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Metal News for June 29, 2004

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Into Eternity Added To Kataklysm's Euro Tour

Saskatchewan, Canada metal/death group Into Eternity has now been added to Kataklysm's upcoming European tour alongside Mystic Circle and Graveworm, which kicks off in October. However, as a result of "work constraints," the group is in urgent need of a drummer for their touring line-up. Interested parties should be familiar with the band's material, be willing to tour, possess a passport, and have professional equipment. Send an email here for more information.

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Deadsoil Finishes'The Venom Divine'

Deadsoil recently finished work on their Lifeforce Records debut, entitled "The Venom Divine." The album was recorded at Sweden's Berno Studios (Amon Amarth) and is tentatively slated for an August 24th release. In related news, the "Raid Over Europe" tour, set to feature Deadsoil, Destiny, and Caliban has been postponed to an undetermined date.

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Shadow Cut Signs To Firebox

The latest addition to the Firebox roster is the Finnish act Shadow Cut. The band plays black/dark metal with a progressive touch and features members from Moonsorrow and Impaled Nazarene. Recordings for their debut start in late 2004 and the release is expected early next year.

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Amagortis Finish Debut, 'Abominable', Post MP3s

Swiss death metallers AMAGORTIS have finished recordings of their Debut-Album "Abominable" (view Cover here), including nine grindy death metal songs. "Abominable" was live recorded at Amagortis Kitchen during 4 days and was mixed and mastered by Zagidroen. Cover artwort by Al Sicher. AMAGORTIS are currently looking for a label.

"Abominable" track listing:

01. Intro
02. Cannibal Obsession (mp3)
03. Sadistic Enemy
04. Abominable (mp3)
05. Terrorizing Voice
06. History Bodies
07. Slaughtered Corpse
08. Evil Shit
09. Savage Traces
10. Madness

For more information, visit www.amagortis.ch.

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Download Hatebeak's 'God Of Empty Nest' MP3

A free MP3 from HATEBEAK's new album, "Beak Of Putrifaction" has been posted online for download. Hatebeak's claim to fame is that they are the world's only deathmetal band with an avian vocalist.

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Lacuna Coil's Acoustic 'Heaven's A Lie' Online

A clip of Italy's LACUNA COIL performing "Heaven's A Lie" acoustically has been put online on MYV2's Headbanger's Ball web area.

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Vote Richard Christy For Howard Stern Gig

You can help out Richard Christy (DEATH, LEASH LAW, ex-ICED EARTH, CONTROL DENIED), who quit his ICED EARTH gig for a chance to get Stuttering John's job on The Howard Stern Show, by voting for him here.

It would be a very positive thing for metal if he were to win such a high-profile position on a nationally syndicated radio show.

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Bath Metal Festival Details

The Bath Metal Festival is taking place on July 10th at the Bath pavillion in England with doors opening at 6:30pm and running until 1am.

Headlining the show will be Inme with main support from hometown heroes XisLoaded. The rest of the bill is made up from local talent who have competed in Extreme's series of gigs in the run up to the Fest. The full line-up is as follows:

The Gravel
Kaned & Unable
Adopted Monkey
Syntax Error
The Dog Show
Stacked Up Backwards

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Vader Involved In Serious Car Accident

Polish death metallers VADER were involved in a "serious car accident" on Monday (June 28), according to a posting on the band's web site. "VADER had just finished up the first part of their European tour and had been driving down A1 towards Torun (Poland) when the other bus hit them, throwing the bus out on the opposite lane. Cracked car, destroyed trailer, but fortunately the band, staff and equipment managed to escape unharmed."

As previously reported, VADER's new album, "The Beast", is scheduled for release on September 20 through Metal Blade Records. The first single, including two new songs, will be released on August 25 with the 4/2004 issue of Thrash 'em All magazine.

"The Beast" was recorded at Radio Gdansk Studio with producer Piotr Lukaszewski ("Reign Forever World", "Revelations", "Blood") and is currently being mixed while the band are away on the first part of their European tour. Jacek Wisniewski is drawing the album artwork and other graphics. The mastering session is scheduled for July 1.

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Slipknot's "Fury Fest" Performance Gets Sabotaged

Olivier Rouhet of Rock Hard France sent us the following report from the 2004 edition of Fury Fest, a three-day event held June 25-27 at the Park Des Expositions in Le Mans, France:

"Headlining the last day of the Fury Fest Festival in Le Mans (France), SLIPKNOT had to endure the hostility of French so-called music 'fans'. Before going on stage, a majority of the audience (hardcore and black/death metal fans) organized themselves in order to sabotage the SLIPKNOT show. It started before the band went onstage with a non-stop 'SLIPKNOT, enculé' (Translation: SLIPKNOT, fuckers).

