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Metal News for June 26, 2012

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EyeHateGod Comments On Upcoming Shows

EyeHateGod, Louisiana’s purveyors of hardcore, blues-based, unrepentant, post-amplificated dirge, will head to Europe this Summer to further spread the audio message of discontent. The caravan of decadence and debauchery begins July 20th at Serengeti Festival 2012 in Stukenbrock, Germany and will pillage its way through 19 cities, leaving in its wake nothing but broken glass and hurt feelings.

Commented frontman Mike Williams of the latest rampage: “In this wonderful End-Time era of 2012, New Orleans’ only 'Brotherhood of the Pharmaceutical Probation System,' EyeHateGod, are once again hitting the rusted railroad tracks and unpaved interstates, hitchhiking their lonesome souls all the way across the seven seas to do even more psychological damage to the music industry,and put full blown reality and life's terrible immorality in all your faces...where it belongs.”

7/20/2012 Serengeti Festival 2012 - Stukenbrock, Germany
7/21/2012 Hammer Open Air Metal Festival 2012 - Turku, Finland
7/22/2012 Hafenklang - Hamburg, Germany
7/23/2012 Magnet - Berlin, Germany
7/25/2012 Fonobar - Warsaw, Poland
7/26/2012 Viper Room - Wien, Austria
7/27/2012 IBK - Innsbruck, Austria
7/28/2012 Big Barre Club - Cesena, Italy
7/29/2012 Kab Usine - Geneve, Switzerland
7/30/2012 Garage - Saabrücken, Germany
7/31/2012 Bastard - Osnabrück, Germany
8/01/2012 Beta - Copenhagen, Denmark
8/02/2012 Truckstop Alaska - Gothenburg, Sweden
8/04/2012 Tribute - Sandnes, Norway
8/07/2012 Fleece - Bristol, United Kingdom
8/08/2012 Academy 3 - Manchester, United Kingdom
8/09/2012 Garage - London, United Kingdom
8/11/2012 Ieperfest 2012 - Ieper, Belgium
8/12/2012 Gebäude 9 - Cologne, Germany

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Red Seas Fire Confirmed For Euroblast Fest

The organizers of Germany's Euroblast Festival have announced the second wave of bands for Volume 8, which will feature Red Seas Fire, Stealing Axion, and Panzerballett. A video clip introducing the bands can be viewed below.

The 8th edition of the festival, dedicated to becoming the premiere event of the djent-prog-tech metal sector, takes place in Cologne, Germany and boasts more than 40 international artists and spans over 3 stages from October 19th - 21st.

You can find full details on the festival and purchase your tickets via this location. More...

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Pit Stories: Fungus Enhanced Meshuggah

The mosh pit is home to some of the craziest events known to the musical world, from flying body parts to bizarre sexual encounters, and each week we find metal bands to share their most interesting mosh pit stories. Today we've got the following tale of Kasey from Ninth Moon Black experiencing technical metal live in a whole new way, courtesy of a few psychedelic fungi:

I once took mushrooms right before going into a Meshuggah concert. For a very brief moment, I contemplated the ramifications then shrugged them away. I quickly popped the magical fungi into my mouth thinking I’d have plenty of time to adjust once I got through the doors but the mushrooms had other plans. While I stood in line for what seemed an eternity, the psilocybin took over my senses. My stomach churned, my mind turned sideways and the antennae of heightened awareness tuned into the world with that bizarre psychedelic slant. As I entered the venue I felt like a ship navigating some alien terrain.

The Faceless were in full swing and never before had I experienced music so terrifying, yet so awesome. The venue was already near capacity and the floor a sea of movement. I hugged the walls trying desperately to avoid any contact with the people moshing as well as the extraterrestrial spirits hovering above the crowd. They watched me with their sinister gaze that was most likely only visible to my eyes. I managed to make my way to the back of the room, anchoring myself to the wall until Cynic took the stage. Their entrance was serene and they lured me away from the walls as they calmed the crowd with their meditative musings. I closed my eyes throughout the duration of their set, allowing myself to journey through their progressive zen. As they finished off their set with "Evolutionary Sleeper," I opened my eyes only to realize I was damn close to the front row.

It was time to make a quick decision; take the plunge and enter the dark waters of Meshuggah or steer my inebriated vessel back to where I had watched The Faceless, and witness Meshuggah from the safety of the “outside.” Since the very reason I was there that evening was to see Meshuggah, I decided I needed to brace myself and grabbed tightly to the barrier between myself and the stage. A moment later, Fredrik Thordendal positioned himself right in front of me with Jens Kidman just off to my right. They began to play, their music taking hold of sanity and commanding bodies into rhythmic collisions. Song after song, I fought the wave of bodies crashing into my own when suddenly I had an epiphany, the madness of the mosh pit becoming a metaphor for my life. Rather than fight the aggression, why not ride it?

