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Metal News for June 20, 2017

Last updated on August 21, 2017 at 12:45 AM ET

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Aggression Announces 30th Anniversary Tour

This November, Canadian thrash group Aggression will embark on a special 17 date Canadian tour to commemorate the 30th anniversary of classic first record "The Full Treatment."

The tour, presented by Galy Records, is set to be a real headbanger, as the band will be playing the "Full Treatment" album in it's entirety. Denis "Sasquatch" Barthe commments about the album and upcoming tour:

"30 years later... Still alive and well. Unbelievable that after all these years, this God forbidden record still creates excitement and interest. We are ready to celebrate in Canada… destruction and annihilation... See you in the pit..."

Nov 1 Banff, AB@Wild Bill's
Nov 2 Winnipeg, MB@The Windsor Hotel
Nov 3 Timmins, ON@The Working Class
Nov 4 Trois-Rivieres, QC@Rock Cafe Le Stage
Nov 5 Montreal, QC@Katakombes
Nov 6 Toronto, ON@Coalition
Nov 7 Sherbrooke, QC@Le Murdoch
Nov 8 Quebec City, QC@L'Anti
Nov 9 Drummondville, QC@Pub Heriot
Nov 10 Rimouski, QC@Le Cactus
Nov 11 Halifax, NS@Gus Pub
Nov 12 Moncton, NB@Le Caveau
Nov 13 Ottawa, ON@Cafe Dekcuf
Nov 14 Sudbury, ON@The Asylum
Nov 16 Saskatoon, SK@Vangelis Tavern
Nov 17 Calgary, AB@Distortion
Nov 18 Edmonton, AB@Brixx More...

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Execration Streaming "Eternal Recurrence"

On July 14th, Norwegian death metal band Execration will release new album, "Return To The Void," via Metal Blade Records. Today the band premieres a new album track, "Eternal Recurrence," which can be heard below.

Execration comments: "'Eternal Recurrence' is the first track off 'Return To The Void' - it will grab hold of you and throw you into space, drag you back down to earth and take you on a journey through ancient caves and deep into the graveyard of your inner mind. The song was one of the first written for 'Return To The Void', and it set the stage for the rest of the song-writing for the album."

1. Eternal Recurrence
2. Hammers of Vulcan
3. Nekrocosm
4. Cephalic Transmissions
5. Blood Moon Eclipse
6. Unicursal Horrorscope
7. Through the Oculus
8. Return to the Void
9. Det Uransakelige Dyp More...

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Mutation Releases "Hate" Video

Mutation is a UK-based extreme metal band formed in 2013 by vocalist / guitarist Ginger Wildheart. The underground three-piece will release new album, "Mutation III: Dark Black," on June 30th via Undergroove Records. Today the band unleashes a music video for "Hate," which can be seen below.

“Generally speaking, these songs tackle issues that we're still processing ourselves,” says Ginger. “Anger, disgust in people, frustration at the collapse of human conscience and hatred of the gullible element that makes up society. Basically, wanting to kill but being unable to, due to the strict penalties involved. In Mutation, we are able to vent these feelings and no one can tell us that it's too fucked up. They can only tell us that we're too fucked up, which we already know, and have the prescriptions to prove it.”

1. "..."
2. Authenticity
3. Toxins
4. Devolution
5. Irritant
6. Skint
7. Hate
8. Victim
9. Dogs
10. Deterioration
11. Toxins (Caravan Tapes)
12. Victim (Caravan Tapes) More...

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Beneath Reveals "Ephemeris" Details

"Ephemeris" is the third full length release from Icelandic death metal titans, Benath. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Fredrik Nordström at the acclaimed Studio Fredman in the fall of 2016.

After the departure of founding member and drummer Ragnar Sverrison, Beneath teamed up with Mike Heller (Malignancy, Control/Resist, Fear Factory) to handle the drums for the album. The result is nine tracks of relentless brutality.

Commented vocalist Benedikt Natanael Bjarnason, "We are immensely proud to announce the release of our third full-length album Ephemeris. We teamed up with Mike Heller to provide session drums for the nine-track album which adds a whole new dimension to the soundscape of Beneath. Make sure to not miss the release date on August 18th!"

Guitarist Jóhann Ingi Sigurðsson adds, "Ephemeris has been a demanding album for us personally and in many ways, it represents a turning point for the band. We've always pushed ourselves in ways that keep us invested and engaged in our music­, and on this album, that meant making big changes to our overall sound. There are songs that are a marriage of pure heaviness and brutality, while on the other spectrum there are some very challenging technical arrangements pushing the limits of our playing abilities. In the end, we ended up with an album that feels musically multidimensional and that we are extremely proud of." More...

