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Metal News for May 24, 2014

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Sunday Old School: Vince Neil

Vince Neil has performed as the lead singer for Motley Crue, a solo artist after being fired/quitting Motley Crue and continues to perform shows in between Crue gigs. In addition to his vocal career, Neil has also invested in tattoos, tequila and even an airline. Oh, and of course, a strip club. More...

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Set And Setting Inks Deal With Prosthetic

Ambient post-metal instrumental quintet Set And Setting is pleased to announce the band has joined the Prosthetic Records roster. The group’s as-yet-untitled sophomore album will be released this summer and more details will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Guitarist Shane Handal commented: “We’re very excited to work with the great team at Prosthetic. Their confidence in us is inspiring and we are grateful to have this opportunity. We have always strived to grow and share our music as far as possible, and we feel that Prosthetic will help us continue this to a whole new level.”

Hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida, Set And Setting was originally formed as a recording project in 2009 by Handal and has since continued to develop into its current line-up featuring Ryan Fugate (guitars), Stephen Handal (drums, ambience), Mark Etherington (drums) and Nick Sibilia (bass).

The genre-defying quintet, lauded as 2013's “Best Bay Area Breakout Band” by Creative Loafing (Tampa), released debut album “Equanimity” last year via Science of Silence Records. You can stream the release below. More...

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The Hallowed Catharsis Releases New EP

Vancouver-based metal band The Hallowed Catharsis has a new EP out now titled "The Uncanny Valley."

You can hear all six songs from the release below, and pick up a digital copy on a name-your-price basis via Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Extraterrestrial Radiation 04:44
2. Gravitas 02:58
3. Ravaged Oasis 03:42
4. Sensory Overload 04:22
5. The Uncanny Valley 03:41
6. Monster 06:20 More...

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Ruled By Reason Streaming New Track

Ruled By Reason has a new track out now titled "The Golden Years," which can be heard below, or you can pick up a free digital copy at Bandcamp here through the end of the weekend.

You can also hear the previously posted Ruled By Reason track "Coalesce" by heading over to this location.

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Christopher Lee Releasing New Metal EP

Hollywood legend Christopher Lee, who will turn 92 on Tuesday May 27th, is releasing next week a mini album appropriately called "Metal Knight."

Sir Christopher is well-known for his devotion to fantasy and heavy metal themes, with several album releases and collaborations in the genre to his name. “I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers," he says.

The star of The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars sagas inspired generations of artists with his dark yet elegant portrayals, with his interpretation of Dracula considered by many to be the quintessential, while The Wicker Man has inspired many a metal song.

"Metal Knight" is a mini album featuring 7 tracks, two of which are covers from the "Man of La Mancha" musical, based on the character Don Quixote. Due out May 26th, the "Metal Knight" track listing is as follows:

01. I, Don Quixote
02. The Impossible Dream
03. The Toreador March
04. My Way (Radio Edit)
05. I, Don Quixote (Extended Version)
06. The Impossible Dream (Extended Version)
07. The Toreador March (Extended Version) More...

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Roargh! Streaming New EP

Hudson Valley metal quartet Roargh! is currently streaming sophomore release "Second Helping" online, which can be heard below. The band comments:

"So today, May 24th, 2014 our sophomore release 'Second Helping' has gone public. You can stream the entire EP at our Bandcamp page, and buy yourself a digital copy while you're there. We also have physical copies as well as promotional t-shirts for sale at our newly launched online store.

"A bonus edition of this EP as well as a bonus edition of our first EP will be available at online retailers (Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer etc.) exactly one month from now. For now, the bonus tracks are available for streaming on our Soundcloud page."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Lacerations
2. Scarified
3. Fast Food Run
4. War-torn Limbs
5. Lessons In Humility
6. A Long Hard Look At Life
7. Unholy Mantra More...

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Deus Otiosus Issues Track-By-Track Breakdown

The upcoming third album “Rise” from Danish death metal band Deus Otiosus will be coming out on Deepsend Records June 10th.

Guitarist and main composer Henrik Engkjær has now released a track-by-track breakdown of "Rise," which can be seen below. You can also hear the track "Iron Rule" after the jump.

#1 ”Rising War” An atypical opener; with it's pounding one-beat rhythm, ”Rising War” alludes to the hastened heartbeats of those who are covered by the rising shadows of war.

#2 ”Iron Rule” When war is over and won, time has come to dorn the crown and establish a Hobbesian iron rule to oppress any possible opponent. The second song on ”Rise” proceeds to do just that with it's fast and furious Machiavellian grab for power.

#3 ”Don't Fuck With The Dead” An old school death metal song with and old and familiar warning: Remember those who have died. Know history and draw knowledge from that.

