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Metal News for May 31, 2013

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International Day Of Slayer Website Speaks

In the wake of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman's death, the directors of the International Day of Slayer -- the Slayer-centric holiday that sprang to life on 6/6/06 -- announce a change in the status the celebration of this year's version of "the world's first heavy metal holiday."

"With the passing of Jeff Hanneman, it would be reasonable to assume that the 2013 celebration of the International Day of Slayer would be a somber one," said Hessian spokesperson and International Day of Slayer CEO Jim Tate, "but nothing could be further from the truth. This year more than any other demands full engagement and celebration from Slayer fans and hessians across the globe." Tate explained that the term "Hessian," derived from the long-haired maniacal mercenaries of the revolutionary war, is a term of cultural self-reference for metal fans. More...

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Lethality Streaming Entire EP

Russian slam band Lethality is gearing up for its appearance at the Las Vegas Death Fest on June 14th and 15th at the Cheyenne Saloon in North Las Vegas. The band also reissued its debut EP "Everyone Will Suffer" on Inherited Suffering recordings. Previously issued on Anopsys Records, the EP was recorded at Angelrape Studios by Il'ya Vesnin of Act Of God. Check out all five songs in this entire EP stream of "Everyone Will Suffer" below.

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Arrayan Path Streams New Track

A new song from the upcoming Arrayan Path album “IV: Stigmata” is now streaming exclusively on Rockoverdose.gr. Give the track "Cursed Canaan" a listen at this location.

“IV: Stigmata” is the epic power metal act's fourth album and is due for release worldwide on June 10th via Pitch Black Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Clepsydra
2. The Bible Bleeds
3. Midnight and the First-born Massacre
4. Judas Iscariot
5. Stigmata
6. Cursed Canaan
7. Pharaoh’s Wish
8. Harbingers of Death
9. Disguising your Soul
10. The Storyteller
11. Mystic Moon (Bonus Track)
12. Charming Paranoia (Bonus Download Track) More...

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Stand Your Ground Splits With Mediaskare

Stand Your Ground has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with Mediaskare Records:

"Hey everyone, we would like to make a formal announcement to everyone that we have officially parted ways with Mediaskare records. We both felt moving forward that it would be mutually beneficial to separate.

"I don't want to get into too many details except that we went to Baron and asked to be released from our contract. He agreed and now we're moving on. This occurred a few months ago before we started working on our new record.

"Having said that, this means that we are releasing 'Standards' completely on our own! Everything out of our own pockets. However that also means that we will be getting 100% of the profit brought in by Standards.

"For now, this means that we're pretty far in the hole! You can help us out greatly by helping us get the word out about this new CD. Please please please tell your friends, share it on Facebook, instagram, twitter, and whatever other social media you guys are into. Of course, helping us out by pre-ordering it would be amazing. CD is only $7 on our bigcartel store, and we've got tons of other pre-order options with tee shirts, tanks, hoodies, and other stuff.

"We keep putting our time, money, and entire lives into this band for one reason. YOU GUYS! We love you all very much."

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Hateful Streaming New Track

The second full-length platter of perversion from Modena, Italy brutalists Hateful will be unveiled on June 25th via The Spew records. Titled "Epilogue of Masquerade," this release follows up Hateful's 2009 debut "Coils of a Consumed Paradise." Below, the track "Corrupting the Veil that Keeps the Mind Sane" is streaming from the upcoming release. Hateful will be playing at the A Night With Death 4 gig at the Black Rose Pub in Acquafredda on Saturday, June 22nd, along with the bands Blessed Death and In Case Of Carnage.

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Sofy Major Streaming Full New Album

The enormous racket of "Idolize" -- the new LP from noise rock bandits Sofy Major -- is finally out today worldwide via Solar Flare Records. You can now stream the full album online via TheObelisk.net or in the player below. The following press release was also issued about the band:

"Like a demented mesh of the Melvins slamming into High On Fire with undeniable noise/metal influences instigated by the likes of Unsane, Quicksand and Deadguy, the latest in an extensive line of EPs, LPs, splits and other independent releases, Idolize not only shows the band at their caustic finest, it completes a painstaking journey bringing the album to life.

"Just after Sofy Major migrated from the post-industrial badlands of Clermont-Ferrand to Brooklyn, New York in October 2012 to record with Andrew Schneider at Translator Audio (Unsane, Keelhaul, Cave In), Hurricane Sandy waged war on the region, the immense storm surge demolishing the entire studio and all of the band’s gear.

