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Metal News for June 16, 2007

Last updated on August 29, 2015 at 5:18 PM ET

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Site Update

Spam Prevention and Comment Moderation

Comment spam plagues the web and as Metalunderground.com has grown in popularity, it has become more prevalent here. I don't know WHY anyone would post comment spam here, as it is clearly stated that HTML will be removed. There are no links allowed, so no search engine value, no pagerank value, and I've even isolated comments from the page content so that they do not influence the Google Adsense ads (there were a bunch of pharmacy ads showing due to the spam).

I could go on a major rant about comment spam - because deleting spam and coding preventative measures takes up time that I could be doing more interesting things and improving Metalunderground.com. But it suffices to say that I've put measures in place to prevent (or at least curb) comment spam from showing up. Behind the scenes, there is a moderation queue. Only flagged messages require moderation. The goal is for 99% of legitimate comments to be posted immediately. Those comments containing links or URLs are the most likely to require moderation. Once our admins have viewed those comments flagged for moderation, they will approve the legitimate comments (and delete the spam), and those comments will show up within the thread based on the time they were submitted.

There is also a level at which a comment may be rejected outright (if it is SO obviously spam), in order to save us some time by moderating fewer comments.

I'm sure there will be some fine-tuning to do on the algorithm as well as the user-feedback, so please bear with us. I just wanted to make you all aware of the measures in place so you can be extra aware of any error messaged that might show up in the comment form once you've submitted your comment (I know the page does not scroll down there to see them immediately).

You should be able to go about posting comments as usual and be relatively unaffected. If you do run into problems, please send an email via our contact form. My goal, as always, is to minimize the impact of such efforts on legitimate participants. (The CAPTCHA I implemented for a short while last year was pulled because it sucked for commenters).

OK, enough of the technical talk, and back to the metal news, spam-free I hope. \m/

PS - as I fine-tune the spam filters, I will also be adding an auto-ban feature, so please don't "play" with the anti-spam features or otherwise waste our time. We enjoy bringing you metal news, not administering b.s.

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