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Metal News for June 27, 2004

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SBT Guitarist Talks About Death Tribute

In a public statement, SINGLE BULLET THEORY guitarist Matt Difabio took the chance to update people on the upcoming DEATH tribute CD:

"As most of you may know, I had the unbelievable chance to perform on the tribute to Chuck Schuldiner. During the recording of the new SINGLE BULLET THEORY disc, James Murphy and I took a night aside and I tracked the vocals for the song "spirit crusher" (originally on The Sound of Perseverance). I just wanted to say how wonderful it is being given the opportunity to be able to give something back to the legend that influenced me so very much. For those of you who always seem to having something negative to say about EVERYTHING...wait till the disc comes out to judge anyone's ability or "worthiness" to be part of it. So far James has assembled a killer cast of performers and from the tracks I have heard so far, everyone has done a fantastic job. Long live the memory of Chuck and long live the legacy of his believe in what heavy music should be."

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Anal Cunt Puts '40 More Reaons To Hate Us' Online

Seth Putnam of ANAL CUNT has left the following message on his official website:

"i haven't been able to get near a computer lately, and i don't have much time now, so this'll be short. when i have some more time with computer access, i'll do a full update, i have a lot of shit to blab about. anyways, i probably won't be able to find out right away if there are any problems, but i asked the guy who does my website to change the download section. mostly, because some jew on the inm message board wants to sell tapes of the super rare "howard is bald" ep, and i'd rather have it available for free for all of you, so, the concept for this batch of downloads is "ANAL CUNT stuff scott hull played on". what i'm hoping will be available is: 1) the "40 more reasons to hate us" cd 2) the "howard is bald" ep 3) the a.c. song from the smiths tribute cd 4) the a.c. song from the "two turds and a golf ball" cd comp. anyways, if one of these things don't appear on the download thing, it's because the website guy probably doesn't have the material handy or something. i'll find out later. i at least wanted to get something new up there for you guys. i'll try and get the new update on a.s.a.p. ."

You can download those mp3s from sethputnam.com in the downloads section.

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13 Even Secure Ozzfest Spot For Camden, NJ

13 EVEN have officially secured the opening spot on for the Camden, NJ edition of OZZFEST according to WYSP. The band is in the final four for the Ozzfest Competiton in NYC.

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Hatebreed To Cut Euro Tour Short, Finish Video

HATEBREED has checked in from Europe to let fans know they will be cutting their European tour short:

"HATEBREED will be cutting their European tour short due to various issues that need to be resolved at home before the band leaves for Ozzfest. The shows from July 3rd - 7th have been canceled. The band would like to apologize to all the fans in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Norway but promise to schedule make up shows soon."

Remaining shows include:

June 28 - Lisbon, Portugal @ Voz do Operario
June 29 - Madrid, Spain @ Copernico Nova Club
June 30 - Hannover, Germany @ Musikzentrum

HATEBREED have also confirmed their set-time for this years OZZFEST 2004, implying that, so far, the set-times look like this:

Hatebreed - 3:10
Slipknot - 4:05

In other news, HATEBREED's new video for "Live For This" is done and will begin airing in July.

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Draw Blood Get Cut By Label, Find Another

Following a contractual dispute, Martyr Records has now cancelled the release of Draw Blood's debut album. In addition to disagreements over the recording contract, Draw Blood feels it is owed roughly $200 for a miscellaneous recording expense. As such, the Boston hardcore band has now decided to release their debut, entitled "The Calm Before The Storm," with Trash Art!. The release date will remain August 3rd, as had originally been planned. A limited edition, hand-numbered version of the album will also be available at the band's show (with Converge, Cave In and A Life Once Lost) in Allston, MA on July 17.

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Most Precious Blood, Agnostic Front Mini Tour

Most Precious Blood and Agnostic Front will be playing a few shows together in July. Here are the current tour dates:

7/9 Baltimore MD @ Ottobar
7/10 Boston MA @ Jackson Mann
7/11 Long Island NY @ Downtown

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Worn Thin Plan Final Release & Shows

Washington DC hardcore band Worn Thin will release their final record this summer. The release will be an EP, currently untitled, that will be available through Youngblood Records. Additionally, the group will play two final shows, the first on June 26th in Montclair, NJ, and the second still unannounced.

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Lacuna Coil Update

LACUNA COIL's charming lead singer Cristina Scabbia has checked in with the following update on the band's status:

Hi there! We are finally on vacation in LA after the P.O.D. tour and its been amazing! Thanks to P.O.D. for having us on this tour and sharing their barbecues with us hungry Italians, but most of all thanks to all our fans for supporting us this month and a half and for coming to the shows. You know we love you all so much and that without you we are nothing.

