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Metal News for June 16, 2009

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Dream Theater Covers Zebra Song On New Album

Dream Theater's latest cover song revealed from their new album, "Black Clouds & Silver Linings," is "Take Your Fingers From My Hair" by Zebra. You can get the song on iTunes now.

Check out what Mike Portnoy had to say about covering "Take Your Fingers From My Hair" by Zebra in the video below. More...

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World To Ashes Announces Records Release Show

World to Ashes will release their debut full-length album called "in contemplation of death" on Whirlwind Records in June 2009. To celebrate this, the band prepared a "monster" record release show on June 19th in Freiburg "Waldsee." Here's the address:

Waldseestraße 84

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Coffinworm Signs To Profound Lore Records

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, COFFINWORM has signed a record deal with Profound Lore Records. Coffinworm is an uncompromising act that plays blasphemous and vile blackened sludge and describes their sound as death, doom, and destruction.

The band has recently finished recording their “Great Bringer Of Night” demo (recorded by GATES OF SLUMBER drummer Bob Fouts) and is available from their myspace site where you can also hear samples of their music. Said demo has songs such as "Start Saving For Your Funeral" and "High On The Reek Of Your Burning Remains."

Currently the band is writing material for their debut full length to be recorded sometime near the end of the year (with Sanford Parker) with a projected release somewhere in early 2010.

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In This Moment Covers Pantera's "I'm Broken"

Metal band IN THIS MOMENT has recently posted a video online for streaming of them covering a all-original metal song "I'm Broken" by Pantera. The song was done as a tribute to the former metal giants, and has been posted for downloading in several locations on the web. More...

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Neaera Confirmed For "Hell On Earth" Tour

NEAERA have just confirmed their participation in this year’s installment of "Hell On Earth Tour" that will lay Europe to ashes in August/September.

Other bands on the bill:

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Wolf Confimed For Bloodstock Open Air Festival

The Bloodstock Open Air Festival web page has posted the following article regarding WOLF:

"Bloodstock are pleased to announce that Swedish Metal heads WOLF are to make a long awaited return to this year’s Bloodstock Open Air !!

Wolf are back with their long awaited new album Ravenous, the album has been getting rave reviews by all the music mags including Bloodstocks own media partners Metal Hammer who gave the album an impressive 8/10 ! The band’s sound has often been compared to that of Iron maiden which maybe why they have gained great exposure on the radio through Bruce Dickinson’s Radio 1 rock show.

Turning attention to Ravenous, it’s yet another platter of trademark Wolf metal. Straightforward and to the point, carved from the soul with an “if ain’t broke don’t fix it” AC/DC attitude even if the band’s approach was slightly different this time out from their previous album The Black Flame.
Replacing Goding and Kellgren on Ravenous are Anders Modd and Richard Holmgren respectively. Wolf is back to full strength, with all four members on the same page.

“When you get the right people back in the band it feels great,” says Losbäck. “I’ve known Anders for many years. He used to be in Tad Morose and I’m a fan of their stuff. I remember when they came out with the Modus Vivendi album; I thought it was the best Swedish metal album ever (laughs). I knew that Tad Morose wasn’t doing anything and that he really looking to get out there again, so we asked him to jump in and do few gigs to see where it would take him because he was still with Tad Morose at the time. He made his first appearance with us at the Bloodstock Festival and actually introduced himself by doing a striptease on stage (laughs). But, he’s been around, he knows the business, and he’s a great guy and knows his metal. There’s no beating around the bush, he’s all ‘take it or leave it’ just like us.” "

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Anathema Added To Bloodstock Open Air Festival

The Bloodstock Open Air Festival web page has posted the following article regarding Anathema:

"Bloodstock are pleased to confirm UK progressive metallers Anathema are to grace the main stage at this years BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR !

As one of the three British bands that popularized doom death in the early nineties, Anathema has come a long way indeed. The trio of Anathema, My Dying Bride, and Paradise Lost all played a similar style in their early careers, but have since diverged, with My Dying Bride sticking the closest to the original style, Paradise Lost wandering into more radio-accessible territory, and Anathema more or less taking the middle road. By the time of 1999's Judgment Anathema was less a doom death band and more a dark metal band, with mostly clean vocals but retaining some of the brooding, heavy rifting of the past. The succeeding albums have seen the band striking out into new territory, with A Natural Disaster almost completely non-metal of any kind, instead adopting a serene, ambient, introspective rock style (others have noted similarities to Radiohead and Pink Floyd). On its own merits, it's a beautiful album, though certainly those who only know the band from the Serenades days would be more than a little surprised with this new direction.

