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Metal News for June 29, 2005

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Silent Civilian Sign With Mediaskare

Former SPINESHANK frontman Jonny Santos' latest project SILENT CIVILIAN have now signed a deal with Mediaskare following their departure from Cleveland-based Corporate Punishment Records. There are said to be plans for an early 2006 release, and tour to support the release.

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More Chimaira, Six Feet Under Tour Dates

Some more date have been confirmed for the upcoming tour featuring CHIMAIRA, SIX FEET UNDER, ALL THAT REMAINS, and 3 INCHES OF BLOOD:

August 3 - Nashville, TN @ Exit / In
August 4 - New Orleans, LA @ TwiRoPa
August 5 - Houston, TX @ Engine Room
August 6 - San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
August 8 - Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
August 9 - Des Moines, IA @ Hairy Mary's
August 10 - Milwaukee, WA @ The Eagles Club
August 13 - Charleston, WV @ The Sound Factory
August 18 - New Haven, CT @ Toad's Place
August 20 - Providence, RI @ The Living Room
August 24 - Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall
August 26 - Jacksonville Beach, FL @ Freebird Cafe

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The Misfits and The Nutley Brass Collaborate

The two unlikely worlds of punk rock and the martini-sipping lounge scene have collided as the Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass on a hip, swinging collection entitled “Fiend Club Lounge." Officially endorsed by the Misfits and released via their Misfits Records label imprint, “Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge” is a smooth ride through 11 Misfits classics, as performed by Sam Elwitt’s Nutley, N.J., bred Nutley Brass.

“If Grandpa Munster had a band as a teenager it would have sounded like the Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass!” said Misfits founding member Jerry Only. “Fun for monsters of all ages.”

Franché Coma, original guitarist for the Misfits, added: “‘The Misfits meet the Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge’ is one of the best renditions of some of the best Misfits songs ever recorded. Any true, and I mean true, musician will appreciate the intricacies of the instrumentations on this CD. It takes punk music to a different level. It shows us how anything is possible if you want to make it happen.”

The lounge-core tribute to the legendary horror-punk band was envisioned by the project’s Producer, John Cafiero, who had been directing a Ramones DVD and was in touch with Elwitt for use of some of his music from "The Ramones Songbook as Played by the Nutley Brass." Cafiero had discovered the Nutley Brass back in 1995 and after contacting Elwitt about the Ramones DVD, the concept of "Fiend Club Lounge" began to develop.

“Even legendary composers of the genre like Gert Wilden, Esquivel and the Jaguar God himself, Les Baxter would be proud of these Misfits classics, served with a twist and scientifically proven to sooth your road rage,” said Cafiero.

“It’s supposed to be fun and funny,” Elwitt said. “It’s not supposed to replace or improve on Misfits recordings in any sense. It’s supposed to complement them. Think of it as just another way to enhance your overall Misfits experience.”

The track listing for “Fiend Club Lounge” is: More...

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Danzig Announces Blackest of the Black Tour

Glenn Danzig, at the forefront of the hardcore/dark metal movement for more than 25 years, announces that the 2005 "Blackest of the Black" tour will kick off in San Diego at the end of September and end on the west coast on Halloween. For the sophomore year of this Fall traveling festival, Danzig has assembled a line-up of the crème de la crème of the hardcore/dark/black metal bands - Chimaira, Behemoth, Himsa, Mortiis (ex-Emperor), and The Agony Scene. Danzig will headline, of course.

Danzig's performance on all dates of the "Blackest of the Black" tour will feature former Misfits' guitarist Doyle Von Frankenstein for a special 30-minute set of Misfits classics. Doyle joined Danzig on a handful of tour dates last winter (New York, Philadelphia, Boston) for "the closest thing to a Misfits reunion you're going to see."

"'The Blackest of the Black' tour is for extreme bands that sell out venues across the country, that sell records, but don't get radio play or get on MTV," said Danzig. "It's anti the corporate crap nu-rap-metal that gets shoved down fans' throats at other concerts." The "Blackest of the Black" festival was organized by Danzig and debuted in the Summer of 2003 with Danzig, Superjoint Ritual, Opeth, Nile, Lacuna Coil and Behemoth on the
bill. "I'd like to see this being an on-going event," Danzig added.

