travis Smith/Seempieces. Dan Swanö comments about the artwork: "Both me and Ragnar are fascinated by old abandoned buildings and it was pretty clear from the start that we would have the estate our main character inherits on the album cover. We used Travis Smith as a 'medium' for our visual ideas and he did a spectacular job transforming our written wishes into a real image." More...

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Gorguts Announces New Album, Tour Dates

As was announced back February, death metal pioneers Gorguts have rejoined the Season of Mist roster.

The band’s forthcoming new album is entitled "Colored Sands" and will hit stores on August 30th (September 3rd in North America). Founding member Luc Lemay and his boys also announced a string of headlining shows leading to and from this year's Hopscotch Festival. The U.S. trek, which begins on September 5th in Springfield VA, will travel through the Hopscotch Festival before ending on September 8th in Worcester, MA.

Season of Mist also comments: More...

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Man Made Origin Recruits New Bassist

Man Made Origin has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a new bass player:

"We are very happy to announce that our close friend Scot Borland is now official bass player for Man Made Origin!

"He has been doing an outstanding job filling in on bass for us for the past few gigs and we are all very excited for him to be joining us for future shows and for writing and recording. Welcome to the band Scot!

"Speaking of writing, we will be working on more new stuff tonight. It's a heavy one so brace yourselves!" More...

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Venomous Maximus Streaming "Moonchild"

The Texan occult metal outfit Venomous Maximus will unleashed "Beg Upon The Light" in North America on July 2nd via Napalm Records.

The band is also currently working on a video for the song "Moonchild." The clip should be wrapped up soon and will be premiering in the next few weeks. In the meantime, Venomous Maximus has provided Bloody Disgusting with exclusive still photos from the video shoot as well as stream of "Moonchild."

Check it out here, or give the song a listen below.

In support of the new release, the band will be hitting the road this June. A complete list of dates can be found below. The new album's track listing is:

1. Funeral Queen
2. Path of Doom
3. Give Up The Witch
4. Father Time
5. Dream Again
6. Moon Child
7. Battle for the Cross
8. Venomous Maximus
9. Mother Milk
10. Hell's Heroes
11. The Mission (Bonus Track)
12. The Rider (Bonus Track)
13. The Gift (Bonus Track) More...

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Sepultura Begins Recording New Album

After Derrick Green announced Sepultura had finished the writing process for a new album, the band has now posted the following statement online about hitting the recording studio:

"Sepultura started the recording process for their new album. The traditional Brazilian newspaper Diario de Pernambuco will follow the whole process. Straight from the USA, Andreas Kisser sent the first video to keep fans updated. Soon, the first studio diary will be published at a special site at Diario." More...

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Arceye Posts "Since The Divide" Video

U.K. death thrashers Arceye have posted a new video titled "Since The Divide," detailing the writing process for upcoming sophomore album "At First Light." Check it out below.

"Since The Divide" brings you behind the curtain and reveals Arceye in more intimate settings compared to where we usually see the band, on stage spreading destruction. The video takes you to places such as the group's rehearsal space jamming out new ideas.

New album "At First Light" will be released worldwide on August 7th via Hostile Media. Arceye comments:

“This album we feel we have really trimmed the fat on our songwriting and made it the best it could be! If we didn’t think that it kicked ass it didn’t make the cut! We also stepped up the production value and worked with Scott Atkins (Sylosis, Cradle Of Filth, Amon Amarth, Gamma Bomb) on the mix and master. The Meaning of ‘At First Light’ is a representation of where we felt we were as a band when we were writing the album. Since our last release we have gained two new members, both with a writing influence and we’ve developed more of a vision of the music we wanted to play.” More...

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Shooting Guns Streaming New Track

Saskatoon's instrumental purveyors of doom Shooting Guns have released the song "Motherfuckers Never Learn" from forthcoming album "Brotherhood Of The Ram." Check it out at Exclaim.ca or through the player below.

The album is currently pending a fall 2013 release date. Commenting on the album, guitarist Chris Laramee had this to say:

"They wept into their beers, They made mountains for others and fell through the analog/ digital divide, Then they laughed upon concrete, upon starlight, Laughter not being only the best medicine, but the essential gift we give. Primitives, REJOICE!"