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Pit Stories: Under The Stench Of Burning Hair

Another week has reached its Tuesday, and that means its time for yet another Pit Story!

This week we've got guitarist J. Bennett from the formidable and enigmatic Ides Of Gemini, sharing a story of a very strange show indeed.

In the tale below, you'll find everything from a black metal band's odd performance art (goats blood is old hat now - they had to try something different!) to a group experiencing a sudden on-stage breakup that would make Five Finger Death Punch proud!

We don’t see many mosh pits at our shows, but I do have a good story from a few years back. In 2013, we did a month-long North American tour with Ghost, which ended in Pittsburgh. From there, we did a handful of club shows on our way home to Los Angeles. The first three were in Cleveland, Chicago and Lincoln, Nebraska, opening for a band that shall remain nameless because some of the members are still friends of ours.

On the final day of the three-day stint we arrived in Lincoln to discover that we’d be playing at an old blues bar that our singer Sera’s dad had played 30 years earlier. Not only that, but the promoter had used a huge close-up of Sera’s face for the flyer, even though we weren’t headlining - or as we like to call it, “playing last.” This may or may not have caused some tension within the other band, but it was definitely good for a few laughs within our band because it was just so patently ridiculous.

The local opener that night was a three-piece black metal band. During their set, the singer produced a giant Ziploc bag full of human hair that he proceeded to burn in handfuls while the band played. The smell was so fucking horrible that everyone in the club - even the bartenders - left the venue and stood outside for the duration of their set. We set up our gear while the place was airing out and played an uneventful set to an audience that consisted of the other bands, the bartenders, and maybe eight other people.

While the last band (the one that shall remain nameless) set up, we made friends with the openers, who turned out to be super nice people. Their vocalist even gave Sera a Tibetan singing bowl as a gift. Then the band-that-cannot-be-named played about half a song before one of their guitar players walked offstage and left the venue. They spent the next hour or so looking for him, but by the time they found him we had already split. We later found out that they had just broken up onstage - under the lingering stench of burning hair.

Ides Of Gemini released latest album "Women" via Rise Above Records in late April - check out a song off the album below, and you can pick up your copy of the album here. More...

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Orm Releases "Ancient Echoes"

In the wake of the release of a self-titled debut album this past March, epic black metal horde Orm now premieres a new video for the track "Ancient Echoes."

The eponymous debut album from Orm was produced by Lasse Ballade (Solbrud, Halshug) and bears the grandiose artwork of Italian artist Paolo Girardi (Inquisition, Black Breath Power Trip).

If you missed it, the full five-track album is available for streaming over here and you can catch the band live at this festival while new tour dates are lined up:

7/06-08/2017 Metal Magic Festival - Fredericia, DK More...

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Temple Of Void Bestows "The Gift"

Today the doom-death titans from Temple of Void premiere new track "The Gift," which hails from the band's second album, "Lords of Death," set for international release on July 28th via Shadow Kingdom Records.

Pre-orders are online via Bandcamp here. The album features appropriately morbid artwork by Paolo Girardi and the full "Lords of Death" track listing is as follows:

1. The Charnel Unearthing
2. Wretched Banquet
3. A Watery Internment
4. The Hidden Fiend
5. An Ominous Journey
6. The Gift
7. Graven Desires
8. Deceiver in the Shadows More...

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I Am Become Death Streaming New Tracks

Boston hardcore punk crew I Am Become Death will release new LP "Unfortunate Anthems and Songs of No Hope" on June 23rd via Magnetic Eye Records, which was captured at Getaway Recording Studio.

In advance of the new album's release, new songs "Foe" and "Victims" have come online. Check 'em both out via the SoundCloud players provided below.

"Unfortunate Anthems and Songs of No Hope" delivers blast beat hardcore, blurred-out buzzing feedback, extremity, and aggression. Themes range from political dissonance and the consequences of greed to personal anxiety and despair.

1. Self Loathing
2. The Buzzard
3. Look Who’s Desperate Now
4. An Unfortunate Anthem
5. Foe
6. Victims
7. Feeder/Gainer
8. Alcholocaust
9. Blood Bug
10. Waste
11. A Song of No Hope
12. Every Fucking Day More...

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The Soundbyte Posts "Solitary" Video

Avant garde metal group The Soundbyte — helmed by former The Third and the Mortal guitarist Trond Engum — is treading dark waters in the new video for “Solitary.”

Drawing from ambient, progressive, and post-rock/metal sounds enhanced by ethereal vocals, The Soundbyte crafts songs that sound massive, aided by dark visuals.