"Cohort and labelmate Dave Curran (Unsane, Pigs) helped Schneider and the band relocate to Brooklyn’s Seaside Lounge and Spaceman Sound studios and complete the recording sessions Sandy attempted to thwart. Idolize encapsulates Sofy Major's intoxicating concoction of sludge riffage, stale beer, shattered dreams and perseverance." More...

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Mist Within Recruits New Drummer

Mist Within has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a new drummer:

"We finally broke the curse and Reza Jan Bozorgi has been added to the band as drummer! He has a massive amount of experience and skills which will improve Mist Within in many aspects for sure.
Welcome to the family bro!" More...

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Trallery Reveals "Catalepsy" Details

Trallery will be releasing new album "Catalepsy" tomorrow, June 1st, through Xtreem Music. The track listing is as follows:

01. Collateral Damage
02. Pluralized Chaos
03. White Shadow
04. Catalepsy
05. Assassin Instrospection
06. Disease
07. Dissipated by Oblivion
08. In the Wings of The Night
09. The Secret Trial
10. Path of Life

Xtreem Music also comments: "Astonishing debut by this Spanish band of pure thrash metal the classic way with influences in the vein of Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Testament executed in a masterly way with a great vocalist. Memorable songs full of dynamics where they blend melody and aggression on equal parts getting a great result. All this accompanied by a great production and excellent cover art by Andrei Bouzikov... we're in front of the great revelation of Spanish Thrash in 2013!" More...

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Doyle Signs With Lifeforce Records

Lifeforce Records has issued the following statement about inking a deal with Doyle:

"We are very proud and happy to announce the signing of French Post-hardcore outfit Doyle to the Lifeforce Records roster!

"Formed in 2007 by 5 Parisians, Doyle reached its first goals by burning its name in the collective mind of new metal / post-hardcore scene, with the help of a hard-hitting EP, 'Submerge,' as well as prestigious opening acts for bands such as Silverstein, 36 Crazyfists, Deaf Havana, Devil Sold His Soul, Attack Attack!

"In 2010, Doyle released its first LP 'And Gods will…,' mixed in the United States by Ulrich Wild (Deftones, Bleeding Through, Incubus…). The album jumped to #2 on the french rock/metal album charts and maintained its position on the Top 5 for 3 weeks. Between 2010 and 2012, the band toured through Europe with The Chariot, MyChildren MyBride, Between The Buried and Me, Animals as Leaders, Steak Number Eight and Deftones.

"With a new album recorded by Francis Caste at Studio Sainte-Marthe, Paris, Doyle is now ready to conquer new shores. Their second album and yet untitled Lifeforce Records debut allows the band to broaden their musical spectrum. From Pandemonium to Eden, brutality to poetry, Doylefollows its own game plan, and takes us along for the ride. The new album is set to be released in late September 2013." More...

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Deranged Streaming Track From "Morgue Orgy"

Swedish brutal death metal band Deranged is back with a new line-up and a new five track MCD "Morgue Orgy" that has four brand new songs and a cover of SOD's "Milk". The cover art on "Morgue Orgy" was done by the Mark Riddick. While the EP was unleashed on Sevared Records, a limited 12" vinyl edition was released on Bifrost Records. Stream a rough mix of "Morgue Orgy" below.

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Morne Reveals New Album Details

Boston, Massachusetts epic crust doom band Morne has completed work on new album “Shadows.” Profound Lore Records comments:

"With 'Shadows,' the band’s third monolithic release, Morne have created their darkest and bleakest album yet. Known for creating a conjuncture where massive atmosphere aligns itself with vicious crust, colossal doom, and a touch of post rock and psychedelia, 'Shadows' sees the band strip their sound back a bit more to deliver a more meticulous and introverted offering while taking their cinematic heaviness to the next level.

"More dirge-like and crawling where any kind of semblance of hope becomes faint and even more distant, along with hints towards funeral doom (moments that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Morgion or Mournful Congregation album) surfacing even more, 'Shadows' is an introspective sonic journey through cavernous wastelands and desolation."

To officially be released July 23rd, the tack listing for “Shadows” goes as follows:

1. Coming Of Winter
2. A Distance
3. New Dawn
4. Shadows More...

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New Waco Jesus Song Streaming

Sevared Records has just released the brand new full length album from warped brutal death metal masters Waco Jesus. Waco Jesus is bringing back their sadistic dark roots of scum grind terrorism with its fifth full length release "Mayhem Doctrine." Check out one of the new tracks from the album, "Going Viral," below.

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Reptilian Death Releases New Lyric Video

Indian death metal band Reptilian Death has released a lyric video for a new single "O" off the band's sophomore album "The Dawn And Consummation And Emergence."