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Behexen Reveals New Album Details

Behexen has issued the following announcement about releasing the new "Nightside Emanations" album:

"Behexen's 'Nightside Emanations' CD/LP release date will be September 21st by Debemur Morti Productions! More info and samples coming soon... The end of all…the end of all Flesh! Lilith the destroyer, You are the end of all flesh!"

The artwork for "Nightside Emanations" can be viewed at this location and the track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Wrathfull Dragon Hau-Hra
3. Death´s Black light
4. Circle Me...
5. We burn with Serpent fire
6. Luciferian Will
7. Awaken Tiamat
8. Temple of the Silent Curses
9. Shining Death
10. Kiss of Our Dark Mother

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Aborym Posts Updated Fan Wall Poster

Aborym will enter the studio in October to record the band's sixth album and follow-up to "Psychogrotesque," which will be released in early 2013 through Agonia Records.

In celebration of the band's 20th anniversary, Aborym is also currently putting together a fan wall poster with hundreds of photos from fans. An update version of the poster's current progress can be seen below (check out a larger version here). For details on how to submit a photo for the poster, head over to this location.

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Heliosaga Announces New Vocalist

Symphonic/power metal band Heliosaga is proud to welcome new vocalist Chelsea Knaack, who is known for her lead vocals in the now disbanded DesDemon. The following press release was also issued:

"Damien Villarreal formed Heliosaga in 2010 with a dynamic selection of musicians around San Antonio, Texas. Heliosaga’s powerful moving melodies, enhanced by Chelsea Knaack’s passionate soprano voice, will make Heliosaga a force among the ranks of the female fronted genre.

"Heliosaga is writing new material and will begin pre-production for label representation following Chelsea’s relocation to Texas this Summer. The name Heliosaga is a metaphor derived from helios, the Greek word for sun, and saga meaning the story/ history; thus, Heliosaga represents the journey of life."

Chelsea Knaack states, "I was looking for a new chapter in my life with a new adventure and Heliosaga fit the plan. It was also the chemistry with the guys; we are all very similar in many ways. It will be a great adventure indeed."

Heliosaga also commented, “Chelsea’s vocals are moving, her stage presence is captivating and she has an immense passion for this kind of music. Shortly after meeting we realized how well we click on personal and professional levels, so we can say that we have gained a great friend and an incredible band mate! We are eager to begin recording our debut album together, which will be released early next year.”

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Mortiis Re-Releasing Another Early Album

The exploration of Mortiis' classic "Era1" recordings continues this summer with the re-release of his 1995 album, "Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent," by Italian label Ordo MCM on July 23rd.

"Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent" delves deeper into Mortiis' passion for creating dark, epic soundscapes, inspired by the unlikely combination of black metal, KISS/WASP, and Tolkien. "I always said those elements got thrown into a hotpot and out came Mortiis," he said.

Though the album's two tracks, "Reisene til grotter og Ødemarker" and "Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent," were recorded entirely using synths, the writing process behind the tracks was a much more organic experience. More...

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In The Casket Streaming New Songs Online

New York death metal band In The Casket recently finished recording a new album and is readying it for a July release, The EP, entitled "You Could Get Hit By a Truck," will released on July 14th at the band's CD release show at Trickshot Billiards in Clifton Park, NY and will be available online starting the same day. The album is the first of two that we are being released in 2012. The other is planned for December.

The EP release will contain five studio tracks and two live songs, of the latter being a cover of Tears For Fears' "Mad World." You can hear two songs exclusively on Metal Underground.com in the player below: opener "Watch You Bleed" and previously released "Win Her Over With Chloroform."

Here's the tracklisting for the "You Could Get Hit By A Truck" EP:

1. Watch You Bleed
2. Good Luck and Go Fuck Yourself
3. You Could Get Hit By a Truck
4. The Placebo Effect
5. Win Her Over With Chloroform
6. Mad World (Tears for Fears cover)
7. Its Only a Plague Away

In The Casket just recently wrapped up playing Brutiful Metalfest in Alabama and still has some shows scheduled for the near future. After the July 14 CD release show, the band has shows scheduled on August 20 at Bogies in Albany with Sapremia, and Nightfire (members of Jungle Rot) and also August 28 at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY with Fleshgod Apocalypse, Kataklysm, Vital Remains, Rose Funeral, and Necroptic Engorgement and then November 8 at Bogies in Albany with Deicide and Necroptic Engorgement.

