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Metal News for May 28, 2003

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Priest Founding Member Looking For Label

Al Atkins, a founding member and ex-singer in Judas Priest between 1969 -1973, is ready to re-release two of his solo albums very soon.

First the Heavy Thoughts album from 1994 at Market Square Records, distributed by Koch International, and then the 1998 album Victim of Changes at Sanctuary Records. The Heavy Thoughts album includes 2 bonus tracks recorded last year with the new Budgie guitarist Simon Lees, 'Guitarist Of The Year 1998'.

VIctim of Changes includes all Priest songs written by Al from the early days, like "Winter," "Never Satisfied," "Victim Of Changes" and "Caviar and Meths."

Al is also looking for a new record deal, he want's to release an album with classic metal songs similar to the old Priest tunes. Any labels who are interested can contact Michael Liljhammar at michael.l@bredband.net.

To find more information about Al and his career, go to:

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Metallica To Do Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute

Metallica are among a number of top names being lined up for a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute album. This is due to be released next year, with contributions also expected from Kid Rock, 3 Doors Down and Fuel.

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Site Update

Links Section Surpasses 500

Another landmark here at metalunderground.com - our links database has surpassed the 500 link mark. You can search them alphabetically or by category, and sort the results how you please. I include a "site rating" for every site linked both to aid our visitors in finding the highest quality sites, and as a critique as a professional web developer. (If you own a website linked her and don't like your rating, I'd be happy to tell you why I rated it so)

I've only been adding links once in a while when I have time (not often) and am very back-logged on requests. A "suggest a link" function is one of the many more additions I hope to add to the site, but until then, please be patient and enjoy the 500+ links we have.

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Headline News

Metallica's St. Anger Video Released

The St. Anger video that was filmed at San Quentin State Prison was unleashed to the world on Tuesday May 27th. Metallica and directors the Malloy Brothers spent 18 hours at the 'BIG HOUSE' last month to film the title track. The video was shot with the band performing at various locations throughout the compound. From outside, during the prisoners lunch break, to inside the cell block.

If you don't have MTV/2, you can check out the video here on Metallica.com.

Let me take a moment and give a little editorial/impression as well. In the long time since Metallica has released an original album, they have done things that have brought them under intense scrutiny both as a band and individually. While I'm one to have admittedly become disgruntled with Metallica musically (if not with the lawsuits and ego-biz), I am happy that they have returned to heavy form with St. Anger. It is not Master of Puppets form, and not the "old" Metallica. But St. Anger comes off heavy with some good riffs, double-bass drums and yes, speed, all the while mixing in some new-style melodic elements and alternative elements. I am slightly optimistic about this new Metallica. Go check out that video.

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