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Metal News for May 5, 2013

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Corrupt Moral Altar Streaming "Whiskey Sierra"

Corrupt Moral Altar is streaming the new vinyl release "Whiskey Sierra" online. Check out the tracks in the player below, or pre-order the release via Dead Chemists Records. The following press release was also issued about the band:

"CMA are a grind/sludge band from Liverpool (UK) formed in 2012 from members of almost every UK band ever (Ex-Malevolent Creation, Ex-The Atrocity Exhibit, Iron Witch, Magpyes, Horse Bastard etc...)

"They released their demo last year which was followed by the 'Luciferian Deathcult' EP on Baitin' The Trap records, limited to 150 copies and sold out before the release date after numerous positive reviews and championing from the likes of Napalm Death. The new 7 Inch has 2 new tracks, and 2 remastered tracks from the 'Needle Drugs' demo.

"Mix grind and sludge, soak it in whiskey and bile and you'll be getting somewhere near Liverpool's Corrupt Moral Altar. Sounding part Iron Monkey, part Mistress and part pounding hangover, it's disgusting in the best possible way. They follow up last year's 'Needle Drugs' demo and the Baitin' The Trap EP, 'Luciferian Deathcult' with the new 7 inch 'Whiskey Sierra.' 2 new tracks, 2 remastered tracks from the demo and it quickly picks up where the last EP finished. Huge riffs and grooves, blasting drums and tortured shrieks, it's the perfect soundtrack to drinking yourself through misery, right into unconsciousness. "

The track listing is:

1. Whiskey Sierra
2. Lord
3. Politics Is A Bargain Between Beggars (Remastered)
4. You Don't Have To Go To Clown College (remastered) More...

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Alkira Posts New EP Trailer

South Australian thrash metal band Alkira has released a short promotional video for the upcoming EP "Red Devil." Check out the clip below.

The four-track EP was mixed and mastered by Darren "Jenk" Jenkins (Deprivation, Mortal Sin) at Studio 74, NSW and will be launched on June 22nd at Fowlers Live, alongside Lord, Truth Corroded and more.

The video includes snippets of all four songs on the "Red Devil" EP, backed by footage from Alkira's tours to Melbourne and Perth in 2012 and 2013, as well as from the band's support slot for Fear Factory at Adelaide UniBar in September of 2012.

The EP's artwork was illustrated by Aaron Schirmer and depicts an army marching through and laying waste to Hindley Street outside the infamous Enigma Bar, led by the Red Devil. The track listing for the EP is as follows:

1. Red Devil
2. Hell's March
3. The Night Mare
4. Masks of the World More...

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I Am The Trireme Reveals "Unholy" Album

I Am The Trireme has announced the "Unholy" album will see release via Dark Harvest Records later this year. The label comments:

"Few bands can match the ferocity and sheer brutal combination of melodic death and vile symphonic black metal that I Am The Trireme (pronounced 'i am the tri'reem') has conjured.

"Hailing from Philadelphia PA, IATT bring forth a relentless, fast paced, crushing wall of blackened brutality and haunting melodies. IATT announced to day the release of their latest album Unholy on Dark Harvest Records. Unholy is the re-imagining and re-recreation of IATT's debut self release titled Unholy Divination."

IATT guitarist Alec Pezzano explained the project, “As artists we have grown immensely in the past three years (since Unholy Divination's 2010 release), and pushed ourselves in ways we could have never imagined. We still loved the material from the original Unholy Divination, but had a new vision for what those songs could have been. Thus Unholy is the re-telling of the nightmare from a much wiser, darker, refined IATT. While the original Unholy Divination was in essence a window into a world of black magic, conjuration, and the occult; Unholy is the promised return to that world, culminating with the bonus track, Finding It Hard To Maintain.”

The "Unholy" album was produced, mixed, and recorded by IATT's Jim Jenca at his personal studio. Drum tracking was done at 0x1 Sound Studios in Cherry Hill NJ with award winning audio engineer Jason Ruch. Mastering was done at Arcane Digital Recording in Chandler AZ by Ryan Butler. More...

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Famous Last Words Streaming Full New Album

Famous Last Words has posted the full "Two-Faced Charade" album online, which was released at the end of April, 2013. Check out the entire album in the YouTube playlist below. If you like what you hear, you can also pick up the album at iTunes here.

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Demonical Announces "Darkness Unbound 2013"

Demonical has checked in with the following announcement about an upcoming tour kicking off in October:

"We are proud to hereby announce the 'Darkness Unbound tour 2013' taking place in October. Divided into two parts the crusade will tentatively hit Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic.

