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Metal News for June 12, 2014

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Plot Twist

I love low budget and videos shot in gentlemen clubs. There is also nothing quite like a good plot twist when you are not ready for it. This week we have one and it did not leave me feeling good. More...

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Ape Machine Announces Summer Shows

The Portland, Oregon stoner rockers in Ape Machine have announced Summer U.S. tour dates with fellow PDX-dwellers Witch Burn and Wild Throne, in support of latest record "Mangled By The Machine," which is out now via Ripple Music. Dates are as follows:

6/27 Spokane, WA @ The Hop!
6/28 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
6/30 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
7/1 Boise, ID @ The Shredder
7/2 Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theater And Club
7/3 Denver, CO @ Moon Room at Summit Music Hall
7/4 Salt Lake City, UT @ LO-FI Cafe
7/5 Sparks, NV @ The Alley
7/6 Springfield, OR @ Goodfella's Lounge More...

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Oath Of Damnation Releases "The Descent"

From the shadows of the city of churches, Adelaide Australia's Oath Of Damnation unleashes debut album, "The Desent."

Comprised of members from both Beyond Mortal Dreams and Darklord, Oath Of Damnation delivers 7 symphonies of dark and brutal metal to punish the senses and hurl listeners into a cosmic spiral down towards the deepest depths of hell! You can now hear a track of the album entitled "Wrath Of Formosus" below.

The CD version of "The Descent" is now available online at this location. The track listing is as follows:

1. In Damnatio Memoriae
2. Sergius III
3. Wrath Of Formosus
4. Corporeal Invocation
5. The Severing Of Blessed Fingers
6. The Descent
7. Shroud Of Spoleto More...

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Aurorean Reveals New EP Release

Aurorean has issued the following announcement about releasing a forthcoming new EP:

"Here's the new cover for our upcoming EP 'Destroyed!' Big thanks to our new Drummer Jay Sanchez for all the hell. We are stoked about this upcoming EP.

"The release date is August 30th and we are looking for a venue and will keep you guy's posted as soon as we know we will make sure to announce it." More...

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Witchaven Cancels Shows Due To Surgery

Witchaven has issued the following announcement about canceling several upcoming live shows:

"Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we are forced to cut our west coast tour in half and postpone the second leg.

"Our drummer needs to go into surgery. We are waiting on a timetable for his recovery. From there we will organize and set the dates for the second leg of the tour. Below are all the dates that will go on as scheduled."

6/26 - Characters - Pomona, CA
6/27 - Oakland Metro - Oakland, CA
6/28 - Rock Shop - San Jose, CA
6/29 - Cafe Colonial - Sacramento, CA
7/1 - Ink Annex - Eureka, CA
7/2 - Club 66 - Ashland, OR
7/3 - 2-bit Saloon - Seattle, WA
7/4 - East End - Portland, OR
7/6 - Brosterhous Arena - Bend, OR

Witchaven's upcoming new album "Blood Sacrifice" is due out at the end of the month. More...

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Suicide Silence Posts New Lyric Video

The lyric video for "Don’t Die," the second single from Suicide Silence’s upcoming album "You Can’t Stop Me," can be heard in the player below.

The album marks the debut of new vocalist Eddie Hermida (ex-All Shall Perish), and is the band's first full-length recording since the death of singer Mitch Lucker.

"You Can’t Stop Me" will be released on July 11th (Europe), July 14th (UK) and July 15th, 2014 (North America) via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

"You Can’t Stop Me" was produced and mixed by Steve Evetts and features artwork by Tim Minarzik of Throne Media & Design. The album also includes some special guest appearances by Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan) and George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (Cannibal Corpse). The track listing is as follows:

1. M.A.L.
2. Inherit The Crown
3. Cease To Exist
4. Sacred Words
5. Control (feat. George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher)
6. Warrior
7. You Can't Stop Me
8. Monster Within (feat. Greg Puciato)
9. We Have All Had Enough
10. Ending Is The Beginning
11. Don't Die
12. Ouroboros More...

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Tacit Fury Posts Full Album Online

Tacit Fury's new album "A Social Berserker" was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Hertz Recording Studio.

