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Metal News for May 31, 2007

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Fucked Up Announce US Tour Dates

Fucked Up will be touring North America this summer. Here are the tour dates:

6/20 Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class
6/21 Pittsburgh, PA @ Lawrenceville Moose w/ This Is Hell, Blacklisted, more
6/22 Brooklyn, NY @ 538 Johnson w/ The Dustheads
6/23 Richmond, VA @ TBA
6/24 Nashville, TN @ The Muse
6/25 New Orleans, LA @ McWilliams Hall
6/26 Austin, TX @ Emos
6/27 Las Cruces, NM @ The Farm
6/28 Phoenix, AZ @ The Phix w/ Think Fast
6/29 Los Angeles, CA @ 1269 E 6th
6/30 Berkely, CA @ 924 Gilman
7/1 Long Beach, CA @ TBA
7/2 Tijuana, MEX @ Salon Fiesta
7/3 Los Angeles, CA @ TBA
7/4 San Fransisco, CA @ TBA
7/5 Portland, oR @ TBA
7/6 Olympia, WA @ Manium
7/7 Vancouver, BC @ The Ukranian Cultural Center
7/8 Edmonton, AB @ Teddy's
7/9 Regina, SK @ The Exchange
7/10 Winnepeg, MB @ The Collective Caberet
7/11 Minneapolis, MN @ The Triple Rock
7/12 Chicago, IL @ The Beat Kitchen
7/13 Cedar Falls, IA @ The Boathouse Corner w/ Modern Life Is War
7/14 Lawrence, KS @ The Jackpot Saloon
7/15 St Louis, MO @ TBA
7/16 Chamblee, GA @ The Shop
7/17 Virginia Beach, VA @ TBA
7/18 Washington DC @ 1017 7th St. w/ Government Warning
7/19 Philadelphia, PA @ TBA w/ Battles
7/20 New York, NY @ The Knitting Factory w/ Limp Wrist
7/21 Brooklyn, NY @ Southpaw w/ Pissed Jeans

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My Bitter End Cancels Tour Dates

My Bitter End has cancelled a handful of June tour dates. Here's a statement from the band:

"We are really bummed to have to do this, but we unfortunately will have to drop our tour dates from June 11th-24th. We had some personal problems within the band this past tour in May and now we are forced to have to cancel a string of shows plus cancel Firefest in Las Vegas on June 18th. we're all very sorry and disappointed, but we feel it's for the best right now. If you are a promoter who booked us on one of these dates, please get in touch w/ us asap. once again we apologize if we let anyone down and we hope to make this up in the very near future."

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Ion Dissonance Digital EP On iTunes Now

Ion Dissonance are preparing to release their highly anticipated new album "Minus The Herd" to the masses on June 5th. To give fans a taste of the new album they have released a Digital EP entitled "Prelude To Herd" that is available now on ITunes.

The track listing for "Prelude To The Herd" is:
1. "Kneel"
2. "Of Me...Nobody Is Safe"

You can purchase "Prelude To The Herd" now.

Ion Dissonance embarks on the Summer Slaughter Tour with Necrophagist, Decapitated, Cephalic Carnage, As Blood Runs Black tomorrow, June 1, 2007. Here are the tour dates: More...

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Dream Theater Listening Parties and New E-card

Roadrunner Records UK has set up a series of Dream Theater SYSTEMATIC CHAOS listening parties in and around England. Here are the remaining dates:

Friday 1st June – Spiders @ Spiders Nightclub, Hull (9.30am to 2.00pm)
Friday 1st June – Meltdown @ The Rigger, Newcastle-Under-Lyme (10pm-2am)
Friday 1st June – Revolution @ Newcastle Academy, Newcastle Upon Tyne (10pm – 3am)
Friday 1st June - The Twisted Rock Night @ Berties Nightclub, Newquay (10pm-)
Friday 1st June – Subsonic @ The Loft, Maidstone (10pm – 4am)
Saturday 2nd June – Retribution @ Studio 24, Edinburgh (10.30pm – 3am)
Saturday 2nd June - The Cathouse, Glasgow (10.30pm-3am)
Saturday 2nd June – Meltdown @ Waterfront, Norwich
Saturday 2nd June - Corporation, Sheffield (9.30pm – 3am)
Saturday 2nd June – Subculture @ Carling Academy Birmingham, Birmingham (10.00pm-3.00am)
Saturday 2nd June – Loaded @The Krazyhouse, Liverpool (9pm)

In related Dream Theater news, there is a new Systematic Chaos e-card online, which includes a chapter from the "making of" documentary from the Special Edition DVD.

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Metallica's Lars Ulrich Disses Rolling Stones

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich commented on opening for THE ROLLING STONES:

"Yeah, it was last year — it was about a year and a half ago out here in San Francisco. We were in the middle of some chill time after the 'St. Anger' tour and one day it was like, 'The STONES wanna know if you wanna open for them in San Francisco,' and it was like, 'Duh, of course, we will. Just name the day and place and we'll be there.' We obviously hadn't opened for anybody for a few years but if you're gonna open for anybody, open for the STONES. I mean, c'mon!

