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Metal News for May 3, 2009

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The Binary Code Seeks New Bassist

Jesse Zuretti, guitarist of the deathcore band, The Binary Code, has issued the following update:

"Lukasz will be filling in until we find a full time bassist. He will not be available passed June, so we're definitely in need of one soon! We are going to be gone a majority of June, so it'd be awesome to get to work with a new bassist before then."

"*preferably 20+ years old
*male or female, or both
*pro gear
*able to practice 2 times a week
*capable of typical band expenses
*drivers license (be able to get to practice every time)
*band experience a plus
*flexible work schedule" More...

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Onslaught Drummer Posts Live Album Update

Steve Grice, drummer of reunited British thrash metal legends Onslaught, has checked in with an update on the bands first official live album which was recorded in Leeds at the Damnation Festival last year. His post reads as follows:

"Just to let you lovely people know that the live album has been mixed and approved and is now heading its way to record company HQ to go to press. We are kind of hoping to get this out in the summer, a more accurate date will be released soon.......sounds pretty good though!"

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Purfent Scaron Streaming New Song Online

Canadian ambient black metal act Purfent Scaron has posted the song "Charnel House Dumpster Divine" online. The track can be heard on the band's MySpace page.

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Video Interview With The Agonist Available Online

The Agonist recently conducted a video interview with Metal Till Death where they discuss their latest album "Lullabies For The Dormant Mind." The video can be viewed below. More...

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Nocra Posts "Enlightened By Death" Video Online

Russian black metal band Nocra, featuring Lady S from ambient act Astra Autisma, has posted a new music video online for the song "Enlightened By Death." The video can be viewed below. More...

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Deadlock Announces Japanese Tour Dates

Germany's Deadlock has issued the following announcement about upcoming Japanese tour dates:

"Hey friends,

"We're absolutely happy to return back to Japan in September! We are going to play two shows there and will have some specials organised as well. So take a look on our tour dates - we'll keep you informed!

"We all are looking forward VERY much to meet you again in your beautiful country. And BIG THANKS for supporting us and making our new album such a big success over there! See you soon!!!"

The currently confirmed Japanese tour dates are as follows:

9/3 - Club Citta - Kawasaki
9/4 - Club Vijion - Osaka

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Warbeast Vocalist To Work With Phil Anselmo

Warbeast / Rigor Mortis vocalist Bruce Corbitt has issued the following announcement about working with Phil Anselmo on the upcoming Warbeast album:

“We had hoped to finish recording our debut Warbeast album for Housecore Records back in April when we went to New Orleans. But we realized that it was just turning out too good to rush my vocals. I also had to return to Texas to get ready with Rigor Mortis for our show in Germany at Keep It True 12. I have always been rushed when it got to my vocal parts. So when Philip Anselmo suggested I just come back by myself and spend a week with him recording my vocals… I was thrilled at the idea of taking my time on each song.

“Not only that, Philip is going to sort of coach me and give me tips in the studio. I have always been stubborn about letting anyone help me with my vocals. I always felt I was limited with my vocal ability anyway. So I just refused any kind of vocal lessons or training and I liked the fact that I just got up there and did it my way. But this is a different story… this will be my first official release since the debut Rigor Mortis album back in 1988. So I am excited and anxious about being helped by one of the greatest singers in metal history. Plus he is a longtime friend and brother of mine. So I know I will feel comfortable working with Philip in the studio. I have no doubt that with this extra time to record my vocals and learning some of Philip’s recording techniques in the studio… that this will be the best I have ever sounded.

“I am humble singer with no ego and I never like to say shit like… ‘This album is gonna kick your ass!’ But, I honestly believe that we are creating a Metal masterpiece with this debut Warbeast album. The music and the variety of these ten songs is incredible. I will go as far as to say that I think this could be one of the best metal albums from a Texas band released in this entire decade. But, I will just let everyone else be the judge of that when it’s finished. So wish me luck in New Orleans and in the studio! I will be leaving on Monday or Tuesday.”

