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Metal News for June 22, 2011

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Deep Purple To Release New DVD, "Phoenix Rising"

On June 28, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Deep Purple’s "Phoenix Rising" – a two-hour-plus revelatory documentary including 30 minutes of never-before-seen (not even on bootleg) onstage footage from Japan. "Phoenix Rising" will be released on DVD, Blu-ray, & in a special two-disc DVD/CD package.

The release is cause for celebration amongst Purple fans due to the rarity of material. Extensive interviews with keyboardist Jon Lord and bassist Glenn Hughes tell the tale of a band caught by circumstance into one of its most controversial, extreme and exciting eras of its long career. Ian Gillan and Roger Glover were gone. A young unknown singer by the name of David Coverdale was recruited as was bassist Hughes. The results were the albums "Burn" and "Stormbringer" (both released in 1974). But then Ritchie Blackmore left the band. Against all odds, they rocked on, recruiting Tommy Bolin (from Zephyr and The James Gang). The album "Come Taste The Band" (1975) documents the short-lived Bolin era, an era that all came crashing down when the band announced in July of 1976 that it was breaking up. By December, Bolin would be dead due to a heroin overdose. Nine years of silence would ensue.

The never-before-seen 30 minutes, “Rises Over Japan,” has the Coverdale/Lord/Bolin/Hughes/Paice lineup delivering the goods in 1976 on eight songs: “Burn,” “Getting Tighter,” “Love Child,” “Smoke On The Water,” “Lazy,” “Homeward Strut,” “You Keep On Moving” and “Stormbringer.” (The double-disc package contains these eight songs on CD.) This segment is some of the only video footage that showcases Tommy Bolin performing in Deep Purple.

The 90-minute documentary portion, “Getting Tighter,” recounts the trials and tribulations of a band in turmoil, riding the rock’n’roll roller coaster to total excess. With its live images, backstage footage, never-before-told stories and original video material carefully culled from years of research, it’s a veritable bonanza for Purple fans and fans of Rock History.

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Harvest Streaming Song From New Vinyl Release

Metalcore act Harvest and AOL’s Noisecreep.com have unveiled a new track cut from the band’s upcoming 7 inch, "Years of Defiance. Years of Disgust." The track, entitled "Our Legacy," can be heard at this link.

The new vinyl 7 inch will be released physically and digitally through Good Fight Music on August 2nd, 2011. "Years of Defiance. Years of Disgust." features two new songs, as well as the last unreleased track written in 1999 ("Torture Inhibition") and a new version of a song that was originally released on a 7 inch compilation ("Soul Burn"). A special digital version of the 7-inch will include a new version of the song "Conditioned" as a bonus track only available through iTunes.

The track listing is as follows:

Years of Defiance
1. Our Legacy
2. Death is Not Enough

Years of Disgust
1. Torture Inhibition
2. Soul Burn More...

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Brent Hinds And Ben Weinman Form Supergroup

The Dillinger Escape Plan's Ben Weinman and Mastodon's Brent Hinds have recently formed a new band alongside members of The Mars Volta and Jane's Addiction.

Formed under the working name of Giraffe Tongue, the band currently has some material written, although there is no information on when the band's debut album will be released.

Brent Hinds has explained the delay to Noisecreep.com by saying, “We tried to get together and do an album, but there’s been no time. We want to record crazy stuff and Ben is working on that, but it’s been hard to get together.”

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Eliminator Posts "Angel of Death" Cover Online

Edison, New Jersey's Eliminator has just released a cover of "Angel of Death" by Slayer. The song can be heard/viewed below. The band is a two piece of "black speed" metal as singer/guitarist Warchild has described. Along with drummer Samus (Decrepit Birth, ex-Mutiny Within, ex-Abigail Williams, ex-Suspyre), the two have just released their second full length album "The One They Were Waiting For."

The band released the sold out debut album, "Breaking the Wheel," which was quickly followed by the latest, "The One They Were Waiting For." The band is already hard at work on the next album and are in the process of recording another Slayer cover.

