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Metal News for June 27, 2017

Last updated on August 19, 2017 at 11:16 AM ET

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Prison Of Mirrors Streaming New EP

Italian black metal cult Prison of Mirrors is now streaming the entirety of a new two-song EP titled "Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths."

Set for international release on June 30th via Signal Rex on cassette tape format, you can hear "Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths" in its entirety below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Wounds of Radical Abnegation
2. Litany of Consecration More...

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Wings Of Metal 2017 Sold Out

Wings of Metal is a Canadian metal festival that takes place in Montréal, with the 2017 edition set for September 8th - 9th. This year is being billed as the final edition for the fest, and tickets are now officially sold out.

While Spell recently had to drop off the lineup, Olympia/Washington-based Quayde LaHüe has now been added to the bill. Complete details are available here and the full lineup is as follows:

Sacrifice (Can)
Varathron (Greece)
Communion (Chile)
Slutvomit (USA)
Quayde LaHüe (USA)
Starlight Ritual (Can)

Voivod (Canada)
Time Lord (Tribute to Terry Jones of Pagan Altar) UK
Diamond Head (UK)
Crypt Sermon (USA)
Slaughtbbath (Chile)
Oture-Tombe (Can) More...

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Psycho Las Vegas Adds Pre-Party

Psycho Las Vegas will make its descent upon the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada from August 18th and run through August 20th, with a special pe-party to be held on August 17th.

An extra show featuring cosmic doom trio Yob has been planned for that same day directly following the pool party. Additional support will be provided by experimental doom practitioners Subrosa.

The main festival includes headlining sets from Mastodon, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and King Diamond performing the zenith "Abigail" opus in its entirety. A full list of confirmed acts is available after the poster below. More...

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Barbarian Headed Out On Tour, Releasing New EP

To coincide with a full tour of the United States this August, on July 21st Hells Headbangers will release a new 7" self-titled EP from Italian group Barbarian. Check out the opening track below.

The band comments: "Barbarian is ready to hit U.S. soil for the first time and defile stages all over the country! Our axes are already honed and our bone knives sharpened, so if you want it ugly and obtuse, join us for the absolute Regressive Metal desecration!"

August 4 - Chicago, IL @ LiveWire Lounge
August 5 - Milwaukee, WI @ Frank's Power Plant
August 6 - Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Bar
August 7 - Rapid City, SD @ West Dakota Improv
August 9 - Seattle, WA @ Highline Bar
August 10 - Portland, OR @ Twilight Cafe
August 11 - San Francisco, CA @ RS94109
August 12 - Los Angeles, CA @ Five Star Bar
August 13 - Las Vegas, NV
August 14 - Lost Lake, Denver, CO
August 15 - Kansas City, MO
August 16 - St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
August 17 - Cincinnati, OH @ Rake's End
August 18 - New York, NY @ Metal Kingdom
August 19 - New Carrollton, MD @ El Gran Chaparral
August 20 - Worcester, MA
August 21 - Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar
August 22 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Rock Room
August 23 - Nashville, TN - The East Room
August 24 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
August 25 - Philadelphia, PA More...

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Pit Stories: An All Around Cluster F*#k

Gather round old uncle xFiruath kiddos, he's got another heavy metal Pit Story for you!

In recent weeks we've had bizarre hair-burning black metal bands and even some full on-stage coitus, but today we spin around to the technical side, or rather the lack of.

Vocalist James Todd from Abandoned Souls shared this tale of a tour date gone wrong with a no-show promoter and sound guy:

This happened back in 2010 I believe. It pretty much was an all around cluster fuck of a gig. We were to be headlining a show in Ottawa with a local support band. The promoter was responsible for getting the sound tech, opening band and p.a. We arrive at the venue to find that it is a really good size and cool looking venue with a pretty nice stage. However, what we found out very quickly is that the promoter had us playing in a side room of the venue. So, we go there to see that it is about 3 times smaller the size of the bigger room and the stage was too.

