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Metal News for June 10, 2006

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Law & Order With Celestial Entertainment

For those that have been following this metal news site over the last couple of months, you are surely to be aware of the controversial band name ownership dispute that has been raging between New York's long standing hardcore act Irate and California's I.R.A.T.E., who are skillfully managed by Jeff Totten of Celestial Entertainment for Project Independent. In my last interview, I gave NYC Irate a more than fair opportunity to speak their case before all of us and handle this heated situation in a civil manner, for their have even been threats of violence made against the west coast I.R.A.T.E., prompting the FBI to be informed of the escalating matter. I feel it is only right now to give Mr. Totten a chance to follow-up to what was said by NYC Irate, in concern with the overall debate. I personally think this is a strong lesson in the way the music business works and not how we want it to work for us. More...

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Gwar's Cover of Alice Cooper Available Online

Oderous Urungus, lead singer of GWAR, recently posted a message on the DRT Entertainment web site where he discussed the band's upcoming album, titled "Beyond Hell", covering an ALICE COOPER song, working with producer Devin Townsend (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD), and SlavePit TV. Here is what he had to say:

"OK, scum, it is I, Oderus Urungus, overlord of Toilet Earth and lead singer of the most dangerous band on this or any other planet — GWAR! Here to give you a quick update/review on the upcoming events and disasters that are set to plague this planet in the wake of GWAR's latest assault upon your sense and sensibility!

"First off, it's DONE! 'Beyond Hell', our latest and greatest studio release to date, is mixed and mastered and ready to drop on your heads! Produced by the amazing Devin Townsend, I can say with utmost confidence that this one is going to take yer fucking head off! The record doesn't get released til' August, but that is not going to stop us from letting you hear the first single from the album. That's right, we actually have done a single for radio play in a desperate attempt to expand GWAR's dominion of this world to the FM airwaves!

"But what's this you say? That GWAR's music is simply TOO FUCKED UP to ever make it on the radio — well, yer right! And that's why, for the first time in GWAR history, we have covered someone else's music! But not just anybody! Nobody less than ALICE COOPER, who is rumored to be a Scumdog himself! GWAR pays homage to the original master of shock rock, with a bone-crushing version of his most famous song — that's right, GWAR has covered 'School's Out' [download MP3] as the anthem of the summer and the rallying cry for legions of fed-up drop-outs everywhere. Demand it from your local lame-ass radio station all summer long, and hear us play it live on the mammoth Sounds of the Underground tour, coming soon to a burning city near you!

"And just to catch you up on the various other GWAR activities, Slave Pit Television is going strong, with new chapters being added every week! The new video, 'Bloodbath and Beyond', will be out this summer!

"As I mentioned earlier, we will be dominating the Sounds of the Underground tour all summer, and then this fall go on a HUGE headline tour. Plus I've had my pet hemmorhoid 'Blinky' replaced with several more that are even nastier. Rejoice children, it's almost time — GWAR will amongst you soon!"

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Stukface To Record 3-Song Demo

Stukface is taking off for a week to record a 3 song industry demo with Ryan Greene, a well known Producer/Engineer from Arizona. He will be lending his ears as well as his production and mixing abilities to the band. Ryan has worked with numerous big name acts including Cheap Trick, NOFX, Lagwagon, No Use for A Name, Bad Religion, Megadeth, Alice Cooper and many more.

Stukface has also been nominated for the 2006 LA Music Awards for the song "Chance" as the Heavy Alternative Single of the Year. Stukface will be attending the nomination ceremony this Friday June 16th. The 2006 LA Music awards ceremony takes place in September.

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Audience Video Footage Of New Metallica Song

Audience recorded sound and video clips of METALLICA performing an as-yet-untitled new song during their headlining appearance Tuesday, June 6 at Waldbuhne in Berlin, Germany have been posted online. You can check out the links to an MP3 and video segments here and another video at YouTube.com.