The release is out now, and you can also hear all the songs below. The track listing for "A Social Berserker" is as follows:

1. Lacerated, Strangled, Impaled 04:30
2. Run While You Can 04:05
3. Mind Crushing Power Dominance 04:14
4. Release The Lions 03:50
5. Chronology Bleached 04:16
6. A Standard Of Perfection 03:09
7. Future For Future 03:08
8. Overbade 04:13
9. Ferocity Unleashed 03:47
10. The Saw Wheel Of Fortune 04:27
11. War Against All Living 04:48 More...

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AthanaTheos Streaming "Alpha Theistic" Album

The French death metal band AthanaTheos has finally made the self-released 2012 album entitled "Alpha Theistic" available for streaming in full online. Check it out below, or pick up your own copy of the album via Bandcamp.

"Alpha Theistic" is a 56 minutes long conceptual album concentrating on an historical analysis of religious system and then critically deconstructing it. Musically, the band utilizes strong elements of death metal but doesn't limit itself and expands into blackened and thrash metal territories as well. There's also an element of Gregorian chants present in the music. The track listing is as follows: More...

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Musk Ox Streams "Part 4 - Above The Clouds"

With Canadian neofolk trio Musk Ox preparing to unveil new full-length, "Woodfall," next week, The Onion's A.V. Club is pleased to bring listeners fourth movement, "Part 4 - Above the Clouds." Check it out below.

If you missed it, you can still savor the lush tones of "Part 3 - Arcanum" at this location. "Woodfall" will be released independently on June 17th, 2014. The track listing is:

Part 1 - Earthrise (9:24)
Part 2 - Windswept (10:44)
Part 3 - Arcanum (17:35)
Part 4 - Above the Clouds (10:28)
Part 5 - Serenade the Constellations (17:46) More...

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Rämlord Releasing New Single

Rämlord, which features Jarno Anttila, is gearing up to release a new single on June 27th. The band issued the following statement:

"After 18 years of mayhem in the ranks of Impaled Nazarene, Jarno Anttila started to dream of totally different kind of band. The year was 2010 Anno Domini and the first victims of his were drummer Janne Mannonen (also familiar from YUP) and Niko Karppinen (former hired session musician in Finnish band called Sentenced), who should be able to handle bass duties in the steering wheel of this Rolls Royce of instruments.

"Obscure connections also provided obscure results in the search of the guitarist. Tommi Kanerva who had gained fame in numerous punk and hardcore-acts like Kostajat, Murheenlaakso and Vaasankatu SS. Mikko 'Mojo' Ojala’s remarkable ability to generate growls beyond the grave combined with powerful clean vocals convinced the others that he was the right guy to take a spot as a frontman of the band. This gave birth to Rämlord, the band where old guys play old-school metal with modern additions.

"If you happen to wander in the middle of the night at the graveyard hearing voices from the darkest pits of hell and hear groans of the lost souls… Oh yes! It’s Rämlord which with the certainty of over 2000 played gigs is ready to devastate your comprehension of everything safe and familiar or….normal.

Listen the opening track off the single “Evolve to Monster” below. Pre-orders are available here, and the single's track listing is as follows:

1. Evolve to Monster
2. Mark of Cain More...

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Wo Fat Posts Full Album Online

With the band fresh off a European tour, Decibel Magazine is now hosting an exclusive stream of "The Conjuring," the latest album from Dallas stoner doom outfit Wo Fat.

You can hear all the album's tracks below. The following press release was also issued about the album:

"With nearly fifty foundation-shaking minutes of supremely executed spliff-torching thunder, Wo Fat proves that they're in the upper tiers of the vast stoner/doom metal universe alongside and comparable to acts like Nebula, Black Pyramid, Ufomammut, Elder, and undoubtedly Fu Manchu on The Conjuring.

"Small Stone Recordings will drop this bomb of raging fuzz-tone amplification and soulful, cosmic destruction this Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 via digital download, CD, and 180 gram vinyl with deluxe jacket and poly-lined sleeves and pressed in transparent red and black schemes, each limited to 250 copies and including a download." More...