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Necrovation Streaming New Song

Necrovation has posted a new song online off the band's upcoming self-titled album. Check out the track "Sepulchreal" in the player below.

The new album, out June 26th in Europe and August 14th in the States, is the follow-up to 2008's "Breed Deadness Blood." Agonia Records also commented on the album: "It marks a swift improvement over the band's previous raw death metal style, with more classical and heavy metal influences but still with the classic death metal elements that have been the group's trademark since the beginning. Strong recommendation for those who once liked Metallica, early Entombed, and Morbid Angel.

"Necrovation was mixed and produced by Gustav Burn along with the band members and mastered in Necromorbus Studios (WATAIN, DESTROYER 666) in Stockholm, Sweden. Available formats: CD, limited 12-inch gatefold heavy vinyl with eight pages booklet (first 100 copies of the vinyl on a heavy navy blue vinyl with white haze) and digital download."

The track listing is as follows:

01. Necrovorous Insurrection
02. Dark Lead Dead
03. Pulse of Towering Madness
04. Commander of Remains
05. New Depths
06. Sepulchreal
07. Resurrectionist
08. The Transition
09. Ill Mouth Madness (The Many) More...

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Chaos in Tejas 2012 Day One

For some reason, Austin, Texas loves the good-time-party vibe of stoner rock and its sour faced, miserable brother, doom metal. These two related styles have a family reunion at SXSW, but the punk themed Chaos in Tejas is a less likely host. June 1st, the second day of Chaos in Tejas 2012, featured a doom metal dream lineup. Legends Saint Vitus took top bill, while Japan’s stoner-doom, serial killer fanatics Church of Misery made a rare North American appearance. Hail! Hornet, Magic Circles and The Gates of Slumber provided support. More...

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The Body Streaming Debut Album

Today the long out-of-print, self-titled debut album from apocalyptic sludge duo The Body is officially available again worldwide via At A Loss Recordings. Initially released in 2004, this new version of "The Body" was remixed/remastered at Machines With Magnets, where The Body has recorded all albums to date.

With the album now available again, the deviants at Vice Magazin have posted a track-by-track breakdown of the album, in addition to a stream of the entire release. Let The Body's end-time thunder abuse you right here.

The following press release was also issued:

"The Body originally released their self-titled album on Moganono Records in 2004, before they had begun to infiltrate their apocalyptic sludge hymns with lush vocal choirs, orchestral movements and industrial noise programming. But while a bit more atavistic in nature, the album bears nearly forty-five minutes of The Body's now renowned slow-motion dirge riffs, innards-shifting low-end tones, chaotic instrumental breaks, repetitive/building tonal movements, and sinister shrieking, sure to satisfy the doomsday urges within any fans of the band's newer, more recognized releases.

"The Body have confirmed several Northwest shows with their brothers in Whitehorse for the first week of July. In August The Bodywill tour the entire West Coast of the US with The Assembly Of Light Choir and Braveyoung, with several dates confirmed and more performances still being added to the tour." More...

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Houwitser Recruits New Bassist

Dutch act Houwitser, which split with its bassist back in March, has now checked in with the following update about recruiting a new member:

"Houwitser has found a new bass player in the person of Roderick Ras, a talented young bass player. Roderick, who also is a member of Diatryma, will make his live debut for Houwitser on the 14 of July."

To hear the band's music and find upcoming tour date info, head over to the band's Facebook profile here. More...

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Chton Signs With Godeater Records

Norwegian death metal band Chton is proud to announce that the group's upcoming sophomore album "The Devil Builds" will be released on CD and vinyl in collaboration with German label Godeater Records. The CD will be released in autumn 2012 and a vinyl edition is planned for release in early winter 2013. The digital release of the album will be handled by Morningstar Music.

"The Devil Builds" will feature 10 songs, with confirmed titles announced as "Faustian Resolve," "Gods of the Flesh," and "Babalon and The Beast Conjoined."

"The Devil Builds" was recorded and produced at Morningstar Studio with Arnt Obsidian Grønbech (Keep of Kalessin, Satyricon) at the helm. The album was mixed by Stamos Koliousis (Djerv, Mencea) at 210 Studio in Berlin, known for earlier work with Nattefrost, Gehenna and Vreid, among others.

Chton has previously shared stages with bands like Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Mayhem, Amon Amarth, Zyklon and many others, and plans are being made for a European tour to promote the release of "The Devil Builds."

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Casketgarden Releases "Black Hole Maelstrom" Video

Hungarian metal act Casketgarden has posted a new music video online for the track "Black Hole Maelstrom," which is available for viewing in the player below. "Black Hole Maelstrom" comes off the band's "The Estrangement Process" album, released via Nail/Hammer Records.