The band has announced several dates for the upcoming "Fucking Rites Tour" and issued the following statement:

"Heavy-Psych collector-troglodytes rejoice, the season to hunt tar-born colossi returns! Light your torches and drink the rotten brew; it's time again to leave your caves and chase beasts over sonic cliffs to their bloody doom! May the sharpened points of your turntables sink deep between the ribs of our vinyl carcasses." More...

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I Am The Trireme Posts New Music Video

Dark Harvest Records is excited to announce that Philadelphia death metal act I Am The Trireme has released a music video for "Repulsed By The Sun." Check it out below. "Repulsed By The Sun" is off the band's latest album "Unholy," which hit stores on June 4th.

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Noisem Streaming Full New Album

As the Baltimore-based thrash henchmen known as Noisem (previously Necropsy) prepare to lay waste to your face with debut LP, "Agony Defined" -- now just days from release on A389 Recordings -- the entire unhinged bloodbath is now on display to the public, streaming via Terrorizer Magazine.

Unchain the pain, and blast "Agony Defined" here or through the player below. "Agony Defined" will hit stores on Tuesday, June 11th. You can also catch the band live:

6/06/2013 Frankie’s - Toledo, OH w/ Ringworm, Mutilation Rites, Encrust, React
6/09/2013 Cobra Lounge - Chicago, IL w/ Ringworm, Mutilation Rites, Encrust
6/23/2013 Club K - Baltimore, MD w/ Full Of Hell, Seven Sisters Of Sleep
7/01/2013 The Perve Center - Baltimore, MD w/ Mother Brain, Priapus, Universal Remonster
7/19/2013 The Ottobar - Baltimore, MD w/ Incantation, Acheron, Deceased, Visceral Disgorge
8/16/2013 The Ottobar - Baltimore, MD @ A389 Summer Extermination w/ Ringworm More...

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Lazy Bonez Announces "Vol. 1" Release

Finland's Lazy Bonez has announced the "Vol. 1" album will see release via Inverse Records this coming June 28th, 2013. The track listing is as follows:

01. Bring It All Now
02. Stainless Steel
03. First To Go - Last to Know
04. Frozen Love
05. Written in the Sky
06. M.I.L.F.
07. Got A Soul
08. Free Ride
09. Poker Face (Lady Gaga)
10. Return to Me

Inverse Records also comments: "In Lazy Bonez you can find some familiar guys from the legendary Finnish band Tarot, but basically Lazy Bonez music stands right and strong on its own. Band’s main composers are Jaakko Kauppinen (bass) and Markku Mähönen (guitar). In addition to the 'Vol.1' album there’s been released also two digi-singles: Lazy Bonez version of Lady Gaga’s 'Poker Face' plus Marco Hietala (Tarot, Nightwish) & Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O., ex-Accept) duet called 'First To Go - Last to Know.' In addition to the featuring artists mentioned above there’s also one familiar guy from Accept & U.D.O. connections - Mr. Stefan Schwarzmann, who plays drums in two 'Vol.1' songs (Bring It All Now & Frozen Love)." More...

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Serj Tankian Explains Lack Of New SOAD Album

After the Facebook debacle when Shavo Odadjian called out Serj Tankian for slowing down the process of a new System of a Down release, Tankian himself has now conducted an interview with Artist Direct to discuss the situation. Excerpts from the interview follow:

AD: What does System of a Down mean to you in 2013?

First and foremost, they're my partners and friends I've created this music and career with over these years. I'm still very thankful. To me, it's what I've done. It's where I've come in. It's something I enjoy doing. We started touring again three years ago for good purpose. I think we missed being a part of that together. Of course, we have a lot of fans and people interested in getting a record sooner rather than later. Things take time though. Everyone has a life and has to have the right frame of mind to make a record at the same time. Jazz-iz Christ and Orca will be my fifth and sixth solo records in seven years. I've been touring with System, The FCC, and orchestras around the world. I haven't stopped. There hasn't been much time-off. I want to make sure I have time for myself and my family. Only the four of us can decide what System means. I know the fans agree that's what System is, and that's amazing.