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"Crawl To Me" Video Teaser Posted Online

Life of Agony's Alan Robert is set to launch a new horror comic series titled "Crawl to Me" in July. A video teaser for the first upcoming release has now been posted online and can be viewed below.

Metalunderground.com also recently conducted an interview with Alan Robert about the new "Crawl to Me" comic series, as well as the upcoming video adaptation of the "Wire Hangars" comic. You can find the interview here.

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Musicians Talk About Their Metal Gateway Bands

Metal Injection's new series "Ask The Artist" is back with a new episode. This edition asks "What band got you into heavy metal?" Watch the clip below as members of Job For A Cowboy, Cephalic Carnage, Dying Fetus, A Life Once Lost, Times of Grace, The Ocean, Revocation, Lazarus A.D., Lionheart, Volumes, Struc/tures, and The Contortionist talk about their gateway bands into metal.

Click Here To Watch The Video

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Leviathan To Release New Single Online

German death metal act Leviathan (not to be confused with the black metal band of the same name), has announced a new single will be posted online in July. The first single off the upcoming album "Beyond the Gates of Imagination" will be made available through the band's official MySpace page on July 10th.

The new album "Beyond the Gates of Imagination" is currently set for release on September 16th, 2011.

Leviathan is also running a fan t-shirt design contest. Information on the contest's rules and prizes can be found by heading over to this location.

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Prologue
2. Beneath A Blackened Sky
3. Where Light And Death Unite
4. Reaper’s Edict
5. Servants Of The Nonexistent
6. The Scourge We Wield
7. About Fangs And Feathers
8. Sway Of The Stars

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Arch/Matheos Announces Debut Album Title

As was previously announced, Jim Matheos (current member of the progressive rock powerhouse Fates Warning and OSI) and John Arch (former vocalist of Fates Warning) have teamed up to form the new progressive rock band, Arch/Matheos The band - accompanied by Joey Vera on bass, Bobby Jarzombek on drums, and Frank Aresti on additional lead guitar - began tracking the drums on January 12th and continued to record through mid February with Jim Matheos producing.

Arch/Matheos has now announced "Sympathetic Resonance" as the title of the band's debut album, which will be released September 13th, 2011 in North America.

Jim Matheos offered his insight on the writing and recording process of Sympathetic Resonance: "I think John and I work really well together. There's a lot of mutual respect and trust in what we do. But, we're also both very critical of ourselves, and each other. This can make for a long and, sometimes, tedious process. But ultimately it's one I enjoy because I think it brings out the best in both of us."

John Arch added: "When I first heard some of the arrangements Jim had written and recorded, it took quite some time before I could wrap my mind around the odd time signatures and guitar work going on here. There are some long compositions, so putting anxiety and apprehension on the back burner it was time to dissect these numbers into digestible bits. After the lengthy process of lyrics and melodies, listening to the songs now, I can't imagine them any other way."

In terms of the lyrical content on Sympathetic Resonance, John Arch notes that, "the lyrics this time around are more in line with A Twist of Fate and not of the mystical nature of some past albums."

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Just For Fun

Black Metal Inspired by Kittens

YouTube videos featuring cats and kittens receive a ton of hits--sometimes in the millions. One such video, "Kittens Inspired by Kittens" is a cute video depicting a little girl commenting on pictures in the book "Kittens" by David Gibbon. This video has brought in the "awes" and "that's so cute" by the millions--12,714, 712 to be exact (at time of posting).

Parody usually follows any video that receives so much attention. "Black Metal Inspired by Kittens Inspired by Kittens" is a ridiculously named parody of "Kittens," which features the actual audio from "Kittens" applied to black metal album art and band photography.