You can purchase the CD directly from the band at this location, or find more info on Casket Garden via Facebook.

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Overkill Reveals Killfest Dates

Mighty thrash veterans Overkill have announced the dates of the European run for this year's Killfest tour in support of "The Electric Age," which was released earlier this year. Commented frontman Bobby Blitz: “It’s the Electric Age and you’re invited! See you on tour this October, let’s tear it up together, AGAIN!”

Dates for the run are available below. You can also check out the official lyric video for Overkill's "Wish You Were Dead" at this location.

04.10. D Hannover - Musikzentrum
05.10. D Osnabrück - Rosenhof
06.10. NL Den Haag - Paard Van Troje
07.10. UK London - O2 Islington Academy
08.10. UK Sheffield - Corporation
10.10. IT Milano - Alcatraz
11.10. CH Pratteln - Z7
12.10. D Geiselwind - Musichall
13.10. D Straubing - Metal Invasion Festival
14.10. PL Katowice - Mega Club
15.10. CZ Prague - Meet Factory
16.10. D Saarbrücken - Garage
17.10. D Karlsruhe - Substage
18.10. B Antwerp - Trix
19.10. D Andernach - JUZ
20.10. D Bochum - Zeche
21.10. D Hamburg - Markthalle

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Luca Turilli's Rhapsody Streaming New Songs

"Clash Of The Titans,” “Tormento E Passione,” and “March Of Time,” three new tracks by Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, are now available for streaming in their entirety on the band's landing page here (click the bubbles in the "Stream Music" section at the lower-right of the page). The music video for “Dark Fate Of Atlantis” can also be viewed below.

The band's new album "Ascending To Infinity" is available in stores now in Europe and is set for release in North America on July 3rd. According to a press release, the album features over 60 minutes of Rhapsody’s epic, symphonic/cinematic/orchestral metal music. The album was recorded in Kempten, Germany at Sebastian Roeder’s Backyard Studios.

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody 2012 is guitarist / composer Luca Turilli, vocalist Alessandro Conti, guitarist Dominique Leurquin, bassist Patrice Guers, and drummmer Alex Landenburg. More...

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Sarah Jezebel Deva To Guest On Dedvolt Album

Sarah Jezebel Deva, who released the new EP "Malediction" last month via Listenable Records, has checked in with the following update about guesting on a new release from Dedvolt:

"A lovely official announcement! Remember the amazing Skinlab from the USA? Well my old friend Steev Esquivel of Skinlab has another band called Dedvolt.

"They are currently working on a new album and I will be doing guest vocals on one of their tracks. The track is called 'The Great Denial' and I am set to record my vocals at Legacy London next week but of course I will update you.

"Add Dedvolt on Facebook and support HEAVY METAL!!!"

You can also find more info on Sarah Jezebel Deva's projects over at this location.

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Nile Posts Second Track-By-Track Video

US based death metal legends Nile are offering another foretaste of their upcoming studio record “At The Gate Of Sethu,” (due out on June 29th in Europe, July 3rd in the U.S.) in the form of the second part of a series of track-by-track videos. Let George (drums) and Dallas (guitars, vocals) give you further information on the idea behind some new songs in the player below.

The first part of the track-by-track video is also still available at this location. To hear more from the album, watch the official lyric video for the song “The Fiends Who Come To Steal The Magick Of The Deceased” here. More...

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Pain Posts European Tour Trailer

The following press release has now been issued about Pain heading out on the "Into Darkness" tour:

"The gaping, sinister and black abyss has many faces – just like its musical offspring…for the second time, the Into Darkness tour will crawl upon Europe! In time for the dawning of black winter days, a live package will start hitting clubs November 9th and boasting a line up full of dark gems of the widest stylistic variety: industrial metal, gothic tunes, melancholic doom – this tour has it all: Pain, Moonspell, Swallow the Sun, Lake of Tears, and Scar of the Sun united on one tour.

"Swedish legends Pain, featuring maestro Peter Tägtgren, will fill the headliner position, and this act can truly make the dead dance! Morbid lyrics meet stomping industrial beats and wicked metal guitars: a band to make every goth, EBM freak and metalhead in the audience happy with evergreens such as ‘Follow Me‘ or ‘Shut Your Mouth‘! 2011 saw the release of 'You Only Live Twice' and Pain is renowned to spread a heavy and somber atmosphere live especially."

Watch the official Pain tour teaser trailer below. Tickets are available through Nuclear Blast at this location.


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Witchcraft Reveals New Album Title

Swedish doom icons Witchcraft have just revealed some details on their upcoming album. Announced earlier this year as a working title, “Legend” has now been officially confirmed as the title of Witchcraft's debut for new label, Nuclear Blast.

