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Metal News for June 13, 2006

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Testament's New Material "Pretty Old-School"

Steve Saks of LivingForMetal.com recently conducted an interview with TESTAMENT/DRAGONLORD guitarist Eric Peterson. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

LivingForMetal.com: After the CD "Live At The Fillmore" you released "Demonic". How was that era for the band?

Eric: "We toured our asses off for 'Demonic' and built our names up again, stayed out there for five months straight then we came back and it was just me and Chuck [Billy] standing looking behind us with everything on fire. I summoned up and ended getting Dave Lombardo [SLAYER] to work on the stuff with me then got Steve DiGiorgio [SADUS], wrote the record and invited James Murphy [DEATH, OBITUARY] back to play some leads on it...and there you have 'The Gathering'. And since then there has been a lot of internal things like Chuck's cancer and me breaking my leg touring, all kinds of shit. But it wasn't until the last year when we put the original line up back together...I mean I've always been writing ever since."

LivingForMetal.com: How many songs do you have hidden away? Like a billion? (laughs)

Eric: "I have so many, it's like..."

LivingForMetal.com: How do you write them anyway, and what do you keep them on?

Eric: "I have them on ProTools or four-track, boom boxes whatever I can record them on. The newer stuff is on ProTools. Now more than ever we are getting ready here. Hopefully we'll be recording in the fall, that's what I'm shooting for."

LivingForMetal.com: And that's for the new TESTAMENT album?

Eric: "Yeah, and it's gonna be with the original lineup."

LivingForMetal.com: Even with Louie [Clemente] on drums?

Eric: "Yeah, we're gonna get Louie to come back to do some songs. The drummer situation, we are probably gonna use a couple of drummers 'cause we've had people that are in our lives and a part of TESTAMENT so it wouldn't be fair to not have these people play on it. Probably Jon Allen from DRAGONLORD and SADUS will play on it, who's also been a part of TESTAMENT and toured with us. Just the way we do things now, we don't tour extensively so it's kind of hard to keep steady players. Like if something comes up and someone's not available we'll go, 'Let's see if this guy's available.' Yeah it's gonna be killer, the new material is sounding pretty old-school."

LivingForMetal.com: Has Alex [Skolnick] written a lot of material for the new TESTAMENT album as well?

Eric: "Yeah, he's got some riffs that he's been sending me and they sound pretty TESTAMENT, just really cool stuff. Like that 'Apocalyptic City' kind of vibe. Good chord progressions with octaves over it."

LivingForMetal.com: You guys were great together. I'm glad everyone's back and doing well.

Eric: "Actually, I just recorded some stuff last night with Jon Allen, a few new songs and there's this one song...I don't know. Me and Jon couldn't get past the beginning we kept stopping it and playing the beginning. I mean we're seriously both going, 'This is what METALLICA should be writing.' (laughs). It sounds really good the song, I'm not just saying it cause we're doing it. I mean all of the songs that we got are killer, but this new one to me is like, 'If this one doesn't hit home then I don't know what will.' It's got the really good essence of TESTAMENT and mixed with the drumming with Jon Allen and a little bit of 'Lombardo' kind of busy in style."

LivingForMetal.com: How was it playing with Dave on "The Gathering"?

Eric: "That was a blast. He was going through a rough period in his life, it kinda brought him back into drumming. I had a lot of good riffs and it wasn't something that we were trying to do...I bombarded him with riffs and he was just like, 'Whoa,' so he was kinda forced to play. He'd be playing like standard metal beats and I'd go, 'Dude, just fuckin solo through the whole song, go nuts!' So that's where a lot of the cool stuff came out, a lot of the rolls and all that stuff."

LivingForMetal.com: What kind of game plan are you looking at for the new TESTAMENT record, recording this fall?

Eric: "Recording in the fall would be nice, that's my wish list. There's a lot of stuff coming up, I have DRAGONLORD who are gonna tour the States and we're playing Japan in September and Alex has got stuff going on too."

