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Metal News for June 28, 2008

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Varg Vikernes Denied Parole For The Second Time

Count Grishnackh (real name Varg Vikernes) - the erstwhile Burzum musician who is currently serving a 21-year jail sentence for murdering Mayhem guitarist Oystein "Euronymous" Aarseth and setting fire to three churches in 1993 - has been denied parole by the Norwegian justice system for the second time.

Officials say that his escape from jail five years ago and ties with neo-Nazi groups have affected his chances of an early release.

"I haven't been in contact with them for a long time," Vikernes tells Norway's Aftenposten. "Police security services know this."

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Memoira's New Album Being Mastered

"Epic melancholic metal" band Memoira's new album is currently being mastered. It is due for release on August 19, 2008. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Arise
2. Experimenters Farewell
3. Haunted
4. Destiny Of Yours
5. Incurable
6. Shadow On My Name
7. Half Alive
8. Liberation
9. Amortization

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Forcefeed Signs To Glasstone Records

Glasstone Records has announced the signing of Dutch metal band Forcefeed.

Since their September 2002 formation, the five piece metal band Forcefeed never stopped moving forward. Just a few months after being formed, Forcefeed self-released the EP "Choke On A Mouthful" in January 2003, and signed their first record deal in June of that same year. In April 2004 their debut album, "When Grey Becomes," was released, of which the band's first video "The Things They Say" charted 2nd on the rockchart of musicstation The Box, and got regular airplay on Dutch MTV. Forcefeed's second album, "Stainless," was released in October 2005. 2006 saw the band close a European promotion and distribution deal and take off to the US to tour.

Forcefeed's new album, was produced by Jochem Jacobs (Textures), and is due for release in the UK in October on Glasstone Records.

In the meantime, you can check out some of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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Amaseffer To Continue Work On Trilogy

Israeli metal band Amaseffer released their latest album, "Slaves For Life," last week on June 24 (June 9 in Europe). They have also posted samples from "Slaves For Life" on their MySpace page

The band will soon go into phase two by setting the pre-production dates for chapter two of the trilogy, which they will make an announcement regarding that soon.

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Cynic Completes New Album, Announces European Tour

Technical/progressive metal legends CYNIC are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album, to be released later this year via Season of Mist Records. Returning from the "Focus"-era are founding members Paul Masvidal (guitars/clean vocals) and Sean Reinert (drums) along with Sean Malone (bass), and joining the band in the studio is newcomer Tymon Kruidenier (guitars/growls). The band is currently doing the final stages of mixing with producer Warren Riker, and the band is extremely happy with the results.

In addition, the band has announced their first upcoming tour dates in Europe, with additional dates/touring to be announced in the near future (including US dates). The band has also been announced as the headliner for this year's ProgPower Europe festival, and will be playing a special extended set at the show.

Guitarist/vocalist Paul Masvidal had this to say:
"Sean and I are pleased to announce the completion of album #2. We've been on an amazing journey discovering this new music and soon it will be yours. Expect the unexpected. The album is an intensely concentrated mosaic of internal and external energies, from the deepest peace to the purest aggression. There's an acquired taste that comes with a record of this density, but once your ears wrap themselves around the language at work, everything falls into place and suddenly you'll feel a sudden urge to sing, scream or maybe even cry. The album has a beginning, middle and end. The story will reveal itself after numerous listens and then you may not want to let go. Besides Reinert and I, Tymon brought some new life force and magic to the record with fierce growling and poetic guitar sensibilities. Malone also did a fine job with the low end, grooving away with Reinert in a pocket land from hell!

"For the live department, due to Malone's other commitments, we're pleased to welcome Robin Zielhorst into the fold on bass along with Tymon growling and ripping it up on another glorious Steinberger! Robin's a phenomenal Dutch talent pulled from Tymon's brain into the madness of Cynic's musical melange. The band is now a fiery breathing entity, full of magic dust, ready to appear at your doorstep this summer. Please join us at an upcoming concert."

Here are Cynic's scheduled tour dates so far: More...

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Outlaw Order Signs To Season Of Mist

New Orleans metal band OUTLAW ORDER has signed to Season Of Mist. The band boasts members of local New Orleans conspiracists EYEHATEGOD, SOILENT GREEN and HAWGJAW. Their debut full-length, entitled "Dragging Down The Enforcer" is set for release this October, and the band plans to tour during the fall in support of their debut release.

