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Metal News for June 12, 2009

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Alice In Chains Reveals Initial European Dates

Alice In Chains has added a handful of very select and intimate headline shows throughout Europe following Sonisphere. This marks the band’s first appearance overseas since the Summer of 2006. Here are the newly announced tour dateS:

August 6 - Cologne, GR - Essigfabrik
August 8 - Berlin, GR - Columbia Club
August 10 - Hamburg, GR - Grunspan
August 11 - Amsterdam, NE - Melkweg

As previously reported, the title of Alice in Chains' upcoming album is "Black Gives Way To Blue" and will be released in stores and online September 29th.

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Exclusive KSE Listening Party at Hot Topic

Killswitch Engage fans can stop by any Hot Topic location on Friday, June 19th at 7:00 PM to hear the new self-titled Killswitch Engage album before its release. If you pre-order your copy of the CD during the listening party, you'll get a special gift (while supplies last), plus, receive 10% off your entire purchase during the listening party.

(Offer not available online. Discount not valid on clearance, vinyl, DVDs, electronics, prior purchases, gift cards, packaging, tax or S&H. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Item return equals price paid. Hot Topic, Inc. employees/family are ineligible. Void where prohibited.)

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Chimaira Gives Post-Secret Show Update

Chimaira posted a short message about their MySpace secret show earlier this week and revealed their complete set list:

"We’d like to thank Myspace again for last nights secret show. We had a blast to say the least."

The set list included the following songs:

On Broken Glass** (Live Debut)
Power Trip
The Flame
Nothing Remains
Secrets Of The Dead
The Dehumanizing Process
Destroy And Dominate
Painting The White To Grey
Pure Hatred

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Municipal Waste Posts New Song Online

Crossover thrash metal band Municipal Waste has posted a new song online entitled, "Wrong Answer." You can check it out by heading to their official Myspace. The song will appear on the bands forthcoming new studio album, "Massive Aggresive" which will be released on Auust 25th.

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Fozzy Reveals "Chasing The Grail" Tracklisting

Heavy metal band Fozzy has revealed the tracklisting for their forthcoming fourth studio album, "Chasing The Grail." You can check it out at the bottome of the page. A message from lead vocalist Chris Jericho reads as follows: "Well, Chasing The Grail is almost finished and it is gonna blow your minds! It's heavier than anything we've ever done but we've also done some different types of songs that we've never done before including a ballad and a 13 minute epic rocker that closes the record with a BANG!

"If you're a Fozzy fan I guarantee your going to love it and if you're not a Fozzy fan prepare to become one!

"And to whet your appetites, here is the entire tracklisting for Chasing The Grail: 'Under Blackened Skies', 'Martyr No More', 'Watch Me Shine', 'Broken Soul', 'Let The Madness Begin', 'Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday The 13th)', 'God Pounds His Nails', 'Pray For Blood', 'Grail', 'Revival', 'New Day's Dawn', 'Wormwood'.

"There ya go! Stay tuned "

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Alestorm Vocalist Joins Agrona

Alestorm vocalist Chris Bowes has joined with U.K. folk metallers Agrona. The band has issued the following statement about their current status:

"The drunken coming together of two Aryans, a filthy Scotsman and a ginger, mighty Atol wished to glorify his homeland of Wales, our Albion roots and alcohol in the form of music. The album is written and the studio awaits....

"Agrona plan on gigging from July onwards. Anyone wishing to become a live member, or any promoters interested in putting us on, please send us a message on here, or email agrona@live.co.uk"

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Hate Ammo Streaming Four New Songs Online

Hate Ammo has issued the following announcement about streaming four new songs on their MySpace page:

"We have uploaded four tracks from our debut album 'Rise Up' for ya.

"Advanced album tracks: Far Beyond Hatred, Psychotic Episode, Seeds, I.U.W E

"We are still looking for a label to release the album. if you like what you hear, contact us at: contact@hateammo.com"

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God Dethroned Posts "Drowning In Mud" Music Video

God Dethroned has posted a new music video online for the song "Drowning In Mud," which can be viewed below. The track comes from the band's latest album "Passiondale." More...

