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Metal News for June 1, 2008

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Alice Cooper Reveals New Album Details

Rock legend Alice Cooper has revealed the tracklisting for his new album "Along Came A Spider". The album is set for release on July 29th in North America and July 28th in Europe.

The track listing for "Along Came A Spider" is as follows:

'Catch Me', 'Hungry', 'I Am The Spider', 'I Know Where You Live', '(In Touch With) Your Feminine Side', 'Killed By Love', 'Salvation', 'The One That Got Away', 'Vengeance Is Mine', 'Wake The Dead', 'Wrapped In Silk'.

Check out a clip of Alice Cooper talking about "Along Came A Spider" below: More...

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Proscriptor Readies New Album, "726"

"726" is the latest excursion from PROSCRIPTOR, on his own label, Tarot Productions. This is visionary esoteric music that remains unpredictable and magickal. Psychedelic and ethereal eccentricities merge against a fluent beat reminiscent of 70's Krautrock, Spacerock and New Age. Unlike his occult Metal commands in Absu, Proscriptor pushes the threshold of eclectic music and expression and proves it through "726." This is the first and only instrumental album by Proscriptor. Most of the music is a musical translation of magick, his system of Western occult practice, synthesized from many sources, including Eastern Yoga, Hermeticism, medieval grimoires, contemporary magickal theories from writers like Eliphas Levi and Helena Blavatsky and his own original contributions.

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Firewind Confirmed for Download, UK Tour Announced

Currently touring across North America as part of the "Tyranny & Bloodshred" tour, Greek melodic metal masters FIREWIND checked in with a brief comment on how things are going. Guitarist Gus G. comments: "We're on our 2nd week on the 'Tyranny & Bloodshred' tour and it's only been killer shows so far! The East Coast American and Canadian audiences have shown a lot of love to Firewind and it's a great feeling returning to America. Also the vibe between all the bands and crew is fantastic, like a big family! It's great to share the stage with kick ass bands like Dark Tranquillity, Divine Heresy and the mighty Arch Enemy! See you out there!"

Meanwhile, FIREWIND has already announced their return to UK stages directly upon returning from the North American trip, as they have now also been confirmed to appear on the famous Download festival in Donington (UK), which among others features acts such as Kiss, Judas Priest, Motörhead, Disturbed and Kid Rock.

You can catch them on the Friday 13th June at Download Festival, Donington Park.

Furthermore, FIREWIND is also confirmed for a comprehensive UK headlining tour in September and Gus G. adds: "It's no secret that in the UK we have loyal and hardcore FIREWIND fans. And we're extremely happy to announce our first extensive UK headline tour which includes 9 shows in England, Scotland and Ireland, for the first time!"

Here are latest Firewind UK tour dates planned:

18.09. Nottingham @ Rock City
19.09. Glasgow @ Cathouse
20.09. Leeds @ Rios
21.09. Wolverhampton @ Little Civic
22.09. Dublin @ Fibber Magees
24.09. Manchester @ Jilly's Rockworld
25.09. London @ The Scala
26.09. Milton Keynes @ The Pitz
27.09. Peterborough @ The Park

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Obituary Checks In From The Road

Death metal legends Obituary have posted the following tour update:

"We have been doing a lot of travelling to make these shows, but we are having a blast. It was great to finally get to Serbia for the fist time and have a awesome show. DESTRUCTION and TESTAMENT, who are both good friends, were also playing so it was good to see and hang out with them. It has been a while since we played in Greece, so it was also good to get back here. Last night in Athens was a sick show and we thank all of you for coming out. Today we have our second show in Greece and we are here and ready to go!!! I have started to put up some photos so you can check those out here."

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Ventflow Reaches Bloodstock Unsigned Finals

British metallers Ventflow have reached the regional finals of the Bloodstock Battle of the Bands finals, the winners of which will head to Bloodstock Open Air to perform with the likes of Napalm Death, Iced Earth, Destruction and Dimmu Borgir amongst others.

In order to vote, registration is required. To view the Bloodstock unsigned section, click here. There you can check out all the different regions and bands.

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Soilwork Checks In From Tour

Swedish melodic death metal band Soilwork has issued the following tour update on their MySpace page:

"Howdy y'all!! Finally here's an update from your favorite Swedes (and Belgian)... We just came back from one of the craziest tours we've ever done; 3 weeks of non-stop flights, train and van rides all across the Eastern Continent! It was our very first visit to Russia, Taiwan and Malaysia - we even found out we were the first Swedish metal band to ever perform in Malaysia. The shows kicked ass thanks to an amazing horde of Soilwork fans that popped up even where we least expected it! Also, we finally went back to Japan and Australia, including our first-ever show in Perth where we visited the legendary Bon Scott's grave to share a posthumous shot of Jack Daniel's with him. The shows were absolutely insane as well! Overall it was an exhausting but exciting trip, and we hereby sincerely thank everyone who made it possible; especially all the dedicated Soilwork fans who came to see us! You rock!!!

On a more technical note, you may have noticed that our official website has been down for a while. We're doing our very best to fix this as soon as possible. Expect the site to be up and running again in the coming days, with some brand new shots from the aforementioned tour.