The band recently unveiled the artwork for the album created by Michal "Xaay" Loranc, who has previously worked with the likes of Nile, Behemoth, etc. Worldwide release dates for the album have yet to be announced.

"We're still in talks with labels and distribution partners, we feel this album deserves a proper release so we'll try and close these deals soon. If nothing works out fans can expect it to be self released around the 25th of June 2013, worldwide," said Sahil Makhija, owner of Demonstealer Records. More...

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Jasad Streaming Entire Third Album

A full album stream of the latest, and third full-length, album from Indonesian brutalists Jasad is streaming below for your auditory indulgence. Titled "Rebirth of Jatisunda," the release was recently issued in tangible form via Sevared Records. Featuring ten tracks of which eight are new, the album features backing vocals from Levi of Disgorge. The album artwork is courtesy of Marco Hasmann (Human Filleted, Blasphemer, Septycal Gorge, etc..)

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Mumakil Streaming New Track

Now under a month before it pummels its way into the public’s hands via Relapse Records, another track from Mumakil's third album "Flies Will Starve" surges forth today.

"Death from Below," the opening track to the helltorn new album comes at you by way of a featured stream at American Aftermath. Check it out here or in the player below. More...

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Noisem Streaming New Song

The searing blitz of "Agony Defined," the debut LP from Baltimore-based thrash division Noisem -- formerly known as Necropsy -- is set for release on Tuesday, June 11th via A389 Recordings.

Another new track from "Agony Defined" today sees release via an exclusive stream of “Mortuary” at Cvlt Nation. Crank it up here or through the player below.

Following a malicious set at Maryland Deathfest a week ago, tomorrow -- Saturday, June 1st -- Noisem will pummel the Scion Rock Fest in Memphis, Tennessee alongside the Melvins, Testament, Vision of Disorder, Corrosion of Conformity, Municipal Waste, The Casualties, Impaled, A Life Once Lost, Code Orange Kids and more. Additional tours are in the planning stages and will be announced in the near future. More...

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Children Of Bodom Posts New Track Breakdown

Finnish metal superstars Children of Bodom have just released the final part of the track-by-track video series for new album "Halo of Blood" (reviewed here). Check out this latest clip below.

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Heathen Taps Jon Dette For Upcoming Tour

Jon Dette, who recently played with Slayer and Anthrax (and previously with Testament), will be playing drums for Heathen on the Bay Area Thrash band’s upcoming European tour with Generation Kill and Dust Bolt.

Heathen issued the following statement: “As most of you know already, Darren recently left the band. It was an amicable split and we wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors. For those of you concerned about our upcoming European tour, have no fear. Jon Dette will be filling in on drums for all dates on the tour. Jon played with us once before during our North American tour a couple of years ago and we are looking forward to touring with him again. Get ready for the chaos!” More...

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Hypocrisy To Support Heaven Shall Burn

Swedish death metal monsters Hypocrisy have been confirmed as direct support for the upcoming European run of Heaven Shall Burn.

After releasing new album "End of Disclosure," Hypocrisy decided to re-release the classic album “Penetralia + Osculum Obscenum," remastered and enriched with extensive bonus material as a limited 2CD box set. The set will drop July 12th, 2013 via Nuclear Blast.

Catch the band live: More...

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Erimha Streaming New Song

Erimha has announced the band's forthcoming studio album will be titled "Reign Through Immortality." The album will be released on July 9th, 2013.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Christian Donaldson, "Reign Through Immortality" demonstrates dramatically intense and punishingly savage symphonic metal. Listen to the full song stream for the new track “Condemned To Desolation” below. The following press release was also issued about the band;

"Erimha which means Army or Legion in Sumerian culture, base their haunting, melodic, merciless and operatic sound on ancient mythology and spirituality. Their mantra and mission is one of inner strength and how the individual can be as powerful as an entire army. Don’t miss your chance to witness Erimha firsthand as they perform new songs from their forthcoming album, beginning June 3 in Buffalo, New York. See a full list of tour dates at this location.

"A manifestation of Hell on earth, Reign Through Immortality will not only satisfy Erimha’s loyal legion of Canadian metal followers, but will have their troops growing by the thousands worldwide. Pre-order packages for Reign Through Immortality are now available online here." More...

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Dying Fetus Announces North American Shows

Dying Fetus has announced a string of Canadian tour dates for later this summer. This run also includes select dates in the U.S. A full North American headline tour will be announced shortly. The tour is set to kick off August 23rd in Clifton Park, NY and will run through September 3rd in Providence, RI. A complete list of dates can be found below.

