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Metal News for June 15, 2008

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Ajdath Announces New Line Up And Live Performance

Jordanian thrash/death metal band AJDATH has announced their first appearance in Poland, live in Gdynia in club ANAWA in 15/06/2008 at 18:00.

The live performance will feature the new line up for the band:

Omar on guitar and vocals
Tomasz on bass guitar
Marcin on Drums

In other news, AJDATH is working hard on their new album, which is expected to hit the market in late 2008. Comments AJDATH founder on the new album: "prepare for another arabian onslaught, the band is scheduled to hit the studio soon."

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Headline News

Light This City Confirms Break-Up

After canceling their scheduled tours last week, Light This City has officially called it quits. Drummer Ben Murray has issued the following statement:

"I know this is extremely unexpected and disappointing to a lot you out there, but Laura [Nichol] and I have decided to end the band recently because of personal and practical reasons. While this may come as a shock to many, I hope I can shed some light on the reasons behind the decision.

"First and foremost, the touring lifestyle and playing on stage every night, as well as making this band our entire lives and our profession had over time become stale and anxiety-ridden for both of us, and in the end, not enjoyable anymore. We started this band because we loved playing this kind of music and loved the release that we got out of it, and the satisfaction we got from jamming with our friends, and taking it across the country. The fact that it had not been that way for a while was enough reason for us to hang it up and leave the band as 6 years of amazing memories and amazing accomplishments. There are other life goals that both her and I have that we felt would not be reached had we taken the band further, say for another 5 to 10 years, and we didn't want to string our other band members along in something that our hearts weren't in 100%. That's just not who we are, and not how we ever wanted this band to be. Both Laura and I want to get back to the root of why we love playing and writing music, whether it be professionally or not, and not have this burden of feeling alienated from our friends and scene because of what the touring lifestyle does to bands. It is a feeling that we just couldn't handle anymore, and didn't want to deal with on any level, because at the end of the day, music IS our entire lives and we want to keep it that way. We wanted to keep it enjoyable as an amazing catharsis, which it was quickly becoming the opposite. With all of this, on top of the financial and logistical burdens we have come across in touring fulltime, we felt it was the right time to make this announcement. As disappointed as our friends and fans may feel, we hope you understand and respect the reasoning behind this decision, and can understand why we'd make it. More...

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Across Five Aprils, A Plea For Purging Tour Dates

Across Five Aprils and A Plea For Purging will kick off a two week tour this weekend. Tour dates include:

with Salt The Wound:
6/14 Buchanan, GA @ The Hangar
6/15 Wilmington, NC @ Lucky's Pub w/ American Me
6/16 Danville, VA @ Plan B
6/17 Linthicum, MD @ St. Christophers w/ Becoming The Archetype
6/18 Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's
6/19 Toledo, OH @ Frankies
6/20 Lake Station, IN @ Eagles Club
6/21 Kettering, OH @ The Attic
6/22 St. Louis, MO @ Rockstar Nightclub

without Salt The Wound:
6/23 Herrin, IL @ The Brothers
6/24 Terre Haute, IN @ First Baptist Church
6/25 Manitowac, WI @ The Attic
6/26 La Crosse, WI @ The Whearhouse
6/27 Chaska, MN @ Lions Park (Redemption Fest)

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Scar Symmetry Posts Entire New Album Online

The band Scar Symmetry has decided to post their entire new album online via Myspace. The album, "Holographic Universe," will be released on July 8th here in the U.S. and June 20th in Europe. Click here to head over to their Myspace page to check out the new album.

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Bleeding Through Posts New Song Online

For a short time, Bleeding Through have posted a new song on their Myspace page. The song is entitled "Orange County Blonde and Blue" and is going to be on their new album dubbed Declaration due out this September. Click here to check out the song.

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Videos Of New Mastodon Songs Posted Online

Mastodon recently previewed three new songs from their upcoming album at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. The videos for "Divinations", "Ghost Of Karillah" and "Oblivion" can be viewed below. More...

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Opeth Taps Replacement Bassist In Austria

Opeth performed five songs at the Nova Rock festival in Austria with guest bass player, Johan Niemann (Therion, Demonoid) filling in for Martin Mendez, who had the day off catering to the needs of his girlfriend and new born son. The setlist: 'Demon Of The Fall', 'Baying Of The Hounds', 'Masters Apprentices', 'Heir Apparent' and 'The Drapery Falls'.