In addition to organizing and headlining the "Blackest of the Black" tour, Glenn Danzig will see the release of the DVD "Il Demonio Nera" (evilive) on July 12. "Il Demonio Nera" is a collection of videos, video outtakes, alternative versions and previously unreleased music videos from the band's "Danzig 4" and "Danzig 5" CDs. His new CD, "Black Aria II," the follow up to 1993's "Black Aria," has been completed and will be released later this year, and Glenn is in the process of shooting his first feature film, "Gerouge," which he has written and will direct. "Gerouge" is based on one of the comic book titles distributed by his Verotik publishing company, and concerns Turn of the Century New Orleans Voodoo.

Confirmed dates for the "Blackest of the Black" will be announced shortly.

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Watch Sinai Beach's 'Necessary Bloodshed' Video

Sinai Beach are out with the video to their new single 'Necessary Bloodshed', from the album 'Immersed'. You can watch it online at Yahoo! Music.

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Soulfly Guitarist: Ill Nino Play To A Tape

Metalrage.com recently conducted an interview with SOULFLY/ex-ILL NINO guitarist Marc Rizzo. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Metalrage.com: There's been this quote going around that Max Cavalera has labeled the new album "a calm and peacefull album." Explain to me what a calm SOULFLY album sounds like.

Marc Rizzo: "You know what?! There's no way that could be true. Because this record, is the heaviest SOULFLY record so far. It's a mix of SOULFLY, and old-style SEPULTURA that Max was doing back on 'Arise' and 'Beneath the Remains'. It's almost like a thrash record, you know. The real SOULFLY elements are still there, but there's a lot of new songs that are fast-paced, a lot of guitar solos, it's got fast thrash-type rhythms. So I'm pretty sure he didn't say that. Maybe lyrically, but musically it's fucking heavy. It's the best SOULFLY record yet. It's got everything I like in heavy music. A lot of awesome drumming, a lot of double-bass. Lots of fast tempos, Max's vocals are really heavy.. I think it's awesome, it's right where 'Prophecy' left off, with a step further to the heavier side. Totally. It's a brutal record, people are going to be shocked when they hear it." More...

Read the full article at MetalRage.com.

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Morbid Angel Guitarist Tony Norman Still Missing

MONSTROSITY drummer Lee Harrison has issued the following update regarding missing MORBID ANGEL/MONSTROSITY guitarist Tony Norman:

"After returning from the last MORBID ANGEL tour, Tony was supposed to have some 'down time' from MORBID ANGEL and we talked about getting together to write some new MONSTROSITY material. I called him several times after the tour and always got no answer. I just presumed he was busy and didn't think too much of it. A few weeks go by and I'm still trying him with no answer... Next, I get a call from David Vincent [MORBID ANGEL bassist/vocalist], who is concerned, saying he hasn't heard from Tony. At this point I still think he is probably just 'off doing his thing.' Well, another week goes by and Tony is supposed to leave with MORBID to do this Portugal show and Vincent says he still hasnt heard anything and now it's getting really strange. We ask all of his close friends and no one has seen or heard from him. We've called his family, gone to his girlfriend's place of work (she is missing, too, and she doesn't work there anymore), checked hospitals, jails, we've gone to places where he might hang out and no one has seen him. It's just not like him to vanish like that. More...

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Nasum To Release Live Split CD With Napalm Death

NASUM drummer Anders Jakobson has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"Today I got a very appreciated package from Denmark with NASUM's three shows from Japan January 2004 on CD. Our Danish sound engineer Bo Lund has really taken his time sending me these CDs but, boy, was it worth the wait!

"I remember quite clearly how we sat in a hotel corridor in Osaka listening to the show we did just hours before by passing around Bo's minidiscplayer and headphones and just DIED by the great quality of the sound! It was really releaseable (is that a word?).

"I've just recently listened through that recording and it's without doubt the best live recording of NASUM that I have heard. It captures the massive sound we had live and the takes sound pretty OK as well.

"I will soon pick out the best stuff, polish it a little bit and prepare it for release. The idea is to do a live split with NAPALM DEATH (also recorded at the same tour), but I don't know when and how it's going to be released. I know Shane [Embury, NAPALM DEATH bassist] wants to release it on the FETO label. We'll see.