"It's the second show — [we played] two shows [with THE ROLLING STONES] in a row — and some assistant with, like, five walkie-talkies and a water-bottle holder, whatever, comes in before the show and says, 'Do you want your picture taken with THE ROLLING STONES?' We were like, 'You know what? Sure. Why not?' So after our show and then they're getting ready to go on, this assistant comes in and says, 'OK, be ready in five minutes' or whatever. So she comes in, she escorts us into this place in the tunnel leading into the stadium and she says, 'Wait here.' As we're standing in this tunnel, literally, and this band EVERCLEAR — who were playing also — they were kind of like over there on their 'X'. So we're standing there and we go over and say 'Hello' to the guys in EVERCLEAR, 'Hey, how was your show?' And this assistant comes back and says, 'No. The guys in METALLICA stay here, and the guys in EVERCLEAR stay over here.' We were like, 'Whoaaah.' So then about five minutes later the STONES come in, and I swear they didn't stop — they slowed down their pace, or their walk, just slow enough to get, like, two or three pictures taken, two or three frames shot with EVERCLEAR, and then they came over to where we were standing waiting, and they all looked at us… No, actually, Charlie Watts said 'Hello' and I think Keith [Richards] nodded or something, and Mick [Jagger] looked like we were all gonna give him pneumonia or something — he had this disgusting look on his face. And then they slowed down long enough while the photographer took two or three frames, and then they walked off. And then the assistant came over and said, 'If the band approves the photo, we'll send you a copy.' That kind of sums up THE ROLLING STONES experience. [Laughs] But being up on stage, that was awesome and the legacy and the whole thing, but that kind of left me with a little bit of a strange taste in my mouth . . . If we ever pulled that, would you come and find me and shoot me? I mean, seriously? But it was a great night and getting a chance to just be part of… If you can sit there and tell your kids, 'I opened for IRON MAIDEN, I opened for DEEP PURPLE, and I opened for THE ROLLING STONES,' then you're pretty much good to go, you know what I mean?"

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Edguy To Open For Aerosmith In Germany

On being selected by AEROSMITH as the direct support band for three German shows in June, EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet shares:

"Anybody who can hold a guitar must be influenced by AEROSMITH and everybody who thinks he's a good frontman has to have seen Steven Tyler on stage at least once. I was 18 when I saw them live and I remember I was impressed. And Jesus, now we're gonna be on the road with those guys! It's a real honor for us to be invited by a band of this scope and dimension. They are living legends, and to me, they have ten times bigger balls than most bands I've seen live. These nights will be elephant testicle-heavy rocking entertainment!"

EDGUY will be opening for AEROSMITH at the following shows:

June 10 - Butzbach, Germany - Hessentag Arena
June 12 - Karlsruhe, Germany - DM Arena
June 14 - Munich, Germany - Olympia Hall

EDGUY's second-ever tour of North America will launch on September 11th in Hartford, Connecticut in support of 2006's Rocket Ride. The touring line-up will include Canada's Into Eternity, Light This City from California's Bay Area, and labelmates ECHOES OF ETERNITY from Los Angeles.

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Karl Sanders Talks About New Nile Album

In an article posted on the official Nile website, guitarist and vocalist Karl Sanders spoke about Nile's upcoming release, and what it was like working as a part of the Nuclear Blast family:

"We have finished the mixes and Mastering on the new NILE album, entitled 'Ithyphallic', our first album for Nuclear Blast [Records]. So far we have been nothing but thrilled to work with the entire cast at Nuclear Blast; they have treated us exceptionally well and have given the band a ferocious and inspirational new lease on life. Dallas [Toler-Wade, guitar/vocals], George [Kollias, drums] and I are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that this new record contains our best material yet, and Neil Kernon [producer] worked overtime to ensure that every single blasphemous note is heard in all its primal savagery."

"There are nine songs and one short acoustic piece, two of which are epic length songs, yet overall a wide range of tempos, some doomy, exotic elements as well as some unbelievably fast and catchy metal. A few songtitles: 'Language of the Shadows', 'Even the Gods Must Die', 'The Infinity of Stone', 'Ithyphallic', 'Papyrii Containg the Spell to Preserve its Possessor Against Attacks from He who is in the Water'.

"We are, as could be expected, very much looking forward to our upcoming Australian tour. Our last trip down under went exceptionally well and we can't wait to play again for the rabid Aussie metal fans.

We will also indeed be bringing the NILE brand of Ithyphallic metal to the uninitiated masses at the summer Ozzfest, and, quite welcomely, playing our own NILE headlining shows for the off Ozz days.

We are also anxious for the European NILE fall tour that is in the works where we will finally be able to play a nice long NILE set covering a wide range of material from all our albums."

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Candiria Singer Forming New Project

Candiria frontman Carley Coma is currently seeking musicians to audition for a new rock/metal project. Here's an official statement:

"I'm looking for guitarists and bass players in the tri-state area to join my new musical project. Must be able to play rock/metal. If you are interested you can contact me here. Take a listen to Candiria's 'What Doesn't Kill You' album to learn 'Nameless King.' Please, only reply if you are serious."

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Incendiant Sign with JordanRiver Ent.

JordanRiver Ent.,the only Arabian metal label, has announced the signing of American old-school death metallers Incendiant to a multiple record deal.

The Salt Lake City-based outfit Incendiant entered the studio to record the self titled debut in Sept/Oct 2006, to be released tentatively in the 15th of July 2007. For more info about the new album, upcoming shows visit the band MySpace or official website.

Incendiant consists of:

Alejandro - guitars/vocals
Walid - guitars
Matt - bass.
Clif - drums

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