It’s been a busy period, but it was worth it. One of the highlights was performing 'Heaven’s A Lie' acoustically on Headbangers Ball, which was very exciting for us. We also have a new single out on the radio for 'Swamped' along with a new video too, so if you have some spare time pick up your phone to call your favorite radio station and support us by requesting it. Now we just want to rest a little bit to be in perfect shape for the Ozzfest and we are ready to rock down the house. See you there and keep on rockin.”

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Behemoth Studio Update

Polish black metal outfit BEHEMOTH are putting the finishing touches on their much-anticipated new record, "Demigod", tentatively scheduled for an October release. Frontman Nergal checked in with the following update:

"Hi all out there! Guess some of you are hungry for news. First of all, the whole recording process takes more time than we have expected. It’s due to our incredibly high demands towards our possibilities. We try to bring out the best of the potential we have, in order to make the most challenging work to date. We've just completed laying down bass tracks and the right-channel guitar tracks. In the meantime, I also do some vocals here and there. It looks like it’s gonna be the most aggressive and intense vocal work I've ever done. Soon I will be joined by guitarist Seth, and we’ll start working on solos...”

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Gorgoroth Singer Appeals Sentence

GORGOROTH singer Gaahl is hoping that the Norwegian court will overturn the 18-month sentence he received in early May for beating a 41-year-old man in what the victim called a ritual attack. "Gaahl has appealed the sentence to the High Court — criminal division, but as these things take a long time here in Norway, nothing has happened yet," reads a posting on the band's web site.

The 28-year-old black metal vocalist, who has several prior convictions, including one for assault and battery, was sentenced at Sunnfjord court in Forde, Norway. In addition to the prison term, Gaahl was ordered to pay 75,000 NOK (approximately $11,000) to the victim, plus an additional 29,000 NOK (approximately $4,300) in damages.

The court's sentence matched the recommendation from prosecutor Ronny Iden, who took into account the fact that Gaahl had a prior conviction for assault. In that 2001 incident, Gaahl brutalized his victim for hours and was sentenced to one year in prison without the possibility of parole. In addition, he was ordered to pay 158,000 NOK (approximately $23,000) in punitive damages. "Two people have had their lives irreparably shattered by the defendant's actions," the court said in the written sentence.

Gaahl is one of the musicians tentatively scheduled to perform a selection of classic BATHORY songs during Norway's Hole In The Sky Festival in late August as a tribute to the group's mastermind Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg, who passed away earlier this month. More...

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Machine Head To Tour Europe In The Fall

MACHINE HEAD will be returning to Europe this November/December for a full European tour, according to RockReview.co.uk. Here are some initial U.K. dates that are being listed by on Ticketmaster and Wayahead:

Nov. 23 - Southampton, UK @ Guildhall
Nov. 24 - Bristol, UK @ Academy
Nov. 27 - Glasgow, UK @ Barrowlands
Dec. 01 - Nottingham, UK @ Rock City

MACHINE HEAD are continuing to promote their fifth full-length studio album, "Through the Ashes of Empires", which was released in Europe last October through Roadrunner Records.

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Sonata Arctica Set Release Date For New Album

Finnish melodic metallers SONATA ARCTICA have set an October 11 European release date through Nuclear Blast Records for their new album, "Reckoning Night". The album will arrive in Japan on October 6. Mastering will take place on Monday, June 28 and shortly after that the band will start rehearsing for the summer shows, according to a posting on their web site.

"Reckoning Night" track listing:

01. Misplaced
02. Blinded No More
03. Ain't Your Fairytale
04. Reckoning Day, Reckoning Night…
05. Don't Say A Word
06. The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Real Puppet
07. My Selene
08. Wildfire
09. White Pearl, Black Oceans…
10. Shamandalie
11. Wrecking the Sphere (Japan only)

As previously reported, SONATA ARCTICA also laid down cover versions of VANISHING POINT's "Two Minds One Soul" and DEPECHE MODE's "World In My Eyes" during the recording sessions for the new CD.

Upcoming SONATA ARCTICA shows: More...

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The 69 Eyes Chart Positions

Finnish goth-metallers THE 69 EYES have topped the Finnish single chart with their latest single, "Lost Boys", in its second week of release. The song is also in "high radio rotation" on the main radio stations in Finland, according to a posting on the band's web site. To celebrate the release of the single, the original classic rock 'n' roll vampire movie "The Lost Boys" (1987) was shown on the big screen in Helsinki as a part of the horror movie festival "Night Visions".

THE 69 EYES are currently working on their new album, "Devils", with producers Johnny Lee Michaels and Hiili Hiilesmaa (H.I.M., MOONSPELL, SENTENCED). An October 2004 release through EMI/Virgin Records is expected.

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