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Metal News for June 30, 2012

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"From IsraHell With Love" Released For Free

GlobMetal Promotions (Israel) and V.A.-R.G. Compilations (Russia), have released a new compilation CD, "From IsraHell With Love." The album features 13 bands from Israel, and is available for free download here.

GlobMetal Promotions founder Kostya Aronberg said, “Its a new beginning. I really believe in music, and I think it can fix, what politicians use to break. The relationship between Russia and Israel are not so warm, and I think this compilation, that released in Russia can show all the world, that it doesn’t matter, what religion are you, or what everybody think on you, In the end we all humans, and music unite us.”

The track listing for the compilation is as follows:

1. ONOMA – Bug
2. Arsenide – Broken Angel
3. Metal Scent- Hold On
4. Spiteful – Alone In The Dark
5. Bounded by chains – End Of An Era
6. Dagor Dagorath – Heaven In Hell
7. Dead on Impact – Progress to Nothing
8. Shredhead – Knife In A Gun Fight
9. Switchblade – Metalista
10. Loud N’Clear – Runaway
11. Fatum Aeternum – False Freedom
12. Design Flaw – Humanity
13. Eyes Swed Shut – Through Delusions

Watch "From IsraHell With Love" teaser here:

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Folkheim Releasing Debut Album

Chilean ancestral metal band Folkheim will be unleashing its debut full-length album "Mapu Ñi Tiam" on July 4th via Australis Records. Check out a teaser for the album below. This is the first offering the Antofagasta natives have released since 2006's "Pachakuti" EP and reflects nine years of hard work. "Mapu Ñi Tiam" was recorded in Santuario Sónico and 15Hz Studios, and has 10 tracks of definitive native Chilean sounds. The Track listing for this disc, which mixes Spanish, Mapudungún, Diaguita, Maori and English is:

1.- Konú
2.- Illkun
3.- Chaka
4.- EnFfronteras Ajenas (Quillasuyo)
5.- Vaai Honga Kaina
6.- Vai-Heva
7.- Zeuman
8.- Cherubic Anguish
9.- Seraya / An Elegy for Iscariot
10.- A Night Discharged of All Care...

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Nile Discusses "At the Gate of Sethu"

South Carolina’s swampy, humid environs hardly recall the sand-swept, sun-baked where Pharaohs lay their bandaged heads. The electronically fused sounds of death metal also present a disparate comparison when juxtaposed against the organic sounds of exotic acoustic instruments. These locations and musical styles may seem Chimaira, but like the sun god Ra who rises in the East every mourning, Karl Sanders has illuminated the field of death metal with his hybrid creation, Nile.

Even though Sanders and the rest of the world do not know the precise sound of what emanated on the banks of their namesake, the instruments he uses combined with his knowledge of the ancient Near East has a cinematic effect on the mind. Horn-driven armies, incantation chants, hand drum rituals, “mummy growls,” chiming sitars and many other non-traditional metal instruments can create a hypnotic, blissful experience.

“At the Gate of Sethu,” the seventh chapter in Nile’s book of “Ithyphallic Metal,” shows the band testing the waters with numerous vocal techniques. Some parts consist of three separate vocal tones guarantee to open the mind’s third eye. These experimentations are important; Sanders feels many of today’s death metal acts fail to step out of the norm, vocally or musically. Nile’s fresh take on an old sound partially explains Nile’s position near the top of death metal’s great pyramid.

In the following interview, Sanders expressed a strong opinion about the importance of creativity in death metal. Additionally, he speaks on topics such as the making of “At the Gates of Sethu” and his time living with Morbid Angel. More...

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Teodasia Posts "Upwards" Promo Clip

Italian symphonic gothic act Teodasia posted a promotion clip for the band's debut album "Upwards." The clip features vocalist Priscilla Fiazza speaking about the meaning behind the lyrics in the allbum, along with studio footage of the recording of the album. "Upwards" was self-released by the band in Europe back in March.