Right now, we're preparing to open up for none other than Metallica at the Electric Weekend Festival in Madrid. Quite a nice way for us to ring in this year's festival season,don't you think? Anyways, we hope to see you all out there this Summer! Blast on!!!"

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Caliban Announces Australia Tour

German metalcore band Caliban is preparing for an Australia tour in August along with Her Nightmare. The band gave the following statement on their website:

"We're glad to announce our AUSTRALIA TOUR 2008. It's too long since we where in australia so we're very excited to come to australia again. The last tour in australia was awesome, powerful and very hot. The boys and girls from Her Nightmare will support us on that tour. So get your dancing shoes on and join us!!!!"

The tour dates will be as follows:

August 13 - PRINCESS THEATRE AA - Brisbane
August 14 - CLUB 299 (18+) - Brisbane
August 15 - MANNING BAR AA - Sydney
August 16 - THE CORNER HOTEL Afternoon Show AA - Melbourne
August 16 - THE CORNER HOTEL (18+) - Melbourne
August 17 - FOWLERS AA - Adelaide

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Anubis Gate Recording New Album

Progressive metal band Anbuis Gate are set to start recording a new album next month which will be released through Locomotive in February 2009. The band issued the following statement on their MySpace:

"This summer will indeed be far from inactive in the Anubis Gate camp! We will start recording the drums at Hansen Studios early July, and after the drums have been tracked, guitars, keyboards and bass will be recorded at Kim Olesen's studio. Jacob Hansen's vocals will be done at Hansen Studios, and Henrik Fevre's vocals + backing will be done at his own studio. The mix will be done mid August at Hansen Studios..

All the songs have been written and lyrics are being completed as we write this. We feel very strong about the new songs, that very much are following the lines of Andromeda Unchained, although with a twist. There's a feeling that some of the newer songs will be heavier, leaning a bit towards the hard riffage from "A Perfect Forever", as well as there are some new elements and surpising twists to "the Anubis Gate sound". Every one of us is anxious to get started!"

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Guitar Tech Discusses Van Halen's Guitar Playing

Eddie Van Halen's guitar tech Tom Weber discussed Eddie's guitar playing and the current reunion tour with the Grand Rapids Press.

"Ed is a force of nature. I understand the math behind how a guitar works. Ed does things on the guitar that defy the math," raved Weber. "I've sat with him and watched him do things that you can't do. Ed doesn't play guitar; the guitar submits to Ed's will. It's truly an amazing thing. It's a very inspiring place to be."

The tour was interrupted earlier this year so Van Halen -- who previously has battled tongue cancer and substance abuse problems -- could be treated for an unspecified medical condition. The band expects a climactic finish in West Michigan. Weber said the recent resumption of the last leg of the tour in mid-April has exceeded expectations.

"I think the hiatus did everybody good. We did the show in Reno, the first show back, and I stood with my hair standing on end with near tears in my eyes," Weber recalled.

Read the full article at Mlive.com.

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Psyclon Nine Posts Video Online

California based industrial black metal band Pysclon Nine has posted a new video online for the song "Parasitic". The track is from their album "Crwn Thy Frnicatr". The video can be viewed below. More...

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Nightwish Fielding Questions From Fans

Female fronted symphonic metal band Nightwish is currently accepting e-mail questions from fans through their "Nightmail" forum on their website. Drummer Jukka Nevalainen will be answering the questions at a later date.

The band's official statement was:

"Nightwish have decided that it is time to face another round of questions from the fans, so we are reopening our little "Nightmail" section. This month you can pick Jukka's brain. As usual, please keep your questions short, don't use Nightmail to post random comments, and above all, be creative! Have fun!"

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Finntroll Cancel Serbian Show

Folk metal band Finntroll has cancelled their Serbian show. The band issued the following statement on their website:

"Hmmmm. Due to some "unfortunate events", according to certain people, the Serbian gig is cancelled. We´re freaking sorry, and next time......heh, well, what did your mother say? Don´t trust anyone? Nah. Somebody fucked us up and here´s the deal. And trust me, it´s not fun to wake up for this, being already in Serbia 8 AM either- we´d rather play a gig here than just get drunk."

Finntroll also recently announced that they will be recording a live DVD at their Amsterdam show on September 20th.

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Footage Of New Anthrax Singer Surfaces

Fan filmed footage has been posted online of Anthrax performing with their new singer Dan Nelson. The band recently played their first gig with him where they performed new songs aswell as their classic staple tracks. Check out footage of the new Anthrax lineup performing the Bush-era classic "Only" below. More...

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Warrant Frontman Shares Thoughts On Reunion Show

Warrant frontman Jani Lane has checked with an update regarding the bands first gig in 14 years featuring the original lineup.

"Wow, what a fricken relief! We (Warrant reunited) finally got on stage together the other night in Nashville and the following night in Walker, Minnesota. There was so much speculation on our part and the fans as well! About a week before the shows my MySpace was literally humming with excitement! I had the pleasure of having my daughter, Madison attend the first show. Trust me, there is no more honest critic than the 10 year old who thinks of you as 'the old guy who takes her to school!'