"When [drummer] Joey Jordison went on stage, the battle started: a large part of the audience started throwing anything [they could find] on stage (the security crew allowed bottles in the venue!). Pretending to defend the integrity of music, those so called 'fans' ruined the show. SLIPKNOT played 48 minutes (they were supposed to play 90) and it must be said that it's a very courageous move as any band would have left the stage after one song.

"The rumors provoking the furor was that SLIPKNOT had a very long soundcheck in the morning (this is true) but nobody can believe that this was a spontaneous move. The people there had planned to ruin the SLIPKNOT show: a real silly move. If you don't agree with SLIPKNOT, the best way is to leave the festival. By provoking violence, the fans have given France a bad name.

"During 'People = Shit' chorus, Corey sang (it depends who you talk to !) 'You are full of shit' or 'people throw me shit'. As Rock Hard France is a sponsor of the Fury Fest, we can only condemn the attitude of all these so called 'fans.' The SLIPKNOT show for the opening of METALLICA (23rd June) at Le Parc Des Princes was perfect.

"Some days ago, I had the chance to talk by phone with [singer] Corey [Taylor] about his love for France. I just hope that the attitude of those hooligans in Le Mans won't affect the relationship with true fans of music.

"To sum up everything, let's say that it's everybody's right to dislike SLIPKNOT, but it's a shame to ruin a show, for the band and the fans, and the best way to show his dislike is to boycott. Shame on the Fury Fest audience. For the first time, young French people organized a good festival. The audience ruined it. No surprise if bands don't play in our country anymore (not being Parisians, this kind of stuff would not have happened in Paris). SLIPKNOT is a good band. If you don't like them, don't look at their show, and don't ruin the fans' pleasure."

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Velvet Revolver Album Copy Protection Broken

Engadget, a web magazine with "obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics," has published an article offering instructions on how to bypass the "copy protection" feature included on the VELVET REVOLVER CD, "Contraband".

Phillip Torrone of Engadget writes: "The disc has 'Copy Protection' from SunnComn called MediaMax, which on some Windows systems will force the user to install software on their system in order to listen to the music and restrict what they do with the music, for example you cannot make MP3s. If SunnComn sounds familiar, they should, these are the folks who were going to sue a Princeton student for 10 million dollars for writing a paper that showed by pressing the shift key while inserting the CD (and of course, pressing the shift key still works on this CD too according to all reports).

"Sadly, the way RCA and SunnComn want you to listen to music is pretty complicated, you'd need to insert the CD on your PC, wait up to one minute, click an end user agreement, then only 'listen' to the music, oh- wait there is more- it installs software which blocks making MP3s and it requires a web connection to exchange 'data' and keys. On the disc there are music files, WMA, but they don't seem to play on any device we have which plays WMAs, the site says only 'approved' devices, yikes!

"Well, for us, it wasn't an issue, why? Well, we have always disabled 'Auto-Run' on our Windows based system, since like Windows 95, we've always disabled that 'feature'. By default Windows will automatically look for a file called Autorun.inf on any CD you pop in to your system, we've always known this is a big security issue as there are a lot of spyware and viruses distributed on CDs, you read about this every week. In fact, Microsoft is even disabling this in their next security focused service pack."

Read the full article at Engadget.

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Tony Martin Asked Lucassen For £20K

Former BLACK SABBATH vocalist TONY MARTIN, who appeared on such albums as The Headless Cross and Tyr , proved a bit out of ARJEN ANTHONY LUCASSEN's price range when approached for the new AYREON project, The Human Condition . Lucassen, who has made a name for himself with his robust operatic metal releases, explains how he filters out vocalists for his projects, "As soon as I get a feeling it's about money, it’s over. It shouldn’t be about money. Like Tony Martin. The first thing he said was, 'You’d better have a big wallet.' He wanted 20,000 pounds for one song. So I passed."

Lucassen has worked with Bruce Dickinson, James La Brie, Ralph Scheepers and countless other name metal vocalists. Yet he has not landed his hero to appear on one of his metal operas as of yet, "My all-time hero, ALICE COOPER. I’d love to work with him, but haven’t been able to work it out."

