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Metal News for June 5, 2005

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Pitch Black To Call It Quits

Oakland's Pitch Black have announced their impending break-up. The group intends to play a farewell show at Gilman in a few months (at which they plan to play every song they ever recorded), but details haven't yet been finalized. Formed in 1999, the band has released two full-lengths with Revelation Records, in addition to a 7" with Cheetah's Records and a split with Lookout! Records. According to drummer Jamie Morrison, "There is no gossip behind any of this -- we just called it quits mutually. I hope everyone respects that. We all adore each other, but maintain very busy lives outside of Pitch Black."

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Interview With Civil Ruin

Friday evening (June 3), I got the chance to interview the guys from an unsigned local Vancouver band called Civil Ruin. This is how it went down: More...

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Belgium's Liar Sign To GSR

Belgian metalcore outfit Liar have now signed with GSR for the release of their upcoming album. Formed in 1995, the band has previously released material with Good Life Recordings, Alveran Records, and Lifeforce Records. The group's new album, titled "Murder Manifesto," will be recorded in August by Jacob Bredahl (of Hatesphere) and should be available late this year.

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Kicked In The Head To Disband This Summer

Boston's Kicked In The Head have announced plans to disband this summer. Since releasing their debut in 2000, the group has put out several releases, including two with Resurrection A.D. Records. Kicked In The Head will play several shows this summer, ultimately putting on a final show in Boston in August, the details of which have yet to be finalized.

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Kelly Osbourne Back In Rehab

The Associated Press is reporting that Kelly Osbourne, the 20-year-old daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, has checked herself into a drug treatment center, according to a published report.

Osbourne entered the Pasadena facility on Thursday, Us Weekly reported Friday. A message left for her mother, Sharon Osbourne, was not immediately returned.

A family representative told the magazine that Kelly Osbourne was "dealing with some personal issues" and would be back in a few weeks.

Kelly Osbourne spent several weeks last year at a Malibu drug treatment center for an addiction to prescription pain killers.

Her brother, Jack Osbourne, checked himself into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic in 2003 and Ozzy Osbourne has been candid about his decades of battles with substance abuse.

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The Eternal Name New Album

Australian melodic doom metal band THE ETERNAL (formerly CRYPTAL DARKNESS) have set "Sleep of Reason" as the title of their forthcoming second album, due late September via Firebox Records. The follow-up to last year's "The Sombre Light of Isolation" was recorded at Palm Studios in Melbourne and is currently being mastered by Mika Jussila (AMORPHIS, NIGHTWISH, THERION) at Finnvox studios in Helsinki, Finland. The cover artwork was conceived by Travis Smith (ANATHEMA, OPETH, KATATONIA, DEVIN TOWNSEND). Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Everlasting", "A Dream's End", "Beneath the Soil" and "To Drown".

THE ETERNAL will make their next live appearance on Friday, June 10 at Cabaret Nocturne in Melbourne, Australia.

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Liv Kristine Talks About Upcoming Solo Album

Renowned female vocalist Liv Kristine (Leaves' Eyes, ex-Theatre of Tragedy) recently spoke to Metal Temple magazine's Michael Dalakos while promoting the new Leaves' Eyes release, "Vinland Saga". Liv spoke about a number of topics, including her upcoming second solo album that is going to be released via Roadrunner Records. A couple of excerpts from the interview follow:

Metal Temple: [There are] rumors [that you will] be releasing a second solo album. What can you tell us about this?

Liv Kristine: "Yes, it is true, there will be a second solo album. It will be released around autumn. I signed a record deal with Roadrunner Records. A dream came true for me since I had a lot of trouble with my first company. I had to fight for my rights in the court. I was really sad when I realized that some people wanted to put the dollar sign on my forehead. I don't want to be a Barbie Doll in the music industry. I want to write my own lyrics, be part of the recording process..."

Metal Temple: Can we assume it will be in the same vein as your first solo attempt?

Liv Kristine: "Yes. This CD will follow the steps of the first album. It will be quite atmospheric and dark, but I can tell you that I collaborated with other producers like Peter Tägtgren [Pain, Hypocrisy], so expect some very interesting combinations of music! There will be some up tempo songs for the album."

Metal Temple: With your previous band [Theatre of Tragedy] you have managed pretty much to bring a revolution to the heavy metal community. Do you think that you can achieve something equally great with your current band [Leaves' Eyes]? Generally how difficult is it to sound original today?

Liv Kristine: "I think it is very difficult to sound different, to achieve your own sound so people can understand what a band is playing after listening for a couple of seconds. Most bands today try to adopt elements from their favorite bands and if they are lucky enough to blend them with some elements of their own hoping for a personal sound. When you run a band like Atrocity or Leaves' Eyes it is very difficult to stick to your sound when many bands try to sound like you. Personally I believe that the best thing one band can do is to stick to its sound and be as much original as possible. You must try to develop your sound at one level but never forget where you come from.

"That was the main problem with Theatre of Tragedy. They have created a very personal sound. There was a dramatic difference between 'Aegis' and 'Musique'. They didn’t want to have any connection with their past. For example their singer was interested mostly in Eminem (!!!), so the band had a break with their past and started working on totally different material. This was very difficult for me. I will never try something like this with Leaves' Eyes."

Read the full article at Metal Temple.