OK no big deal, still a decent sized room and we are ready to rock. But wait, what is this? p.a. gear piled in the corner waiting to be set up. But by who? I get a call from the promoter to say the sound tech is sick and won’t be able to make it and asked if we knew how to set up the p.a. Fortunately (I guess), I did live sound in the past and knew how to set up a p.a. In this case I use the term p.a. very loosely. At best it was a not bad practice p.a. with at least some subs that were almost adequate for the size of the room.

Hooking it up was no easy task as the cables were a mess and not all there. We eventually got it all set up by borrowing some cables from the d.j. on the big half of the club. Then we find we are very lacking in the number of microphones and cables. OK, so we just put vocals and kick drum in the p.a. and turn up our amps. The soundboard was mostly working but nothing to write home about.

Luckily the opening band showed and I was able to fine tune the sound a bit during their set. So when we eventually went on the sound was about as good as it could be with that p.a. We still gave it our all as we always do and had a great set. It wasn’t very busy due to a lack of promotion by the “promoter.” Isn’t that what they are suppose to do, promote? We got paid a partial amount that night and were to receive the balance in the morning before we left the hotel. So we went back to the hotel after the show and drank heavily of course. The next day, the promoter never showed to give us the rest of the money and we were unsuccessful trying to reach him. Shocking, I know. Off into the sunset we went.

Abandoned Souls released latest EP "Make It Last" this past April via indie label Fiend Records. Check out a track off that release below. For more info on the band, head over to Facebook here. More...

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The Devil's Bastards Posts "To The Lost"

A new lyric video for the single "To The Lost" from The Devil's Bastards is now live - check it out below. The single comes off the band’s upcoming self-titled, debut album.

The Devil's Bastards includes former Darkest Hour guitarist Kris Norris, dual vocalists Justin Reich and Benjamin Earl, bassist John Ryan Flaherty, drummer Brian Lewis, and the recent addition of guitarist Alex Bois.

While the former Periphery guitarist joined the band after the completion of this debut album, the rest of the band is looking forward to having Alex in the fold for the writing and recording process of the group’s second album, which will take place over the coming months. More...

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"Metal Magic" Arrives As Audiobook

Heavy metal and horror... is there a better combo? You might recall a few months back we covered a heavy metal horror book from Brian Barr aptly titled "Metal Magic." For those who prefer an audiobook experience to an eReader or physical copy, the title just landed on Audible.com here.

A metal guitarist is gifted with a guitar grimoire, which he inherited from his late father's library. With careful reading, practice, and commitment, this strange occult book could make him the greatest musician in the world...if the magic works in his favor. Something tells me it won't! More...

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Klogr Announces Album, Posts New Video

After two albums, a DVD, and 23 dates supporting Prong on a European tour, the alternative rock / metal band Klogr is back. Today the band announces a third full-length entitled “Keystone," scheduled to be released on October 6th, 2017 on Zeta Factory.

Coinciding with the announcement of the release of “Keystone," today Klogr launches the video of first single “Prison Of Light.” The album was recorded Zeta Factory Studio and mixed at Mainstation Studio in Toronto, Canada, by David Bottrill.

“Keystone, is a central point of a system, a doctrine, a school of thought, a series of events” says band mastermind Rusty, “the new album is the perfect representation of our work, what we believe in and what we want to express with our music.” More...

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Cormorant Releases First Song From New Album

Slated to drop this August, "Diaspora" is the imminent new full-length album from progressive blackened death collective Cormorant. In advance of its release, today first single and opening track "Preserved In Ash" is offered up for public feasting.

Recorded and mixed by Greg Wilkinson (Vastum, Graves At Sea, Noothgrush, Brainoil) at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, California, the expansive four-track, sixty-one-minute offering features the band's longest, most detail-oriented compositions to date.