AD: You have to do it at the right moment. More...

Read the full article at Artist Direct.

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Behemoth Drops Off Rockstar Mayhem Tour

In what is not in fact a Metalunderground April Fool's story this time around, Poland's Behemoth has been forced to cancel the band's upcoming appearance on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. The cancellation is due to drummer Inferno taking ill and requiring surgery. Front man Nergal comments:

"This must have been the most difficult decision we were forced to make in recent years. Behemoth is known for not canceling any shows or tours. But this is not something we can do when we are missing our driving force, the man behind the drums - Inferno. Unfortunately, he was hospitalized due to appendix surgery and it's gonna take him few months to fully recover and get back to shape.

"We are trying to save selected European Festivals with a fill in drummer (Krimh, ex-Decapitated), but we won't be risking doing a full-on prestigious tour like the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival without Inferno. Behemoth is a solid unit and any part of this unit missing makes us weaker, and that is not how we want to present our new material to our fans. Please, accept our apologies and be patient, we shall return to Europe (this fall) and US (early 2014) empowered and motivated as never before!"

The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival is set to kick off on Saturday, June 29th in San Bernardino, CA and features bands such as Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon, Amon Amarth, Machine Head, Job For a Cowboy, Battlecross, Children of Bodom, and many more.

Behemoth's recently announced forthcoming full-length album, "The Satanist," is scheduled for a fall 2013 release.

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The Safety Fire Reveals New Album Details

London progressive metallers The Safety Fire are excited to announce the release of their forthcoming second album, "Mouth Of Swords," on September 3rd in North America via InsideOut Music.

The band has been hard at work on the album for the past few months, and vocalist Sean McWeeney had this to say about the completion of the record: "Since our first album we've all concentrated more on having awesome haircuts and facial hair. Does that go some way to explaining why 'Mouth of Swords' is shit hot? Some may suggest so. But all I know is I'm on it and that's enough for most people. This album is pure gold, and will be priced accordingly."

Guitarist and producer Derya "Dez" Nagle had this to add about the release announcement and album recording: "I must have said 'there is no topping Winger's 1988 classic 'Winger' on a daily basis during the recording process. I've never been wrong about anything in my whole life, so it was a rather humbling experience to realize that what we were creating was in fact better than Winger's 1988 classic, 'Winger.' I felt like a bozo deluxe. After awhile I came to accept that we had created the best album of all time, ever, in the history of known time. The burden of holding such musical gold was too much for us to handle and the band agreed to release it through InsideOut Music, on September 3rd. I'd like to think the music can speak for itself, but music can't speak, so I'll speak on its behalf. Hello. I hope you enjoy me." More...

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Circus Maximus Posts "Namaste" Music Video

Norwegian progressive metal act Circus Maximus posted a music video for "Namaste," the band's first official music video. The song appears on the latest LP "Nine," the third LP, which was issued in 2012. The video was directed by Sven Erik Nordset.

Circus Maxmius will make its United States live debut, exclusively at ProgPower USA in Atlanta. The festival runs from September 5-7, 2013. Tickets can be purchased at this location.

Check out "Namaste" here:

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Dragonsclaw Streaming New Single

Australian traditional metal act Dragonsclaw is streaming the band's new single "Fly: Defenders of the Skies, Pt. II." The song appears on the band's sophomore LP "Judgement Day," which is available now as a digital download via iTunes. The physical CD release is expected in August. Back in April, Dragonsclaw premiered the track "Watching My Every Move" (featuring Ex-Accept vocalist David Reece) right here on Metal Underground.com, which can still be heard over at this location.

Check out "Fly: Defenders of the Skies, Pt. II" here: More...

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Hollow Haze Announces New Album

Hollow Haze has resigned with Scarlet Records for the release of the band's fifth LP "Countdown to Revenge." The band, now fronted by Rhapsody of Fire vocalist Fabio Lione (who replaced the departed Ramon Sonato in February of this year), will release the album on August 27th.

