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Metal News for May 5, 2002

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Nonpoint Indie EP

With their new album ‘Development’ due for release, Nonpoint are also issuing a limited edition EP called ‘Overture’ later this month. On it is an acoustic version of ‘What A Day’ (from the previous album ‘Statement’), plus songs from their independently issued debut LP ‘Struggle’.

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Headline News

Flaw Guitarist Quits

Guitarist Jason Daunt has left Flaw due to ‘personal and musical differences’. However, the band still intend to carry touring as a four-piece.

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Infobia Confirmed for Bloodstock

UK act Infobia from Hull have been confirmed as the opening act for Bloodstock's second stage.

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Lifeforce Gets Liar

Straight Edge metalcore unit Liar has found a new home under the wings of Lifeforce Records. The band has recorded 4 brand-new tracks that will be out the next months as a split release cd with some US band. A full-length might be recorded around the fall/winter this year. The band plans to play some festivals and on tour across Europe in August this year. Details pending.

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Daily Interviews

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Daily Reviews

Tartarean Desire has lots of new reviews this week:

  • Lord Belial - Angelgrinder (black metal, 2002)
  • Skepticism - Process Of Farmakon (EP) (funeral doom, 2002)
  • Tenebrae - demo EP (nu-metal, 2002)
  • Evenfall - Cumbersome (gothic / black metal, 2002)
  • Unleashed - Hell's Unleashed (death metal, 2002)
  • Terror Organ - Buzzbomb: Vergeltungswaffe Mhz 28 (noise / industrial, 2001)
  • V/A - Hymns To The Fallen IV (death / black metal, 2002)
  • V/A - Candlelight Collection Vol. 5 (metal, 2002)
  • Sirenia - At Sixes And Sevens (gothic doom metal, 2002)
  • Corpus Christii - The Fire God (black metal, 2002)
  • Flowing Tears - Serpentine (gothic metal, 2002, 2nd review)

And Electric Basement has a pair of new reviews:

  • Chigger Red
  • Tearabyte

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