"'Preserved In Ash' is the last song we wrote for the album," elaborates guitarist/vocalist Matt Solis, "but as it was coming together it became clear that it fit perfectly as a lead-off track. Lyrically, it's about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, which buried the city of Pompeii in volcanic ash. There's a lot of psychedelic black metal and funeral doom stuff going on in this song, and Greg Wilkinson's crushing production allowed us to establish a good balance between those two tonalities." More...

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Auditory Armory Posts "Dark Matter"

Progressive alternative metal band Auditory Armory today streams the title track from upcoming new album "Dark Matter." Give it a listen in the SoundCloud player below.

Auditory Armory is not your average male-backed band. Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter April Montallana says, "I prefer to be honest with my lyrics. I don't care about what is popular or mainstream. I just hope that our music will move and touch some people. Music saved my life...I want to do that for others."

The band consists of:

April Rose - Vocals, Guitar
Oscar Garcia - Drums
Dennis Burns - Guitar
Justice Maynard - Bass More...

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Party Cannon Releases Drum Playthrough

PaRtY-CaNnOn just dropped a drum playthrough for the single "Soft, White, Gelatinous Body," taken from the forthcoming EP "Perverse Party Platter." The band's drummer, Martin 'Count Blastula' Gazu, had this to say:

"SWGB was the first song we jammed for the new release. It took fucking ages to get it how we wanted. Drums on this song are Dying Fetus as shit – especially Destroy The Opposition. We tried our best to get the drums sounding as real and live as possible.

"The kick is the only triggered sound. What’s great about the drumming on SWGB is the diversity. There are fast bits with plenty of blast beats as well as groovy bits with huge slams. SWGB represents the style of drumming I love. Please enjoy it!'

New mini-album "Perverse Party Platter" will be available July 7th on Gore House Productions, with pre-orders online here. More...

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Trauma Posts New Single, Recruits Bassist

Trauma is responsible for the classic '80s album, "Scratch and Scream," featuring cuts like "The Day All Hell Broke Loose" and "Lay Low." Three decades passed before the band emerged again in support of a re-mastered edition of that debut and then delivered 2015 follow-up, "Rapture and Wrath."

Now, staying true to that classic sound, Trauma s back with a merciless new track, "The Rage," which was produced by guitarist Joe Fraulob. The track will be featured on an upcoming third album - check it out below!

Trauma is furthermore pleased to announce the addition of Bay Area bassist Greg Christian (ex-Testament) to the band's line-up. "Trauma is thrilled to welcome Greg Christian to our band," says the band in a statement. "His creative bass guitar work completes our music."

"Having grown up in the Bay Area thrash scene, it's a huge honor for me to play in TRAUMA," adds Greg Christian. "After all, this was Cliff Burton's (R.I.P.) band. Respect! Style-wise, for me, it's a perfect fit and feels like I'm finally exactly where I'm supposed to be." More...

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Teethgrinder Releases New Video

Today you can see the new Teethgrinder video for the track "The Pain Exceeds The Fear," taken off the band's latest album "Nihilism." The video was shot and directed by Joost Nevels and is available below.

Hailing from the Northern Netherlands, Teethgrinder came to be in early 2013. Former members of DrDoom and Greyline were looking to create loud, aggressive, and rigorous music - and that is exactly what the Dutch quartet became known for. More...

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Acherontas Signs With Agonia

Greek occult black metal group Acherontas has signed a new deal with Agonia Records. The band returns to the label after previously departing in 2011, with the "Vamachara" album due to be re-released on vinyl this coming August 31st, along with a rare demo and a new cover made by Viktoria Polikarpova.

Acherontas is currently working on the band's next studio album, due to be finished by February of 2018. The band commented:

"During the creation of the second part of Reptilian Unification the synaxis of Acherontas also compiled the bases and foundations for the third one. Now we work on the final touches to accomplish the utmost forms and complete the trilogy gloriously. In December we enter the studio again to record the final part, which will be revealed on the solstice of 2018. A circle of creation closes and a new epoch begins. Spirit Above Matter!" More...