Check out the video here:

Check out the band's video for the song "Lost Word of Forgiveness," in which Rhapsody of Fire/Vision Divine vocalist Fabio Lione provides guest vocals. The song is available as a free download at the band's official website. More...

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Randy Blythe To Be Released On Bail

Lamb Of God singer Randy Blythe appeared before court Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Czech time to address charges that he caused the death of a fan two years ago after a May 2010 show. The judge, believing Blythe to be a flight risk, imposed bail at $200,000 (4 million Czech koruna). Blythe claimed that the amount was more than he makes in a year. Randy will be remanded into custody until Monday when the banks open to make the payment. Blythe's lawyer, Vladimir Jablonski, echoed that Randy Blythe had no idea that after that Prague concert the fan had died two weeks later as a result of his injuries. Read the full article via translator here.


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The Grotesquery Streaming New Album

The highly anticipated second album from The Grotesquery was recently released and is now streaming on Bandcamp. Titled "The Facts & Terrifying Testament of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales," the eleven-track album is an exercise of old-school, horror occult death metal. The band was formed in early 2009 by vocalist Kam Lee (Bone Gnawer, ex-Massacre), guitarist Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader...etc.) and joined by bass player Johan Berglund from the band This Haven and the percussion skills of Brynjar Helgetun of the band Liklukt. The Grotesquery also will have an upcoming split with the band Intestinal. The two tracks on it will be "The Cult of Chthulu Calling" and "The Lurking Fear IV. The Horror in the Eyes." Stream the entire album below in the player.

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Withem Posts Studio Demo Sample "Phrenesis"

Withem, the Norwegian progressive metal band featuring vocalist Ole Aleksander Wagenius, keyboardist Ketil Ronold (Dimension Act), drummer Frank Nordeng Røe (Dimension Act) and guitarist Øyvind Voldmo Larsen (Producer of Blood Tsunami), posted a demo/album sample from the forthcoming, yet untitled, debut album. The song and video feature the guest appearance of bassist Andreas Blomqvist from Seventh Wonder.

The band's sound is a mixture of Symphony X, Pagans Mind and Circus Maximus. Details of the debut are forthcoming as the band is in talks with several record labels for release.

Check out "Phrenesis" here:


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Ulcerate Announces Australian Tour Dates

New Zealand’s extreme metallers Ulcreate, who had gear stolen in New York last month, have now announced a weekend of Australian tour dates this September.

This short run of dates will be the band’s last shows this year before preparing a third full-length album and Relapse Records debut release. Support on each date will be announced shortly. The shows are as follows:

Sep. 28 Melbourne, Australia The Bendigo
Sep. 29 Sydney, Australia Valve Bar
Sep. 30 Brisbane, Australia Beetle Bar

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Cephalic Carnage Announces European Shows

Cephalic Carnage has announced a 10 day headlining European Tour featuring numerous festival appearances including Obscene Extreme, Wipe Out Fest, Extreme Fest, and the Eistnaflug Fest. The tour kicks off on July 5th at St. Pölten, Austria’s version of Extreme Fest and runs through July 14th at Iceland’s Eistnaflug Fest. A complete listing of dates is included below.

Guitarist Steve Goldberg commented on the upcoming tour: "After a little downtime, we are really excited to get back to Europe for some festivals! We will be hitting up 2 new countries on this trip, Croatia and Iceland, and can't wait to meet new friends. We have also started the writing process for our new album that will be released through Relapse hopefully sometime early next year. So far the songs are the most diverse, and some of the most challenging material we have ever written."