"Solitary slit and tear us,” The Soundbyte told Decibel Magazine. “Beautifully distorting in character, it forces us to through all there is, all there was. It makes us witness our decay within and that of our surroundings twisted and formed by our choices. The album Solitary IV´s title song is moments of battling a haze of disturbing solitary. Intentionally discomforting, the song is aesthetically arranged with signature guitars, expressive drumming, contrasting string arrangements and tenderly raw vocal performances. "

The Soundbyte will release fourth album — aptly titled "Solitary IV" — on June 30th via Temple of Torturous. Pre-orders are now online at this location. More...

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NYN Streaming "The Apory Of Existence"

Progressive/technical death metal project NYN recently announced upcoming album "Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt" is set for an August 11th release through Vmbrella.

Guitar virtuoso Fountainhead (ex-Obscura, live for Defeated Sanity) and progressive music keyboard/synth player Jimmy Pitts (Pitts Minneman Project, Eternity's End, Equipoise) have joined forces with NYN mastermind (and multi-instrumentalist) Noyan on the new album.

Today the group unveils new single "The Apory of Existence" - check it out below, and you can find pre-order info over here. More...

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Zeal And Ardor Posts New Video

After releasing the "Devil Is Fine" album earlier this year, Zeal & Ardor just dropped a live video for "Blood in the River," which can be seen in the player below.

About the song, Z&A's Manuel Gagneux comments: "'Blood in the River' is partially about the Stono Rebellion and partially about self-liberation from religion. I quite like this song."

The band has also booked several tour dates in the U.S. this comming August. Catch the incredibly unique Zeal & Ardor experience live:

8/19 — Los Angeles— The Hi Hat
8/20 — Las Vegas — Psycho Vegas
8/22 — Chicago – The Beat Kitchen
8/23 — Brooklyn – St. Vitus More...

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Deathwhite Signs With Season Of Mist

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of enigmatic dark metal band Deathwhite. Regarding this signing, the band comments:

"We are incredibly honored to join the Season of Mist roster. Deathwhite started in 2012 as a basic studio project with the aim of playing dark metal in the vein of some of our most beloved bands. To have Season of Mist take an interest in us is far beyond our expectations.

"We now turn our attention to the proper release of our first full-length, 'For a Black Tomorrow,' and look forward to among other things, our first live performances, and an enduring partnership with Season of Mist."

Formed in 2012, Deathwhite was created in part to follow the path created by dark metal torchbearers such as Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, and Anathema. More...

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Wilderness Dream Streams "The Awakening"

"The Awakening" is the latest volatile single from Bay Area hardcore/thrash metal warriors Wilderness Dream. The track, which hails from the band's impending "Paralysis Rise" EP, can be heard below.

With an unhinged vocal sincerity, blistering twin guitar assault, and a crushing rhythm section, Wilderness Dream's sound and identity has naturally evolved into a more blackened and ominous thrash-metal assault.

Recorded in February through April of 2017 with Scott Goodrich at Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburgh, California, "Paralysis Rise" pays homage to the death metal pioneers and legends of the '90s while injecting the band's own special vicious brand of intensity

The band is currently booking tour dates supporting the new EP, with a run through California alongside Viral taking place the first week of August, and additional widespread tour dates beyond the region to follow.

8/02/2017 El Rio - San Francisco, CA
8/03/2017 Programme - Fullerton, CA
8/04/2017 PV Lounge - Phoenix, AZ
8/05/2017 Til Two Club - San Diego, CA
8/06/2017 TBA - Fresno, CA More...

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Decapitated Releases "Earth Scar" Video

The Polish metal extremists from Decapitated are inching closer to the release of their seventh album "Anticult," which arrives via Nuclear Blast on July 7th. The band has further stoked anticipation for the album by issuing the video for the new track "Earth Scar."

"We're really excited to release the second song from our upcoming new record - 'Earth Scar!,'" said guitarist Vogg. "I have always drawn influence from all spectrums of metal and this song and? our new? record really reflect those influences. "Much like 'Never,' this song has been designed to crush on a stage and we can't wait to add it to our set. Rasta wrote the lyrics with a lot of metaphorical content dealing with touring. The opposing lifestyles from the 'normal,' day-to-day of being at home vs. being on the road and seeing our 'tribe' interacting with the music and the almost restorative qualities of that. We hope you all enjoy it and we can’t wait to see you all very soon!"

The new video can be seen below, and if you missed it, the history of Decapitated was recently covered in our Sunday Old School column here. More...

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Laser Flames On The Great Big News Premieres Song

Today we're hitting you fine music loving folks with an exclusive track from Laser Flames On The Great Big News (whew, that's a mouthful, maybe these guys and gal should hook up with Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire).