All things considered, I thought the first show went pretty well. No major equipment problems and the crowd was great. We definitely fed off the energy the audience fed us. As crazy-fast as the day in Nashville went, it almost shifted into slow motion for me on stage. I caught myself mentally drifting down memory lane while my voice and body must have been in some kind of auto-pilot mode...very surreal! I would look around at the guys and get flashes of the Sunset Strip (circa '87 or so) starving, hoping, praying and having a hell of a good time! Memories of recording, touring, laughing and crying together! It really made me think, 'Holy shite, we have been through the mill together!' and let me tell you folks something...I am not a wuss but for the five of us to be standing on stage together sounding that good...everyone healthy and happy...I nearly welled up several times! I never let it show though...mostly because, if I did, I'd have to kick my own ass for being a wimp! :) More...

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Twinspirits Releases New Italitan Shows

Italian prog metallers Twinspirits have just confirmed the following gigs:

6/11 - Tribano, Padova, IT - Tribano Zona Rock Festival
7/20 - Pernumia, Padova, IT - Metal On Earth with STRANA OFFICINA

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Terasbetoni Frontman Speaks On Eurovision

Jarkko Ahola of Finnish heavy metal band Terasbetoni has posted his thoughts on his band's performance in the Eurovision song contest. The band were unable to capture the victory that fellow countrymen Lordi achieved two years ago, finishing 22nd out of 25. Check out Ahola's message below:

"TERÄSBETONI got back home from Serbia just few days ago. The whole trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience with all the great people, unique athmosphere and of course the main event: Eurovision Song Contest. 'Missä Miehet Ratsastaa', our contest song (entry), did pretty good. We made it through to the final, but something happened there and we didn't get too many points. But that wasn't the main goal, anyway. We got a great chance to play our music to the whole Europe and hopefully won new warriors to our side. More...

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Salem Reveals DVD Details

Israel's SALEM have posted this message on their official website:

'Salem Underground's [view cover] official release date is June 6, 2008. We will be playing a live show that night in Tel Aviv with Florida's finest, OBITUARY. The new DVD will be available for the first time at the concert. Worldwide distribution will happen a couple of weeks later, more details about that later. The new package includes a live DVD (Region free PAL, Stereo) with the following track list: More...

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Sepultura Performs New Song Live

Sepultura recently treated fans in Sao Paulo to a brand new song from their forthcoming album. The song is apparantly incomplete and untitled. Check out the video below.

The new album is set to be released in October and will be based on the cult classic book/ film "A Clockwork Orange". The band is also scheduled to record the bass tracks for the album this week. More...

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Job For A Cowboy Announces European Shows

Job For A Cowboy have lined up the following dates in Europe over the summer:

June 14 - Donnington, England @ Download Festival @ Donnington Park
June 16 - London, England @ 2008 Metal Hammer Awards
June 17 - London, England @ ULU
June 18 - Colchester, UK @ Arts Centre
June 19 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands @ Waterfront
June 20 - Clisson, France @ Hellfest 2008
June 21 - Brussels, Belgium @ Magsin
June 22 - Koln, Germany @ Underground
June 23 - Stuttgart, Germany @ Die Rohre
June 24 - Bochum, Germany @ Matrix
June 26 - Arendal, Norway @ Hove Festival at Tromoya
June 27 - Gothenburg, Sweden @ Metal Town Festival 2008
June 29 - Helsinki, Finland @ 2008 Tuska Festival
June 30 - Moscow, Russia @ Tochka
July 2 - Tallin, Estonia @ Nõmme Kultuurimaja
July 4 - Roskilde, Denmark @ 2008 Roskilde Festival
July 5 - Leipzig, Germany @ With Full Force Festival
July 31 - Wacken, Germany @ Wacken Open Air Festival

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Gorgoroth Reveals Live Album Tracklisting

Black metal act Gorgoroth have revealed the tracklisting for their upcoming live album "Live In Grieghallen", due for release this month. The tracklisting is as follows:

'Bergfrollets Heon', 'Destroyer', 'The Rite Of Infernal Invocation', 'Forces of Satan Storms', 'Possessed (By Satan)', 'Unchain My Heart!!!', 'Profetens Openbaring', 'Revelation Of Doom'.

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Sanctity Posts B-Side Track Online For Download

Sanctity have posted the B-Side track "Lost To Ego" online at their official Myspace. The song is available to download from the same location.

Sanctity recently revealed three new members in Scott Smith (Bass), Zach Jordan (Guitar) and Nate Queen (Vocals).

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W.A.S.P. Announces More Festival Shows

W.A.S.P. have added some more European festival shows to their summer tour. The tour schedule is now as follows:

28 - Peace and Love Festival - Borlänge, Sweden

11 - Magic Circle Festival - Bad Arolsen, Germany
25 - Lorca Rock Festival - Lorca (Murcia), Spain
26 - tba - Bilbao, Spain
29 - Turku Festival - Turku, Finland
31 - Pakkahuone - Tampere, Finland

1 - Teatria - Oulu, Finland
2 - Annka Rock Festival - Finland

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