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Metal News for May 31, 2008

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Panic Cell Posts New Video, "Walk Away" Online

British metallers Panic Cell have posted the new video for their song "Walk Away" online. You can check it out below. The song comes from the bands second album "What doesn't Kill Us". More...

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Sepultura Finishes Recording Guitar Tracks

Brazillian metal legends Sepultura have posted the following message online via Myspace:

"Today Andreas finished recording all the guitar tracks, the next step on our schedule is the bass, Paulo is ready to shred on his axe!
More studio footage and more reports are waiting for you, so stay tuned and keep checking our page regularly!


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The Binary Code Cancels Tour With Mabus

New Jersey technical death metal band, The Binary Code, have canceled their tour with Mabus. The band discusses the details behind the decision:

“We are in shared aggreance with Mabus that the tour we have had booked for months now has become unfeasible because of gas prices, and economical situations amongst the states we were hitting.”

”Back earlier this year when we began booking the tour, everything sounded logistical, there weren't so many problems in front of us. We were SO excited to go out and play in all of the different states, so it saddens us that we will not be able to make it out in June/July.”

”However, we have some really cool bands that want to get together for tours in the future very soon, so we'll see what happens, and keep you all posted.”

”On a good note, recording is going well, STP song is coming up soon, and we still have some good shows lined up. We'll post upcoming dates soon.”

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Warbreed Posts New Song Online

Argentina based death metal band Warbreed is currently streaming "Rotterdam in Flames" from their debut album "History Undone" on the band's MySpace page.

"History Undone" was released by Blackstar C.P. in Argentina on May 2nd. The band is still searching for a label to release the album in the U.S. and abroad.

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Emmure And Endwell Trade Responses On Tour Issue

Emmure has addressed Endwell's removal from the "Mosh Lives Tour," which Emmure is headlining. Here's the update from Emmure:

"Let me first start by saying we as a band have been friends with these guys for a while so this is in no way partial to one side or another. Some of you may have noticed that Endwell has been removed from The Mosh Lives Tour. I'd just like to clear up a few things and set the record straight.

"This is a respctable tour with respectable bands and band members. This is our tour and us as Emmure must make sure that this tour is not hindered by immaturity since we are responoble for 6 bands 36 people and all their actions.

"Endwell has been surrounded and plauged with bad decision making since day one. As youll recall they were kicked off a bayside tour as well for lack of any morality, respect, or loyalty to the people that were helping them and were supposed to be friends with.

"They are quick to talk shit but what they won't tell you is that when they first got signed to victory they were pumped they loved it they wouldn't even help us out and get on a show when we needed it because they said they weren't a local band anymore and they couldnt just do that. Victory put them in a Hollywood recording studio for over a month which excessivly exceeded their budget and time. They were provided with one of the top directors for their music video and put in every major music magazine... You would think they would be thankful.

"After their record bombed to put it gently they started getting pissy and blaming everyone underneath the sun except for themselves which seems to be the trend of that band. And all but 2 members quit.

"Before this tour started we started hearing how they were talking shit about us and our record which we confronted them about and they confessed and with a good heart and them being our supposed friends we let it slide and kept them on he tour. The very first day they show up they have a shirt they are selling that is blatantly a slap in the face to victory records and us.

"I don't know if they are just fucking dumb or naive but how the fuck do you show up to a victory records band headlining tour with that type of shot and think its funny? And expect for it to be ok and get away with it?

"Despite what they say they dug their own grave and did this to themselves noone is the bad guy in this except them despite their best efforts to tarnish the face of victory records their true colors really shine through on this one and its just a new low in a bands carreer that doesnt need to get any lower

"Don't shit where you sleep or your gonna wake up in shit."

Endwell then fired back: More...

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Pre-Listen To Burden A.D.'s New Album On MySpace

Finnish metal band Burden A.D.'s "Anno Dominator" CD is coming on June 4, 2008 in Finland (June 16 in the UK). You can listen whole album on the band's MySpace page.

Here are the latest Burden A.D. tour dates as well:

31.05.2008 Club Rock, Lahti
25.06.2008 Rocktown, Helsinki
11.07.2008 FinnHits Sorto-klubi, Monttu, Pori
05.08.2008 Red Alert Open Air 2008, Ukraine
15.08.2008 Pub Katse, Jyväskylä
06.09.2008 Hovirock, Tarvasjoki

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Black Flame Posts New Song Online

Italian black metal band Black Flame has posted a song titled "Apocalpytic Zero" from their upcoming album "Imperivm" on their MySpace page. The album is set to be released through Forces Of Satan Records, the newly formed record label created by Infernus of the band Gorgoroth, on June 23rd.

The song can be be heard here.

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Seventh Seal Issues Road Report

Justin from Seventh Seal has issued an update from the road:

"Just wanted to give everyone an update....so far the tour is going great!! I'm sitting in a hotel parking lot stealing wifi in Rhode Island...thought that would be a good time to post an update!