LivingForMetal.com: Yeah everybody's got lives now.

Eric: "Yeah, everybody's got stuff they're doing. I think once we get together and we put this TESTAMENT record together and we're done with it we're all gonna be like, 'OK! We got something here.'"

LivingForMetal.com: Any idea how many songs you are planning to have on it?

Eric: "Probably 10, But we'll have some bonus tracks for Japan or something like that. I mean there's a lot of material being written so we're trying to get enough to write so we can at least get half or more for the next record after that...so we're not sitting around for another five years."

LivingForMetal.com: Oh, OK.

Eric: "So that's what we're kinda doing, we're trying to write more than we need so if things pick up we can turn around and go into the studio and get a head start."

Read the full article at Livingformetal.com.

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Hecate Enthroned and Screaming Daemon UK Tour

UK Black metal legends Hecate Enthroned have confirmed Screaming Daemon as support for their UK tour in August. Here are the tour dates:

August 14th - Elektrowerkz, London
August 15th - Unit 22, Southampton.
August 16th - Old Angel, Nottingham
August 17th - Rio, Bradford
August 19th - Varsity, Wolverhampton

Tickets are on sale now at the following prices:

£10 on door, London £12 door

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Overkill Announce First 2007 Tour Dates

New Jersey old-school thrashers OVERKILL have lined up the following dates in early 2007:

Jan. 19 - Lakewood, CO @ Eck's Saloon
Jan. 20 - Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
Jan. 21 - West Hollywood, CA @ Whisky A Go Go
Jan. 23 - Somerville, MA @ Good Times Emporium
Jan. 24 - Bedford, NH @ Mark's Showplace
Jan. 25 - Hartford, CT @ Webster Theatre
Jan. 26 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
Jan. 27 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
Jan. 28 - New York, NY @ B.B. King Blues Club

OVERKILL are continuing to tour in support of their "ReliXIV" album, available now on Eagle Rock/Spitfire Records.

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Korn Frontman Released From U.K. Hospital

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has been released from a London hospital, where he has been treated over the past four days for the blood ailment immune thrombocytopenic purpura. As previously reported, Korn was forced to scrap its remaining European tour dates while David recovers.

"The doctors have determined that this was an isolated incident and that after a few weeks my recovery will be complete," Davis says in a statement. "I will be ready to rock on the Family Values tour this summer."

That outing, with support from Deftones, Stone Sour, Flyleaf and Dir en grey, kicks off July 27 in Virginia Beach, VA.

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The U.S. Gets The Shaft On Download Festival

The popular U.K.'s Download Festival is coming to the U.S. for the second year, this time to the Tweeter Center outside Boston on August 20 and to Shoreline Amphitheatre near San Francisco on September 30. However, it appears where the U.K. fest, which kicked off Friday at Donington Park in England, attracts bands like Tool, Guns N' Roses, Deftones, Metallica, Korn and Alice In Chains, the U.S. instead gets bands like 311, Jurassic 5, the Wailers, Dropkick Murphys, Glove & Special Sauce, and Pepper, who have been confirmed thus far for the Boston show.

Tickets for Boston will be available Saturday (June 10) and go on sale July 16 for the San Francisco show. But who'd want to go just knowing what a great show it could be if you lived in the U.K.?

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Sepultura Vow To Continue Despite Igor's Departure

Brazilian thrashers SEPULTURA have yet to comment on yesterday's announcement that their drummer and co-founder, Igor Cavalera, has left the group due to "artistic differences." However, according to a posting on the band's official web site, guitarist Andreas Kisser, Derrick Green and Paulo Xisto Jr. have vowed to continue with the group despite this major setback. In the meantime, SEPULTURA's latest CD, "Dante XXI", will receive its long-awaited South American release (featuring two bonus tracks) next month. Tour dates in Brazil and North American are expected to be announced soon.