Shortly before the release of A Fine Day to Exit, Dave Pybus announced his departure from the band to join - ironically - Cradle of Filth. He was replaced by touring bassist George Roberts and then by Jamie Cavanagh.

In March of 2002, Daniel Cavanagh announced his departure from the band, joining Duncan Patterson's band Antimatter. But he came back to Anathema and in 2003 the band released A Natural Disaster and started an European Tour. This album took experimenting a bit further showing that their biggest source of inspiration is Pink Floyd.
Today the music of Anathema lost all connection with the doom or metal genre, but has a more atmospheric and progressive tone. It owes more to the like of Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and especially Pink Floyd, a major influence for the band.

The band are very pleased to be gracing the main stage at this years Bloodstock Open Air festival and have promised fans a performance to remember !"

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Behexen Posts Video For "Invocation of Zabulus"

Behexen recently posted the music video for "Invocation of Zabulus" online. The song is off their new album, "From The Devil's Chalice," which was released on June 12, 2009. You can watch the video below. More...

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Grief Of War Streaming New Song "Disorder" Online

Grief of War has announced that their new album "Worship" will be released on July 7th via Prosthetic Records. A new track from the album titled "Disorder" can be heard at the band's MySpace page.

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Mob Rules Finishes Recording New Album

Germany's Mob Rules has issued the following update about completing the recording of a new album:

"We all have been very busy during the last weeks but now its almost done. We are finished with all recordings and we already have a great Mix. Markus Teske ist doing the last 'Fine Tuning' on the sound at the moment. We are going to introduce the new Stuff to you as soon as he´s finished with the Masterpiece.

"Also we have the winners of our Fotocontest. They will be informed by mail during the next days. We are going to show you a little selection of the best Pics on our Homepage soon.

"Speak later ..............."

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Glorior Belli Recruits New Drummer Gael Barthelemy

French black metal band Glorior Belli has issued the following update about acquiring a new drummer:

"Gaël Barthelemy, known for his work with Balrog, Svartcrown, Diabolic, Drowning, Antaeus... is now officially drumming for Glorior Belli.

"Therefore, Glorior Belli will be available again for gigs shortly.

"The line-up is now:

Infestvvs (Composition - Guitar/Bass/Vocals)
Alastor (Guitar)
Gaël Barthelemy (Drums)
Caym (Live Bass)

"Booking inquiries goes through "Trendkill Entertainment": booking@trendkill.fr"

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Katatonia Issues Studio Recording Update

Katatonia front man Jonas Renkse has issued the following studio recording update:

"After a long nocturnal car ride through heavy rain and on frog flooded roads, me, Daniel and David (recording engineer) finally found the lonesome path leading to a studio pretty much located in the middle of nowhere. We got the gear into the studio, had a quick lookaround and were then heading for bed. Both me and Daniel were (are) sick and since drugs are a big part of rock 'n' roll lifestyle we went through our medicine stash and found a big bottle of cough surpressing stuff that would also provide extra good sleep... yummy.

"Day two was all about getting the drums up. Provided with a beautiful orange Gretsch kit Daniel started to play around with his setup. It took some time. Putting up all the microphones took some time as well. By midnight we could finally hear the sound of the drum kit through the studio monitors. More...

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Tales From The Pit: Losing an Eye in the Pit

We've been talking to bands to get their best pit stories. This week's is from Matthew Zadkovich, guitarist for Starring Janet Leigh:

"I was in Toronto at the Reverb for a show with the Cancer Bats (Blackmarket/Distort) and The End (Relapse). It was in the middle of The End's set and I hadn't been in a pit for a while after some older injuries nearly ruined one of my hands (not too good for a guitarist), but they're a great band and adrenaline was pumping so I figured what the hell, time to bring the mosh! I was a couple people from the front in the crammed pit and one guy up front jumped up on stage to stage dive. 'Right on,' I thought. The dude jumped right at me and instead of going on his back went face first with his fingers pointed out. All of a sudden I couldn't see and my head was spinning. I stumbled out of the pit now realizing that this guy's finger had gone about an inch into my eye socket. I found my way to the bathroom to see blood coming out of my eye socket, and I could only see out of my other eye. Nothing like seeing blood pouring out of your eye socket to make for a memorable pit injury. Amazingly my eye was ok after a few days, but that's one for the ages: middle finger one inch in my eye socket. Yikes haha!"

