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Metal News for June 22, 2007

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Lamb of God Takes Best Metal Modern Drummer Award

Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler has been named the #1 drummer in the "Metal" category in Modern Drummer magazine's 2007 Readers' Poll. The Readers' Poll results appear in the July 2007 issue of the magazine, available on newsstands now. Chris' competition included the following:

02. Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall - '06 Winner)
03. Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)
04. Dave Lombardo (Slayer)
05. Travis Smith (Trivium)

Lamb Of God was also nominated in the "Best Metal Performance" category at the 49th annual Grammy Awards (won by Slayer for Eyes of the Insane).

Lamb Of God's latest album, 'Sacrament', has sold more than 200,000 copies in the United States since its August 21, 2006 release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The band is currently on tour in Europe with the following remaining dates:

6/23/07-Grasspop, Belgium
6/25/07-Hamburg, Germany
6/27/07-Hove Festival, Norway
6/29/07-Reload Festival, Germany
6/30/07-Full Force, Germany, Festival

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Clawfinger Dissed by Slayer at Nova Rock Fest

CLAWFINGER frontman Zak Tell has posted a report from the band's appearance at the Nova Rock festival, which took place June 15-17 on the Pannonia Fields in Burgenland, the easternmost federal state of Austria (near Nickelsdorf and the Hungarian and Slovak borders). An excerpt follows:

"Jocke (Skog, keyboards) tried to say 'Hi' to the SLAYER guys from MESHUGGAH, as they had asked him to, but being the big American stars that they are, they (SLAYER) didn't really have time to listen to what us peasants had to say. They were too busy being the biggest stars of the evening. Too bad their show sucked ass! We stood in the crowd for about 15 minutes really trying to enjoy it, but in the end we simply realized that it was fucking boring. No show spirit worth mentioning, just big attitudes and no knowledge of how to communicate with the fans. Of course they get away with it because they're SLAYER, but it was still lame, if you ask me!"

On the topic of the new album's lyrical direction, frontman Zak Tell recently said, "Paedophilia, addiction, death, suicide bombers, self-esteem issues and misers are a few of the topics I've chosen to write about this time around. Not very uplifting stuff, I guess, but hey that's just me and it's not as if I actually plan it, it just happens, I promise! There are a few positive lyrics as well so it's not all gloom, doom and troubled thoughts. A majority of the tracks are though."

"Anyway, I guess there are a few different reasons as to why I chose to write about the stuff I do, the logical one being that the music we play is of a slightly aggressive nature and therefore inspires darker lyrics, although that's not entirely true as we also have softer and less serious songs and I sometimes also break free from the given formula. Most of the time I don't, though, out of fear of getting lost! The second reason is that it's simply my outlet for all the less pleasant things that go through my head. My everyday life is fairly normal and family-orientated so to get some sort of balance I use CLAWFINGER as my frustration ventilator or whatever you want to call it!"

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Botch American Nervoso to be Re-Issued 7/10

After the reissue of Unifying Themes Redux (which featured a bevy of early, rare, and unreleased material) comes the re-release of Botch's first absolute milestone. Rife with totally singular rhythms and guitar work, it's the sort of musical leap forward that a soul expected from the hardcore scene at the time. Recorded in March 1998 at Stone Gossard's Studio Litho in Seattle, American Nervoso was Botch's full-length debut and first release on Hydra Head (ISIS' Aaron Turner/Pelican/Converge) American Nervoso was a catalyst for the genre's evolution; a funeral rite for mindless floor-punching and youth-crew Hitlerism. Here it is, nearly a decade later—remixed, re-mastered and reissued with five bonus tracks to serve as a reminder for where present standards conceived their constitution. If you were out of diapers when this album came out, you know your face melted when you heard the first three chords.

The reissue includes five bonus tracks in addition to the original set:

1.Hutton's Great Heat Engine
2.John Woo
3.Dali's Praying Mantis
4.Dead for a Minute
6.Thank God For Worker Bees
7.Rejection Spoken Softly
8.Spitting Black
Bonus Tracks:
10.Stupid Me
11.Spitting Black (Extended Version)
12.Hutton's Great Heat Engine (Demo)
13.Rejection Spoken Softly (Demo)
14.John Woo (Demo)

The CD is up for pre-order at Bluecollardistro, along with a (very limited print) resurrected classic Botch shirt.

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All That Remains hits 100k with Fall of Ideals

Prosthetic Records recording artists All That Remains have reached a major sales milestone – their third album, "The Fall of Ideals," has surpassed the 100,000 mark in sales.

"Just shy of a year ago we put out a record called 'The Fall Of Ideals' and ever since that first week we have been amazed at the reaction people have had," All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte says. "This week we hit a milestone in ATR's career with 100,000 copies sold! We have been working towards this goal for a long time. I think Hatebreed was the first band that I was actually friends with that broke that number with 'Satisfaction...'. I remember thinking how huge it seemed and it still seems enormous, especially in today’s musical climate. Thank you to everyone who picked up the disc, who told their friends, who sent us love on MySpace, who posts on our message board, who started fan sites, and everyone who came out to shows to hang out and support ATR. We are gonna hit a few new places this year and lots of places we've been before. So come out, say what's up, and get into it!"

Read the full article at All That Remains myspace.

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