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Goatwhore Streaming New Song

With the release of "Constricting Rage Of The Merciless" now less than one month away, the New Orleans devious metal merchants in Goatwhore unleash all out hell with "Schadenfreude." Check out the track below, courtesy of Loudwire.com.

Literally meaning the pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others, ninth cut, "Schadenfreude," is at once predatory, epic, misanthropic and sadistic. Notes vocalist Ben Falgoust of the debaucherous hymn: "This song represents the downward spiral of man at his most vile. The seething element of satisfaction when others around fail and fall, then the gratitude that this sickly rejoicing has accomplished in the overall end."

And if you missed it, take in the lurid ungodliness of Goatwhore's "FBS" lyric video right here. More...

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Ghoul To Tour With Skeletonwitch

Hide your children... and your dog. The masked miscreants in Ghoul are coming back to seize your soul and all your worldly possessions on another run of live assaults this Fall.

Slated to commence on September 5th in Chicago, the band will reduce seventeen municipalities to rubble and snicker at the aftermath. Ghoul will be supporting blackened thrash headliners Skeletonwitch and black metal tyrants Black Anvil.

Comments the band from its lair: "Ghoul is very excited to come back to your inbred, bullet-riddled country, and engage in the wholesale slaughter of some of your society's least desirable high school students; that is, if there are any still alive when we get there. To have the honor of doing so with the likes of Skeletonwitch and Black Anvil is really the death icing on the murder cake. Forward into carnage!" More...

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Black Cobra Starts New Tour Tonight

Just days after a headlining West Coast run with support from The Cutthroats 9 and Wizard Rifle, Black Cobra is back out on the road on a new thirty-three show North American tour starting tonight.

Beginning in Los Angeles, Black Cobra will tour through Albuquerque, Denver, Salt Lake City, Boise, Spokane and ending in Missoula June 19th, with support from Wizard Rifle.

The next day, Friday, June 20th will see the beginning of Black Cobra's trek through much of Canada and the northern edge of the continental U.S. alongside Anciients and openers Black Wizard.

Black Cobra is currently constructing highly volatile new material; stand by for additional news on the band's 2014 actions to be released in the near future. More...

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Gust To Release Self-Titled Album

Southern Lord will soon be releasing a new album from progressive hardcore band Gust, hailing from Trollhättan, Sweden. Southern Lord comments:

"The fierce four piece skillfully combines pounding d-beat rhythms with a classic hardcore punk directness, and bring forth a maelstrom of metallic riffs, amalgamating into a brutal and arresting sonic assault fans of Cursed and Rise And Fall will swarm to.

"With one demo, one LP and four European tours already under their belt, and with a fifth tour running from June 24th through July 17th, Gust will release their brand new, self-titled album through Southern Lord Recordings this August.

"This second LP was self recorded at Fvck Life Studios, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Warcry, From Ashes Rise, Deathreat, Audiosiege Engineering), who supplies guest vocals on the track 'Humility In Disguise.'

"Gust's incoming ten-track LP explodes with lyrical angst and musical fury from the get-go, bombarding the listener with catchy riffs and spot-on political statements. From this second LP, it is clear that Gust is a force with which to be reckoned."

Pre-orders are available at this location, and the track listing is as folows:

1. History Repeats
2. Always The Same
3. Reality Chokes
4. Unease
5. Crack The Skies
6. From Cradle To Grave
7. Humility In Disguise
8. Hollow Faces
9. No Concern, No Remorse
10. Restless Hands More...

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Zgard Posts Album Teaser

Pagan black metal outfit Zgard today premieres a teaser video for the band's forthcoming fourth album, "Contemplation," set for international release on June 23rd through Svarga Music. The label comments:

"For the past four years, one-man Ukrainian band Zgard has been patiently developing an intensely personal vision of pagan-oriented black metal. Now, with the release of Contemplation, Zgard mastermind Yaromisl has perfected his craft, showing a rawer yet no-less-grandiose side that vividly illustrates the Carpathian mysticism at the heart of that craft.

