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Metal News for May 23, 2009

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Northern Ash Announces New Album Information

Christian black metallers Northern Ash have announced that their upcoming album will be titled "Patterns of Decay." The album will be released on an as-yet-undetermined date in June via Sullen Records.

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Angelcorpse Members Form Perdition Temple

Gene Palubicki of disbanded death metal band Angelcorpse has issued the following announcement about forming a new band:

"Gene here. Anyone wondering what might lie ahead for some of us after the ANGELCORPSE disbanding...? Well, from my side all the music that I've written, some of it written over 5 years ago now, will find it's home under the new moniker PERDITION TEMPLE. Musically, it is everything that has been previously intended for all forthcoming ANGELCORPSE releases. Currently label negotiations are underway for the debut release of either an E.P. or possible full length. The current lineup is myself on guitars/bass and Terry on drums. A search for an appropriately bestial vocalist has begun also.... Things ARE moving swiftly, as a logo has already been created by longtime Black/Death metal artist Christophe Moyen, which can be seen shortly on his webpage. More info will follow when an official PERDITION TEMPLE myspace page is set up."

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Hostile Cell Issues Recording Update

Hostile Cell has issued the following update about recording a new album:

"We have rehearsed and pre-recorded 12 songs live in the rehearsal room.

"It's 12 killer songs out of probably 20 or more song ideas that will make it onto our next record.

"Eric started laying down some drums yesterday and tomorrow we will arrange a song nr13 and see if it's good enough. It has a killer riff to the verse, real fuckin heavy, kind of like Slipknot meets Slayer crossbred with Static-X... And the chorus which I have written lyrics and melody to is very melodic.

"We are hoping to release the album this fall or winter so be prepared to get crushed!!!"

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Trivium Posts "Thank You" Video To Australian Fans

Trivium has posted a "thank you" video to their fans in Australia after completing their Australian live tour dates. The video can be viewed below. More...

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Stratovarius Streaming Entire New Album "Polaris"

Stratovarius is currently streaming their entire new album "Polaris" online at this location. The album is currently set for a May 26th release.

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Hail of Bullets Reveals New EP Details

Dutch death metallers, HAIL OF BULLETS, go to war again with 'Warsaw Rising', an EP featuring two brand new tracks, one cover and three live recordings!

The new songs are 'Liberators', a rumbling ode to one of the most magnificent bombers ever built, and the title track, which tells the tragic tale of the bloody 1944 Warsaw uprising. A massive cover of the Twisted Sister classic 'Destroyer' and 3 tracks from the BULLETS' earth-shattering performance at last year's Party.San Open Air complete the searing sextet! More...

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Bulletboys Unveils New Album Artwork

BULLETBOYS has unveiled the cover art and track listing to their upcoming Chavis Records release "10c Billionaire."

The track Listing is as follows:

01. Asteroid
02. Blessed By Your Touch
03. Born To Breed
04. Bringing Home The Gun
05. Girls Kissin' Girls
06. Jenna Star
07. Road To Nowhere
08. Save The World
09. Wasted
10. Witness More...

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Evergreen Terrace Announces New Album Title

Florida's Evergreen Terrace is hard at work tracking the music for, "Almost Home," their follow up to 2007's, "Wolfbiker." The band has just uploaded the first video studio update on YouTube.

Guitarist Josh James comments, "We are almost finished tracking the music for our new record titled Almost Home and let me be the first to say that this record is not going to suck! Next week we head down to Audio Hammer Studios in Orlando, FL to start laying down vocals with metal mastermind, Jason Suecof. We are currently working on some US and European tour dates so keep your ears/eyes open. If you live on Earth then we might be coming near your town once this record comes, and if you don't live on Earth, then you're an alien and probably eat cats. And PETA freaks out when you eat cats. Trust me, it's ok to eat donuts but not dog nuts, that's hypocrisy." More...