“Legend” is set to be unleashed on September 21st, 2012 and marks the bands first album after a 5 year hiatus. Commented mainman Magnus Pelander: “At last the fourth album is done. It's with relief and euphoria we say this!”

The cover art for “Legend” is going to be revealed soon. Stay tuned for further details on the album. You can also check out more info on Witchcraft at the band's official website.

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Municipal Waste Posts "You're Cut Off" Video

Municipal Waste has premiered a new animated music video online for "You're Cut Off," which was created by Pierre Mousquet and Jerume Cauwe. Check out the video clip below.

“We've always wanted to see an animated Waste video and this blew away our expectations,” shares Municipal Waste’s very enthused front man Tony Foresta. “I'm stoked that the Wizard came out of his brief retirement to make an appearance as well. I've watched this thing over 40 times and I still keep finding hidden gems. If you hated our band before, you are really going to hate us after you witness this beautiful piece of work.”

You can also catch Municipal Waste on the band's headlining European tour throughout July and August 2012. Tour dates and tickets are available at this location. More...

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Benighted Splits With Guitarist

French act Benighted has issued the following statement about parting ways with guitarist Liem N'Guyen:

"Sad news for Benighted. We have to announce that our guitarist Liem N'Guyen is leaving the band, after 14 years of pure friendship and brutal shows. We wish all the best to him and his family and he' ll always be like a brother to us!

"He will be from now on officially replaced by Adrien Guerin, our drummer Kevin's best friend. Adrien plays in bands like Doorsfall, F stands for fuck you! and Keirda 2.0. He's already been playing with Benighted as a live member during the european tour with Morbid Angel. We can't wait to start the writing process with Adrien on board. Before that, be sure to catch the new official line up on tour this summer."

07.05 – Sankt Poelten – Austria – Vaz (Extremefest) w/ Cannibal Corpse, Exodus, Nasum
07.06 – Hünxe – Germany (Extremefest) w/ Cannibal Corpse, Exodus, Nasum, Suffocation
07.07 – Pratteln – Switzerland – Z7 (Extremefest) w/ Cannibal Corpse, Exodus, Nasum
07.08 – Retorbido – Italia – Carlito’s Way
07.09 – Crnomelj – Slovenia – MKK
07.10 – Sarajevo – Bosnia – Cinemas Ex Sloga
07.11 – Szeged – Hungary – Club Noir
07.12 – Budapest – Hungary – Rocktogon
07.13 – Trutnov-Battlefield – Czech Republic (Obscene Extreme Festival) w/ Nasum
07.14 – Eglsee – Germany – Schwarzer Adler
07.15 – SK-Kosice – Slovakia – Colloseum Club w/ Biohazard
08.11 – Chemnitz-Mittelbach – Germany (Rock Im Betonwerk) w/ Kataklysm, Sabaton
09.01 – Ville aux Dames – France – Salle Maria Callas (Mfest)
09.15 – Rexpoëde – France – DMALC 5
09.22 – Lyon – France – Le Blogg
10.06 – Winterthur – Switzerland – Gaswerk Kulturzentrum

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HateTyler Releases New Video

Italy's HateTyler has posted a new music video online for the song "Anything Else," which is available in the YouTube player below. "Anything Else" was directed by Beppe Platania and comes off the band's new album "The Great Architect," released earlier this month through This Is Core Records. The album is currently available at iTunes.

The new album's track listing is as follows:

1. Devil Park
2. Hatetyler
3. Stop Me
4. The Different
5. Need to Hate You
6. Inferno
7. Anything Else
8. Welcome to Tortuga
9. The Great Architect

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Huinca Streaming Entire Album Online

Chilean folk metallers Huinca have made their newest album "Sic Semper Tyrannis" available for streaming online prior to the physical release set for September 2012 via Digmetalworld Records and distributed via MVD Entertainment Group worldwide. "Sic Semper Tyrannis" will be available on digitally on all major online stores on July 15th.

Check out the album via bandcamp or in the player below. You can also check out the music video for "Rapa Nui" at this location. The "Sic Semper Tyrannis" track listing is as follows:

1. Revuelta
2. Orias
3. Trepador
4. Santa Pedofilia
5. Huinca
6. Genocide
7. Cae
8. Rapa Nui
9. Guerrero
10. Tirano
11. Who Is Next? More...

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Pelican Splits With Guitarist

Illinois act Pelican has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with guitarist Laurent Schroeder-Lebec:

"It is with resignation that we report that our guitarist and founding member Laurent Schroeder-Lebec is taking an indefinite hiatus from the band. Many may have already noticed his absence from live shows over the last couple of years (he stopped traveling for out of town shows in 2010), his role as a composer is now also going on hold for the foreseeable future.