"Countdown To Revenge" offers a wide range of musical landscapes, mixing heavy guitar riffs and pounding rhytms with Fabio’s unique high pitched yet warm vocals and deep, intensive choruses. Thanks to their passion and hard work, Hollow Haze are not afraid to confront themselves with every music style, getting their inspiration both from the past and the modern Heavy Metal scene. The album also features collaborations with Antarktica and The Wintermoon Orchestra, making it grandiose and epic as never before. The album was recorded at Remaster Studio in Vicenza, Italy and was mixed by Ex-Heaven's Gate guitarist and producer extraordinaire Sascha Paeth (Avantasia/Edguy/Angra/Rhapsody Of Fire) at Gate Studios in Wolfsburg, Germany. More...

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Amadeus Awad Signs With Melodic Revolution

Lebanese guitarist/composer Amadeus Awad, dubbed the "Arjen Anthony Lucassen of the Middle East," has signed on with Melodic Revolution Records for the re-mastered release of his debut solo album "Time Of The Equinox." The album, originally self-released in January of 2012, will be reissued on June 18th and will be available as a CD and digital download (through iTunes).

Awad commented: "I am pleased and proud to share with you that I signed a deal with the beautiful people at Melodic Rock Revolution. The label will be releasing a new master of my album 'Time Of The Equinox' with a bonus track."

The bonus track referenced is the instrumental "Immortal Dunes." "Tales of the Equinox" features guest appearances by vocalist Mark Boals (Iron Mask/Ex-Yngwie Malmsteen), guitarist Timo Somers (Delain) and Liz Vandal (Uli Jon Roth). The complete track listing is:

1. The Origins Of Light
2. Gift Of Solitude And Joy
3. Paper Dreams Pt. I : Requiem (Feat. Mark Boals)
4. Paper Dreams Pt. II : Dies Irae (Feat. Mark Boals)
5. Paper Dreams Pt. III : The Tempest (Feat. Mark Boals)
6. Time Of The Equinox
7. Spiritus Devi
8. Meteors in the Blue (Feat. Liz Vandall)
9. Virtual Eclipse
10. Nostalgia (Feat. Liz Vandall)
11. Tales of Celtic Sunsets (Feat. Timo Somers)
12. Autumn Eyes
13. L'univers En Deuil
14 Immortal Dunes (Bonus Track)"

A video for the title track was released in the last day, which can be seen here: More...

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Newsted Announces Full Length LP, Streams Song

Newsted, the band created by former Ex-Flotsam & Jetsam/Ex-Metallica/Ex-Voivod bassist Jason Newsted, announced that the full length debut LP (and follow up to the 2012 EP "Metal") will be entitled "Heavy Metal Music." The album is set to drop on August 6, 2013. Newsted will be part of the upcoming Gigantour with Megadeth, Black Label Society, Device, Hellyeah and Death Division, which begins at Mohegan Sun Arena on July 5th in Uncasville, CT.

The track listing for "Heavy Metal Music" is:

1. Heroic Dose
2. Soldierhead
3. ...As the Crow Flies
4. Ampossible
5. Long Time Dead
6. Above All
7. King of the Underdogs
8. Nocturnus
9. Twisted Tail of the Comet
10. Kindevillusion
11. Futureality

Check out "Heroic Dose" here: More...

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Zaltana Posts Pre-Mix Trailer For Debut CD

Brazilian act Zaltana, featuring multi-musician Tito Falaschi (Ex-Symbols and brother of Ex-Angra vocalist Edu Falaschi) on drums, posted a pre-mix trailer for the band's upcoming debut LP. The album is yet untitled and the track list and cover art have not yet been revealed to date. In addition to the trailer (heard below), there is also footage of Falaschi recording the drum tracks. The debut release is expected this year.

Zaltana is:

Mischa Marmade - Vocals
Tito Falaschi - Drums
Hilton Torres - Guitars
Dann Feltrin - Guitars
Caio Bianchi - Bass

For updates, head on over to the band's Facebook Page. Check out the pre-mix trailer here: More...

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