Next week we're going to hear from Billy Price of Unholy, who tells about playing a show for a live boxing match.

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Moonspell Posts Live Video Clips Online

Portuguese metallers Moonspell have posted a series of live video clips online from recent performances, including a cover of "Fade to Black" by Metallica. The videos can be viewed below. More...

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Unleashed Wishes You A Happy Midsummer's Eve

Unleashed has issued the following statement wishing their fans a happy Midsummer's Eve:

"Warriors !

"We wish you all an amazing Midsummer's Eve this coming weekend!

"As nature stands erected, it is a perfect time for a blot to Frey and Freya. Come lust for ecstasy and unleash the seed of man! Drink to prosperity for kindred and friends.
Let the summer solstice be the turn of the tide, a new age in which good fortune will come to you!

"Hail Frey, Hail Freya!"

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Susperia Vocalist Set To Return At Steinkjer Fest

Athera (Pål Mathiesen), vocalist for Norwegian thrashers SUSPERIA, is set to return to the stage at the Steinkjer Festival in Norway on Friday, June 26, 2009. The singer, who earlier this year suffered a heart attack that resulted in major open heart surgery, has made a rapid recovery and doctors have now given him the go ahead to make his comeback.

Athera recently gave his first interview since the heart attack to Belgium's Metal Nose. Talking about his new perspective on life he said, "I haven't seen the light or anything but things are certainly different. I would never ever dare to touch any kind of drugs anymore and I don't understand now how people can pull smoke into their lungs and stuff like that, even though I used to love it. I guess you must go through something like this to realize the dangers and insanity of some of the bad things in life." You can read that full interview here.

SUSPERIA's fifth studio album, "Attitude," was released last month via Candlelight Records, entering the official Norwegian Album Charts at position No. 28, whilst in the USA it was the No. 3 most added album on specialist Rock Radio Playlists. "Attitude" is the band's debut for the Candlelight label and features guest appearances from Chuck Billy (Testament) and Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir). Recording took place at Strand Studio and Studio Cyrus, Norway, with the mix being completed at Studio Fredman in Sweden by Henrik Udd and Fredrik Nordstrom (Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Opeth).

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An Interview with Epica's Mark Jansen

Epica is a powerhouse symphonic metal act that has brought fame to the Netherlands. The distinctive vocals of Simone Simons and front man Mark Jansen’s death growls give Epica an edge that makes them popular with more than just the traditional symphonic fan, and their latest live album, "The Classical Conspiracy," is one of the finest pieces of musicianship I’ve reviewed. I recently had the opportunity to ask Mark and Simone a few questions about "The Classical Conspiracy," and managed to get some insider’s info about their new release slated for this fall. More...

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Vader Reveals "Necropolis" Details

VADER's new full length album entitled "Necropolis" will be released in Europe on August 21 through Nuclear Blast. The album will be available as a standard CD edition, digi pack (featuring two cover tracks and bonus DVD) edition and vinyl edition. The album artwork and the whole layout was made by Jacek Wisniewski (who also made cover arts for such albums as "Black To The Blind", "Litany", "Revelations" and many more).

"Necropolis" was recorded at Hertz Studio with Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski behind the helm. Then the album was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at his Antfarm Studio (it's been band's first cooperation with a foreign producer since "The Ultimate Incantation").

Peter commented: "Tue Madsen did tremendous work! He modeled power on this album. It is not easy to make VADER sound heavy and clear. When I was listening to the master tape for a first time, I knew after the opening notes that 'Necropolis' is gonna be a BLAST indeed!!! Tue thinks the same, which makes me even more happy. No VADER album sounded so powerful without loss of all these details in the songs. I am impressed indeed!!! We will do video clips, of course! I'm not sure yet which songs are gonna be chosen. I have some 'evil stories' in my mind just waiting to be realized. Personally, I want to see a clip for 'Devilizer', which opens 'Necropolis'. The CD front cover was done by Jacek Wisniewski and explains what's inside the album... We summoned the Old Spirits again. The Unknown is awakened...again. 'Necropolis' is exactly like the picture seen on the front cover: solid, metal and evil, with many details, backgrounds and... hidden mysteries. There's also another thing that don't let me fall asleep since a few days. I mean very honest, positive, almost enthusiastic response from Nuclear Blast!"