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Battlesoul Announces Canadian Tour Dates

Canada's Battlesoul have announced the following upcoming live tour dates:

5/15 - Call The Office - London, Ontario

6/19 - Moon Over Marin - London, Ontario
6/20 - The Chubby Pickle - Windsor, Ontario

7/24 - The Brunswick Tavern - St. Thomas, Ontario (Chaos Music Fest -- Day 1)
7/25 - The Legion - Grand Bend, Ontario

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Solstice Streaming New Song Online

Florida metal band Solstice are currently streaming the new song "Black" online at their MySpace page. The track comes from their latest album "To Dust."

The track listing for "To Dust" is as follows:

1. Black
2. To Dust
3. Honest Human Emotion
4. Conclusion Disillusion
5. Sovereignty
6. Swarm
7. Moment of Clarity
8. Passionless
9. Extremes (Cynic Cover)
10. Impressive Technology
11. The Whisper

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Aborted To Re-Release Two Early Albums

Death metallers Aborted are planning on re-releasing two of their early albums. Listenable Records issued the following statement about the releases:

"The diagnose is irrevocable: after more than 10 years of evisceration, Aborted have become masters in the art of auditive butchery. It wouldn't really shock anyone if they would have been the assistant surgeons of their precursors Carcass, one of the bands main influences on which Aborted adds a dosage of hardcore grooves like Dying Fetus or some inject some technical Suffocation style riffs intravenously, giving their old school death metal roots a more modern and new/own sound.

"Giving death metal a new boost, Aborted, with their 3rd and 4th album 'Goremageddon, the saw and the carnage done' and 'The Archaic abattoir', largely surpassed the title of assistant to become a head surgeon in their own operating theatre.

"Blood drenched riffs trading off with mind crunching melodies and backed up with ultra varied vocals, Aborted are at the top of their game. Songs like 'meticulous invagination', 'Dead Wreckoning' or 'The inertia' became cult to a large number of death metal fans all over the globe. Aborted and Listenable records

"Celebrate this 14th birthday with a killer re-release of both these albums, with revamped designs and bonus tracks! Make sure not to miss out on these!"

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Machine Head Bassist To Miss Stockholm Tour Date

Machine Head has issued the following update about their bassist missing out on the upcoming Stockholm show:

"Adam Duce is currently recovering from an emergency root canal to address a massive infection in his jaw, and as a result will miss Monday's Metallica show in Stockholm. Replacing Duce on bass for the show will be our good friend Jensen of local metal heroes The Haunted. Says Duce, 'Apparently I've had this abscessed tooth breeding infection just above my mouth for a couple of years. The pain was tolerable and I didn't think to have it checked out. I went to the doctor to see if it was ok to fly, and she told me to go get some x-rays. My dentist found the abscessed tooth as soon as he looked at the x-rays and sent me to another dentist that could fit me in immediately for a root canal procedure. The dentist also informed me that I couldn't fly with that condition because, believe it or not, it could be fatal due to how close the infection is to my brain. I apologize to all the fans in Sweden for not being able to be there for Mondays show. Thanks for your understanding and I'll see you next time.' Adam will return for Wednesday's show in Munich."

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Survivors Zero Streaming New Song Online

Finnish death metallers Survivors Zero have issued the following update about streaming a new song on their MySpace page:


"We just updated the music player with a brand new track 'Armageddon Cult' off the upcoming album 'CMXCIX.'

"We are also now working on new music video out next month. It's from the single track Reclaim My Heritage. See you then, suckers!

"Single out in the shops 6.6.09"

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Lillian Axe Guitarist Welcomes New Son

Louisiana hard rockers Lillian Axe have issued the following statement about guitarist Steve Blaze welcoming a new son to his family:


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Faith No More Planning New Studio Album?

Rumor has it that the reunited alternative metal legends Faith No More might be gearing up for a new studio album in the near future. No further details are available at this time. This would be their first album of new material since 1997's "Album of the Year." No release date for the new album has been given, nor is it known which label would handle it.

Faith No More is currently booking a European tour for this summer.

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Hear A New The Autumn Offering Song On MetalSucks

MetalSucks is now hosting an exclusive stream of "The Curtain Hits the Cast," the new single from The Autumn Offering's forthcoming album "Requiem" (out June 9 on Victory), as well as an interview with The Autumn Offering vocalist Matt McChesney.

An excerpt from the interview follows:

Please tell us about the band’s new album, Requiem. How has The Autumn Offering evolved? And what is it a requiem for?

