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Metal News for June 23, 2013

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Payload Splitting With Vocalist

Payload's vocalist, Risto Sundberg, has decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. He is the other founding member of the band (alongside Vic Lausas), and has been in Payload for its entire existence since 2008.

He announced his decision to the band already during the spring, but the news was kept quiet while the band was busy with an album release and other events.

Payload will head on a European tour in August to serve as Sundberg's farewell. He has promised to continue with the band until a new vocalist is found. Risto Sundberg also issued the following statement: More...

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KaaK Streaming Full Album

Vienna, Austria based act KaaK has posted the full "Pro-Love" album online for streaming. Check it out in the player below or over at SoundCloud here.

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Abdication Posts New Lyric Video

Moscow's Abdication is set to release "Broken World" via Grailight Productions this coming June 25th, 2013. A lyric video for the song "Revenge to Heaven" is now available and can be found below. The "Broken World" track listing is:

1. Intro
2. Revenge to Heaven
3. Death Wind
4. Eternal Freedom
5. Broken World
6. Mystic
7. Book of the Dead
8. Fools and Liars
9. Forged in Northern Sky
10. Story of Sage
11. Suffering (streaming here)
12. Heavens Fall
13. Whenever, Wherever (Shakira cover)

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Temptation Xplodes Releases New Music Video

Peru's Temptation Xplodes has released a new music video for "Until Its Gone," which was directed by Alex Mar and can be viewed below. "Until Its Gone" comes off the "Danger Ahead" album, available now.

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Caltura Streaming New Track

German act Caltura has released a new song online titled "Attack," which can be heard in the player below. For more info on the band, head over to the Caltura Facebook profile here.

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The Deathisodes Streaming New Album

U.K. act The Deathisodes has released new album "Inside The Universe Of Horror," which is now available for streaming online. Check it out at Bandcamp or in the player below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Dead Arising (Quantum Mix feat. Amma Robinson and Benjamin Ellis) 04:16
2. For Chaos Is Master (feat. Josh McMorran and Sam Bell) 05:46
3. Black Virus (feat. Jut Tabor and Ollie Roberts) 06:16
4. Whitechapel Mystery (feat. Ashley Edison and Samhain Carter-Brazier) 05:06
5. Hellbound (feat. Jake Archer and Nick Richardson) 03:44
6. Installation 4 (feat. Isak Asplund and Steve Walker) 03:18
7. Spectral Wasteland (feat. Kieren Radford and James Whitmarsh) 05:56
8. Silenced To Decay (feat. Steve Kerr and Jut Tabor) 04:06
9. Project Omega (feat Elliott Alderman-Broom and Benjamin Ellis) 05:22
10. Nexus Of Fear (composed by Arch Imp) 02:00
11. The Age Of Atrophy (feat. James Baillie-Hamilton and Jack Gliddon) 04:52
12. When Death Walks Behind (feat. Alexander Fawcett and Doug Anderson) 08:40 More...

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One State Streaming "Plague" Single

Russia's One State has posted the new "Plague" single online, which can be heard in the bandcamp player below. The two-track single's track listing is as follows:

1. Anneliese Michel 03:15
2. Plague 03:55 More...

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Disfonia Posts Documentary Clip

Chile's Disfonia has published a new documentary video titled "Histeria Estructural (Structural Damage - 5 years of Disfonia." The Giovanni Longo-directed video is now available online via YouTube. Check it out below.

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Bangladeafy To Release EP

NYC-based duo Bangladeafy are prepared to release their new EP, a capsule of musical mayhem containing a burst of the most bewilderingly fun metallic fusion out there. The following press release was issued about the band:

"With rabid rolls and pummeling percussion fueled with nutbar fingertapping, cerebellum-convulsing time change-ups, sporadic keyboard-interloping and the vocalizations and a general disregard for rulebooks, off-the-chain twosome Bangladeafy iercely perpetuates an original style of technical extreme music defying genre classifications and merging in a melee that’ll have jazz aficionados fighting prog critics while the tech metal fans bang their own faces off in their own anomalous sequences.

"While dropping riffery and percussion that is jagged and technical yet at once cohesive and succinct, this duo bears more than just a whack style and catchy name. Bangladeafy basically breaks down the band to the core, fusing the Bangladeshi origins of blazing drummer Atif Haq with the actual physical impairment of bassist/pianist/vocalist Jon Ehlers -- the multi-instrumentalist having been born with sensio-neural hearing loss, alongside his two sisters. Disability aside, the intensely technical and somehow still laid-back basslines this musical assassin drops will floor critics and fans alike paired with is cohort’s jacked-up percussive attack. More...

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Composted Appears On Neckbreaker Podcast

Mark Richards and Evan Duplessis from the Boston-based death metal band Composted (ex-Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, Sexcrement, etc.) sat down with Neckbreaker Podcast this week for a full-length interview and drinking session.

They talked about the band's recording plans, discussed Ultimate Warrior promos, drank a ton of beers, and went over the latest heavy metal and pro wrestling news. The full-length episode is available at this location.