"Support on part I will come from Swedish deathsters Daemonicus and Austrian black reapers Groteskh while on part II we will be joined by our Swedish comrades Spasmodic and German melo-masters Hailstone. Full dates and details TBA during the coming months." More...

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DeathDestruction Posts New Studio Video

Sweden's DeathDestruction has posted another studio video diary online from the band's time recording a new album. Check out this latest episode below.

The album was recorded and mixed in Bohus Studios between November 2012 - January 2013, together with producer Roberto Laghi.

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Harasai Posts New Video Teaser

Harasai will soon be releasing a new music video for the track "Three Kings," which was directed, cut and edited by Miwigraphics.

While waiting for the full release, check out a new teaser trailer below. You can also check out the Harasai song "Psychotic Kingdom" over at this location.

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White Wizzard Streaming New Song

After revealing the cover artwork for new album "The Devils Cut," White Wizzard has now released a song from the upcoming new effort. Check out the track "Kings of the Highway" in the player below.

"The Devils Cut" is due to be released on June 3rd in Europe via Earache Records, and June 25th in the USA via Century Media/Earache Records.

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Fragarak Streaming Full New Album

India's Fragarak has now released the full-length album "Crypts of Dissimulation," and the release is available for streaming online. Check out the tracks in the player below or pick up a digital copy of the album via Bandcamp. The track listing is:

1. Savor the Defiance 09:44
2. Insurgence 06:47
3. Effacing the Esotery 07:52
4. Dissimulation : An Overture 04:13
5. Cryptic Convulsion 08:00
6. Psalm of Deliverance 02:58 More...

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Rings Of Saturn Recruits New Drummer

Rings of Saturn has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a new drummer:

"Jesse Beahler, of Jungle Rot, will be joining Rings of Saturn as a full time member starting in June on our Canadian Tour with The Faceless and Within the Ruins, and also on The Summer Slaughter Tour!

"Our previous drummer, Ian Baker, was busy with previous obligations and wasn't able be apart of our upcoming schedule. We want to thank him for being a part of the band, and we wish him the best of luck in his future musical endeavors and otherwise! Below Jesse jams out to Peeling Arteries, which is part of our set for the Summer Slaughter Tour \m/

"Many of you guys have asked what happened to our online store because we previously mentioned that it would be up again when we returned from the Despise the World Tour with Suffocation.The store is run DIY by the band, and at this moment we are simply too busy to manage it and put it back up at this time due the crazy amount of orders we receive while it is active. More...

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Destiny Announces Return Of Drummer Kane

Swedish metal act Destiny announced that drummer Håkan Svantesson a/k/a Kane has rejoined the band after eighteen years, to replace Roger Christiansson, who suddenly and unexpectedly left the band. Kane played with Destiny from 1994-1995, having recorded drums for the album "The Undiscovered County," which was released in 1998.

Destiny is currently recording the band's 30th Anniversary album "The Incompatibility of Philosophical Terminology," as well as "Global Warming."

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Sunday Old School: Forbidden

Of all the metal scenes across the world, the eighties thrash metal scene in California is probably of the most well known, having produced such big names as Metallica and Megadeth. It’s been some time since we examined a band from the scene, so this week, Sunday Old School will be taking a look at Forbidden, one of the heaviest and most daring bands from the Bay Area. Forbidden was formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1985, originally under the moniker Forbidden Evil, by guitarist Rob Flynn and drummer Jim Pittman, who quickly joined forces with vocalist Russ Anderson, bassist John Tegio and another guitarist, Craig Loicicero. The quintet made a live record entitled, "Live at Ruthies Inn – The Eastern Front" before Tegio, Pittman and Flynn all left the band, (the last of whom would join Vio-Lence before going on to form Machine Head,) and their places were taken by Matt Camacho, Paul Bostaph and Glen Avelais respectively.

This new incarnation of the band decided to shorten their name to Forbidden, as they were afraid that the name Forbidden Evil would stereotype them as a black metal outfit. They soon signed to Combat Records, home of such other thrash contemporaries as Heathen and Nuclear Assault and in 1988, they released their first full length album, "Forbidden Evil." The record was a hit with critics and thrash metal fans alike and has since gone on to be considered one of the true classics in the genre and featured a number of songs that have become live staples such as "Chalice of Blood" and "Through Eyes of Glass," as well as the title track. More...

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