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Metal News for June 13, 2010

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Live Footage of Slash At Pinkpop Festival

Some professionally filmed video footage of Slash’s performance at the Pinkpop festival in Landgraaf, Netherlands has been posted online. Check out a couple of videos below:

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Anno Domini Planning CD Release Show

Sydney metal band Anno Domini is planning to trek south for a CD release party show on July 9th. The band is releasing their new album "Atrocities." Here's the lineup for the show:

In Malice's Wake
Anno Domini
A Million Dead Birds Laughing

July 9th @ Central Club, Richmond.
Doors at 7:30pm, $15 entry.
Click here for the facebook event.

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Korn to Boycott Use of BP Oil While On Tour

Motivated by the BP disaster and its devastating effects, KORN is taking a stand by launching a boycott against using the company’s gasoline while on tour this summer. The band has formally announced that it will not be fueling any of its touring vehicles with BP products and is strongly encouraging other touring artists to do the same.

“The daily images are hard to watch,” says Korn frontman Jonathan Davis. “We need to do our part to let BP know there are consequences for causing something like this. We want to send a message to corporations like BP so that they will take more preventative measures in the future. The more costly their punishment, the more money they will spend to make sure disasters like this don’t happen again. It’s plain and simple capitalism.”

In a timely coincidence of life imitating art, Korn’s new album artwork, photography and stage set imagery reference the band’s hometown area near Bakersfield, CA and its bleak landscape littered with oil rigs. The video for the first single “Oildale (Leave Me Alone)” reveals a poverty-stricken area situated among the rich oil fields and tells a story of a young boy’s desire to escape. The video story echoes the band’s own struggle out of Bakersfield. Davis adds, “It was one thing for us to grow up near such poverty. But the situation in the Gulf takes things to a whole new level where people’s lives and livelihoods are affected forever.”

Korn will spend their summer as a headliner on the third annual Rock Star Energy Drink Mayhem Festival playing in 14,000 to 30,000 seat amphitheaters. “We urge the other acts on Mayhem and anyone on tour this year to be with us on this,” Davis also said.

Korn is touring to support their upcoming album, due out July 13, 2010. The title, "Korn III – Remember Who You Are," is a reference to the band’s past and is a nod to their roots.

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Suspyre Issues Studio Update

New Jersey progressive metal band Suspyre has posted studio video footage of their singer Clay Barton recording vocals for their new album. Watch the videos here and here. Guitarist and songwriter Gregg Rossetti comments on the recording session:

"Clay came down to do vocals for the first song we're going to release. April was kind enough to snatch up some vegetable Phad Thai and take some videos and photos."

"We worked really efficiently and actually kept most of the first-draft vocals we did weeks ago; we started around 8 and were done before 11, when Andrew got there. This song is really catchy and even radio-friendly...but then again, with the advent of Sirius XM, I've heard progressive and fusion bands on the radio on a regular basis."

"Now it's my job to clean up all the tracks and do a preliminary mix on the song that makes it listen-able. Maybe we'll release it early next week!"

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Fracture Point Posts New Tour Video Blog Online

Unsigned Arizona metal band Fracture Point has posted a new tour video blog online. Watch it below:

The band comments on the video footage, "Footage on the road with Fracture Point at various gas stations and rest stops. Recorded with a cellphone. Mostly taken from our tour through New Mexico May 2010. Includes footage of The Thing? ... some weird gas station/tourist trap in Dragoon, Arizona"

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Mar De Grises Reveals New Album Details

Chilean doom metal band MAR DE GRISES has announced that their new album, entitled "Streams Inwards," will be released on August 30th (September 14th in North America) through Season Of Mist. The tracklisting and cover artwork of the third full-length is as follows:

1. Starmaker
2. Shining Human Skin
3. The Bell and the Solar Gust
4. Spectral Ocean
5. Sensing the New Orbit
6. Catatonic North
7. Knotted Delirium
8. A Sea of Dead Comets

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We Are Building Ruins Posts New Single Online

Italian death metal band We Are Building Ruins has digitally released their debut ep "Where the Sun Sets," which was mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar Studio (Hour of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse,etc.). The first single entitled "The Painting," can be heard at their MySpace profile.

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Exodus Video Interview Available

Metalassault.com conducted an interview with Gary Holt of Exodus at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA on June 11th 2010. The video clip of the interview can be viewed below.

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Dreadnox Posts New Song Online

Brazilian metal band Dreadnox has posted another new track online from the new album "Dance of Ignorance." The song "Survive," which features Renato Tribuzy on vocals, can be heard via the Dreadnox MySpace page.