Outlaw Order is comprised of:

Michael D. Williams (EYEHATEGOD, ARSON ANTHEM) - vocals
Brian Patton (EYHATEGOD, SOILENT GREEN) - guitar
Gary Mader (EYEHATEGOD, HAWGJAW) - guitar
Joey LaCaze (EYEHATEGOD) - drums
Justin Grisoli (ex-EYEHATEGOD) - bass

You can check out some of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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Ripio Recording Fourth CD, "Till The Moment"

Buenos Aires heavy metal band RIPIO is recording its fourth CD, "Till The Moment." The guitars and bass of all eleven songs have been recorded in the Sonosfera studio.

RIPIO was formed in 1998. Prior to the band's formation, Ripio Eduardo played in the bands Hangar 18, Kalpas, Cianuro, Galpon 64, and others.

For more information and to check out some of the band's material, visit their web site.

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New Slipknot Masks To Be Revealed

On July 1, Slipknot will unveil its new imagery in an exclusive partnership with AOL Music. This highly anticipated debut kicks-starts the launch of Slipknot’s new album, "All Hope Is Gone," which is set for release on Roadrunner Records on August 26th. Masks are an integral part of the band’s identity and to reflect this point, AOL Music’s Spinner.com will host a retrospective photo gallery of Slipknot masks throughout their career, spanning all three previous albums and including the most recent controversial "Purgatory Masks." The Slipknot mask unveiling will be featured on the main page of Spinner.com worldwide for 24 hours.

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Equilibrium Posts "Sagas" Video Album Teaser

A short trailer for "Sagas," the long-awaited second album from the German symphonic pagan metal band EQUILIBRIUM, can be viewed here and below.

An e-card for the CD is available at this location.

Due on June 27 (Europe) and July 8 (North America) via Nuclear Blast Records, Sagas features the following track listing:

01. Prolog auf Erden (Instr.) (3:38)
02. Wurzelbert (4:58)
03. Blut im Auge (4:44)
04. Unbesiegt (6:19)
05. Verrat (6:04)
06. Snuffel (5:44)
07. Heimwarts (2:32)
08. Heiderauche (Instr.) (2:31)
09. Die Weide und der FluB (7:21)
10. Des Sangers Fluch (8:03)
11. Ruf in den Wind (4:52)
12. Dammerung (5:54)
13. Mana (Instr.) (16:21)

The album features a guest appearance by Ulrich Herkenhoff, who is said to be "one of the most famous pinpipe players and can be heard on the soundtrack of "The Lord of the Rings - Return of the King." Sagas also features a violin solo by Agnes Malich, deputy concertmaster of the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

EQUILIBRIUM will embark on a European tour in late October/early November. More...

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My Dying Bride Welcomes New Keyboardist/Violinist

My Dying Bride issues the following member update:

"My Dying Bride would like to formally announce the new keyboard/violinist, Katie Stone. We will have a full profile update and pictures as soon as the band has time from the gigs/studio work they are presently engaged in."

"Katie is also involved in the new studio album. More as we get it. "

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Construcdead Posts New Song, "Mephisto," Online

Construcdead have posted a new track, "Mephisto," from their upcoming album, "Endless Echo." The band are still seeking a label to release their new album. To listen the song go to this location.

"Endless Echo" track listing:

01. Sedated Morning
02. My Haven
03. Endless Echoes
04. A Godess Breaches Through Me
05. Disfigured Beauty
06. Mephisto
07. No Exit
08. Transfixed
09. Tragic Kingdom
10. Spriritual Shift
11. The One Beside Me
12. Cataclysm
13. A Dark Wave

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Dark Empire Announces New Drummer and Bassist

New Jersey metallers, Dark Empire, have issued the following update on their MySpace page welcoming their new bassist and drummer:

"I'm really pleased to announce that we can name the new drummer and bass player for DARK EMPIRE. Filling in the long vacant bass position is RANDY KNECHT, and taking up the drum position is OMAR DAVILA. I was not expecting to find two musicians that fit the same vision and drive for DARK EMPIRE that I have, not to mention the immense talent that I would expect from anyone involved in this band, in such a short span of time. I guess that's how luck plays things out sometimes."

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Norway Comes To Montana With Hostferd Tour

Up and coming black metallers Hennes Siste Host stopped in Great Falls for the first official day of the Hostferd tour to inject a little of Norway into Montana. Accompanying them were a diverse range of bands from around the state that ran the gamut from hardcore to death metal. Playing the Heritage Hall at the local college of technology, each band put on a great show and added their own unique take on metal. Despite a disappointingly low crowd turn out, the energy the bands brought and the amazing acoustics of the venue made the show a very satisfying experience for all involved. More...

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