Igor announced earlier in the year that he was taking a break from the group's touring activities to spend time with his second wife and their new son (who was born in January). Filling in on drums during the band's European tour with IN FLAMES was Roy Mayorga, who played with Igor's brother Max in SOULFLY for several years in the late '90s and again in 2001-2003.

Igor is the second Cavalera to leave SEPULTURA. In 1996, Max Cavalera exited the group after the rest of the band fired Max's wife Gloria as SEPULTURA's manager.

SEPULTURA have now officially selected Jean Dolabella (ex-UDORA) as their new touring drummer following Roy Mayorga's decision to join STONE SOUR as a full-time member.

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Incantation Announce New Album Title

Pennsylvania-based death metallers INCANTATION have set "Primordial Domination" as the title of their seventh album, to be released this fall on Ibex Moon Records with distribution through Megaforce/RED. "Primordial Domination" will be once again be engineered and produced at the Mars Recording compound in Cleveland by Bill Korecky, who has worked with INCANTATION for the past 16 years.

The band are previewing two songs from "Primordial Domination" on the Decades of Death 2006 tour with VITAL REMAINS, SIN OF ANGELS, and DAWN OF AZAZEL, which is scheduled to hit Austin, Texas tonight (Friday, June 9).

"We are extremely pleased with our new material and are eagerly waiting to unleash it upon the world," said drummer Kyle Severn.

The Decades of Death moniker is a tribute to the long history INCANTATION and VITAL REMAINS both have in the death metal scene. "VITAL REMAINS and INCANTATION have been around for almost two decades, unleashing metal fury on the world," said Severn. "We are great friends and have a similar old school brutal death vibe. We thought that this would make a great onslaught of metal."

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Nervous Breakdown Announce Release Date, Tracklist

Nervous Breakdown's debut album, "A Lifetime Of Letdowns," will officially hit streets on July 25th via Pinky Ring Records. Here's the track listing:

01. I-4
02. Lamotta
03. American by Birth, Cursed by the Grace of God
04. Eat The Street
05. The Kids Are Not Alright
06. Mjolnir
07. On&On
08. Shields
09. Time Heals Nothing
10. True Brothers/Dead Brothers

Look for Nervous Breakdown to tour in August in support of the new album. You can listen to some of their material on their MySpace page

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Poison The Well Split With Atlantic Recordings

As rumored, Poison The Well has finally parted ways with Atlantic Recordings, with whom they released one album. The group is currently in the process of solidifying a deal with a new label, stating, "it won't be a major label but a large indie instead." Poison The Well's new album should be completed in November, with a tentative release planned for early-2007.

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Velvet Revolver To Take A Break From Recording

Velvet Revolver, who continue to work on their forthcoming second album, will take a break from the studio in late July for a pair of live appearances. Look for the band to play Kelseyville, California on July 29 and Paso Robles, California on July 30.

The band had been preparing songs since coming off the road last year and were to have entered the studio on April 10 to begin working on their sophomore effort.

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Body Count Ready Fourth Album, "Murder 4 Hire"

It's been about a decade since the release of Violent Demise: Last Days, Body Count's third and supposedly final release. But on August 1, Ice-T and his reunited band will issue a 12-track LP called Murder 4 Hire, which promises to be just as controversial as the band's 1992's self-titled debut — the record that originally featured the infamous "Cop Killer" track. Ice-T, who plays a detective on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," kicks off Murder with "Invincible Gangsta," which contains the line, "F--- the cops." Look for the record to feature "In My Head," "Dirty Bomb" and "Down in the Bayou."

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Kittie Video Interview and Performances Online

A video interview with KITTIE and three live video clips of the band performing at the Knitting Factory in New York City on their recent U.S. tour have been posted online at LIETV.com.

KITTIE's downloadable EP, entitled "Never Again", was released in February through Rock Ridge Music. iTunes is offering an exclusive four-track version of the EP, which includes bonus track "Everything That Could Have Been".