"Compared to its celebrated predecessors, 2012's Reclusion and 2013's Astral Glow, Zgard here go for an atmosphere that's less cosmic and more organic, stirring both bloodlust and majesty within the listener as Yaromisl guides each of the seven tracks along an epic path. As always, the native folk touches are at the forefront but never threaten to overwhelm. As a title, then, Contemplation is more than fitting."

1. Highlands
2. Through the Forest
3. Incarnation Memory
4. Wedge of Cranes
5. Silence
6. Contemplation
7. Underworld Bells More...

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Ion Vein Posts New Lyric Video, Details New Album

Chicago's Ion Vein released a lyric video for the new track "Anger Inside." The song will appear on the upcoming new self-titled release which is due out July 4 in Europe and July 8 in North America, via Mortal Music/MVD Audio in both CD and digital formats.

The long awaited follow up to 2003’s “Reigning Memories” was once again produced, recorded, and mixed by Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, Nevermore, Redemption) and is the first full length album with vocalist, Scott Featherstone, whom the band first debuted on the 'IV v1.0' and 'IV v2.0' three song digital EPs released in September 2011 and December 2012 respectively. Additionally, the six songs from those EPs have been re-mixed/re-mastered for inclusion on the full album. The album's artwork (shown below) was created by Chicago artist, Scott Jackson, of Monsterman Graphic.

Guitarist/founder Chris Lotesto commented: “We kicked around a handful of titles but it just seemed most natural to call the record 'ION VEIN' to signify the re-building and re-tooling of the band as the starting point for the next phase in our story.” On releasing the track “Anger Inside” first: “'Anger' shows a lot of the 'in-your-face' side of us, the heavy riffing, the ballsy/melodic vocals, dynamic breakdown, and raging guitar solos but also connects with a lot of the frustrations we all feel these days with what’s going on in the world so hopefully you can crank it up, release that “anger inside” by singing along, and then grab an ice cream cone or something!”

The track listing for "Ion Vein" is:

1. Fools Parade
2. Seamless (A transition of the mind)
3. Enough
4. This is Me
5. Face the Truth
6. Love/Hate
7. Anger Inside
8. Take Me From this Dream
9. Alone
10. The Will of One
11. In the End
12. Twist of Fate More...

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Gjutjärn Releasing Debut Album

Swedish heavy rockers Gjutjärn have a debut release due out June 13th along with a new music video.

"Härd" will be available through digital platforms worldwide, while physical copies will be available through Amazon and select stores. Sliptrick Records comments on the band:

"The word Gjutjärn, can be roughly translated from Swedish as ‘Cast Iron,’ and that’s exactly how Gjutjärn [from the Stockholm area] sounds.

"Intense Swedish sung lyrics heavily influenced by the Norse/Scandinavian mythology and the Scandinavian culture in the Medieval times, blended with pounding heavy/metallic Swedish bad ass rock, produced by Jocke Skog of Clawfinger/Feared fame." More...

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Wolves At The Gate Releases New Video

Ohio’s Wolves At The Gate has premiered a new video for the song “Relief” today via Revolvermag.com.

The track is featured on sophomore album, "VxV," which was released on Tuesday by Solid State Records. The band also recently posted the entire album online for streaming.

Wolves At The Gate are currently on the road with Phinehas, The Orphan and The Poet and will be joining up with August Burns Red and The Overseer for a run in July.

June 13 - Nashville, TN - Rocketown (w/Phinehas, The Orphan, The Poet)
June 14 - Marietta, GA - Swayzes (w/War of Ages, Phinehas, The Orphan, The Poet)
June 20 - Mineral City, OH - Alive Festival
June 25 - Mt. Union, PA - Creation Festival 2014
July 14 - Nutley, NJ - Radiant
July 15 - Lemoyne, PA - The Champ (w/August Burns Red, The Overseer)
July 16 - Akron, OH - Musica (w/August Burns Red, The Overseer)
July 17 - Kokomo, IN - Center Stage (w/August Burns Red, The Overseer)
July 18 - Joliet, IL - Mojoes (w/August Burns Red, The Contortionist, The Overseer)
July 19 - Willmar, MN - Sonshine Festival (HM Stage)
July 21 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Intersection (w/August Burns Red, The Overseer)

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Devin Townsend Wants You To Sing On New Album

Devin Townsend has been hard at work on the new Z2 record for the past few months, getting it ready to welcome Ziltoid The Omniscient back this Autumn.