"The decision is not due to any internal turmoil or conflict - since our last full length album Laurent has made his family and career the central focus of his life, which the members of Pelican completely respect and honor. In 2010, when his interest in playing out of town declined, Laurent was the first to suggest that we find a substitute guitarist and continue getting the music out to our fans. He continued to play local shows with us and rehearse (in the rare instances that all four of us were in Chicago), but after recording sessions for our last EP, Ataraxia/Taraxis, when we were ready to begin writing our next album and began planning the writing sessions it would entail, Laurent confided that his heart wasn't fully in it and, rather than deliver music that was half-hearted, he would rather sit it out.

"Laurent is our friend and our brother - while his decision is disheartening, we completely respect it. We don't yet know what the repercussions of his departure will be, but we're thrilled by the strides made on our last EP and excited with the direction of the new material composed since its recording. Laurent has given us his blessing to carry on. For now Laurent's place at live shows will be filled, as it has been for the past two years, by the immensely talented Dallas Thomas of the superb band The Swan King - anyone who saw our shows out West last year or in Europe this Spring knows he is a shredder and fully up to the task. As for writing, we are currently working as a three piece since we're not looking to significantly alter the DNA on the compositional front. We hope that you stick with us and see what coming; as said previously we're very excited with the path we're on.

"We've said since day one that Pelican is and always will be the four of us - we stand by that statement. Laurent is an integral part of this band whether or not he is standing on stage or composing with us. His unique musical voice and confidence of purpose have impacted us all and is present in every show and note we play. Our best wishes are with him in everything he does."

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Sound & Fury Fest Day Lineups Announced

Sound & Fury fest is less than one month away - taking place July 20th, 21st, and 22nd at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara, CA. This year's lineup will feature headliners and hardcore powerhouses Bane, Blacklisted, Comeback Kid, Earth Crisis, H2O, Terror, and Touche Amore, along with 50 other acts spanning three days.

The festival was started in 2006 and has boasted bands like Fucked Up, Ceremony, Trash Talk, Have Heart and more as a part of their lineup in past years, making it a premiere hardcore/punk festival in California. Additionally, 2012 marks the third year of Sound & Fury at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, located at 3400 Calle Real in Santa Barbara, CA. Individual day passes are on sale now exclusively through festival presenter No Sleep Records and can be purchased at this location.

The full day lineups are as follows:

Comeback Kid
Focused Minds
Ill Intent
Ivy League
The Mongoloids
New Brigade
Rotting Out
Sabertooth Zombie
Single Mothers
Suburban Scum
Take Offense
Touche Amore
Xibalba More...

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Hexe Krieg Announces New Bassist

New York death/thrash act Hexe Krieg has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new bassist:

"We would like to officially welcome Adam T Schneider as full time bassist! We are pleased to anounce a final full line up of David Diaz - Vocals, Dan 'HellSpawn' Proper - Guitars, Adam T Schneider - Bass, and Jim Higgins - Drums.

"We will be playing a 'debut' show at The PickWick Pub in Poughkeepsi, NY on June 30th with Austrailias own Rituals of The Oak and local acts - Boreas, Cabal 34 and In The Casket.

"We will soon be in the studio to record the 'Burned Alive' Demo with our newest member. Thank everyone for the support and we will see you at a show soon."

For more on Hexe Krieg, head over to the band's official Facebook profile.

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Miseration Streaming New Song

With only a few more days until the release of "Tragedy Has Spoken," Miseration has revealed another new song from the album entitled "Waylayer." Check out the song in the player below. "Tragedy Has Spoken" is set to be released on the following dates:

June 29th, 2012 (D/ AT/ CH + Digital)
July 2nd, 2012 (Europe)
July 3rd, 2012 (North America)
July 4th, 2012 (Scandinavia)

You can also listen to the previously posted song "On Wings of Brimstone" at this location. More...

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Impending Doom Releases New Video Clip

Southern Californian act Impending Doom has debuted a brand new music video for the single "Deceiver" today via Noisecreep. Check out the video at this location or in the player below. Lead singer Brook Reeves offers the band's mindset in making this kind of video:

Impending Doom recently announced a batch of tour dates this summer. Kicking off on July 5th in Little Rock, dates will run along the south and south west. Support duties come from Within the Ruins, Molotov Solution, Erra, and To Each His Own. The band will end out the summer on the Scream It Like You Mean It tour alongside The Acacia Strain and Oceano. The band is currently finishing up dates on the 2012 Van's Warped Tour. More...