KITTIE have sold more than a million records since the release of their debut, "Spit", in 2000, which was followed by 2001's "Oracle" and 2004's "Until the End", with several EPs in between.

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Orangeburg Massacre Signs To Pluto Records

Orangeburg Massacre have officially signed with Pluto Records. Formed in 2004, the Torrance, CA hardcore group has previously released two demos and is currently on tour in the Southwest with Catherine. The band will enter the studio in July to record their debut full-length, which should hit stores this fall. In the meantime, you can listen to some of their demo material here.

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Suffocation Recording New Album

Suffocation have begun recording their new album. The self-titled new album is being recorded at Full Force Studios in Long Island, NY. Suffocation is the follow-up to 2004's Souls To Deny and will see a September 2006 release.

Additionally, SUFFOCATION have enlisted tattoo artist JonZig from Skingraver Tattoo Studio in Austin, TX for Suffocation’s album artwork. More information on JonZig can be found at jonzig.com.

Suffocation were to be on tour in Europe now, but the band cancelled the tour due to problems securing the dates needed to fulfill the tour. Suffocation will be doing a three week tour of Europe in August that is already confirmed and will be posted shortly.

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New Kaledon Song Available For Download

A brand new KALEDON track, entitled "Clash of the Titans," has been made available for download here. The song comes off the Italian power metal band's upcoming fourth full-length album, "Chapter 4: Twilight of the Gods", due this summer via Universal Metal Production.

Here is the "Chapter 4: Twilight of the Gods" projected track listing:

01. The Holy Water
02. Hell On Earth
03. War Plans
04. Goodbye My Friend
05. Clash Of The Titans
06. Into The Fog
07. Eyes Of Fire
08. The Fury
09. New King Of Kaledon
10. The Prophecy
11. Out Of The Ground

KALEDON's first three full-length albums are now available in the United States through Mythic Silence Records.

KALEDON have been making noise in the Italian metal scene since the late 1990s. The band have released three full length albums of what will eventually be a six-part epic entitled "Legend of the Forgotten Reign". The most recent, "The Way of Light", featured guest drummer Jörg Michael (STRATOVARIUS, RUNNING WILD, GRAVE DIGGER).

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More Katatonia, Daylight Dies Tour Dates Revealed

The first confirmed dates on the anticipated fall tour featuring Katatonia and Daylight Dies with headliner Moonspell are announced. Set to kick off in Poughkeepsie, New York more dates for the tour are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

For Katatonia, currently promoting their latest album, "The Great Cold Distance," this will be the band's first full tour of the United States. The band's only previous stateside performances include their debut at the now defunct Milwaukee Metal Fest and 2004's Brave Words Bloody Knuckles 6-Pack Weekend. "The Great Cold Distance," released April 4, is the band's fastest selling record in their 10-plus year history. The album hit national sales charts in four international territories on release and the album's first video for album track "My Twin" directed by Charlie Granberg, is currently featured at numerous on-demand as well regional video outlets.

Confirmed dates are as follows: More...

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Children Of Bodom To Release DVD In October

The details of the upcoming Children of Bodom DVD have been revealed. The DVD, entitled "Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm Knockout Live," has been set for an October release and features the band's live performance at Arenan in Stockholm Sweden on February 5th, directed by Patric Ullaeus for Revolver AB.


  • Intro

  • Living Dead Beat

  • Sixpounder

  • Silent Night, Bodom Night

  • Hate Me!

  • We're Not Gonna Fall

  • Angels Don't Kill

  • Bodom After Midnight / Bodom Beach Terror medley

  • Follow the Reaper

  • Needled 24/7

  • In Your Face

  • Hate Crew Deathroll

  • Are You Dead Yet?

  • Lake Bodom

  • Everytime I Die

  • Downfall

  • Outro

Bonus material includes: More...

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