"I will share a track or two in a couple of days so you can hear for yourself how great this MINIDISC RECORDING (!) actually sounds!"

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Nike Apologizes For Minor Threat Ad Campaign

Nike has issued an apology for using a Minor Threat poster as part of their recent ad campaign without permission. Part of the apology reads as follows:

"Nike Skateboarding sincerely apologizes for the creation of a tour poster inspired by Minor Threat’s album cover. Despite rumors being circulated, Wieden & Kennedy and Odopod had nothing to do with the creation of this tour poster and shold not be held accountable. To set the record straight, Nike Skateboarding’s “Major Threat” Tour poster was designed, executed and promoted by skateboarders, for skateboarders. All of the Nike employees responsible for the creation of the tour flyer are fans of both Minor Thread and Dischord records and have nothing but respect for both."

The entire apology can be viewed here.

An astute blogger pointed out that Nike posted the apolgy in a graphic file (Why Apologize in Text when a GIF Will Do?) and as such, it will never be picked up by the Search Engines.

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Primal Fear, Grave Digger Take Part In Live Chat

According to the organizers of the Earthshaker Festival, Primal Fear will take part in a live chat on June 30th at 8:00pm CET.

Grave Digger will do the same on July 18th at 9:00pm CET.

The festival takes place on July 21st - 23rd in Geiselwind, Germany. For all up-to-date festival information go to this location.

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Nightwish Seeking Photos From 'Once' Tour

This message was posted on the official Nightwish website:

After the Once-Tour Nightwish will release an Off-Tourbook (like Tourbook) and needs photos for it. All the photos along the tour are welcome, but what we REALLY want are photos you've taken with the member(s) or where the member(s) are on some funny/strange situation.

We are not looking for live-photos but if you think you've got the best live
photo ever, feel free to send it to us.

Unfortunately we can't pay you anything for the photos, so in case you're not willing to give them for free, don't send them. In case your photos are used in Off-Tourbook your name will be mentioned on credits of a photos. So when sending us the photos remember to tell us what name you'd like us to add to the Off-Tourbook.

Send picture(s) to jarmo@nightwish.com but before you do that, read instructions below:

Subject of the message MUST be KUVIA KIERTUEKIRJAAN

For example messages with subject like "These pictures are great" or "pics" will be handled using "delete" -button. We will not open them at all.

Pack your pictures (with jpg) so that size of the message is not over 2 Mb!! It´s better to send one or two best pictures instead of sending 100 pictures...

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Hypocrisy New Album Title Revealed

Hypocrisy bassist, Mikael Hedlund, has posted the following message on the official Hypocrisy website:

Hi everybody!

We're pleased to announce that our new album is called "Virus" and it's gonna be released on September 19th. Last week we did the video shooting for the song "Scrutinized". We had a great time doing it and hope you gonna enjoy it as much as we do. That's it for now - have a nice summer and see you at the festivals!


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Iron Maiden Dominates Official Czech Album Chart

Following their recent stunning live performance at Prague's T Mobile Arena, Iron Maiden see no less than 13 albums re-enter the official Czech Top 80 Album chart:

17 Live at Donington
26 The Number Of The Beast
33 Real Live Dead One
36 Piece of Mind
37 Fear Of The Dark
38 Somewhere In Time
39 Edward The Great
40 Powerslave
42 Seventh Son of A Seventh Son
46 Killers
50 Brave New World
59 Iron Maiden
70 X Factor

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Metal Fan Dies After Taking Part In Wall Of Death

A 26-year-old German heavy metal fan died over the weekend from injuries sustained at the Pressure Festival in in Herne (near Dortmund/Bochum), Germany.

The accident occured Saturday when 26-year-old — whose named hasn't been released by the German media — took part in the "wall of death," a form of concert dancing where the crowd is split down the middle and on the signal, both sides ram into each other.

The impact on the fan's liver was reportedly so significant that he died the same night at a nearby hospital.

The German media, especially regional TV, are already talking about "casualties at a heavy metal concert", and calling the wall of death an "aggressive" form of dance.

The "wall of death" was famously popularized by Lamb of God during their Ozzfest 2004 stint where it became a regular part of the group's live performance. [Click here to download a Quicktime video file recorded during last year's Ozzfest.] More...

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