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Sol Invictus To Re-Issue Entire Back Catalog

Prophecy Productions has issued the following announcement about re-releasing the entire back catalog of neofolk outfit Sol Invictus:

"Not only did Sol Invictus release their first album in six years, 'The Cruellest Month,' only one week ago, but also the opulent 'The Collected Works' slipcase box-set containing re-issues of Sol Invictus' entire back catalogue. These mostly sold-out or hardly available albums will now be re-released separately as Digipak CDs. From now on, the first Friday of each month until March 2012 will see significantly enhanced re-issues of two classical Sol Invictus albums. We'll start off on the 1st of July with Sol Invictus' debut release 'Against The Modern World' and the Neofolk classic 'In The Rain.'

"'Against The Modern World' was originally released as an EP in 1987. The re-issue will feature the bonus track 'The Joy Of The World,' known from 'Sol Veritas Lux,' as well as eight yet unreleased demo recordings of further Sol Invictus songs from the time of origin of 'Against...' 'In The Rain' from 1995 is one of Tony Wakeford's favourite Sol Invictus albums. The upcoming re-issue will be enhanced by the bonus tracks 'Hedda Gabbler' (originally from the 'Im Blutfeuer' compilation) and 'Did You See' (originally from the 'Terra Serpentes' compilation).

"Both re-issues will be released in portrait Digipak format, feature new artworks and will be limited to 700 copies each."

You can also check out Metalunderground.com's review of the "Sol Veritas Lux" album at this location.

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Batillus Streaming New Song From Split Release

Stereogum.com is currently streaming two songs online from an upcoming 7" split between Batillus and Mutilation Rites, which will be released through Shinebox. The songs "Cast" and "Goliath" can be heard by heading over here. The cover artwork for both sides of the split can be viewed below.


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August Burns Red Posts "Leveler" Trailer

August Burns Red has posted a trailer online for the band's new album "Leveler," which is in stores and online now. You can check out the trailer in the clip below.

The band also recently posted the new songs "Poor Millionaire," "Internal Cannon," and "Divisions" online.

The "Leveler" track listing is as follows:

1. Empire
2. Internal Cannon
3. Divisions
4. Cutting the Ties
5. Pangaea
6. Carpe Diem
7. 40 Nights
8. Salt & Light
9. Poor Millionaire
10. 1/16/2011
11. Boys of Fall
12. Leveler

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Svart Crown Welcomes Drummer Nicolas Muller

Svart Crown has announced the addition of drummer Nicolas Muller. The French black metal group added Muller in time to play France's massive metal festival, Hellfest. Muller will also command the drum kit at Le Sezamo in Nice, France and the Brutal Assault Festival at the Czech Republic on August 12th.

Muller joins the group after their release of their second full length,"Witnessing The Fall." "Witnessing the Fall" hit North American outlets on February 8th, 2011.

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I Am Abomination Streaming New Song

Amp Magazine is currently streaming a new song from I Am Abomination's upcoming EP "Passion Of The Heist." You can listen to "Examination" by heading over to this location.

The digital EP "Passion Of The Heist" will be released on July 19th, 2011 through Good Fight Music. The track listing and artwork can be viewed below.

1. Vivification
2. Abduction
3. Examination
4. Transformation
5. Ascension (ft.Caleb Shomo of Attack Attack)
6. Invasion

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Witchaven Posts "Terrorstorm" Video

Witchaven has posted a music video online for the title track off the band's "Terrorstorm" album, which can be viewed in the player below.

You can also check out a show report of Witchaven at the Maryland Death Fest by heading over to this location.

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Mordax Streaming New Songs Online

Denmark's Mordax has issued the following announcement about streaming two new songs online:

"We have now finished our debut album entitled 'Violence Fraud Treachery.' The album was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Opeth, Bloodbath, etc.), who also contributes with guest vocals on the song 'Monarch Of All.'

"'Violence Fraud Treachery' is expected to hit the streets around October this fall, but already now we're debuting two brand new tracks off the album, 'Trademark: Strangulation' and 'Monarch Of All,' on Myspace. Stay tuned for news about gigs and release date!"