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Constellations Splits With Guitarist

Germany's Constellations has issued the following announcement about splitting with the band's guitarist:

"Unfortunately, we have to announce that Gerome and the band will go separate ways in the future.

"We wish Gerome all the best for his future endeavors. We will NOT cancel any gigs and will continue as a four-piece until we announce a new guitarist. Also, we are currently NOT looking for submissions. Thanks to all of you for your support."

Gerome also added, "The band and me decided to go separate ways by common accord. It was hard to come to this decision, but due to current changes that don't allow me to participate actively in the future, it was inevitable.

"I want to thank everybody who supported the band up to this point and all these interesting people I was allowed to meet - with Constantin, Eddy, Bertrand and Chris leading the way. It was a memorable time!"

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Heavenwood Equipment Destroyed In Studio Fire

Portugal's Heavenwood has issued the following announcement about halting work on the band's new album due to a studio fire:

"Last night was a tragic night for Bruno Silva - the studio was consumed totally by the fire. Bruno went to the hospital regarding minor skin burns but everything is fine with him for the moment, although he's still affected psychologically due to this tremendous tragedy!

"It's a real sad news but the most important of all at the end is Bruno is alive once he was on the studio when the fire started. All the studio equipment was destroyed by the fire including Heavenwood equipment.

"Heavenwood will stop the pre-production and composition sessions of the 5th Album for a period of time but the band intend to play live and support Bruno Silva to conceive and develop his studio back from the beginning!" More...

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Rage Nucleaire Signs To Season Of Mist

Season of Mist is excited to announce the signing of Canadian act Rage Nucleaire. Formed by ex-Cryptopsy vocalist Lord Worm, the black metal act has been working on debut album "Unrelenting Fucking Hatred" for quite a while and describes it as a "hate-filled blend of melodic black metal and violent industrial."

"If anyone had ever told me that someday I'd be signed to Season of Mist, I'd have laughed at them," guitarist Dark Rage comments. "The point is, being accepted into the SoM family, along with such ungodly notables as Arckanum, Mayhem, and Deathspell Omega, is like being given a Sith name - it feels great to be part of SoM's evil empire."

Adds Lord Worm: "The three of us seem to share the same bleak world vision, for one thing, and this shows up very clearly in the compositions. Alvater used to be in the godly Frozen Shadows, and I know he hasn't spent nearly a fraction of his accumulated rage. Dark Rage and I don't do a lot of cretinous smiling, either."

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Chaostar To Enter The Studio

Chaostar, which features Christos Antoniou of Septicflesh, has issued the following update about recording a new album:

"The time has come. Chaostar will enter the Devasoundz studio (ROTTING CHRIST, SEPTICFLESH) on July 1st, for the final recordings of the forthcoming album, which will be released by Season of Mist.

"After months of persisting efforts over the final result, we are pleased to have in our hands the new material which fills us with satisfaction. A risky attempt to combine modern music, ethnic and avant-garde elements with different languages will soon be in your hands."

Chaostar's still untitled new album will also feature a guest appearance by Moonspell singer Fernando Ribeiro. Stay tuned for more details.

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Imperium Dekadenz Recording New Album

Imperium Dekadenz is currently recording a new album, and the first studio video report is now available online below. The band also stated:

"In June 2012 we started recording the new album. Vespasian successfully nailed down all the drum tracks. While you're reading these lines we start to record the guitars. With this video we want to give you a little impression of what happened a few days ago."

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Orange Goblin Posts "Acid Trail" Video

Metal Injection.com and Scion A/V are very proud to premeiere the brand new Orange Goblin video for the track "Acid Trial." This is the second official video to be taken from the latest Orange Goblin album "A Eulogy For The Damned," which was released worldwide via Candlelight Records in February 2012.

You can watch the new video through Metalinjection or in the player below. The previously posted music video for "Red Tide Rising" is also available here.

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Agalloch Streaming New 21 Minute Track

Agalloch will be releasing the new 21 minute EP "Fuastian Echoes," consisting of only one song, in conjunction with the band's upcoming North American tour kicking off next month. The entire track is now available online for streaming via Bandcamp or in the player available below.

Agalloch also commented on the EP and tour: "This tour will mark the release of our recently recorded EP 'Faustian Echoes' on both LP and CD. We have taken great care in the design of this release. Sometime before the tour we will have both a streaming and digital download option available. However, the LP and CD versions will only be available at the shows during the dates on the tour and will be available via mail order after the tour. We will be adding material (both new and old) to our set list and depending on stage time we anticipate playing between 90-120 minutes. The set will rotate each night.