The track listing for "Dance of Ignorance" is as follows:

1. Fight With the Light
2. Survive
3. Echoes at Midnight
4. Go On
5. Miracle
6. All is Not Lost
7. Dance of Ignorance
8. Annie
9. Sinners in Paradise
10. Impromptu No. 1
11. Waiting for the Sun
12. Battle & Honor (bonus track)

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Destroyer 666 Comments On Tour Dates

Australia's Destroyer 666 has checked in with the following statement about the band's recent tour dates:

"Our Hails to the Maniacs that made the last 2 weeks some of our best. Both Greece and the Baltics were un-fucking-believable for us. Our thanks to the promoters who made it all happen in such a faultless fashion. The response from both shows have made us determined to return to those distant shores again to summon wolves, raise our glasses and raise hell."

The upcoming Destroyer 666 tour dates are as follows: More...

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Gravdal Guitarist Joins Aeternus

Norwegian metal act Gravdal has issued the following announcement about guitarist Specter joining Aeternus:

"Gravdal guitarist Specter has joined dark metallers Aeternus, replacing outgoing guitarist Dreggen. His work with Gravda will not be affected in any way. Specter, who is now rehearsing with the band and immersing himself in their music, is the second member of Gravdal in Aeternus' ranks - fellow guitarist Phobos is, of course, Aeternus' drummer."

You can also check out Aeternus through the band's MySpace page.

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Live Kiss Video Footage From Rock AM Ring

Professionally filmed video footage of KISS' performance at the Rock Am Ring festival in Nurburg, Germany has surfaced, including "I Was Made For Lovin You" and "God Gave Rock N Roll To You." Check out the videos below

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The Project Hate Issues Album Update

Swedish death metal band The Project Hate has checked in with the following update about recording a new album:

"We have started to look into the plans for vocals and such as well now and it seems like J will start doing his stuff in August and Ruby will first finish up her pre-productions for me before starting do do her real takes for the album. If everything goes as planned, drums are also to be put down this fall – in September, meaning we can hopefully deliver this absolute bastard of an album to Swanö in October or something.

"I will also visit Tobben and we’ll go through everything before he tracks the drums, just to see if there’s anything I wanna change (remember Tobben’s got absolutely no boundaries as for what he’s allowed to do with this recording – he got guidelines though) or whatever. He will most probably bring on a lot of different drums and cymbals to really be able to go crazy when needed. That’s what Tobben does – that’s why he’s made out of the purest of gold.

"I’m sitting here listening to the songs in the planned order they should end up on the album and it sounds amazing. This really is on another level when it comes to TPH. And you know I am right about this. You should trust me by now, haha…"

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Empires Of Eden Posts Studio Footage

Australia's Empires of Eden has released studio footage from the recording sessions for the upcoming album "Reborn in Fire," which is due for release by 7Hard on July 16th. The video clip can be viewed below.

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Neuraxis Issues Studio Update

Neuraxis has checked in from the recording studio with the following series of daily updates:

"Date: June 3 to June 6 2010 Studio: Wild studio Producer/engineer: Chris Donaldson Tracking: Drums. June 3 - Arrived at Wild studio! Drum set-up done, sound checking almost finished...sounding powerful and precise. Recording starts tomorrow!

"June 4 - 4 songs recorded on drums today. Tiger is blasting like a madman!!! Chris Donaldson is very chill to work with. Wild studio has amazing acoustics!

"June 5 - Holy shit! Oli 'Tiger' Beaudoin nailed 5 songs today! He displayed incredible endurance and precision. Tomorrow: 1 more song + acoustic guitar parts and then we leave Wild Studio. Going to cook some steaks and burgers on the BBQ now...ooo ya! More...

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Dyrathor Checks In With Band Update

German folk metallers Dyrathor released the new album "Sacred Walcraft Of Hel" on June 11th, 2010. The band has now checked in with the following update about their recent activity:

"Hi, we wanted to report back after this busy weekend again. First, we thank you for your active support of the album sales is more than satisfactory start and the patches are largely sold out! The appearance on the Black Troll festival yesterday afternoon, in spite of the moderate weather, a really brilliant experience, you are correct departed and have given us the feeling to have everything done properly - thank you for this! However, we still have bad news 'to announce'...

"Yesterday as we pleased and relaxed on the way home we went, we noticed that something was wrong with our car. we were able to intervene before a sudden burst of the front tires and we crashed at 120 km / h in the guardrail. It is still only in material damage, but the shock of us is still deep in the bones. However, a big thanks for a great and somewhat thought-provoking weekend."

You can check out Dyrathor's music at this location. Dyrathor also has the following upcoming festival appearance:

11/6 2010 In The Sign Of The Ravens Fest Oberhausen, Nordrhein, DE

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Sunday Old School: Les Légions Noires

The LLN. The Les Légions Noires. The Black Legions. By whatever name, they were an infamous group of underground black metal artists/bands that emerged from France in the early 90s in response to the newly born Norwegian second wave of black metal (bands like Mayhem, Burzum and Emperor). With a penchant for prolific demo output, next to no full lengths, rough and raw material, barely audible/listenable recordings, obscure naming conventions, true satanic piety and rabid anti-commercialism - the LLN made a name for themselves by intensifying almost every black metal stereotype known to the metal community. More...

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