The tracklisting for the album is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Trademark: Strangulation
3. Devoured By Life
4. Acts Of Aggression
5. Monarch Of All
6. Silhouette Of God
7. Necrotic Hordes
8. Contrapasso
9. No Redeemer
10 Walk The Earth
11. Treachery

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The Resurrection Sorrow To Release Digital EP

The Resurrection Sorrow is preparing to digitally release a new EP, dubbed "The Scorpion Savior Sessions." The band has been streaming the songs on its website for the last few months, and is now prepared to sell the release digitally as well.

The band recorded and the tracks for the new EP over this past winter, and once again the group enlisted hometown NYC engineer Joe Hogan (Nebula, The Atomic Bitchwax), who recorded TRS‘ 2009 debut album, "Hour Of The Wolf," and had the tracks mastered by Fred Kevorkian (Iggy Pop, Willie Nelson).

"The Scorpion Savior Sessions" track list is as follows:

1. Pale Kiss (Endless Storm)
2. Scorpion Savior
3. Burning Halo More...

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Lock Up Posts New Trailer For Upcoming Album

Lock Up has posted a second album trailer online for the band's upcoming release "Necropolis Transparent," which is set to land in North America on July 12th, 2011 through Nuclear Blast Records.

The trailer can be viewed below, or you can head over to this location to check out the previously uploaded first trailer.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Brethren Of The Pentagram
2. Accelerated Mutation
3. The Embodiment Of Paradox And Chaos (feat. Jeff Walker)
4. Necropolis Transparent (feat. Peter Tägtgren)
5. Parasite Drama (feat. Jeff Walker)
6. Anvil Of Flesh
7. Rage Incarnate Reborn
8. Unseen Enemy (feat. Jeff Walker)
9. Stygian Reverberations
10. Life Of Devastation
11. Roar Of A Thousand Throats
12. Infiltrate And Destroy
13. Discharge The Fear (feat. Jeff Walker)
14. Vomiting Evil
15. Stigmatyr (bonus track)
16. Through The Eyes Of My Shadow Self (feat. Peter Tägtgren)
17. Tartarus (instrumental)

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Dark Forest Signs To Cruz Del Sur

Cruz del Sur Music has issued the following announcement about signing a deal with U.K. act Dark Forest (not to be confused with the Canadian band of the same name):

"Cruz del Sur Music welcomes Dark Forest to the label's ever-expanding roster, having just inked a recent deal for the band's upcoming album.

"A young band based out of Birmingham, England, Dark Forest has been knocking skulls around for a few years now, after the release of their self titled debut album on Eyes Like Snow Records in January 2009. Their traditional take on heavy metal is as British-sounding as some of the best NWOBHM bands, reinterpreted with a modern production’s punch able to make them stand out alone. If your heart has a soft spot for Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Isen Torr or early Deep Purple, Dark Forest boasts the kind of fist-pumping old-school classic metal to make your day.

"Dark Forest entered the studio on Saturday, June 18th, and began the process of recording their second full-length, Dawn of Infinity, which will be released by Cruz Del Sur Music in the fall of 2011. More news will follow during the Summer months..."

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Cerebellion Posts Rehearsal Video Of Jam Session

Cerebellion got together in the band's rehearsal studio to do some improv jamming of potential new song material on June 12th, 2011. Check out a clip of the jam session below:

As previously reported, Cerebellion posted some high quality footage of "Breach of Security" from the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA while opening for Taproot.

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Devin Townsend Video Interview Available

FaceCulture has posted a new five-part video interview online with Devin Townsend about the "Deconstruction" and "Ghost" albums. You can check out the first clip below, and the rest are available after the jump.


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Solar Fragment Posts Making-Of Clip

Solar Fragment has posted a making-of video showing how the promo photos were created for the band's "In Our Hands" album.

Making of: Solar Fragment Promo Photos 2011 from Robert Leger on Vimeo.

Solar Fragment also premiered the title track from the album online through Metalunderground.com. You can check out the song by heading over to this location.