On June 30th, Wood and Stone Productions will release the new, self-titled album from Laser Flames On The Great Big News as a limited edition CD.

In advance of that release, we're streaming the album's second track, "31 Years." Check it out below, and let us know what you think!

Fronted by the impeccable trade-off vocals of John Judkins (Rwake, Today Is the Day, Scott Kelly) and Stephenie “Stevie” Bailey, this Tennessee-based hard rockin' group drills a maze of hooks and emotion through your ears down into your heart and further, down where the old things live.

1. Intro
2. 31 Years
3. Lashes
4. Open Dead and Doomed (Featuring Steve Austin of Today is the Day)
5. Beloved (Featuring CT of Rwake)
6. Flame High More...

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Helvetestromb Signs With Wormholedeath

Wormholedeath Records is proud to announce that Swedish black metal act Helvetestromb has signed a licensing deal for the worldwide release of the album "Demonic Excrements Cursed With Life."

Helvetestromb was formed in 2010 then under the name Skoll. During a drinking binge, three of the original four members (Sebastian “Überführer ov Sadistik Violations” Messa, Tom “Grym Ejakulator” Ahlqvist and Axel “(Piss and) Shitlord” Sjöberg) contemplated over how awesome it would be to play music similar to what they loved to listen to. The idea was formed to make punk inspired black metal you'd want to bang your head and mosh to. Next day, the soon to be vocalist (Jesper “Anal Desekrator” Tennemo) was informed that he was now in a band and it was time to start rehearsing.

The following years came with a few accomplishments and some setbacks, as drummer Hjalmar “Lord Necrofleshcunt” Klitse Kyrö was in the band, but let go sometime later. After some serious issues within the band, rhythm guitarist Axel left the band in the summer of 2014. This allowed the remaining members to step up the game. In addition, the band's sound evolved more and more adding thrash and heavy metal power surges. By the summer of 2014, the first professionally recorded tracks came out as an EP released on cassette entitled "Helvetestromb" ("Hell Tornado").

During the recording of the first full-length album in 2016, Skoll finally changed name to Helvetestromb. The band had crystallized into a solid power-trio with a united ambition to create a shitstorm of fast, raw and punkish metal in opposition to the modern metal scene, mixing everything they love about metal into one unrelenting, leather-clad creation of blasphemy.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Tempesta di Merda (A legion of Jesus Christs)
2. Restless Satan
3. Skitberget
4. Holy Christian Airstrike
5. The Demon Bell
6. Kloakerna under Hel
7. Bog of Eternal Stench
8. Warmongo
9. Tormentive Retribution
10. Sifting Excrements (Through the Teeth)
11. Morningstar:Whore crusher More...

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Overkhaos Issues "Khaos Inc." Lyric Video

Italian progressive-yet-aggressive metal act Overkhaos issued a new lyric video for the song "Khaos Inc." The song is taken from the debut album "Beware of Truth," which recently dropped in Europe (June 16th) and will be issued in the USA via Rockshots Records on September 9, 2017.

In February 2017, the band finished the recordings for "Beware of Truth," a 10 track concept album, marked lyrically by social protest, which was edited and mixed at Golem Dungeon Studios in Bari.

The album features a guest appearance by Derek Sherinian on "Anna's Song," which can also be heard in the player below.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Prelude
2. Silent Death
3. Solar Starvation
4. Khaos Inc.
5. The Lie You Need
6. Crumbling
7. White Light
8. Die Catsaw!
9. Anna s Song
10. Deadline More...

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Just For Fun

Watch Kids Reacting To Iron Maiden

Fine Brothers Entertainment filmed a number of kids reacting to songs of heavy metal music legends Iron Maiden. Watch to see their reactions below. Iron Maiden are the latest band to get the "Kids React" treatment, following other clips in which today’s youngsters react to Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Guns N’ Roses and others.

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Headline News

Dead Cross Premieres New Song "Seizure And Desist"

Dead Cross - featuring Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Misfits), Mike Patton (Faith No More, Tomahawk), Justin Pearson (The Locust, Retox) and Michael Crain (Retox, Festival of Dead Deer) - premieres a new song entitled "Seizure And Desist", taken from the band's forthcoming self-titled debut album, which will arrive in stores on August 04th via Ipecac Recordings.

Check out now "Seizure And Desist" below.

Says Justin Pearson of this clip: More...

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Gwar Premieres New Song "Fuck This Place" Live

Gwar premieres a new song called "Fuck This Place", taken from the upcoming new album "The Blood Of Gods", which is currently being finalized and will be released this coming fall.

Check out now "Fuck This Place" below.

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