Sandra Artigas, Martin Mendez girlfriend gave birth to their son, Noak Mendez Artigas on the morning of June 14. Weighing in at 3.7 kilos, "Noak has already started practising slap bass, and side to side headbanging," according to a band update.

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Sample Of New Slipknot Song Available Online

A sample of the Slipknot track "All Hope Is Gone" from their upcoming album is currently available for streaming at Amazon.com.

The tentative titles of some of the other songs from the album have been announced as "Moth," "Chapter One," "The Eleventh March," "Dirge," "Dead Memories," "Vendetta" and "Psycho Social."

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Mnemic Checks In After Touring With Metallica

Danish industrial death metal band Mnemic has issued an in depth post tour update. Excerpts from the update can be viewed below or the whole thing can be read on their MySpace page.

This is just a tour recap as we came home a couple of days ago from a short run of 3 shows, spread out on 10 days with the mighty mighty super-incredible Metallica!

I must admit, we are one hell of a lucky band, to play with Metallica for the 4th time. I dont care about all the other bands who have already played with them, who all sell more records than us, i am just extremely happy, that a bunch of rednecks like us, out of nomans land, the country of vikings, got the big opportunity to be on stage with one of the biggest heavy metal bands in the world! I've wrote it, and ill write it again, Metallica are in the best shape of their career and they are back stronger than ever!
Watching them from stage, feeling the power and the energy and their joy for playing, just gets you the goosebumps and gets you pumped with more energy. I am pretty sure Rob and the rest of the gang in Machine Head would have to agree to that, cause we all where rockin out to their songs! More...

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Within Chaos Offers Lifetime Entry To Shows

In a brilliant piece of marketing, hardcore/metal band Within Chaos has announced that it will offer fans lifetime entry into its live shows…with a catch. The band says, "If you are sick enough to go and get a Within Chaos logo tattoo on your body we will give you lifetime admission to all our shows."

The band has already been sent photos of new tattoos by fans across the U.S. from its passionate fan base. Guitarist Jason Huggett says, "I feel very fortunate to have fans like ours. Within Chaos' fans are the best fans you could ask for. They are the kind who wear our shirts all the time and always help spread the word about Within Chaos."

In 2007 the band signed to indie powerhouse KOCH Records, for a worldwide, four-album deal. The band released the full-length, "Virulent," in the fall of 2007.

Within Chaos is:
Jay "JC" Childress - vocals
Travis Denham – drums
Jason Huggett – guitar
Jim Taylor- bass

Within Chaos has previously released the album, "What Doesn’t Kill You," in 2006, and has toured throughout Texas and the Midwest with the likes of Unearth, Walls of Jericho, God Forbid and Trivium.

Within Chaos is currently touring the U.S. You can check out some of their material on their Myspace page.

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Dead Mens Dreams Post New Music Online

Florida metallers, Dead Mens Dreams, post a new song sample on their MySpace page entitled "Terminus." Also on their myspace page are samples of the songs "Screaming At Darkness," "Black Hearts Beat," "The Deceased’s First Reaction," "Stalked By The Dead," and "The Dead Are Dreaming." The songs come off their upcoming debut album, entitled "The Dead Are Dreaming," which has a release date of June 21.

Track listing for "The Dead Are Dreaming" is as follows:

1. A.D
2. The Dead Are Dreaming
3. Machines Will Take Our Souls
4. Mark My Tracks
5. Stalked By The Dead
6. Black Hearts Beat
7. Shout At The Devil
8. Puzzles Of A Day Dream
9. The Deceased’s First Reaction
10. Screaming At Darkness
11. 07162083
12. Landmass
13. Terminus

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Ex-Drowning Pool Singer Slams Former Bandmates

AM Conspiracy/ ex-Drowning Pool singer Jason "Gong" Jones has revealed his feelings on the split between himself and Drowning Pool in a recent interview with Altitude. His statement is as follows:

"I left DROWNING POOL because I wasn't really getting paid for the work I was doing at all whatsoever and wasn't really happy with the music and definitely wasn't happy with the guys, if you wanna know the honest truth. So, actually, I was off for a moment, I was in Florida and I saw these guys [AM CONSPIRACY] play, and I was like, 'Wow, this is so much fucking better. These guys can actually play their instruments,' and so I jumped in on it, man."

Drowning Pool have responded to Jones's statement, which you can view in the video below: More...

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Metallica Reveals New Album Title

Metallica has revealed that the new album, due for a release this September, will be entitled "Death Magnetic."

In addition to announcing the album title, the band has posted a new clip featuring audio from a brand new song. Check out the audio and album announcement below: More...

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