Digi pack editions of the album will feature two cover songs: "Black Metal" of VENOM (with a guest appearance of Bart Krysiuk from HERMH), and "Fight Fire With Fire" of METALLICA (featuring Maciek Taff from ROOTWATER, BLACK RIVER). Also included is a bonus DVD featuring a part of a charity show for Covan (DECAPITATED) the band played on April 26 in Krakow. The show recorded by 5 cameras, dynamic editing and HD quality - all that made by Inbornmedia Company from Wroclaw.

Here is the complete "Necropolis" tracklisting: More...

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Memphis May Fire's "Sleepwalking" Streaming

You can now check out Memphis May Fire's entire album, "Sleepwalking," on the music player here. The music player also includes lyrics and a Twitter feed.

The debut album "Sleepwalking" will be available in stores and online July 21, 2009, but you can pre-order now in the following packages:

- CD at MerchNow ($10)
- CD/CDep/shirt at MerchNow ($25)
- CD at SmartPunk ($10.99)
- CD/shirt at SmartPunk ($17.49)

The band will hit the road for the "Pave the Forest" Tour this summer with Fear Before, Oceana, Of Machines, and This Time Next Year.

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Tantrum Posts New Update Online

Javeen Soysa of Sri Lankan Thrash Metal band Tantrum has issued the following update.

"Greetings \m/

With all the controversy surrounding us after myself & Tharaka officially joining Stigmata I'm sure many of you have a lot of questions. Avoiding getting into much detail, bottom line being Tantrum has not disbanded & as far as we see it definitely not in the next years to come, that’s right “years!’ Haven’t been around in awhile??? Yes true, as we have been trying to figure out ways to record our full length album & working on new tunes & jamming with new guitarist Malinda & getting our selves fit for the job. So friends, fans, peers, lovers & haters! Hope we clarified the rumors going around.

With that thought we got some new stuff to show you & a few gigs lined up.

Tantrum will be organizing a show celebrating 5 years in the music scene in Sri Lanka, on the 21st June @ the Keg (Excel World) along with Funeral In Heaven, Merlock, LOA & Forsaken. Check back for more details SOON.

Cheers & Metal all the way!!"

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Stigmata To Headline Southern Ultimate Explosion

Sri Lankan Progressive Death Metallers Stigmata have been confirmed to headline Maylasia's Southern Ultimate Explosion, a two day festival scheduled to be held on the 11th and 12th July. Joining the festival will be bands such as Karmapura, Flying Sahara, Predicate Not Defined, Wynken Delirium and Blind Tribe.

Visit the band's Myspace page for more information.

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New Fragments of Unbecoming Song Available

Fragments of Unbecoming has uploaded a preview of the song "Vast," off the upcoming album, "The Everhaunting Past / Chapter IV - A Splendid Retrospection." Check it out at Myspace.

Fragment of Unbecoming's fourth album, "The Everhaunting Past / Chapter IV - A Splendid Retrospection," will be released later this year via Cyclone Empire (Evocation, Demonical, Black Sun Aeon), with whom the band has just signed.

"The Everhaunting Past" tracklisting: More...

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Evergrey to Support Deep Purple in Sweden

Evergrey has just been confirmed to support one of the most classic rock bands, Deep Purple, in Västerås, Sweden on July 14th. The show will be held at the Bombardier Arena and tickets are already available from ticnet.se.

Upcoming Evergrey shows:

Jun. 22 - 27 Borlänge, SE - Peace and Love Festival
Jun. 27 Gothenburg, SE - Metaltown festival (at Frihamnen)
Jul. 9 - 12 Vizovice, CZ - Masters of Rock Festival
Jul. 14 Västerås, SE - Bombardier Arena
Jul. 27 Dudley, GB - JB’s
Oct. 04 Baarlo, NL - JC Sjiwa (ProgPowerEurope)

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Metallica Reschedules Ottawa Show

Metallica has rescheduled their show in Ottawa, from the original date of October 29th to November 3rd at the Scotiabank Place due to a scheduling conflict. Tickets will be valid for the new date or they can be refunded at the place of purchase. Those who attend the show will receive a voucher for a free MP3 download of the show that can be redeemed at www.livemetallica.com.

The band comments: "We're happy to report that it has nothing to do with oysters, but can only tell you right now that the date change is due to a scheduling conflict with a very cool event coming up around that time. We wanted to let you know about the new date in Ottawa ASAP, but we've been sworn to secrecy on all other fronts, so keep checking www.metallica.com. . . more details in mid to late July."

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