"Right as we were getting ready to leave the van wouldn't start after we were fully loaded and ready to head to New York City!! We had to take off the trailer and have it towed for an emergency fix at some shop in Maryland. Turns out the rotating flux injector was broken...or something like that. They had one in stock, but it wasn't the right one, so the guy still managed to rig it and install it for us on the fly and we were off. We made it too our NYC gig with 5 minutes to spare...it was crazy!!! The show was awesome though...

"Getting ready to play KC's Tap tonight in Pawtucket Rhode Island. We'll be posting some pictures and video just as soon as we can so stay posted!"

Seventh Seal is currenlty on an East coast mini-tour. Here are all of their currently planned tour dates from their MySpace page, however: More...

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The Gates Of Slumber Reveal Album Art Work

Indiana doom metal band The Gates of Slumber have posted the album art work for their upcoming EP "The Ice Worm's Lair". The art work can be viewed here.

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Memory Garden Posts New Video Online

Swedish power metal band Memory Garden has posted a video for the title song of their upcoming album "Carnage Carnival". The video can be viewed below.

The band also recently announced Johan Fredrikson as their new bass player. More...

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Keep of Kalessin Streams Entire New Album Online

Norwegian black metal band Keep of Kalessin are streaming their entire new album "Kolossus" on their MySpace page. The album will be released in North America on June 10th.

The band returned to Norway after completing their North American tour with Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth earlier this month. The band was to set out for Gothenburg immediately to shoot their new video for the song "Ascendant." The video is directed by Patrick Ullaeus, who is well known for his work with metal bands like Dimmu Borgir, Within Temptation, In Flames and more.

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Machine Head Explains Shortened Video

Machine Head frontman Rob Flynn wrote to MTV's Headbanger's Blog to explain why the song "Halo" was shortened from nine minutes to five minutes for the video.

"I write to you from the surprisingly frigid city of Madrid, Spain, where we are on tour as direct support to Metallica right now (woo-fuckin’- hoo!!!), and when we got the news about our video being premiered this Saturday, we were super stoked, to say the least!!! We are especially proud of this video, as it challenged us creatively and we feel it is completely unique to anything out there right now in metal or in mainstream music."

Rob also goes on to explain:

"Our friend Dean Modino at Modino Media Design was able to take these very crude, one dimensional metal carvings, bring them to life and give them some motion. He did a fucking killer job!!! While it was/is a massive bummer that we had to edit our glorious nine minute epic down to a puny five minute epic, there we’re several factors that played a role. Basically, doing a nine minute video is like doing two videos, and financially as well as logistically, it became a nightmare. So it got chopped!! We fucking dig the shit out of it, though, and while it pains us more than anyone to have to remove four minutes out of our song, the video turned out fucking sick!!!!!!!! We know you guys are gonna really dig it, because we really dig it, and you all know the meticulously high standards we hold ourselves to."

Read the full article at Headbanger's Blog.

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Scars on Broadway European Club Shows Announced

Scars on Broadway has announced four exclusive, intimate European shows celebrating the upcoming release of their self-titled debut album, which hits stores July 28th. These shows will mark the first time Scars on Boradway will be appearing in Europe.

The pre-sale begins this Monday morning at 9am local time and will run for 24 hours, at which point the public on-sale will officially begin. Below are all of the dates and their ticket links which will access both the pre-sale and official on-sale.

June 27 - Cologne - Luxor

June 28 - Berlin - Kato

July 3 - Paris - La Maroquinerie

July 4 - London - Underworld

Pre-sale - Monday, June 2nd at 9am local time
On-sale - Tuesday, June 3rd at 9am local time

These newly announced club tour dates are in addition to the two European festival appearances that trickled out recently:

August 29 - Paris, France, Rock En Seine (www.rockenseine.com)
August 31 - Lüdinghausen, Germany, Area4 Festival 2008 (www.area4.de)

More European touring news is expected.

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Melechesh's "The Siege Of Lachish" To Be Reissued

MELECHESH's "The Siege Of Lachish" will be re-released by Tarot Productions, formatted as a collector’s edition vinyl picture EP limited to only 300 copies worldwide. The title track was inspired by a text written by the Assyrian King Sennacherib as he witnessed his army invade the city of Lachish, which was approximately an hour and a half from Jerusalem. The site is nothing but ruins now, but with the text, it inspired this warlike song and is the principal track of this EP. The side B track, "Malek Al Nar" (meaning king of fire in Arabic) is a fast and traditional black metal hymn.

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Impaled Checks In From Amsterdam

California gore metal band Impaled has issued the following tour update on their MySpace page:

"Maryland Death Fest was crushing. Impaled had a fantastic time, seeing many great underground bands and being welcomed by a crowd of hardened G.O.R.E. Corps soldiers beating the absolute shit out of each other. Thanks to the fest and all the people that came out!

Follow that up with a couple shows with Swashbuckle, Call the Paramedics, Ex-Dementia, Trasher, Bitchslicer, and others, and we had a great send off from the states.

