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Metal News for June 3, 2006

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Interview With Lofat's Zeus

Norfolk, Virginia's Lofat continues to make strong waves in the metal underground, having recently produced their first video for the song Roaches under the Brick House Records label. The video, directed by Fabian Rush, is quirky, dark and totally fresh in its approach. I have always felt that this is a metal outfit that simply will not wear the same uniform and clown makeup that most seem to think is a prerequisite for delivering heavy music today. I believe that this is their main strength, beyond the fact that they offer a very compelling mix of old school hardcore and the metal/punk vibe that Suicidal Tendencies became so famous for. I had the chance recently to get some Q&A in with their entertaining drummer, Zeus. More...

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7th Plague Change Name To Forever In Terror

One of Metal Blade Records' recent signings, Seventh Plague, comprised of 5 seventeen year-old musicians out of Streetsboro, OH, recently changed their name to Forever In Terror as another band in the US had already trademarked the name. As the band states "Forever In Terror was a name we kicked around for quite some time so finding out we had to legally change our name was actually a blessing in disguise. Forever in Terror was a title of one of our older songs plus it's all over the demo artwork, and we had been asked on several occasions if that was the band name. I guess, in the end, things work out the way they should."

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Drowninginflame Tour Dates

Drowninginflame will be on the road for the next two weeks, mostly in the Southeast. Here's the latest:

6/3 Joplin, MO @ Cesspool Castle
6/4 New Orleans, LA @ the Highground w/ Thumbscrew, Abbacabb
6/5 Monroe, LA @ Fleur de live w/ Thumbscrew, Abbacabb
6/6 TBA
6/7 Daytona Beach, FL @ Seabreeze Coffee Lounge
6/9 Kernersvilla, NC @ Creation Skatepark w/ Animosity, Job For A Cowboy
6/10 seymour, IN @ Revelations Coffeehouse
6/11 Trenton, OH @ Trenton Fishermans Club w/ the Heartland

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Blacklisted Guitarist Ill, Band Drops Off Tour

Blacklisted have dropped off their tour with Ignite and Set Your Goals due to some health issues with guitarist Tim Smith. Here's a statement from Blacklisted frontman, George Hirsch:

"Our guitar player has been sick for the last few days. So Thursday on our way to Baltimore he decided to go into the emergency room at John Hopkins University and get checked out. After a few hours of waiting, blood tests, a potential heart attack scare, and an overnight stay, we have found out that Tim has some type of infection around his heart. He will be in the hospital until Monday trying to get some of the fluid around his heart relieved. After that he will probably be prescribed some type of medication that will help him through the rest of the sickness then return to perfect health... However with all that said, The doctors told Tim he should be in good health in no time. If all goes well we will be heading out to Dallas on June 13th to finish the rest of the Guns Up/Verse tour."

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Bal-Sagoth Confirmed For BOA 2006

The UK's own BAL SAGOTH will return to a UK stage on Saturday 15th July 2006 for a rare appearance in support of their new opus THE CHTHONIC CHRONICLES. This will be their second Bloodstock appearance following their debut in 2002.

In related news, Saturday's second stage has been sponsored by UK UNSIGNED. The press release reads:

"Bloodstock has always strived to offer each festival line-up a number of unsigned bands who may well be the future of Rock and Metal in the UK. We would like to think that one day, a band breaks through having first had major exposure at a Bloodstock Festival."

"With this in mind, we have teamed up with UK UNSIGNED, (www.gigsonline.co.uk/rock ) a charity whose aim is to promote and develop unsigned UK based artists, from which the Rock and Metal field is one of the largest."

"Expect to see at least 8 bands on Saturday 15th July on the second stage, each having competed to win a place to play, and each welcoming your support and giving them a great reception! Bands already include Kyrbgrinder, State Of Serenity, Sicfelt, Solace, Deadeye, Beyond All Reason and Deadweight with several more to be added!"