Requiem is a far darker album than the last one. It was a direct reaction to the MetalSucks review… I’m joking. All kidding aside, its a very personal album for me. I chose to write about things from my past that I never touched on before. On Fear Will Cast No Shadow, I was pointing the finger alot. This time I’m pointing it inward.

I think we found our “sound” on this album. Some bands go through their entire career without ever finding that. I don’t think that Requiem sounds like another band. I mean, people will brand it “metalcore” or whatever, but who cares? Maybe they won’t. As far as evolving goes, I think each time you’re in the studio you get better. Counting previous bands, this is the sixth album I’ve done. I’m sure it’s around the same for the other guys. Myself, Tom [Church, guitarist] and Matt [Johnson, guitarist] write all the material. We are all involved with other projects and I think that helps TAO’s music evolve. I think the more you play with other players and write in different styles in helps your main band. I have a couple death metal bands and I also do some real mellow stuff. Tom produces bands and is in sothern style rock band with Jim [LaMarca] from Chairmara and Waylon and Skinny from Mushrooomhead. It’s called Tenafly Viper. Matt J dables in electroinc music….you can hear elements of all these things on Requiem.

As far as the meaning of the album goes, a requiem is collections of songs or hymns for the dead. There is a sense of dread and death over this album. Some of the songs were about my battles with substance abuse. The end result of that is death. I wanted this album to feel like I was singing at my own funeral.

Your last album was produced by Jason Suecof; your new album is produced by Mark Lewis, who frequently works with Jason Suecof. Can you tell us why you made the switch? Are there differences/similarities between working with the two different producers?

Well, they are both amazing guys and masters of what they do. I would have been happy with either Jay or Mark, it was just a scheduling thing. We were originally going to do the record with Logan Mader but Matt J had some family issues in Florida to attend to and living in California for two months wasn’t feasable. Mark and Jason have been longtime friends of ours. I hang out with those guys when we aren’t in the studio. That’s how this came about. Mark came to see us on tour and I told him about our situation with Logan and how Matt couldn’t leave. Mark said he had some time open, so it was perfect. We thought that both Mark and Jason were booked up. Turns out Mark had some time after he finished the new Deicide.

As far as differences between Mark and Jay, they are quite different but equally effective. Jason is a really eccentric guy, and at times you’ll think “Where is he going with this?” Then you realize he’s right, and you feel like a moron. If you record with Jay, you have to listen to what he says. I was smart enough to understand that Jason is 100 times the musician I am, and to take his advice.

Mark is a perfectionist. Amazing musician as well. Mark is a master at getting amazing tones and I was really impressed with how creative he was musically. Mark had some great ideas, and nine times outta ten was right.

TAO used to be signed to Jamey Jasta’s Stillborn label. What is the current status of the band’s relationship with Jamey?

Kind of a weird situation. It sucks because all that stuff went down a long time ago. I think what happened was, this band was signed too young. When you’re putting 17 year old kids on major tours, it’s gotta be a bit of a culture shock. All the sudden theres all these skanks, and large amounts of alcohol and drugs. The band probably did some immature things. The band had to learn though trial and error what to do and what not to do.

As far as Jamey goes, I don’t really know him. I can understand why he would be upset at the band for leaving Stillborn. I think he was trying to cultivate the band and show them the ropes, so to speak. Before that could happen, the band went to Victory. I’m not saying that was a mistake, but he’s a guy I wish was still on our side. It sucks because, I’m from New England and I grew up on Under The Knife and Satisfaction Is The Death Of
Desire. I’m a fan of his.

What really sucks is that the tours we were doing before are the ones we should be doing now. It’s been a long road trying to clean up our image. Hopefully, we can get back into some of these industry people’s good graces. I think we deserve a second chance. The band was being groomed to be the next “it” band and that never happened due to poor decision making. I think we’re actually banned from Arizona but I can’t quite remember. At the same time, we don’t kiss anyone’s ass. Maybe that’s the problem. I’m a fair guy but I’m still a man. When I first started touring and dealing with all this industry shit I remember thinking “Is this really what its like?” Everyone was so petty. This agent won’t work with that agent, this guy doesn’t like this guy, this band drinks too much, etc… Is this really rock n’ roll now? Sad to say, it is.

You can read the complete interview and hear "The Curtain Hits the Cast" here.

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