Much like Devin did with the "Lucky Animals" video from "Epicloud," he is now inviting fans to leave their stamp on the forthcoming album by asking them to submit their vocals for a selection of songs and take their spot in what he has dubbed "The Universal Choir."

For full details about how you can participate (and even get a sneak peek at 3 songs from the new record), head over to The Universal Choir website right here. Devin comments:

"Hey all, 'Ziltoid 2' is upon us! I'm deep in the recording of this double album, and as part of the theme, Ziltoid the alien joins forces with the humans...and what better way to express that then to invite you all to sing along? The 'Universal Choir' is a platform in which vocal parts are explained, and then provides you a way to upload your singing contributions that we will edit together into one, big choir!

"The parts are a little tricky but perfection is not required, just enthusiasm. Feel free to overdub yourself, get a bunch of friends together, or just yell along, the bigger the better. Send it back and we will then assemble the 'Universal Choir' which will actually be part of the new recording. It should be fun! (Or a total chaotic mess :) but let's try either way! The website, (which works best if it's not on a mobile device), explains all the parts, with demonstrations and backing tracks. The hope is that a lot of people will upload themselves singing the parts, and then we assemble it and add it to the record. Come sing on Ziltoid's album, and have a great time!" More...

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Vintersorg Explains Concept of "Naturbål"

Much like nature, Vintersorg's music can take many different forms. Stylistically, it encompasses aspects of metal, folk and classical. The mood mimics the elements: one segment may appear soft like a spring breeze, while the next pushes through with hurricane force. His tongue may relate a woodsy, rustic tone or soar into the wonderment of the cosmos.

Just like the natural world, Vintersorg's music is constantly evolving and adapting. A cursory look over his discography reveals a change to his lyrical approach. He sang his first three recordings "Hedniskhjärtad," "Till Fjälls," and "Ödemarkens Son"-- in his native Swedish tongue. He sang the next three--"Cosmic Genesis," "Visions from the Spiral Generator" and "The Focusing Blur"--in English. Around the time of "Visions from the Spiral Generator," Vintersorg joined Norwegian black/folk/prog act, Borknagar, which were also sung in English. He came full circle in 2007 when he returned to his Scandinavian speech with the album "Solens Rötter," and stayed with this language.

Fast forward to the present time and Vintersorg has a new album, sung entirely in Swedish, titled "Naturbål" (Nature's Bonfire). The album retains the natural, organic elements of early works while done with the technical precision of his English-sung, progressive middle works. The album is the third part of a four-album cycle. In the following interview, I spoke with Mr. V on the telephone about the album's concept, its players, the band's longevity on Napalm Records and his love of nature. More...

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Drunk Dad Streaming "Life's Work" Track

Revolver Magazine is today dishing out a new dose of depravity from "Ripper Killer," the maiden full-length release from Portland's Drunk Dad. Check out the song "Life's Work" below.

Eolian Empire will release "Ripper Killer" on July 1st via digital delivery and heavyweight 180-gram LP in a run of 475 copies, each including a 12" x 24" poster/insert and digital download code. You can also hear the previously posted track "Light A Fire" at this location.

Drunk Dad is currently scheduling an East Coast-bound full U.S. trek with fellow Eolian scum, Honduran, which will be finalized and announced in the coming weeks. In the meantime, catch the band live on these dates:

6/14/2014 KEXP On-Air session - Seattle, WA
7/11/2014 411 Warehouse - Portland, OR record release show w/ Honduran, Big Black Cloud, Tyrants, Health Problems

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Five Pack
2. Life's Work
3. Fuck in Garbage
4. Light a Fire
5. S.O.U.
6. Ripper Killer
7. Worthless
8. Whiskey Liver More...