Now we're in Amsterdam, spending a couple days taking in the sights before we join up for the tour with Origin and Hour of Penance. I know what you're thinking... Amsterdam. We must be getting really baked on space cake, right? Well, wrong. We didn't come here for the pot. Impaled are not hippies. We came here for the heroin, LSD, and cocaine."

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Severed Savior Posts New Song Online

San Francisco death metal band Severed Savior has posted a new song on their MySpace titled "Question". The song is from their upcoming album "Servile Insurrection", which is scheduled for a 2008 release.

The song can be heard here.

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Helheim Announces New Guitarist

Following the departure of guitarist Thorbjørn, Norwegian viking metallers HELHEIM have announced that his replacement will be SYRACH guitarist Noralf, who had filled in for his predecessor during the band’s recent European tour.

Thorbjørn’s decision to leave the band was taken after he felt that he wanted to concentrate more on other projects based on 70s metal/rock.

In a statement issued today, drummer Hrymr said, “We are truly sorry that Thorbjørn has decided to leave the band. He has been a central part of Helheim since he joined us in 1999. We owe many fantastic riffs and great ideas to that weird mind of his! Along with Lindheim and others he intends to focus on his project SINKING SEA, and we wish him great success for the future. On a positive note though, we have not had to go through a long process to find his replacement. Noralf is a fantastic guitarist, and he has already played and toured with us, so we know that he is the right person for the band. This will not affect his work with Syrach, and we are very happy he decided to join us permanently; we consider ourselves fortunate to get him.” More...

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Meshuggah Updates Tour Schedule

Sweden's MESHUGGAH have updated their tour itinerary. The band now have the following dates scheduled:

6/20 - Brussels, Belgium - VK
6/21 - Tilburg, Holland - 013
6/22 - Clisson, France - Hellfest
6/24 - Winterthur, Switzerland - Salzhaus
6/25 - Prague, Czech Rep. - Roxy
6/26 - Warsaw, Poland - Progresja
6/28 - Bologna, Italy - Gods of Metal
6/30 - Bolzano, Italy - Palasport
7/02 - Saarbrucken, Germany - Roxy
7/03 - Aschaffenburg, Germany - Colos-Saal
7/04 - Leipzig, Germany - With Full Force
7/05 - Maribor, Slovenia - Metalcamp
7/20 - Athens, Greece - Rock 'Em All Festival
7/31 - Storås, Norway - Storåsfestivalen
8/16 - Budapest, Hungary - Sziget Festival
8/30 - Bergen, Norway - Hole In The Sky Festival
9/01 - Hamburg, Germany - Logo
9/02 - Wiesbaden, Germany - Schlachthof
9/04 - Brighton, England - Barfly
9/05 - London, England - LA 2
9/06 - Newcastle, England - Academy
9/08 - Glasgow, Scotland - Garage
9/09 - Manchester, England - Academy 3/2
9/10 - Sheffield, England - Corporation
9/11 - Birminghamn, England - Academy 2
9/12 - Bristol, England - Academy 2
9/13 - Nottingham, England - Rock City
9/16 - Köln, Germany - Underground
9/18 - Vienna, Austria - Szene Wien
9/19 - Munchen, Germany - Backstage Werk
9/20 - Berlin, Germany - Kato
10/10 - Auckland, New Zealand - Transmission
10/12 - Brisbane, Australia - Arena
10/13 - Sydney, Australia - Roundhouse
10/14 - Adelaide, Australia - HQ
10/15 - Melbourne, Australia - Metro
10/16 - Perth, Australia - Capitol
10/18 - Tokyo, Japan - Loud Park

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Brain Drill Seeks New Drummer

Northern CA technical death metal outfit Brain Drill have issued the following update on their Myspace page regarding their search for a new drummer:

"YO DUDES WE ARE TRYING OUT NEW DRUMMERS!! all we can say for now is we lost our old drummer not by choice. But read this news update and hit us up if you would like to try out. Send us a video or mp3 of you playing apocalyptic feasting as a tryout video/audio file. We would mostly appreciate it more if it was a video though. You can post it on you tube or just send it to us, or email it to bookingbraindrill@gmail.com We will be considering people who can flawlessly finish the song apocalyptic feasting on video or atleast with minimal fuck ups and can actually finish the entire song. We would prefer it if you are from the bay area in california or somewhere in california but if you are in another part of the country that's fine but we are NOT going to fly you out here and we are NOT going to go to you. Anyone who wants to try out has to come to us. We are looking mostly for someone who can play our set, not the entire 10 songs as we rarely play all 10 songs live. We are also looking for someone who will be able to learn the new songs we are writing and enter the studio and record with us. We are also looking for someone who has a driver's license, a car , no money problems, no WIVE'S controlling your life issue's, and someone who will possibly be willing to tour with us for a few months when we get back out onto the road.No drug problems(including weed), No in and out of jail problems. (if you smoke weed that's fine just don't bring it with you/us on tour only do it at shows, don't keep pipes, joints, papers, or other paraphenalia with us in the vehicle) Believe us we know from experience that it's a BAD idea. So send us a video if you think you can hack it, and have proof to back it up."

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