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Azaghal Enters The Studio To Record New Album

Finnish metal act Azaghal has checked in with the following brief update about entering the studio to record a new album:

"We have entered the dark dungeons of the Cursed studio yesterday and begun the recordings of the follow-up to 'Teraphim.'

"So far drums for 3 songs are done. We'll keep you posted on how the recordings advance and hopefully also upload some pics and videos."

You can find additional information on Azaghal, along with several songs available for streaming, by navigating to the band's MySpace page.

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Shadowside Issues Update On Postponed Album

Brazil's Shadowside announced in May that the release of the band's new album "Inner Monster Out" had been delayed. Shadowside has now issued the following update on the album:

"Our new record Inner Monster Out will be released during the second semester of 2011. Everyone hang in there with us for a bit longer as we make sure the final product is absolutely perfect. We are so excited for you all to hear what we have been working tirelessly on for the past several months, and we are confident it will be worth the wait! In the meantime, keep checking back for updates. We will be debuting new songs, videos, pictures and more to hold you over until Inner Monster Out is unleashed upon the masses!

"Our page at Pledgemusic.com will be available in a few days, which will allow fans to actively participate in the promotion of Inner Monster Out with Shadowside. Fans will also, through the Pledge Music campaign, have exclusive access to personal experiences with Shadowside, ranging from signed CDs and signed guitars to recording session visits and VIP tour packages!"

The "Inner Monster Out" track listing is as follows:

1. Gag Order
2. Angel with Horns
3. Habitchual
4. In the Name of Love
5. Inner Monster Out (featuring Björn "Speed" Strid, Mikael Stanne, and Niklas Isfeldt)
6. I'm Your Mind
7. My Disrupted Reality
8. A Smile Upon Death
9. Whatever Our Fortune
10. A.D.D.
11. Waste of Life

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Blood Mortized Welcomes New Bassist

Sweden's Blood Mortized is currently in the studio recording the band's new album "The Key To A Black Heart." Blood Mortized has now also checked in with the following update about recruiting a new bassist:

"We are really pleased to be able to reveal the name of our new bass player! Drum roll and here he is...

"Mattias Söderlund joins Blood Mortized! He will punish his bass on our upcoming album. He is mainly known for A: being a really nice guy B: playing bass with legendary Swedish punk band Charta 77.

"It will be great to finally get to record proper bass lines and work on a crushing bass sound on the upcoming album The Key To a Black Heart. We are very happy to have him on board and we welcome him to the band with a massive TRAKTOR BAS and a bloody CHEERS!"

Blood Mortized tracks are also available for streaming by heading over to the band's official MySpace music profile.

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Arrayan Path Added To Ayia Napa Festival Roster

Arrayan Path (formerly known as Arryan Path) has issued the following update about appearing at the upcoming Ayia Napa Festival:

"Arrayan Path will be appearing in the Ayia Napa youth festival at the end of August together with bands like Stratovarius, Sabaton, Rotting Christ, as well as with some great bands from Cyprus like Blynd, R.U.S.T., Winter's Verge, and Lethal Saint, etc... A perfect combination of metal and holidays! Be there!"

Additional details on the festival are available by heading over to this location.

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A Chat With Nephrolith Vocalist Nerthag

Nephrolith brings elements of thrash and heavy metal into their crippling black metal sound. Unlike a lot of traditional black metal acts, Nephrolith is not afraid of letting their melodic side show. Their recent album, “Xullux,” best suits this description. The band can get down to gritty and raw blackened vibes, yet are willing to incorporate wild solos and acoustic guitars in copious amounts. The band has a lot of potential, which should be interesting to watch evolve in the near future.

I had the chance to forward a few questions via email to vocalist Nerthag to get a clearer idea of the band and what they bring to the table. His answers are concise and short, avoiding rambling or going off on tangents; just an articulate musician who knows how to pick the right words. More...

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New The Devil Wears Prada Single Available

"Born To Lose," the first track from The Devil Wears Prada's new album (title yet to be announced), has just been released and is available now at iTunes. Log onto this location.