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Vader's 'The Beast' Tracklisting

Polish death metal veterans VADER have finalized the track listing for their new album, "The Beast", due on September 20 through Metal Blade Records. The first single, including two new songs, will be released on August 25 with the 4/2004 issue of Thrash 'em All magazine.

"The Beast" was recorded at Radio Gdansk Studio with producer Piotr Lukaszewski ("Reign Forever World", "Revelations", "Blood") and it is currently being mixed while the band are away on the first part of their European tour. Jacek Wisniewski is drawing the album artwork and other graphics. The mastering session is scheduled for July 1.

"The Beast" track listing:

01. Apopemiac
02. By Any Means Necessary
03. Choices
04. Dark Transmission
05. Firebringer
06. Insomnia
07. Out of the Deep
08. Stranger in the Mirror
09. The Sea Cause in the Last
10. The Zone

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RoadRage 2004 Tour Dates Announced

A bunch of dates have been announced for the RoadRage 2004 tour, which is scheduled to kick off early August and run through mid-September. Joining co-headliners MACHINE HEAD and CHIMAIRA will be Roadrunner Records' newest signings, THREE INCHES OF BLOOD and TRIVIUM. Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

Aug. 03 - The Odeon - Cleveland, OH
Aug. 04 - Penny Arcade - Rochester, NY
Aug. 05 - The Bomb Shelter - Manchester, NH
Aug. 06 - The Palladium - Worcester, MA (w/ KITTIE, CANDIRIA, 36 CRAZYFISTS, TWELVE TRIBES)
Aug. 07 - Irving Plaza - NYC, NY
Aug. 08 – TLA - Philadelphia, PA
Aug. 09 - 9:30 Club - Washington DC
Aug. 10 - NorVa - Norfolk, VA
Aug. 13 – Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
Aug. 14 - House of Blues - Orlando, FL
Aug. 20 - The Intersection - Grand Rapids, MI
Aug. 21 - Harpo's - Detroit, MI
Aug. 22 - Al Rosa Villa - Columbus, OH
Aug. 23 - House of Blues - Chicago, IL
Aug. 28 - Gothic Theatre - Denver, CO

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Alove For Enemies and Anterrabae US Tour

Alove For Enemies and Anterrabae have just embarked on a US tour that will run through August. Here's the schedule:

6/28 Huntington WV @ HYAMP
6/29 Corydon IN @ Eagles Lodge
6/30 Columbus OH @ High Five
7/4 Bushnell IL @ Cornerstone Festival (no Anterrabae)
7/5 Lawrence KS @ Bottleneck
7/6 East Peoria IL @ East Peoria Legion Hall
7/8 Minneapolis MN @ The Quest Club
7/10 Filer ID @ Chris's Castle
7/12 Portland OR @ Davey Jones Locker
7/14 Seattle WA @ Studio Seven
7/16 Wilmar MN @ Sonshine Festival
7/17 Des Moines IA @ Scott Four Mile Community Center
7/18 East Peoria IL @ East Peoria Legion Hall
7/20 Nashville TN @ The Muse
7/21 Norfolk VA @ Michael Bob's
7/23 Elizabeth NJ @ Hellfest
7/31 Doylestown Pa @ Pebble Hill Church
8/1 Bethlehem PA @ West End Youth Center
8/2 Norfolk VA @ Michael Bob's
8/3 Myrtle Beach,SC @ The Limelight
8/4 Brunswick GA @ Ballard Community Center
8/5 Riverview Fl @ South Shores
8/6 St. Pete FL @ 688 Skate Park
8/7 Orlando FL @ Backbooth
8/8 Birmingham AL @ Cave 9
8/9 Ridgeland MS @ Church of the Highlands
8/11 Corpus Christi TX @ The Underground
8/12 San Antonio TX @ The Sanctuary
8/14 Peoria AZ @ Phix
8/15 Las Vegas NV @ TBA
8/16 Placentia CA @ American Legion Post277
8/18 Corona CA @ The Showcase theater
8/19 Gilroy CA @ The Gaslighter
8/20 Sacramento CA @ West Coast World Wide
8/21 Marysville CA @ Marysville Youth Center
8/22 Littleton CO @ The Rock House
8/24 Tulsa OK @ Pinkeye
8/25 Fort Smith AR @ The Gate
8/26 Kansas City MO @ Spitfire
8/27 Elizebethtown KY @ Drews House
8/28 Chicago IL @ TBA
8/29 Machesney Park IL @ Frontline
8/30 Duluth MN @ RedRoom
8/31 Cedar Falls IA @ The Reverb
9/2 Detroit MI @ BottleRocket Festival

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