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Metal News for May 29, 2011

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Ozzy and Sharon Talk About "Diary Of A Madman"

Two more videos in promotion of of the upcoming "Diary Of A Madman" legacy 30th anniversary edition have been posted online.

In the first, you can listen to Ozzy's opinion on Diary of a Madman and Blizzard in this outtake from the "Thirty Years After The Blizzard" DVD included in the upcoming "Blizzard of Ozz / Diary of a Madman 30th Anniversary Collectors Box Set."

In the second, Sharon Osbourne talks about recording the "Diary of a Madman" album in only 6 weeks.

You can listen to a previously unreleased live version of the song "Flying High Again" and view the tracklisting here.

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Interview With Mechina

Steve Amarantos is one of the hardest working men in the Chicago underground. Between gigs and recording with both Apocrypha and Mechina, Steve manages to do what few musicians are capable of. Having not only managed to open for some of the biggest names in the underground metal scene but also joining an established Chicago underground staple, Steve Amarantos has become one of the most recognized names in the Chicago metal scene. Metal Underground was able to reach Steve online to ask him about his current projects and what's new to come. More...

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Vranorod To Enter The Studio

Serbian metal band Vranorod will enter the studio on May 29th to record their third album, which has a working title of "Dreamlike Fading."

Vocalist/guitarist Igor comments, "We can now officially announce that songs for Vranorod's third album are completely done. It will have 10 new songs, musically between shoegaze, post-rock, indie, post-black metal and many many more genres."

The band will release their first single from the album by the end of August and will be followed by a music video.

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Winterus Live Show Footage Available

Footage has been posted online of Michigan black metal act Winterus performing the band's final show with its old lineup before the new members officially take over live duties. The footage, which was filmed at The Strutt in Kalamazoo on May 27th, 2011, can be viewed below.

You can also find Metalunderground.com's recent interview with Winterus, in which front man Christopher Neu talks zombies, black metal, and Christianity, at this location.

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Ctulu Announces New Members

German metal act Ctulu has checked in with the following brief announcement about recruiting a new vocalist and bassist:

"New cultists! The search for new cultists to wear Ctulu's uniform has already come to an end! We salute Lars (ex-Source of Insanity) and Lasse as our new vocalist and bassist. May this line-up last!"

Ctulu also released the "Sarkomand" album on April 29th, 2011 at the Ragnarök Festival in Bavaria.

You can find more information on the band and listen to Ctulu tracks available for streaming by heading over to the band's MySpace music profile.

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New Blood Stain Child Song Available

Japanese melodic death metal band Blood Stain Child has uploaded a new song entitled "Sirius VI." You can listen to the new song at the band's MySpace profile.

"Sirius VI" is taken from the band's upcoming album "Epsilon," which will be released on June 15, 2011. A teaser for the album can also be heard in the player below, which features the new album's artwork.

Blood Stain Child was also highlighted during a look at the Japanese metal scene in the "Unearthing the Metal Underground" column, which you can check out here.

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Dynabyte Posts Song From Latest Album

Italy's Dynabyte has posted a lyric video online for the song "The Mummy," which is taken off the band's new album "2KX." You can listen to the song in the player below.

In other recent news, Dynabyte shot a music video for the song "Wave" in late March/early April, which is scheduled to be revealed online soon.

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Powerwolf Splits With Drummer

Powerwolf has checked in with the following update about parting ways with the band's drummer Tom Diener:

"A shift in the sacristy: As some of you might have recognized on the new pics, Tom Diener is no longer part of the pack.

"We decided to part ways already in December, during the songwriting process for 'Blood of the Saints.' The wolves would like to thank him for a great time and bless him for his future..."

Powerwolf will be releasing the new album "Blood of the Saints" on July 29th, 2011. The artwork can be viewed here, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Agnus dei (Intro)
2. Sanctified with dynamite
3. We drink your blood
4. Murder at Midnight
5. All we need is blood
6. Dead boys don't cry
7. Son of a wolf
8. Night of the werewolves
9. Phantom of the funeral
10. Die, die, crucified
11. Ira Sancti (When the saints are going wild)

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Barren Earth Posts Studio Video Report

Barren Earth announced yesterday that the band had entered the studio to record its next full-length album, and the first studio report can be read at this location. The band has also now posted the first video clip from the studio, which can be viewed below.

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Sunday Old School: Ratt

It was 1982 when the lineup of Stephen Pearcy (vocals), Robbin Crosby (guitar), Warren DeMartini (guitar), Juan Croucier (bass), and Bobby Blotzer (drums) came together. Their first recording was an EP, then released as the self titled Ratt LP. The first album contained songs “You Think You’re Tough” and “Back for More” which immediately connected to a rising number of eighties heavy metal fans. The cover featured the leg of Tawny Kitaen who would help establish this band with a connection to models, hookers, and sex that would carry them through their next several albums.