8/23: Clifton Park, NY @ Trick Shot
8/24: Hamilton, ON @ @ Club Absinthe
8/25: Montreal, QC @ Les Foufounes Electriques
8/26: Rimouski, QC @ Le Cactus
8/27: Quebec City, QC @ Imperial
8/29: Sherbrooke, QC @ Le Magog
8/30: Jonquiere, QC @ Place Nikitoutagan
9/2: Ottawa, ON @ Maverick's
9/3: Providence, RI @ King of Clubs More...

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Havok Offering Single For Free Download

Denver thrashers Havok are gearing up for the North American release date of the band’s third full-length, "Unnatural Selection."

Candlelight Records today makes the “Give Me Liberty…Or Give Me Death” single available as a free download at the label’s official Bandcamp page.

Currently touring Europe with Suffocation and Cephalic Carnage, Havok will kick off North American touring just after the June 25th release of "Unnatural Selection." Set to begin July 22nd, the headlining tour will see the four-piece journey through the southern states, travelling up the eastern seaboard before making a debut performance at Montreal’s annual Heavy MTL festival on August 11th. More...

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Freedoms Reign Posts New Video

Connecticut metallers Freedoms Reign have released a video for the track "Up From Down," taken off their recently released self-titled debut album. Featuring the return of Fates Warning's original guitarist and founding member Victor Arduini, Freedoms Reign were introduced the world earlier this year when Italian metal label Cruz Del Sur announced their signing.

Since then, the band has been steadily gaining momentum through critical praise of the debut and their energetic live show. The release of "Freedoms Reign" was timed to coincide with, and celebrate, the 29th anniversary of the release of Fates Warning's debut album, "Night on Bröcken." The video for "Up From Down" is now playing below.

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Burial Vault Streaming Entire Album

One year after the release of their highly regarded debut, North German melodic death metallers Burial Vault have released their sophomore effort, "Indendium," through Apostasy Records. The follow up to last year's critically-acclaimed "Ekpyrosis (Periodic Destruction)", "Incendium" is a conceptual piece inspired by Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451."

With this album, the band developed a concept that embodies a metamorphosis of a human in an inconvenient future both on musical as on textual level. The release features artwork from Ben Borucki (Agathodaimon, Suicide Silence). To mark the launch of "Incendium," the band hooked up with AxisOfMetal.com to stream the album in its entirety. To listen, visit this location.

 photo burialvault_zps1e497dcf.jpg

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The Meatmen Recording New Album

Mr. Dutch Hercules himself, Tesco Vee, has a new Meatmen lineup and a kickstarter campaign to launch the first Meatmen release and North American tour in eighteen years. Below is a video from Tesco himself, along with some of the song titles the band has recorded. The new album will be the first platter of original material since the "Pope on a Rope" release.

I'm Gonna Fuck You Up
Kill Kunt Koulter
The Dwarves are the 2nd Greatest Band in the World... after the Meatmen.
12 Soft
Pork Chop and a .22
Wizards of the Oblivion

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Death Destruction Posts New Music Video

Swedish groove metal act Death Destruction posted a new music video for the track "Money, Blood, Crucifixus." The song appears on the band's upcoming new LP "II."

Check it out here:

Death Destruction - Money, Blood, Crucifixus on MUZU.TV.

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Wisdom Announces New Album

Hungarian power metal act Wisdom announced that the band's third release will be entitled "Marching for Liberty." The album will contain 12 new tracks and is scheduled for release on September 27th via NoiseArt Records. Coinciding with the release, the band will embark on a European tour supporting Powerwolf and Majesty.

The artwork for the album can be viewed below. It was created by Gyula Havancsak, who also the artist for the band's "Words of Wisdom" debut full length in 2006, as well as the sophomore follow up "Judas" in 2011.

The band commented: "Not so long after surviving the betrayal of Judas, Wiseman knew, the day he had waited for so long had finally arrived. The fire of hope lit in his follower´s hearts as he came out from his shelter to lead them in the defeat the reign of the evil empire. This was the beginning, the 'Marching For Liberty'…

"No words can say what we feel/We bring the change, have no fear/We are the ones who will fight/For a brave new world of the free." More...

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Angels of Babylon Streaming New Song "Sondrio"

Angels of Babylon, the band founded by former Manowar drummer Kenny "Rhino" Earl, is streaming the new track "Sondrio." The song appears on the band's upcoming sophomore LP "Thundergod," the first since the 2010 debut "Kingdom of Evil." "Thundergod" hits the streets on June 18th via Scarlet Records.