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Dark Tranquillity Announces "Uniformity" Tour

In addition to a recently announced tour with Insomnium in January, Dark Tranquillity has now issued the following statement about upcoming shows with Amoral:

"No rest for the wicked! We're thrilled to announce the 'Uniformity' tour, set to take place throughout Europe in November.

"The trek, which also features Amoral, Acyl and Lehmann, will take us to some places that we didn't reach during the previous European tour as well as giving us the chance to make some creative new/old additions to the setlist.

"See you there! Ticket links will be posted shortly, but some of these venues already have pre-order options online."

06.11 K17, BERLIN (GER)
07.11 AALBORG (DK)
16.11 202 CLUB, BUDAPEST (HU)
21.11 F HAUS, JENA (DE)
23.11 KANTINE, COLOGNE (DE) More...

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Whitechapel Posts "Worship The Digital Age" Video

Whitechapel is currently out on the road across North America with DevilDriver on a co-headlining tour also featuring support from Revocation, Carnifex, Rivers of Nihil, and Fit For an Autopsy.

Today the band brings a little bit of its explosive live show to the masses with a video for "Worship the Digital Age." The clip is the first full performance video from the "Our Endless War" album and was directed by David Brodsky.

Check out the video clip below, courtesy of Loudwire.com. "Our Endless War" was released this May via Metal Blade Records. More...

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Nomans Land Signs With Massacre

Massacre Records has issued the following announcement about inking a record deal with Nomans Land:

"We're happy to introduce you to Nomans Land from Russia! The band was formed in 1996, focusing on doom metal in the earlier years, soon starting to play viking metal instead.

"Nomands Land released its debut album 'Last Son Of The Fjord' in 2000 via Fono Ltd, followed by numerous local gigs both in clubs and at festivals.

"Right after the release, the drummer and bassist of Nomans Land left the band. But they soon got replaced and since that time the line-up, consisting of Sigurd (clean vocals, guitar), Torvald (guitar), Ainar (drums) and Hjervard (bass), hasn't changed much, except for some temporary departures. More...

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Yob Reveals New Album Details

This September 2nd, Yob will unveil "Clearing The Path To Ascend" via Neurot Recordings. You can check out the artwork and track listing below. The following press release was also issued about the album:

"As is the Yob way, the four tracks comprising Clearing The Path To Ascend don't simply offer a vacuous glimpse into the already riff-soaked doom genre; these songs demand the tandem attention of mind, body, and soul, etching a mark across a sound that finds Yob as formidable as they've ever been. True ascension requires a destruction of those barriers that prevent any movement forward. Unsurprisingly, Yob pummels any and all of these obstacles with absolute authority, clearing the way for a genuinely visceral listening experience and climbing upward into a realm that sets the band in a heavy metal place that has been and will always remain wholly their own.

"Yob's music is not unlike the path that's let them to their current place among heavy metal's elite, slowly building from a hushed ethereal vapor into the thunderous and masterful tumult of sound domination. The ethereal mists of Eugene, Oregon no doubt provided the perfect catalyst for founding member and vocalist Mike Scheidt to call up the signature of surging doom that would soon come to garner Yob its current position as one of the most respected and revered bands in all of heavy metal. While giving due sonic credit to the cornerstone influences such as Cathedral, Sleep, Electric Wizard, and Black Sabbath -- Yob immediately set out to define a sound wholly singular and utterly devastating in its cathartic enormity.

"Those threads of progressive rock and drone that have always underscored the music of Yob are now fully realized with Clearing The Path To Ascend. Drummer Travis Foster wields his signature rhythmic furor here with bombastic precision while bassist Aaron Rieseberg coils around the sonic tide with an unforgiving churn all the while in a deadly synchronicity with Scheidt's uncanny vocal range and its pendulous movement between the triumphant howls of a medieval madman and the earth splitting growls of a war-battered titan. More...

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Onslaught Cancels European Shows

Onslaught has issued the following announcement about canceling upcoming European dates:

"Ladies and gents, sometimes no matter how hard you try and no matter how much you want something to happen, at times events and other circumstances that are completely out of your control unfortunately conspire to prevent those things happening.