"We have carefully selected local openers whose music fits the environment of an Agalloch show. Where there are no openers selected, we will play nearly 120 minutes. We are all personal fans of the openers and encourage everyone to show up early to see them. We will have a variety of merchandise for sale including: 2 new shirt designs, our back catalog, 'The Demonstration Archive,' 'Marrow of the Spirit' vinyl, a tour poster by Stevie Floyd, original photographic prints by Veleda Thorsson, and various other odds and ends.”

The upcoming Agalloch tour dates, featuring support from Taurus, are as follows: More...

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Nemesea Cancels Metal Female Voices Appearance

This year's edition of the Metal Female Voices Festival is scheduled to take place on October 19th - 21st, with full details available at the fest's official website. Nemesea has now checked in with the following announcement about canceling the band's previously scheduled appearance at MFVF 2012:

"Nemesea's performance on MFVF 2012 CANCELLED!

"Due to unfair and unacceptable terms and conditions coming from the Metal Female Voices Festival, Nemesea is forced to cancel their performance.

"This is a disappointment for us but also for the fans who hoped to see and hear Nemesea play on this festival for the first time in 10 years.

"We hope to see you all at a different gig!"

Other band scheduled to appear at the festival include Arch Enemy, Epica, Lacuna Coil, Delain, Arkona, and more.

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A Pale Horse Named Death Working On New Album

Sal Abruscato of A Pale Horse Named Death has revealed the band is currently working on a new album and follow-up to the debut release "And Hell Will Follow Me" (reviewed here). Sal had this to say:

"New A Pale Horse Named Death songs are coming along great. I am excited to actually finish pre production and go into the actual production of the album with MB. I think APHND fans will be quite pleased with the results."

Info on the album will be announced as it is made available. For more on A Pale Horse Named Death, check out live footage of the band here, or head over to the APHND website.

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Vintersorg Streaming New Song

Vintersorg has posted the song "Havets nåd" online, which is taken off the band's new album "Orkan." Check out the track below. The band also commented:

"And today we offer a second preview track from 'Orkan' the 6th track on the album: 'Havets nåd!'

"This can be watched here on YouTube, but it can also be heard on Facebook by clicking on the Music link. There you will also find a player loaded with two songs from *every single Vintersorg record* that were chosen by fans from the forum! You heard it here, first! Hope you love it as much as we do!"

"Orkan" is due out on June 29th, 2012 (EU) and July 10th, 2012 (North America) through Napalm Records. To find out more about the album, check out our recent interview with the band. More...

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Dark Empire's Matt Moliti Gets Personal

Whether or not they’re harbingers of a prog-thrash revolution is for time to tell, but the men of Dark Empire have made a definitive statement in the release of their third album – they are here to destroy and rebuild the prog-thrash multiverse. With “From Refuge to Ruin” (reviewed here) just released on March 27th, the band has been receiving accolades from many sources, in large part crediting the work of the band’s lead guitarist and main songwriter, Matt Moliti. Able to shred and riff both mindfully and proficiently with the best of them, Moliti is more than a guitar prodigy for his ability to make the wildest of solos actually fit within the song without becoming a practice exercise.

Moliti offered some of his time to catch up with MetalUnderground.com’s Frank Serafine to answer a few questions about himself, the band’s past and present, the new album, and the surprising influence of prog rock and video game music on his writing. He also tells about working around a neurological condition that interferes with his fingers, making his playing that much more impressive. More...

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Former Atheist Bassist Rejoins The Band

American death metal veterans Atheist have announced that the forthcoming show in their hometown of Sarasota, Florida will mark the return of bass player Tony Choy, who performed on the studio albums, "Unquestionable Presence" and "Elements." A message from frontman Kelly Shaefer reads as follows:

"We're very excited to announce that Tony Choy will be appearing on our upcoming dates; a headlining club gig at Jake's Tavern in Sarasota, Fla, and the Orlando date of the Death To All Tour 2012. It's been more than two years since Tony has played live with us. Just having him along will make this Death To All show with the Cynic guys, Gene Hoglan, Steve DiGiorgio, and everyone else a night to remember."

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Soilwork Guitarist Leaves The Band

Soilwork has announced that guitarist Peter Wichers has decided to leave the group for the second time, citing creative differences. A statement from Wichers reads as follows:

"I want to thank everyone who has supported Soilwork over the years. It has been a wild and fun ride, but it’s time for me to explore different options in my career. I will cherish all the amazing moments I have gathered from my time with Soilwork, and I would not be where I am today without the help from you fans, my family and Soilwork. Thank you!"

Wichers is one of the founding members of the band but left the group in 2005 owing to tour exhaustion and personal issues, before rejoining the group in 2008 and taking part in the recording of their 2010 album, "The Panic Broadcast."

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