After their debut, Ratt was quickly hailed as heroes on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles; it wasn’t until the release of their 1984 album, “Out of the Cellar,” when Ratt blew up across the country and world. Ratt’s “Out of the Cellar” kicks off with Stephen Pearcy telling us about “A Lone Dealer, with Snake Eyes” in “Wanted Man.” Track three provided us with one of the biggest hits of the decade in “Round and Round,” a song that will stick in your head for days, also a glimpse into Ratt’s musical inspiration (fast women and hookers), which would be continuously detailed during their next three albums. Side 2 begins with the guitar heavy “Lack of Communication,” and continues strong through an updated version of “Back for More.”

For the video “Round and Round,” Ratt stepped it up, using Milton Berle in drag and an over the top dinner party where guitar solos fell through the ceiling and (predictably) rat was served as the main course. Think average night at Charlie Sheen’s house. Given their radio friendly hits, Ratt set themselves apart from some of the other acts (see: Motley Crue) and were enjoying a large piece of the glam metal pie. The album again featured Tawny Kitaen, this time crawling out of a sewer. Where was she crawling to?

In 1985, the boys from Ratt released “Invasion of Your Privacy,” an approved follow-up from their last album; again the focus of the songs was pretty much about getting laid. 1986 brought the album “Dancing Undercover,” a non-stop rock opera of lust, models, and yes, hookers. If this truly is meant to be a rock opera, I’m assuming the story is about a girl. The girl is a whore. This was essentially the third consecutive album that although resonated well with the fans, was now beginning to lose their MTV appeal compared to Motley Crue, a band that had found ways to change their image and also create a sweet ballad named “Home Sweet Home.” Was it possible Pearcy had the choice of writing a ballad or appearing in an issue of Playgirl (May 1986)? I say yes. “Dancing Undercover” contained the song “Body Talk,” which was featured in Eddie Murphy’s movie The Golden Child. This was Eddie’s first movie since the pantheon trifecta of 48 Hours-Trading Places-Beverly Hills Cop where Murphy failed to make people laugh. Is this related to the soundtrack? Probably more to do with the PG-13 rating, but its worth noting.

Finally, Ratt’s 1988 album, “Reach for the Sky” attempted a ballad named “Way Cool Jr.”, but instead created a great blues song vs. a wet the panties ballad. Ironically, this song holds up quite well today. The video followed a mystery man whose life revolves around champagne and bathroom blow jobs. Who is this mystery man? We will never know. My guess is John Stamos. This was during the time he was killing it as a mullet wearing Uncle Jesse on Full House. He seems like a champagne, bathroom blow job kind of guy.

In 1990, “Detonator” was released and never got a chance. It was a new decade where the glam metal scene was saturated and Robbin Crosby was falling into drug addiction. After this, the band released the song “Nobody Rides For Free” for the Point Break soundtrack. There is an accompanying video that accentuates the powerful acting of Keanu Reeves and Gary Busey in this classic surfing thriller.

As with most glam metal bands from the eighties, the next five years (92-96) were not good for Ratt. The band went on hiatus. During this time, Pearcy sang with several bands including Arcade, VD, and Vertex. Crosby played in Secret Service and then was diagnosed with HIV turning quickly into AIDS. DeMartini played with Whitesnake and then some solo projects.

At the end of the decade the band reunited for the album “Ratt.” With Robbie Crane on bass, the band went for a new type of music, turning out a more blues rock feel. For a band known for strip club anthems, this was a disaster; the band again broke up shortly after. In 2002 Robbin Crosby died from a heroin overdose. DeMartini , Blotzer, Keri Kelli on guitar (to soon be replaced by John Corabi), and singer Jizzy Pearl toured as Ratt, while Stephen Pearcy toured as both Ratt featuring Stephen Pearcy and then Rat Bastards.

In 2009, Stephen Pearcy, Robbie Crane, Bobby Blotzer, and Warren DeMartini reunited and began working on a new album, “Infestation.” The album was a critical success, bringing back the sound and nostalgia from Ratt’s earlier work. The album was released in 2010 and followed by a tour. Reports have stated Carlos Cavozo is now the guitarist and that the band is again, on hiatus.

Looking back on the eighties, you would be hard pressed to find three consecutive albums (“Out of the Cellar,” “Invasion of your Privacy,” “Dancing Undercover”) that deliver as well as Ratt did during the height of the glam metal rise. Today it’s hard to say what is next, or if there is a next for this band. Will there be another album? Solo projects? Or, will the band continue on, searching for that elusive ballad?

“Round and Round”

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Grief Of Emerald Posts New Song Teaser Online

A new teaser clip has been posted online featuring a new track from Swedish extreme metal act Grief Of Emerald. You can check out the song in the player below. The band are preparing to release its new album, titled "The Devil's Deep," on June 3, 2011.

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Attila Performs New Track Live

Live concert footage has made its way online that features Attila performing its new track "White Lightning." The song is taken off of the group's upcoming new album "Outlawed" which is expected for release sometime this summer. You can check out the song in player below.

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