"So it's with great regret that we have to announce that the European leg of the 'Thrash Invasion' tour has been cancelled. Its a shitty situation but things were always out of our hands on this tour!

"Needless to say ourselves and the other bands involved are gutted. We will, however, be looking to reschedule the shows at a later date.

"The UK tour is still going ahead as planned with Onslaught and Artillery and believe me it's going to be pretty damn epic!

"We would like to thank and wish Zetro all the very best with Exodus and hope to hook up with him and the rest of the guys from Hatriot very soon." More...

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Year Of The Goat Inks Record Deal

Spinning Goblin / Napalm Records are extremely proud to announce the signing of Sweden's Year Of The Goat!

In 2011 Year Of The Goat hit the occult rock scene with debut release, the EP “Lucem Ferre”, and followed up with album “Angels’ Necropolis” in 2012.

"We’re really looking forward to working with Napalm and feel they understand where we want to take the music and also importantly we believe they can help us reach out with the message to everyone who needs it," says band member Thomas Sabbathi. "Marcus Lundberg is replacing Per who left the band due to personal reasons; Marcus has been in the circles around the band for some time. Next up for the band is Tons Of Rock in Halden, Norway, and Hellfest in Clisson, France." More...

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Cannabis Corpse Streaming Full New Album

Richmond, VA based death metal powerhouse Cannabis Corpse is streaming forthcoming album, "From Wisdom to Baked" online via Revolver Magazine. Listen to the full release below.

"From Wisdom to Baked" will be released in North America on June 24th (June 20th world-wide) and pre-orders can be found right here.

Regarding the album stream, Cannabis Corpse mastermind Phil Hall comments: "Hey death metal freaks! Here is the entire new Cannabis Corpse album in all its glory! I am really excited for everyone out there to hear it. I did my best to try and bring you the greatest death metal songs I could possibly record. I hope you enjoy it!"

The album features guest appearances from Chris Barnes (Six Feet Under), Trevor Strand (The Black Dahlia Murder), Digestor (Ghoul), and more. More...

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Neopera Posts "Destined Ways" Lyric Video

German symphonic metal act Neopera posted a lyric video for the new track "Destined Ways." The song is the title track of the upcoming debut album, which will be issued on July 18th in Germany, with an unspecified late August date for the rest of the world, via earMusic.

Neopera was founded in 2010 by Dark Age lead guitarist Jorn Schubert. Joining him is Gamma Ray's Dirk Schlachter on bass, guitarist Mikis Trimborn (Syndemic) and the vocal trio of Mirko Gluschke, Nina Jiers and Thorsten Schuck. In the studio, drum work was performed by Andre Schumann (Dark Age). Drummer Henjo Richter (Gamma Ray) provided a guest solo. The orchestration of the songs was a collaboration of Corvin Bahn and Schubert. The album was recorded and produced by Eike Freese at Hammerstudios.

Check out "Destined Ways" here: More...

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Skyharbor Streaming New Track

Skyharbor recently launched a crowd funding campaign to create a new album following the "Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos" release.

While the campaign is still ongoing and the new album doesn't have an official title yet, Skyharbor today releases the first track from the forthcoming release. Check out "Evolution" in the player below.

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John Garcia Posts Preview Of Self-Titled Solo LP

Former Kyuss and current Vista Chino frontman John Garcia posted an interactive preview, featuring clips from the entire upcoming self-titled solo album. The album is set for release via Napalm Records on the following schedule:

July 25th: G/A/S
Aug. 4th: UK & Rest of EU
Aug. 5th: USA & CAN
Aug. 6th: ESP/SWE/NOR

The track listing is:

1. My Mind
2. Rolling Stoned
3. Flower
4. The Blvd
5. 5000 Miles
6. Confusion
7. His Bullets' Energy
8. Argleben
9. Saddleback
10. All these Walls
11. Her Bullets' Energy

Check out the preview clip here: More...

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Solstafir Posts First Song From New Album

The devastatingly awesome Icelandic rock heathens in Solstafir will release their forthcoming new album, titled "Ótta," on September 2nd in North America (August 29th worldwide).