July. 5 St. Pölten, Austria Extreme Fest
July. 6 Hünxe, Germany Extreme Fest
July. 7 Pratteln, Switzerland Extreme Fest Tickets
July. 8 Bovisio Masciago, Italy Wipe Out Fest
July. 9 Savignano sul rubicone, Italy Wipe Out Fest
July. 10 Zagreb, Croatia AKC Attack
July. 11 Budapest, Hungary Trafik Klub
July. 12 Trutnov, Czech Rep Obscene Extreme Tickets
July. 14 Neskaupstaður, Iceland Eistnaflug Fest Tickets

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Soreption Posts Studio Footage

Sweden's Soreption is currently recording an upcoming new album, and the band has now posted a video update online. Check out footage in the player available below of Tony Westermark recording drums for the upcoming Soreption album. For more info on Soreption, head over to the band's Facebook profile

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Graf Orlock Headed Out On European Tour

Graf Orlock begins a month's tour of Europe this week. True to the band's rep for touring off the beaten path, this trek sees Graf Orlock venture deep into Eastern Europe, including shows in Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and beyond, as well as more familiar Western European locales.

Graf Orlock features guitarist/vocalist Justin Smith, also frontman for Ghostlimb and owner of Vitriol Records. While Graf Orlock is delivering its Hollywood-inspired hardcore across the globe, Ghostlimb's fourth album, "Confluence," will be hitting stores, with a release date of July 10 on Vitriol.

June 29 - Berlin, Germany @ Tiefgrund
June 30 - Versmold, Germany @ Cry Me A River Fest
July 1 - Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora
July 2 - Njimegen, Netherlands @ De Onderbroek
July 3 - Lille, France @ Free Stuff
July 4 - Caen, France @ El Camino
July 5 - Paris, France @ La Miroiterie
July 6 - Koln, Germany @ AZ
July 7 - Karlsruhe, Germany @ New Noise Fest
July 8 - Liege, Belgium @ Inside Out
July 9 - Brighton, UK @ Prince Albert
July 10 - Manchester, UK @ Kraak Gallery
July 11 - Norwich, UK @ Olives Cafe
July 12 - London, UK @ Brixton Windmill
July 13 - Merksplas, Belgium @ Zig Zag
July 14 - Groningen, Netherlands @ Vera
July 15 - Trier, Germany @ Exhaus
July 16 - Darmstadt, Germany @ Oettinger
July 17 - Munich, Germany @ Kafe Kult
July 18 - Prague, Czech @ secret location
July 19 - Prague, Czech @ Cafe Na Pul Cesty
July 20 - Rokycany, Czech @ Fluff Fest
July 21 - Dubnik, Slovakia @ Motorest
July 22 - Budapest, Hungary @ Szabad az
July 23 - Belgrade, Serbia @ Panic Room
July 24 - Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina @ Renegade Club
July 25 - Zagreb, Croatia @ Attack
July 26 - Koper, Slovenia @ Pandemonium Fest
July 27 - Vienna, Austria @ Venster 99
July 28 - Dresden, Germany @ Scheune Shakshuka Festival
July 29 - Leipzig, Germany @ Zoro

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Bonded By Blood Announces Free Show

Bonded By Blood will celebrate the release of a brand new studio album next week with a free show in Fullerton, California.

"The Aftermath" is due to be released on July 2nd in Europe and July 3rd in North America, and Bonded By Blood is inviting fans to join in the celebrations with a completely free show on Monday, July 2nd at the Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen. Joining Bonded By Blood are Exmortus, Enrot, and Monolith.

View the flyer for the event at this location. For more information about the free show, join the official Facebook event page here.

A new song from the album, titled "Restless Mind," is available to download for free (e-mail address required) through Earache. You can also see Bonded By Blood live at the following shows:

Jul. 02 - Fullerton, CA - The Slidebar (FREE SHOW)
Jul. 21 - Victorville, CA - House Show
Jul. 27 - North Hollywood, CA - Universal Bar & Grill
Jul. 28 - Boyle Heights, CA - Salon de la Plaza (Matinee)
Jul. 28 - Indio, CA - The Date Shed
Aug. 03 - Ocean Beach, CA - Electric Ladyland
Aug. 18 - Mexico City, Mexico - Rock and Road

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Eternal Gray Splits With Vocalist And Bassist

Israeli death metallers Eternal Gray have issued the following announcement about lineup changes within the band:

"We would like to announce that after being several years in the band, Oren Balbus (vocals) and Gil Ben-Yaakov (bass) are no longer part of Eternal Gray.