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xBishopx, Suffocate Faster, The Red Baron Tour

Dates have been finalized for xBishopx's upcoming tour with Suffocate Faster and The Red Baron. Here are the tour dates:

6/9 Sebring, FL @ The Hive
6/10 Hinesville, GA @ Little Ricky's
6/11 Birmingham, AL @ the Old Shma
6/12 Nashville, TN @ The Muse
6/13 Albany, IN @ The VFW New
6/14 Trenton, OH @ Fisherman's Club
6/15 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project
6/16 Brockton, MA @ Intervale St.
6/17 Levittown, NY @ The Ritual
6/18 Kingston, PA @ Backstage Enterprises
6/20 Fredericksburg, VA @ KC's Music Alley St.
6/21 Kernersville, NC @ Creation Skatepark
6/22 Myrtle Beach, SC @ Planet Rock
6/23 Augusta, GA @ Sector 7G
6/24 Clearwater, FL @ 688 Skatepark

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Concert TV To Air Sepultura, Type O Negative

A handful of SPV's artists will have their DVDs featured on the CONCERT On-Demand channel during the months of July and August. The schedule is as follows:

July 1 to July 31

SEPULTURA 'Live In Sao Paulo'
TYPE O NEGATIVE 'Symphony For the Devil: The World of Type O Negative'
UFO 'Showtime'
SKINNY PUPPY 'The Greater Wrong of the Right Live'
THE MISSION 'Lighting the Candles'
LEGENDS OF ROCK: Uli Jon Roth, Jack Bruce, UFO Live at Castle Donnington

July 15 to August 15

ANNIHILATOR 'Ten Years In Hell'
SODOM 'Lords of Depravity'

CONCERT is available on Comcast (Music on Channel 1, then CONCERT), Adelphia (Free Choices on Channel 1, then Music, then CONCERT), Charter (More or Free Programs on Channel 999, then Music Unlimited, then CONCERT) and Cox (FreeZone, then Music, then CONCERT).

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Powerman 5000 To Release New Album On Aug. 1

DRT recording artist Powerman 5000 will release their much anticipated new album, "Destroy What You Enjoy," on August 1.

With a new label and a new line up, "Destroy What You Enjoy" promises to be the most exciting PM5K release to date. The album was produced by Mudrock (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack), who also co-produced the band’s major label debut, Mega!! Kung Fu Radio, and was recorded at the Hobby Shop in Eagle Rock, CA. The album was mixed by Dave Schiffman (Audioslave, Johnny Cash, System of a Down).

"Destroy What You Enjoy" resonates with a crunch that brings the band back to their indie roots. Some of the album’s stand-out tracks include the anthemic first single, “Wild World,” as well as the trash-punk inspired “Return To The City Of The Dead,” and "Enemies”. “The sound that you hear on 'Destroy What You Enjoy', is the sound of a real rock 'n roll band,” comments vocalist Spider. “The drums aren't perfect, the guitars feedback and the vocals don't always find the right note. In other words, it's the best record we've ever made.”

Powerman 5000’s line up has also evolved to match their new album’s sound with the addition of guitarists Terry Corso and Johnny Heatley to the rhythm section of drummer Adrian Ost, bassist Siggy Siursen.

Listen for “Wild World” to hit radio June 19, followed by a national tour beginning July 7.

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Marilyn Manson Regrets Pro-Bush Comments

Goth rocker Marilyn Manson fears some of his fans may have helped George W Bush get into power following sarcastic comments he made about the President.

Manson appeared on an American chat show in 2000 and told host Tucker Carlson his fans should vote for Bush after sarcastically condemning Democrat candidate Al Gore.

And Manson, who is a staunch critic of President Bush, fears his comments may have been taken out of context and he may have inadvertedly helped him to win the election, which was one of the narrowest victories in history.

He said: "He won by such a small amount, and particularly because it was in Florida.

"Who's to say there weren't a couple of our fans who took my sarcasm seriously and voted for him?"

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