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Samael Discusses The Spiritual Side Of Music

Swiss metallers Samael were interviewed by Xtreme Music for the release of their book "The Spiritual Significance of Music." Xtreme Metal has issued the following excerpt from that interview by Samael front man Vorph:

"Music and mathematics are perhaps the only universal languages that can be understood by everyone. While mathematics needs to be learned, music does not need special qualifications to be comprehended, or at least to be appreciated. Words can be misleading and create confusion, but the sound of music always reaches those who are receptive. We can even connect to different styles of music depending on our mood. That connection bypasses all our preconceptions, and goes straight to the core of ourselves. So much can be said through music, with it’s deep and immediate ways of reaching us, it can strip down a message to the simplest form. Music is a transcendent method of communication, and in that sense, music is probably the closest thing to a spiritual manifestation."

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Impious Recording New Album

Impious has issued the following statement about recording new material:


"We've finally started to record our new album! Things are going really good right now. Usually we get all kinds of problems when we record. Anything from broken soundboards to ghost attacks are regular to us. But this time everything's been great so far. But you never know..

"We've been working on our new songs for a pretty long time and now we are very happy with how they all sound. We can't wait for this album to be done.

"The drum tracks are all done and we've started working on the guitars. We are working on 12 songs, but every song might not end up on the album. We might save a song or two for b-sides or for other releases.

"We will add some pictures from the recording as it progresses and we'll try to update you guys as often as we can."

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Machinery Working On New Album

Swedish metallers Machinery have issued the following announcement about working on a new album:

"Hi everyone!

"Well I wont let ya hear anything from the analogue experiment! Why? This will remain a secret til the day I die hehe.

"Atm we are currently writing new songs for the next album, entering the studio in September. Too early to say, but we are aiming for the album to be mixed in November and hoping for a release in first half of 2009.

"Time will tell boys & gals..."

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Withered Issues Statement About Blackened Fest

Georgia metallers Withered have issued the following statement about ending the Blackened Fest early:

"Well, we're home a bit early from our run with Blackened Fest. Due to unfortunate circumstances with 2 of the 3 the tour buses, Withered, Cephalic Carnage, and Cattle Decapitation could not realistically finish out the tour. Our sincere apologies are given to all of our friends and fans who anticipated any of the last 6 shows. We will be back soon!

"We'd really like to thank Cephalic Carnage for being awesome bus-mates. We had a fucking blast! Thanks to Cattle Decapitation for being Cattle Decapitation. You guys rule. Thanks to Mayhem for the respect and new friendship. And, thanks to the crew, Pomroy, Milkshake, Justina (metalinjection.net), and Tomahawk for everything you've done to help.

"A huge thanks to everyone who attended the shows. You were simply amazing every night."

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Voivod Streaming New Song "Death Proof" Online

Voivod have posted online a third preview track, “Death Proof," off of their forthcoming album "Infini." The new song can be heard online now via the band’s newly redesigned MySpace page along with the previously uploaded tracks “Earthache” and “Global Warning." The new album will see its U.S. release on June 23rd via Relapse Records.

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Goatwhore Posts New Album Widget Online

Goatwhore has posted a new widget online for their upcoming album "Carving Out The Eyes Of God," which can be found below. The album is currently set for a June 19th release in Europe and a June 23rd release in North America. More...

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Killswitch Engage Streaming Download Live Show

Killswitch Engage has issued the following announcement about streaming online today their live show at the Download festival:

"Watch the entire KSE live set from the legendary Download Festival in Derby, England TODAY! The boys plays from 16:35–17:15 in England, so set your clocks accordingly. For the U.S., that's 11:35ET and 8:35PT. Yes, it's just around the corner! Go HERE to see KSE as well as tons of other rock action from Download all weekend! ENJOY!!!"

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Swallow The Sun Announces New Album Details

Swallow the Sun has issued the following statement about their upcoming album:

"So, it is time to reveal some things about the new album!

"We are entering Fascination Street studios in Sweden, Orebro on June 15th to record our fifth album which will be called 'New Moon'. The album will be produced and mixed by Jens Bogren, who has worked with such names as Katatonia, Opeth, Paradise Lost and Amon Amarth, just to name a few. And as we announced earlier, Kai Hahto (Wintersun, ex-Rotten Sound) will be playing drums on the album. We are thrilled and looking forward to working with such professionals.

"Here is the initial track listing for the album (although we reserve the right to change it if we feel like it)

1. These Woods Breathe Evil
2. Falling World
3. Sleepless Swans
4. And Heavens Cried Blood
5. New Moon
6. Lights on the Lake (Horror pt. III)
7. Servant of Sorrow
8. Weight of the Dead

"The album will be released in early November 2009 around the world; we'll let you know the exact dates as soon as possible."