According to TDWP's Mike Hranica, "Our new album contains the heavy aspects of the 'Zombie EP,' meshed with the melody of the the full-lengths. 'Born to Lose' captures some of those elements and serves as a comprehensive preview to the album."

The Devil Wears Prada's new album will be released on September 13 (Ferret). The band kicks off their summer 2011 tour tonight with a headline show at The New Daisy Theatre in Memphis, and will play the Teggart Main Stage on the Van's Warped Tour beginning this Friday, June 24. The complete itinerary is below. More...

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Machine Head Announces European Tour

American heavy metal outfit Machine Head has announced that the group will be embarking on a headlining tour of Europe this November, in support of a forthcoming, as-yet untitled new studio album, which is expected to be released this September through Roadrunner Records. Support on the trek will come from Bring Me The Horizon, Devildriver, and Darkest Hour.

The tour dates are as follows:

November 2 - Oslo, Norway - Sentrum Scene
November 3 - Stockholm, Sweden - Arenan
November 5 - Tampere, Finland - Sorsapuistosali
November 6 - Helsinki, Finland - The Circus
November 8 - Fredriksberg, Denmark - KB Hallen
November 9 - Hamburg, Germany - Grosse Freiheit 36
November 10 - Dresden, Germany - Alter Schlachthof
November 24 - Neu-Isenburg, Germany - Hugenottenhalle
November 25 - Munich, Germany - Kesselhaus
November 26 - Ludwigsburg, Germany - Arena
November 30 - Oberhausen, Germany - Turbinenhalle
December 3 - London, UK - Wembley Arena
December 4 - Birmingham, UK - National Indoor Arena
December 5 - Glasgow, UK - Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC)
December 6 - Manchester, UK - Central

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New Dates Added To Judas Priest's "Epitaph" Tour

A new batch of dates have been announced for the upcoming "Epitaph" farewell tour from heavy metal icons Judas Priest. You can view the newly added dates, cities and venues in the list provided below with the previously announced stops being featured at this location.

Oct. 27 - Sleep Train Pavilion, Concord, CA
Nov. 08 - US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH
Nov. 09 - Prairie Capital Convention Center, Springfield, IL
Nov. 10 - The Family Arena, St. Louis, MO
Nov. 15 - Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH
Nov. 16 - The Armory, Rochester, NY
Nov. 22 - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
Nov. 23 - Colisee Pepsi Arena, Quebec City, QC
Nov. 24 - Bell Centre, Montreal, QC
Nov. 26 - Sovereign Center, Reading, PA
Nov. 30 - 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre, Tampa
Dec. 01 - Bayfront Park Amphitheatre, Miami
Dec. 03 - Hard Rock Biloxi Hotel & Casino, Biloxi

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Lineup Revealed For 2011 Epicenter Festival

The official lineup for the 2011 edition of Southern California's "Epicenter" festival has been announced. The day long hard rock event is to take place on Saturday, September 24 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, California and is set to be headlined by reunited rap-metal act Limp Bizkit. The currently announced lineup is listed below, with more bands to be added in the coming weeks.


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Entire Orphaned Land Concert Posted Online

DVD quality footage of Orphaned Land's entire Hellfest concert has been posted online, courtesy of Arte Télévision. The footage was captured during the band's June 19th appearance at the Hellfest festival in Clisson, France and can be streamed using the player provided below. Orphaned Land's latest album, "The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR," was released in North America on February 9, 2010 through Century Media Records.

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Suicide Silence Performs New Song Live

New live concert footage has made its way online featuring American deathcore act Suicide Silence performing a track from its upcoming new album live in Vienna, Austria. The clip, which includes the track "You Only Live Once," is available for viewing below. Suicide Silence will release its new album, titled "The Black Crown," on July 12, 2011 through Century Media Records.

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Def Leppard Behind-The-Scenes Footage Posted

Hard rock icons Def Leppard have released some behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage from its June 7th concert in Belfast, Northern Ireland. You can view the footage in the player below. Def Leppard are currently on tour promoting its new live release "Mirror Ball," which sold 20,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release.