Rhino commented on the album: "This record is a real labour of love. It is epic and memorable. I don’t like to write the standard macho metal songs. People may or may not be surprised that there are songs written from the heart. I never compromise my art. Also, there is no quantizing, no triggers, this album is 100% organic. Melody, emotion and energy… this is the focal point of all of our songs. I like my lyrics to be more about fantasy, real life experiences and historic events rather than going too dark and sinister. Although, you might find a shadow here and there. The song ‘Thundergod’ is dedicated to my friend Scott Columbus. May you keep your hammer high!"

The track listing for the album is:

1. Thundergod
2. Sondrio
3. Queen Warrior
4. What Have You Become
5. White Star Line
6. The Enemy
7. True Brothers
8. Redemption
9. King of All Kings
10. Turning to Stone More...

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Dark Moor Streams New Song "The Road Again"

Spanish power metal act Dark Moor is streaming the new song "The Road Again." The song appears on the upcoming new LP "Ars Musica," the band's long awaited follow up to 2010's "Ancestral Romance." The album will be issued on June 18, 2013 via Scarlet Records.

The track listing for "Ars Musica" is:

1. Ars Musica (Intro)
2. First Lance of Spain
3. It is My Way
4. The Road Again
5. Together as Ever
6. The City of Peace
7. Gara and Jonay
8. Living in a Nightmare
9. El Último Rey
10. St. James Way
11. Spanish Suite (Asturias)
12. The Road Again (Acoustic Version)
13. Living in a Nightmare (Orchestral Version)

Check out "The Road Again": More...

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W.A.S.P. Cancels European Festival Shows

American heavy metal veterans W.A.S.P. have announced they have canceled their scheduled appearances across Europe this Summer after lead singer Blackie Lawless broke his leg in a "vehicle related accident."

The cancelled shows include Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium, Kirunafestivalen and Sommarock in Sweden and the Bang Your Head festival in Germany. A message from W.A.S.P. reads as follows:

"W.A.S.P. will unfortunately be forced to cancel the upcoming European festivals for summer 2013. Blackie Lawless was injured in a vehicle related accident that resulted in him breaking a leg. Complete recovery is expected following surgery. W.A.S.P. apologizes with all sincerity and say to all of our fans that we will be back next year bigger and better than ever. Blackie would also like to thank in advance all of those who wish to make inquiries about his well-being."

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Infinita Symphonia Streaming New Track

Italian symphonic metal band Infinita Symphonia is streaming the new song "If I Could Go Back." The song appears on the band's upcoming self-titled sophomore LP, which drops June 18, 2013 via Scarlet Records.

The track listing for the new album is as follows:

1. If I Could Go Back
2. The Last Breath
3. Welcome To My World
4. Drowsiness
5. In Your Eyes
6. Fly
7. Interlude
8. Waiting Fo A Day Of Happiness
9. X IV
10. Limbo

Check out "If I Could Go Back" here: More...

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Firewind To Release "Apotheosis - Live 2012" LP

Greek metal act Firewind announced that the band will issue a new live LP "Apotheosis - Live 2012," chronicling the band's 10th Anniversary on the "Few Against Many Tour." The recordings were captured from performances in Greece and all over Europe last year prior to the departure of singer Apollo Papathanasio (Evil Masquerade/Spiritual Beggars), who was temporarily replaced for 2013 live performances by Kelly Sundown Carpenter (Agadio/Darkology).

The track list for the release is:

1. Head Up High
2. Wall Of Sound
3. Allegiance
4. Few Against Many
5. The Departure
6. Heading For The Dawn
7. Losing My Mind
8. World On Fire
9. Guitar Solo 2012
10. SKG
11. Between Heaven And Hell
12. Piano Solo
13. Edge Of A Dream
14. Mercenary Man
15. Glorious
16. Maniac
17. Falling To Pieces More...

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Tarja Posts New "Never Enough" Lyric Video

Ex-Nightwish vocalist Tarja posted a lyric video for the new track "Never Enough." The song will appear on the new LP "Colours in the Dark," which is set to be released in North America ivia Eagle Rock imprint Armoury Records on August 27th, 2013. "Colours in the Dark" was mixed by Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam/U2).

Check out "Never Enough" here:

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Nile Announces Australian Tour Dates

American death metal outfit Nile has announced that the band will be heading to Australia this November for a string of headlining shows in support of seventh studio album, "At the Gate of Sethu," which was released last year through Nuclear Blast Records.

Joining Nile on the trek down under will be fellow Americans, The Faceless. The tour dates are as follows:

November 14 - Brisbane, Australia - The Hifi
November 15 - Sydney, Australia - The Manning Bar
November 16 - Melbourne, Australia - The Corner Hotel
November 17 - Perth, Australia - Amplifier Bar

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