"Gil and Oren have been our friends and band members for over seven years now, in which 'Your Gods, My Enemies' was recorded, as well as numerous unforgettable shows were played together.

"However, throughout the years, we have been faced with the difficult realization that the band’s creative future does not fit with Gil's and Oren's and therefore, had to make this tough decision. Gil and Oren will always be a part of the Eternal Gray family. We wouldn’t be where we are without their contribution, commitment and drive.

"From now on, Gil and Oren will be replaced by two talented minds: Zion Mizrachi (vocals) and Eyal Ben Shushan (bass). Both Zion and Eyal have convinced us that Eternal Gray, with them, will keep deliver the best music it possibly can and as always, keep standards high.

"Please welcome the new Face of Eternal Gray!"

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Metallica Posts Orion Festival Recap

Metallica has posted a new, nearly hour-long, recap video from the Orion Music + More festival that took place earlier this month. The footage is available below, or you can also find a previously posted press conference video about the festival at this location.

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Stealing Axion Reveals New Album Details

Stealing Axion has now revealed the album artwork and track listing for the band's debut full-length album, "Moments." Due out August 27th in Europe and August 28th in North America via InsideOut Music, "Moments" was mixed and mastered by Acle Kahney (Tesseract guitarist and producer), who worked closely with the band on the sounds and textures of the album.

In regards to "Moments," Stealing Axion's Dan Forbrich (guitar, vocals) comments, "We feel this album is a culmination of the different compositional techniques that we've experimented with over the last few years. We like to take the basic song structures and let them ferment and slowly add layers to the mix until we are satisfied. Some of these songs have taken a while to fully mature."

1. Mirage of Hope
2. Solar
3. Everything or Nothing
4. 47 Days Later
5. Unwanted Gift
6. Eventide
7. Collapse
8. It's Too Late Now
9. Sleepless
10. Moments Part 1
11. Moments Part 2 More...

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Beastwars Releases New Music Video

Wellington, New Zealand's Beastwars is excited to announce the release of a debut full length, which will be available for the first time outside of New Zealand. In North America, the self-titled effort will hit stores on September 11th, while it will be available one day earlier in the rest of the world.

To celebrate the announcement, Beastwars has teamed with MetalInjection.net to unleash the video for the album's closing track "Empire." Check out the video below or over at Metal Injection. More...

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Karybdis Streaming Entire Album Online

London based metallers Karybdis are streaming their debut album, "From The Depths," online via No Clean Singing. Check out the full album stream at this location. The following press release was also issued:

"The album beefs its way through ten tracks of forward-thinking heavy music that marries the savage riffing and percussive precision of death metal, groove metal and brutal hardcore to the epic sweep of ancient Greek myths and legends and is released worldwide on Monday, July 2nd.

"Named after a mythical sea creature that appears in Homer’s Odyssey, Karybdis are as ageless and epic as the ancient tales they tell on 'From The Depths'. The addition of working with legendary producer and sound wizard Russ Russel, famed for his work with Napalm Death, Evile, Dimmu Borgir and many more, has brought the band’s music to life like never before."

The album will be available via iTunes and other digital retailers from Monday, July 2nd. The track listing is as follows:

1) Minotaur
2) From the Depths
3) Without Wings
4) Arson Aesthetics
5) Worth It
6) I Say
7) Medusa
8) Maelstrom
9) The Hourglass
10) Deathtoll More...

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Arkaik Posts New Album Preview

California's Arkaik has posted a video promo online containing preview music and artwork from the upcoming sophomore album "Metamorphignition," which will be released October 9th, 2012 on Unique Leader Records.

You can also catch Arkaik on the Summer Insurrection Tour this July with Severed Savior and Genocaust, with more info available here.

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Gallileous Streaming New Songs

Polish act Gallileous has posted two songs online from the band's upcoming new album "Necrocosmos." Check out the tracks "Fractal Dimension" and "X Rayed By Stars" over at bandcamp or in the player below.

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