The album's title track is streaming now below, courtesy of Stereogum.com. "Ótta" will include eight new tracks and is available for pre-order at the Season of Mist E-shop.

Regarding the new album, Solstafir frontman Aðalbjörn Tryggvason comments: "This album sums together alot of things we've been wanting to do for years but never did. We finally brought in a string section, and we did our very own full blown melancholic Tiny Dancer piano ballad."

1. Lágnætti
2. Ótta
3. Rismál
4. Dagmál
5. Miðdegi
6. Nón
7. Miðaftann
8. Náttmál

Solstafir also recently announced a run of European summer festival dates. Full details are available after the jump. More...

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Arch Enemy, Kreator North American Tour Confirmed

As reported yesterday, the North American Tour featuring Arch Enemy, Kreator, Huntress and Starkill will embark in Baltimore on October 23rd. The tour, dates and venues have been confirmed today by the bands. VIP tickets for the tour are now available at this location.

The tour will mark the first for Arch Enemy in the U.S. since 2011. Guitarist Michael Amott commented: “It's been three long years since ARCH ENEMY last played North America, but now the wait is over! We're riding a veritable metal tsunami in Europe with our new album ‘War Eternal’ and look forward to spreading the chaos on this N.A. run! ARCH ENEMY is very proud and excited to be teaming up with Teutonic thrash titans KREATOR as well as HUNTRESS and STARKILL! Miss this show at your own peril!"

Kreator’s Mille Petrozza (vocals, guitar) added: “Both bands have been talking about touring together for many years, now it becomes reality: KREATOR and ARCH ENEMY on one bill in the USA and Canada! We are looking forward to another killer run in support of our album ‘Phantom Antichrist’ before we will start writing new stuff in 2015! With ARCH ENEMY’s new album ‘War Eternal’ being a monster, this will be THE metal tour of the fall. Don`t miss it!”

Huntress' Jill Janus added: "North America, prepare for facemelting! HUNTRESS is stoked to join the coveted Arch Enemy tour this fall. It's an exciting time for women in heavy metal; we're honored to be touring with Arch Enemy as the new era with Alissa White-Gluz begins. Kreator joining this killer tour makes us ecstatic, having been fans for many years. HUNTRESS is ready to rage!"

Confirmed dates are: More...

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I, The Breather Vocalist Hospitalized

I, The Breather will release new album "Life Reaper" on July 15th, 2014. Unfortunately fans won't have the chance to see vocalist Shawn Spann live supporting the album for some time still. Spann comments:

"Just a quick update on my status: I was hospitalized the other day with internal bleeding and had to be forced to miss about a week of shows coming up.

"I am currently feeling a lot better as the awesome people at the Upper Chesapeake Hospital have put an end to the pain/bleeding. I am currently in recovery mode and plan to get back out on the road with the boys as soon as my doctor gives me the go ahead. We are still waiting for my diagnoses to be wrapped up but have a general idea on where its going to end up so we can at least start a little plan to me being back on stage.

"With all that being said, Our awesome friend Marcus from Come The Dawn will be filling my shoes while I'm getting better. I am so thankful for him as id be devastated if my condition forced the band to stop performing. Please give him and my boys a huge hug for me when you see them.

"I have a new page here I plan to use to keep everyone updated with my health. Thank you for your time, I love you guys." More...

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Alestorm Posts New Music Video "Drink"

Scottish metal pirates Alestorm released the first single and music video from the upcoming new album "Sunset on the Golden Age." The video for "Drink" can be viewed in the player below. "Sunset on the Golden Age" will be released on the following schedule:

August 1st: GAS, FIN & BENELUX
August 4th: UK & Rest of Europe
August 5th: USA/CAN
August 6th: ESP/NOR/SWE

The track list for the album is:

1. Walk The Plank
2. Drink
3. Magnetic North
4. 1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)
5. Mead from Hell
6. Surf Squid Warfare
7. Quest for Ships
8. Wooden Leg!
9. Hangover
10. Sunset on the Golden Age

Check out "Drink" here: More...

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