As on the first two dates on the band's current "Escape From The Studio '06" tour, METALLICA played their entire 1986 album, "Master of Puppets", at the Berlin show, including rarely performed tracks such as "Orion" and "Disposable Heroes". The concert's second encore also featured a rendition of the RAMONES classic "Commando", with members of support band AVENGED SEVENFOLD joining in on vocals.

METALLICA will head back into the studio to resume work on their ninth studio effort after completing this summer's festival run.

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Korn Frontman To Sit Out U.K.'s Download Festival

According to VirtualFestivals.com and NME.com, KORN frontman Jonathan Davis has had to pull out of his scheduled appearance at U.K.'s Download festival, taking place at Donington Park. But the band will play on, with some "very special guests" filling in on vocals.

The singer was admitted to an unspecified U.K. hospital earlier, although there are currently no details on his condition.

The rest of KORN are scheduled to appear on Download's Main Stage at 6:30 p.m. today. The band will play a shortened 30-minute set, with a variety of guests helping out on vocals.

METALLICA, who are headlining straight after KORN, famously endured a similar card of fate at this same festival in 2004, when drummer Lars Ulrich was unable to play due to illness at the eleventh hour. SLIPKNOT and SLAYER were among bands that donated their stickmen to fill the void and the resulting show went down as a historical event in Donington's rich rock tapestry.

Furthermore, speculation is rife that METALLICA frontman James Hetfield may be amongst the Korn Karaoke contenders, given that Jonathan Davis once stood in for him at a METALLICA show, when he was unable to perform due to injury.

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Celtic Frost Management Offers Tom Fischer Update

CELTIC FROST manager Antje Lange has issued the following statement:

"Over the last couple of days we have received a lot of questions regarding the health of Tom Fischer [CELTIC FROST frontman], as well as a ton of 'get well' notices. Here is an explanation of recent developments.

"At around 7pm on June 3rd, Tom was admitted to a hospital in Gelsenkirchen [Germany] as his kidneys were causing him a great deal of pain. After several check-ups he was diagnosed with a kidney stone that was about to dislocate.

"Tom's pain was so strong that only several large doses of morphine gave him any relief. Accordingly he was unable to perform at the Rock Hard Festival that very evening.

"Martin [Ain, bass], Franco [Sesa, drums] and especially Tom are extremely unhappy with the way things turned out and would like to apologise to all their fans who waited in vain for their set. CELTIC FROST were looking forward to their first [German] gig in 15 years and were determined to present a great show. Unfortunately, on this occasion it was not to be.

"CELTIC FROST would like to thank all the other bands who entered the stage on the spur of the moment to make this a memorable evening for these fans. They would also like to thank the Rock Hard team, all their fans and Dr. Dielenschneider, the best doctor in the whole of Gelsenkirchen.

"Tom Gabriel Fischer has been transferred to a Zurich hospital and is undergoing a kidney operation as this press release is being typed. Instead of an easier to handle but more time-consuming method he has decided to have this operation as he wants to be able to perform again as soon as possible. He is adamant that he will perform at Sweden Rock [festival] this coming weekend and also fulfil all other forthcoming festival dates."

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Konkhra Announce New Drummer; Demo Song Online

Danish extreme metallers KONKHRA have issued the following update:

"We have found ourselves a drummer [to replace Johnny Nielsen. His name is Mads Lauridsen. He is Danish, a true talent on the drums and now we can finally start getting album number six together. We also have a MySpace profile up which features a demo track, which has the working title 'Killswitch One'.

"We will let you know how things are coming together in the coming months. There is a lot of material we have to dig through to decide what will make the best album."

KONKHRA released their latest CD, "Reality Check", in May 2003 through Code666 Records. The album was recorded at guitarist/vocalist Anders Lundemark's own Starstruck Studio and was the group's first since their split with longtime label Diehard Records.

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Kiss The Gunner Post New Rough Mix Online

Christian metal/metalcore band Kiss The Gunner has been busy in the studio and just put a rough mixed song up on their MySpace. You can check it out here.

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