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Edguy's "Superheroes" EP/DVD Details

Edguy has left this message on their official website:

Hey fellows, don’t forget about the EP and the DVD to come out on September 5th. They are called “Superheroes” and “Superheroes – The DVD”. The title track will be the same on both, but the rest of the material of the CD will NOT stand on the DVD and vice versa. They are two completely different releases, so NO RIP OFF ;)!!! On the CD you will have six first class songs, also exclusively featuring some of my Avantasia-friends on vocals as it seems. Stuff sounds great. The title track “Superheroes” is a groovy mid tempo song with a killer hookline in the chorus. Our producer Sascha Paeth added some new sound elements to that song. But hold your breath: I mean in a good way! Powerful and fresh and up to date if you can say that! I liked it, I am already 27 and still single, so this may help me to get married, or – worst case – just laid at least! Just kidding. ;) It’s a good song, one of the few that isn’t too heavy and adds some new flavour to our sound. Just like “Holy Water” two years ago. Then we got a song called “Judas At The Opera”, it’s a long epic song with choirs, orchestral elements, tempo changes from fast to slow and majestic anthemic melodies. I am really amazed of how diversified we sound in 2005. Later on we will let you know about how we record this time. You wouldn’t believe – many bands are proud about how many months they record, we can brag that we recorded the basics live - all at the same time! I know, you may think that’s usually the case. Well, in 1968 it was, now we got the age of auto tune, when every tone-deaf crow can become a teenage idol! And we do our shit live in the studio and just spice it up with third and forth guitar tracks, replace a few fuck-ups and add vocals and keyboards. It’s so groovy, sounds so “real” and powerful.

On the DVD there’s gonna be the video for “Superheroes”, this will be the most hilarious piece of a music film ever done since Twisted Sister’s old clips. You wouldn’t believe how much money we ‘waste’ on it, just to have so much fun. And if you think music and humor don’t go together, don’t even dare to watch it, haha!

“Superheroes – The DVD” is gonna be a special item. As it will be a kind of DVD-EP (more info below - in the News section), we talked our record label into releasing it at a very special nice price at first. So if the stores sell it for 20 Euros, give ‘em the finger (Although it would be worth it!) ;) Or just steal it. But don’t burn it please. I just had a car accident, need a new car maybe! ;) Anyway, the DVD will contain the clip in 5.1 sound, then a few tracks live in Brazil (12 cameras, 5.1 sound), an extensive studio report (we got camera people sneaking around in the studio all the time), interview stuff, a making-of-the-video-clip and a tour-documentary. Let’s see what else. And always keep in mind: Both, DVD and CD will be available at a very special price, if not – burn your record store (Just kidding! Don’t do, they’d call it incitement to vandalism!). But don’t let them cheat you!

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Sentenced's "The Funeral Album" Tops Finnish Chart

Sentenced's "The Funeral Album" has entered the Finnish national chart at position No. 1. View the entire chart at this location.

The follow-up to 2002's "The Cold White Light", "The Funeral Album" was recorded primarily at Finnvox and Tonebox studios (both in Finland), and mixed and mastered at Finnvox. Producing the effort was Hiili Hiilesmaa, who also worked with the group on their last two albums, 2000's "Crimson" and "The Cold White Light". A farewell DVD, entitled "Buried Alive", is planned for release in early 2006. The Sentenced track "May Today Become the Day", taken from "The Funeral Album", has been made available for download at this location.

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Cromonic Post New Music Online

For Freternia fans waiting to hear news about what some of the band members are now doing there is good news. That good news comes in the form of the new band Cromonic. This Swedish band consists of: Patrik von Porat - Lead guitars, Tomas Wäppling - Rhythm guitars, Bo Pettersson - Bass, Pasi Humppi - Vocals, and Ronny Milianowicz - drums. All except for Ronny (current drummer for Dionysus) were at one time or another in Freternia.

The band has posted 3 tracks from their new demo. All songs are available for free, in full length versions at the Cromonic website. The band would like to get feedback from you metalheads. Just go to the download section on the website at http://www.cromonic.com .

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Witchcraft To Release Third Album On July 26

Doom-metal band Witchcraft will release their third disc, "Firewood," on July 26. Tracks include "Chylde of Fire," "If Wishes Were Horses" and "Wooden Cross (I Can't Wake the Dead)."

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ex-GNR Drummer Says Chinese Democracy Is "Crap"

Tune in at TheRockRadio.com this Sunday June 5, 2005 as the original GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler, now on the road with his band ADLER'S APPETITE, talks about Axl Rose, how the singer threatened to kill him, the long-overdue "Chinese Democracy" album, drug addiction in the GUNS N' ROSES camp and why he was thrown out of the band.

"Axl ruins it not for himself and for the rest of us (Slash, Izzy, Duff, Steven) but he ruins it for the fans. We all know he is great but he has his moments, well lots of moments... he's a jackass basically, a fucking weirdo, and he can kiss my ass" says Alder.

About "Chinese Democracy": "If he puts it out he thinks he'll sell 20 million copies. Well, maybe he's lucky if he goes gold. There's no hits on it, it's crap."

Steven Adler does not rule out a reunion with all original GUNS N' ROSES band members but sets one precondition: "I have to punch [Axl Rose] in the face. I have to get one good shot at him first. The fucker has wasted so much of my time, so much of people's times."

TheRockRadio.com's interview with Steven Adler will air this Sunday during "Guns N' Roses Hour".

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