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Tristania Issues Live Show Recap

Gothic metal band Tristania has issued the following statement about their recent live shows:

"On behalf of the band I would like to express our deepest gratitude to the ones who attended our shows in Jørpeland and Kristiansand last weekend. Thanks for making this weekend the special party it was.

"These two shows are probably the most exclusive ones we..ve ever done - with one surprise being revealed after the other. I think it felt equally special for the people in the audience and the nine of us who were on stage on Friday and Saturday.

"Of course, the biggest surprise of them all was the announcement of Kjetil..s role as a stand-in for Østen, who is awaiting his twins in a couple of months. All of us are very happy for Østen and Silje, and we wish them all the best with their family. Østen will surely be missed, though, when we now will do tours without him, as he..s been a part of the live edition of Tristania since 1999. He is a social cornerstone in our band. At the same time, I know now that we couldn't have found have found a better stand-in for Østen than Kjetil. He is a good friend of us from before, and his great ability as singer and stage personality he is the perfect choice to replace Østen, while he will be busy with changing diapers and sleepless nights.

"These two shows were unique as both Østen and Kjetil were on stage. Østen opened the show, while Kjetil took over after a few songs. They also performed Shadowman and Sacrilege together, which were memorable moments. Even I felt shivers down my spine when they did Shadowman together. More...

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DragonForce Reveals Lineup For North American Tour

DragonForce has announced that the accompanying bands on their upcoming North American leg of their "Ultra Beatdown" tour will be Sonata Arctica and Taking Dawn.

Pre-sale ticket information, along with videos of their recent Japan tour, are available on the band's Myspace page. More...

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Shakra Singer Departs, Replacement Sought

Shakra singer Mark Fox has departed and the band is now seeking a replacement. Here's what the band had to say about the situation:

"Quite recently, we were informed by Mark about his intention to leave the band by the end of October and we took note of it.

"Mark feels that some of the contractual agreements between the band and their business environment are too much to his disadvantage.

"The remaining four band members however don’t see themselves put in a disadvantage by their business partners. On the contrary, it is not least thanks to the management, booking-agency and record label’s professional contribution that the success of SHAKRA was made possible.

"All band members have been able to harvest the fruits of the hard work they’ve done for us in the past years. It is only natural that people around the band earn money for this too.

"We wish Mark all the best for his private and musical future.

"It is important for us to let the SHAKRA-Fans know, that we consider our chosen path to be the right one and that we will continue to follow this way with all that lies in our power. After Mark’s departure, we will continue to work together with the same business partners and keep our passion – SHAKRA – burning, with a new singer on our side."

"Due to Mark will leave SHAKRA this fall, we’re looking for a new singer! If you think you’re our man send a demo-song or just an e-mail! infos@shakra.ch"

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Destruction Reveals Live Album Release Date

German thrash metal legends Destruction has announced that they will release their new live album, "The Curse Of The Antichrist - Live In Agony" on July 31st through AFM Records. Stay tuned for more details regarding the album.

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Top 5 Strip Club Songs

At the 63rd Annual Tony Awards Bret Michaels (Poison) was hit in the head by a descending stage prop. Watching the clip, I couldn’t help think that had Michaels done the “drop and roll” move from the “Talk Dirty To Me” video this whole fiasco could have been avoided. More...

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Wolven Ancestry Announces New Album Details

Wolven Ancestry has issued the following update about the recording of their new album:

"Greetings Fellow Wolves!

"The recording process of our self produced second album is now completed, and a complete track listing is posted below for you all. We feel we have created something truly epic, a great evolution from where we left you all off with The Wrath of Gaia. Mixing and finalizations will follow as well as album art, new pics, and an extensive Eastern Canadian tour with Will of the Ancients is happening in August to support the new release. We are also supporting Mayhem in Montreal, and Behemoth in Toronto and will be performing many tracks from the new release.

"WOLVEN ANCESTRY - 2009 - SILENCE OF THE BOREAL Release Date: August 7th 2009 through Archaic North Entertainment"

The track listing will be as follows:

1. Intro
2. Silence of the Boreal
3. An Animistic Awakening
4. Memories of Life Forgotten With Time
5. A Trail of Blood in Snow
6. Hymn of the Fallen
7. March Forth Under Tortured Skies
8. Codex Canadiensis
9. The Bering Descent

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