Neckbreaker is a free, heavy metal and pro wrestling themed podcast. Hosts Brian Thompson and John Aubrey sit down with guests from both worlds, drink a bunch of alcohol, and have friendly, at-length discussions. New episodes debut every two weeks.

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Orbweaver Announces New Tour Dates

Orbweaver and Hollow Leg have teamed up to trek across the Floridian swamps in support of their new releases - Orbweaver's "Strange Transmissions From The Neuralnomicon" EP, which will mark the band's debut through Primitive Violence Records, and Hollow Leg's LP "Abysmal," which is to be released through Last Anthem Records.

The "Abysmal Transmissions" tour dates are below, with Miami riff lords Shroud Eater joining on select dates.

8.2.13 - Miami, FL - Churchill's Pub *
8.3.13 - Orlando, FL - Will's Pub *
8.4.13 - St Petersburg, FL - Bowman Motorcycles
8.5.13 - Jacksonville, FL - Burro Bar

*with Shroud Eater

Orbweaver also has the following coming July shows:

July 4 - Gramps, Miami, FL
July 6 - Churchills, Miami, FL
July 13 - Speakeasy, Lake Worth, FL

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Conducting From The Grave Posts New Album Teaser

Conducting From The Grave recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowd-fund the band's new self-titled album. A teaser trailer featuring the artwork and new music from the release can also now be heard below.

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Sunday Old School: Agent Steel

We’ve looked at plenty of thrash metal bands over the nearly 200 Sunday Old School columns written so far, but perhaps one are we’ve neglected would be the sub-genre’s predecessor, speed metal. Today, we’ll rectify this with a look at one of the top dogs in the speed metal field, Agent Steel. Agent Steel were formed in 1984 after vocalist John Camps (AKA, John Cyriis) left the band, Abattoir and teamed up with drummer, Chuck Profus. The original Agent Steel lineup was completed with the addition of bass player, George Robb and guitarists Mark Marshall and Bill Simmons. The quintet soon entered the studio to record their first demo, "144,000 Gone," which was received favourably in the local California metal scene, enough so that it found some radio play and earned the band a supporting slot for Slayer as their very first show and helped them receive a record deal with Combat, who had also recently signed Megadeth. Before they could record their first album however, they experienced problems with their guitarists and a short revolving door situation evolved, before they finally settled on Kurt Colfelt and Cyriis’ former Abattoir bandmate, Juan Garcia and set about recording their first full length, which was released in the summer of 1985 under the title, "Skeptics Apocalypse." The record was very well received and is now considered a true classic in the speed metal genre.

Despite the acclaim, Colfelt quit the band soon afterwards when relations soured between him and Cyriis and formed a new band called, Holy Terror. His position was filled by Bernie Versailles who made his recording debut with the band on the "Mad Locust Rising" EP, which was notable for its cover of the Judas Priest song, "The Ripper." Following the release of the EP, the group had to find another new member when George Robb quit and was replaced by bassist, Michael Zaputil. With a new bassist on board, the band got to work on their sophomore full length, though the album’s recording was interrupted for a while by a European tour with countrymen, Anthrax and Overkill, footage of which was later released as part of the home video, "US Speed Metal Attack." More...

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The Pete Flesh Deathtrip Streaming New Songs

Swedish death metal guru Pete Flesh of The Pete Flesh Deathtrip has made three tracks from his forthcoming release, "Mortui Vivos Docent," available for streaming. Album tracks "Fallen Bliss," "The Suicide End" and "Crave the Fire" are available for online consumption at this location.

With the abhorrent artwork and layout designed and conceptualized by Erik Sahlström (Crucifyre, General Surgery, etc), "Mortui Vivos Docent" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Beast, Sweden, by Peter Bjärgö (Tyrant, Crypt Of Kerberos, ex-Vinterland, etc. and is set for a July 23rd North American release on Pulverised Records.

 photo peteflesh1_zps0d4e2e17.jpg

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Purify The Horror Streaming EP Sampler

From the bowels of Birmingham, England comes grindcore trio Purify The Horror. On July 30th of this year, the band will unleash a plague of savagery and chaos in the form of their untitled debut EP. To ensure the infection spreads as far as possible, the band is giving the release away as a free digital download.

Their identities hidden, but their agenda blatantly obvious, Purify The Horror has taken over PureGrainAudio.com and uploaded the track "Pig" to the site's servers. Fans of the extreme and innocent bystanders are welcome to download the song free of charge at this location, and sample the album below.

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Averse Concept Streaming New EP

"Symbol of Loss," the new five song EP from Philadelphia black metal force Averse Concept, is now available for mass consumption. Averse Concept focuses on raw human emotion to convey a message. The band's music and lyrics deal with the inner struggles that one may face while examining loss and attempting to overcome it. "Symbol of Loss" is streaming in full and available for name-your-price purchase over at bandcamp, and for convenient streaming below in the player.

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