#4 ”Breeding Maggots” A thrashing, speeding and scorcing song to listen to while searching out and destroying your enemies.

#5 ”Vultures” In war and conflict the victor will punish and oppress the conquered. And midways into the album, ”Vultures” drags the pace down to the slow and heavy echoes of Prometheus' eternal enslavement and suffering.

#6 ”Walk The Shadows” Unlike Prometheus, not all dark, rebellious forces are tamed and captured. And in the rims of civilisation, darkness walks unchallenged and unseen. The fast and vehement raging of wild winds is here cloaked in eerie and demonic melodies.

#7 ”Stand Up And Fight” No one can rise up without defeating those who block their path. Here we have a violent metal song, that doesn't sound like an epileptic attack but more like a very real and fatal beating.

#8 ”Will And Fear” The works of Nietzsche, Poe and Lovecraft a.o. have long ago proven that those who seek greatness will always walk alone. Even though ”Will And Fear” is another of the faster songs on ”Rise”, the songs definitely also treads it's own musical path.

#9 ”Fall Of The West” All things must end and so Rise ends with a Fall. But before the end complete, more atrocities remain. And so the closer and standout track of the album combines the thoughts of Orwell, Kaczynski and Lovecraft into suffocation dystopia.


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Mutilation Rites Streaming "Suffer The Children"

As they make their way to the prestigious Maryland Deathfest this weekend, the New York-based filthy black metallers in Multilation Rites have unveiled "Suffer The Children," their first new music in two years.

Taken from forthcoming album "Harbinger," the follow-up to the band's Prosthetic debut "Empyrean," this new track "Suffer The Children" can now be streamed over at Pitchfork.com here.

The band commented, "We picked 'Suffer the Children' because we thought it covered all the bases. It hopefully tries to branch out on all our influences on this new record, which falls somewhere between Incantation and Aura Noir. We wanted to touch on what is important to us – riffs! The focus should be pure riffage and nothing else, no pretentious nonsense."

Although "Harbinger" will not be released until the summer, "Suffer The Children" is now available as a limited-edition 7" single featuring two B-sides – covers of "Police Bastard" by Doom and "Protest and Survive" by Discharge.

Catch the band live on these dates:

5/25 Baltimore,MD - Maryland Deathfest (10 p.m. set @ Ram's Head Live)
5/26 Hartford, CT - Webster Undergound ^
5/27 Cambridge, MA - Sinclair ^
5/28 New York, NY - Santos Party House ^
5/29 Cleveland, OH - Foundry ^
5/30 Detroit, MI - The Shelter ^
5/31 Chicago, IL - Reggie’s Rock Club ^
7/18-20 Oshkosh, WI - Gilead Fest 2014 @ Oshkosh Masonic Center
7/21 Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock Social Club *
^ with Black Breath
* with Ash Borer

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Derogation To Miss Las Vegas Death Fest

Ukranian band Derogation has issued the following announcement about missing the Las Vegas Death festival:

"Unfortunately we have some sad news! We can NOT play at the Las Vegas Death Fest!!! Due to the fucked up political situation in the Ukraine, and between Russia - USA, it's out of our hands to get everything settled to make it over to America! We're sorry to inform you! Take care and keep it brutal!!! Fuck politics!!!"

Derogation's latest album "Revival of a Nest Ignorant" can be picked up Permeated Records here, and you can stream the release below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Malformed Through Contempt 03:21
2. Abhorrent Fornication 04:10
3. Revival Of A Nest Ignorant 02:34
4. Nex Humani Generis 01:30
5. Butchered Identity (Defeated Sanity cover) 04:20 More...

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Rings Of Saturn Begins Recording New Album

Rings Of Saturn has been working on a new album, and today the band announced via Facebook that recording has officially begun for vocals. The band also previously issued this statement:

"New album, our first music video, and new tour announcements are coming your way! We are working very hard and are stoked to share all this new stuff with everyone soon. Big thanks for all of your continued support!"

This upcoming third full-length album follows the "Embryonic Anomaly" and "Dingir" releases. You can stream the full "Dingir" album in the player below. More...

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Teramaze Recruits New Bassist

"Teramaze would like to officially welcome Luis Eguren to the Teramaze family on bass guitar! This guy has chops for days and will bring a whole new groove element to Teramaze that we are extremely excited about.

"Luis is originally from Peru, South America but has been living in Australia for quite some time now building his craft as an exceptional bass player and musician.

"We are extremely excited to have Luis on board as a permanent member and we cant wait to start playing some shows with him."

The band's latest album "Esoteric Symbolism" is out now via Nightmare records. Check out a track from the release below. More...

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