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Solstafir Signs With Season Of Mist

Icelandic black metal act Solstafir has announced that it has reached a deal with French label Season Of Mist, becoming the first Icelandic band to be included on the label's roster. Solstafir frontman Aðalbjörn Tryggvason commented on the signing by saying:

"On behalf of Solstafir, I can honestly say that we are delighted to have signed to Season Of Mist, and we have full faith in that they will work with us in taking the band to a new level. Our new album will for sure make some jaw drop and surprise many, and we feel that we have found the right home to spread the light of Solstafir all over the planet for years to come!"

The band is currently penning the follow up to 2009's "Kold," which was issued through Spikefarm Records. The music video for "She Destroys Again" can also be viewed in the clip below.

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King Kobra's New Music Video Available Online

American hard rock veterans King Kobra, who feature former Ozzy Osbourne drummer Carmine Appice, have released their latest music video. The video was shot for the track "Turn Up the Good Times" with director Mario Ruiz, which is included on the band's latest self-titled studio album. "King Kobra" was released in April of this year through Frontiers Records and is the follow up to 2001's "Hollywood Trash." You can view the video in the player below.

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Mike Portnoy's Adrenaline Mob Posts Album Teaser

Adrenaline Mob, the new progressive metal act from Mike Portnoy, has posted a short sampler online to promote its impending debut album. You can check out the album teaser in the player below. The new group also features Stuck Mojo/Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward, Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen, Sonic Stomp guitar player Mike Orlando and bassist Paul DiLeo.

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Accept Live Footage Available

A new live footage featuring heavy metal veterans Accept has made its way online. The clip was taking during the band's appearance at the "Sauna Open Air" festival in Tampere, Finland on June 11, 2011. You can view the band's performance of the track "Up To The Limit" in the player below.

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Miss May I Posts New Song Online

American modern metal act Miss May I has posted a new song online for streaming. The track, titled "Forbidden," is to be included on the band's reissue of its latest full length "Monument," which will arrive in stores on June 21, 2011 through Rise Records. You can check out the new song in the player below.

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We Came As Romans Studio Clip Available

American metalcore act We Came As Romans has made some new studio footage available through AltPress.com. The clip documents the band recording its forthcoming album with producer Joey Sturgis and is available for viewing in the player below. More...

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Black Tide Posts New Video Shoot Footage

Black Tide have posted some new behind-the-scenes footage online taken from its recent music video shoot. The clip features the band recording its newest music video for its single "That Fire." The track is the second to be released from the band's upcoming new full length album "Post Mortem" which will hit store shelves on August 23, 2011. You can check out the footage in the player below.

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Allegaeon Announces New Tour Dates

Allegaeon has revealed that it will be hitting the road this coming August in the United States alongside The Browning and The Devastated. The currently announced dates are available in the list provided below. The tour, dubbed the "Metal Arise! Tour," will reach fourteen cities across the U.S. with special guest local support to appear on select dates.

08/09 Dallas, TX – Cambridge Room
08/10 Houston, TX – Bronze Peacock
08/11 New Orleans, LA – The Parish
08/12 Jacksonville, FL – Unit Six
08/13 West Palm Beach, FL – Propaganda
08/16 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
08/17 Philadelphia, PA – Theatre of Living Arts
08/18 Cleveland, OH – Cambridge Room
08/19 Cincinnati, OH – Bogart’s Front Room
08/20 Detroit, MI – Shelter
08/21 Chicago, IL – House Of Blues
08/23 Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre
08/25 Los Angeles, CA – House Of Blues
08/26 San Diego, CA – Delta Room

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Devin Townsend Posts European Tour Footage

Canadian metal mastermind Devin Townsend has posted some new footage online from his recent touring overseas with the Devin Townsend Project. You can check out the footage in the player below. The project's latest two albums, "Ghost" and "Deconstruction," were released on June 20, 2011 through InsideOut Music.

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