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Switchblade Signs To AmpHead Music

Sydney metallers Switchblade have issued the following statement about inking a record deal with AmpHead Music:

"Hey everyone, we are very proud to announce that we have officially signed a deal with Australian based label 'AmpHead Music and Entertainment', who are the Australasian branch of the BIGGEST digital music distributors in the world, The Orchard.

"That means as of June 6, 2009 you will be able to pick up a copy of our new album 'INVICTUS INFINITUM' at any good music store in the country! That means JB Hi Fi, HMV, Sanity, Utopia, Red Eye, all the good ones!

"On the digital front, the album will also be available on iTunes, eMusic, MSN, Rhapsody, Napster and over 150 other digital music stores throughout the world.

"AmpHead/The Orchard are no stranger to quality metal, being the exclusive digital distributors of metal labels such as Nuclear Blast, Peaceville and Australia's own Faultline Records.

"We'd like to thank everyone at AmpHead especially Label manager Mike Lenton, and we look forward to working with such an awesome team!"

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Sybreed Announces U.S. Tour Dates

Swiss metallers Sybreed have issued the following update about an upcoming U.S. tour:

"Greetings Folks,

"While the mixing is in process within the hands of Rhys Fulber, we are still working on our side to prepare some decent events for the release of 'The Pulse of Awakening'.

Some of you might have noticed that we won’t do many festivals or shows in Europe this summer: that’s because we won’t be on the good side of earth to do so. Indeed, we are about to join THREAT SIGNAL, THE AUTUMN OFFERING and THE AGONIST on a North-American tour starting on the 17th of July."

The currently confirmed dates are as follows: More...

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Three Bands Cancel Summer Breeze Appearances

The Summer Breeze Open Air Festival 2009 will take place in Dinkelsbühl, Germany on August 13th - 15th. The festival's official website has been updated with the following information about Necrophagist, Daath, and Suffocation canceling their appearances:

"Planning the SUMMER BREEZE means again and again things do not work out the way we please. Therefore we have to announce even a couple of band cancellations. Firstly DAATH have cancelled all European shows for the month of August including their SUMMER BREEZE appearance.

"Secondly the entire SUMMER SLAUGHTER tour of which we have booked the entire billing of SUFFOCATION, SUICIDE SILENCE, NECROPHAGIST and THE FACELESS for he BREEZE, has been cancelled. Of course we have tried to have this package play the BREEZE even though. Talking about SUFFOCATION and THE FACELESS chances aren’t bad, really. But SUFFOCATION and NECROPHAGIST we could not do anything about. More...

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Tomorrow's Outlook Streaming Virgin Steele Cover

Norwegian metallers Tomorrow's Outlook have posted online a clip of their cover of "Victory Is Mine" by Virgin Steele. The clip can be heard on the band's MySpace page. The cover will be part of an upcoming tribute album to Virgin Steele titled "By The Gods: A Noble Tribute To Virgin Steele," which does not yet have a solid release date set.

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Sacrifice Reveals New Album Cover Artwork

Sacrifice has issued the following update about the cover artwork for their new album:

"Our recording process was real, so we didn’t feel comfortable going too far into the digital realm for the cover. Our old friend Kurt Bachman from Believer got us in touch with Michael “Roz” Rosner, who does nothing but absolutely stunning work. Roz was into letting technology assist in creating art, not take over, and that is the same approach we take to music. Check out www.eyelevelstudio.com , Roz can make an image look beautiful, yet ugly; human yet inhuman, all awesome, unique imagery. The eye level studio team took our ideas and gave us a great cover.

"Marquee Records will be releasing the full album, and also a bonus edition with extra tracks and a slipcase."

The track listing for the album will be as follows:

1. We Will Prevail
2. The Ones I Condemn
3. Give Me Justice
4. The Great Wall
5. Tetragrammaton
6. Atrocity
7. Hiroshima
8. The Devil's Martyr
9. Ultimate Power Corrupts
10. Desolation Alive

The Bonus Edition will also include:

Anthem (Rush Cover)
Burned At The Stake (Rerecording 2009)
The Entity (Rerecording 2009)

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