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Zurvan Premieres Full New Album

Iranian black metal? Yep, we've got some! Today we've hooking you discerning metal heads up with a full advance "Gorge Of Blood" stream before Zurvan's new album officially drops tomorrow.

"Gorge Of Blood" is coming out via a cooperation between The Eastern Front and Satanath Records on June 28th, with pre-orders still online here.

Zurvan is a nihilistic metal band originally formed in Iran by Nâghes in 2009 (and since relocated to Germany). In 2012, in order to make the band more powerful, Naghes decided to add fellow musician Taromad to the band.

The music combines oriental sounds into a blackened extreme style, expressing the voice of pain and emptiness. Additional info on Zurvan can be found at Facebook here. Check out the full new album below, and the track listing is as follows:

01. Gorge Of Blood
02. Convulsion
03. Kiss Of Death
04. Isolation Of Sense
05. Self-Mutilation
06. Kafir
07. Zurvancide
08. Agression
09. Hallucination
10. Swamp
11. Filthy Calendar Of The Time
12. Freezing
13. Massacre More...

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Ether Premieres "Fleas Of A Rat"

Florida sludge metal band Ether is gearing up to return with sophomore album, "There is Nothing Left For Me Here," due to arrive in jut over a week.

In advance of the impending official release date, today we're exclusively premiering new album track "Fleas Of A Rat" - listen in below and let us know what you think!

The album hones in on Ether's NOLA sludge influences and reverb soaked somber melodies, written amidst the separation and divorce process of a member, which steadies the mood of the record toward complete and utter abandonment.

Lyrically, "TINLFMH" touches on the personal but focuses on current socio-political affairs, the whitewashing of historically tragic events, western programming, capitalism, and other tenets of denigration of the human condition.

"There is Nothing Left For Me Here" will be released on July 7th 2017 on CD, cassette, vinyl and digital formats. If you missed it, previously released song "No Gods No Masters" can still be heard at this location. More...

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Chronosphere Parts With Guitarist

Following the release of "Red 'N Roll" earlier this year, Greek group Chronosphere has now announced the departure of guitarist Panos Tsampras. The band comments:

"We would like to inform you that Panos is no longer a member of the band... He will always be a part of Chrono-family though!

"Personally I have no words to describe what this guy means for me... So we wish him the best of luck to his future and make sure you will keep an eye on his work.

"The name of our new guitarist will be announced in the very next few days... Stay tuned, next stop: EXIT Festival 2017..." More...

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Paralysis Premieres New Song "Life Sentence"

New Jersey crossover/thrash metal outfit Paralysis premieres the title track of the band's forthcoming debut full-length "Life Sentence", which will be independently released on June 30.

Tells vocalist/guitarist Jon Plemenik: "We put in a lot of time and effort to have the best possible outcome for our full-length record, Life Sentence. We started adding in new elements that really bring our sound to another level."

Check out now "Life Sentence" below.

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Antigama Working On Album And EP

Antigama just checked in with this update about working on both a new album and an EP release:

"We've got a message for you! Antigama is still in the process of making a new album which will be recorded in early 2018. In the meantime we're going to the studio to make a new EP!

"The session will begin next week at JNS Studio with Pawel 'Janos' Grabowski (who else?) on the mixing board. 'Depressant' - this is the name of the game. We can't wait to show you some of our best work we've ever done (in our opinion of course).

"The new tracks are wickedly fast, extreme and discordant at the same time. 'Depressant' will be available this fall through Selfmadegod Records on CD/Vinyl/Digital formats. The gigs will follow as well. More news/reports/bits of new music in the upcoming days. Stay tuned. End of transmission." More...

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Cattle Decapitation Announces European/UK Tour

Mad Tour Booking presents this year's line-up for the return of the "Hell On Earth Tour". The line-up boasts Cattle Decapitation, Broken Hope, Hideous Divinity and Gloryhole Guillotine.

Check out the current tourdates below (More dates will be announced soon):


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