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Metal News for May 23, 2007

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Engineer To Release 'The Dregs' In July

Syracuse, New York-based metal outfit ENGINEER will release its sophomore full-length album, "The Dregs", on July 10 via Black Market Activities. The CD was recorded in February at More Sounds Studio with producer Jocko Randall (ED GEIN). The result is an album that "achieves the band's original goal to push the musical boundaries of each other while maintaining a strong sense of integrity," according to a press release.

"The Dregs" track listing:

01. Scala Natura
02. The Iron Worker
03. Greenhorn
04. Tremors
05. Hollow Vessel
06. The Thinning Cynic
07. Big Black Smile
08. First Frost
09. Waves
10. Kings

Check out the song "Scala Natura" on the band's MySpace page.

ENGINEER will tour with COLISEUM, BURNED INSIDE and RAMMER in support of "The Dregs".

ENGINEER previously released material through Hex Records and Four Leaf Recordings.

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The Black Dahlia Murder Post Live Video Online

A video clip of Detroit-based extreme metallers THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER performing the new song "Virally Yours" live at the Bled Fest 2007 on May 5 at the Skateland Complex in Westland, Michigan has posted at YouTube. The track is expected to appear on the band's follow-up to 2005's "Miasma", due later in the year via Metal Blade Records. Mixing the effort will be Jason Suecof, who has previously worked with TRIVIUM, CHIMAIRA, DEVILDRIVER, GOD FORBID and BURY YOUR DEAD, among others.

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER vocalist Trevor Strnad told MTV.com in January that"Nocturnal" will be "definitely in the same vein as our older stuff. Nothing drastically changed. It's just more tasteful, and some of this new stuff will be faster than the last record." More...

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Obituary Issues Post-Australian Tour Update

OBITUARY frontman John Tardy has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"Unbelievable trip! It took us over 20 years to get to Australia, but we finally made it and had a great time. Thanks to all our Australian fans that came out to see us.

"We got the extreme tour hitting four cities in four days, but Australia is a great place to be and we do plan to get back after the new CD comes out.

"Believe it or not, we logged over 60 hours of flight time! Flight time!!! I am not even talking about hours in the airport, drive times or flight delays...I'm am talking about sitting on a plane for over 60 hours in our week long trip! Maybe that is why I feel like I was hit by a truck! Looking back it was probably too much too fast, but next time we will plan to spend more time and enjoy it a little more.

"The shows were really great and I know our fans there waited a long time for this so it was nice to finally get down there.

"We are moving along in the studio in between trips. It is actually kind of nice to walk away from it and then come back with a 'clean' ear. Markie was busy doing all the editing stuff he can do without us around and now that we are back we can continue with more of the mixing. The good news is it looks like the release date is getting moved up! I am not positive, but I think it is now the end of August!!!

"South America is up next. After that the schedule is cleaned up a little. I know I will be ready for some rest after the South American dates and we get this new CD finished. We will be back in Europe in July for the Waldrock festival in Holland and I think we are gonna do a show in the U.K. while we are there. I will get you that date when I know it, but it should be around July 6th!!!!"

Check put pictures from OBITUARY's Australian trip at this location.

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Zeromind Vocalist Quits

Vocalist Eric Henderson has left San Francisco's ZEROMIND due to "creative differences." The 29-year-old singer, who is looking to get involved with a new project, can be contacted via his MySpace page.

ZEROMIND's latest CD, "What's in Your Mind", was produced by Dave Schiffman (AUDIOSLAVE, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, NINE INCH NAILS) and Jason McGuire. The band performed at Japan's Loud Park 06 festival alongside SLAYER, MEGADETH, DIO, IN FLAMES, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and CHILDREN OF BODOM, among many others.

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Malignancy Announce 3-Date Canadian Tour in July

New York-based death metal band MALIGNANCY is teaming up with brutal Canadian acts DEAMON and ORCHIDECTOMY for a weekend tour in Ontario. MALIGNANCY’s new CD entitled Inhuman Grotesqueries will be available August 7 through Willowtip Records.

July 13 - Cambridge, Ontario @ 69 Pickups
July 14 - Toronto, Ontario @ Metal Bar
July 15 - Ottowa, Ontario @ Cafe Dekcuf

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Single Bullet Theory Post New Song Online

Philadelphia based death-thrash metallers, Single Bullet Theory, have posted a new song on their Myspace page entitled "My Own Worst Enemy." This song comes off their upcoming release, "Venomous."

Single Bullet Theory have also posted two videos on their Myspace page from Youtube:
"Hollowed Out"
"Murder Machines" More...

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Within The Ruins Sign to Innerstrength Records

Innerstrength Records has signed Massachusetts metal band Within The Ruins.

Within The Ruins hails from Westfield, MA and are set to release their debut album "Driven by Fear" on Innerstrength Records this Summer. The band recently recruited a new singer from Kettering, England. He is flying to the states this month to record the vocals for "Driven by Fear" and then depart for a full US tour. The band has dates booked from 6/20-11/24 this year. For more Information check out their myspace page.

"Driven by Fear" tracklisting:
1. Forgotten
2. Fading Light
3. Your Enemy
4. To Walk Away
5. Die Inside
6. Waste of Life
7. With This I Bleed

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Samael Post "Solar Soul" Audio Samples Online

Longtime Swiss metallers SAMAEL have posted audio samples of all the tracks from their upcoming eighth album, Solar Soul at this location.

Solar Soul will be released on June 1st via Nuclear Blast. The album contains 11 songs and one bonus. The full tracklist is as follows: 'Solar Soul', 'Promised Land', 'Slavocracy', 'Western Ground', 'On The Rise', 'Alliance', 'Suspended Time', 'Valkyries' New Ride', 'Ave !', 'Quasar Waves', 'Architect' (bonus track), 'Olympus'.

The band recently shot their latest video, 'Slavocracy' in Germany . A download single is now available at the Nuclear Blast Shop. It contains three songs: 'Valkyries' New Ride', 'Slavocracy' and an instrumental version of 'Slavocracy'.

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Gojira Post Live Video and MP3 Online

French metallers GOJIRA have added a live video and an MP3 of the song "Remembrance" from the "The Link Alive" DVD to their MySpace page.

GOJIRA is continuing to tour in support of its latest CD, "From Mars To Sirius", which saw an August 2006 release through Prosthetic Records in North America and a September 2005 release in Europe through Listenable. The band is currently preparing for a number of festival appearances that will take them through the end of the summer.

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Stream I, Sleepwalker's Entire New Album Online

Kentucky-based Christian metalcore act I, SLEEPWALKER's full-length album, entitled "Snake River", has been made available for streaming at the Harvest Earth Records Pure Volume web site. Due on July 10, the CD features guest appearances by David Bunton from THE SHOWDOWN, Jesse Danza from THE TONY DANZA TAPDANCE EXTRAVAGANZA and Bryan Kemp from DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY. "Snake River" was produced, mixed, and mastered by Jeremiah Scott at Anthem Productions in March and April of 2007.

"Snake River" track listing:

01. Apocalypstick
02. Snake River
03. Sorry I Was Late, I Couldn't Find A Tie To Go With My Victory Cap
04. Let's Step Out Back And Settle This Like Men (feat. Bryan Kemp)
05. Hey Baby Girl, Nice Shoes
06. I've Got A Pretty Good Feeling About This Headless Woman
07. The Butcher (feat. David Bunton, Jesse Danza)
08. Yeah Baby, We're Destroyers
09. These Colors Don't Run
10. This Time John Wayne Doesn't Walk Off Into The Sunset

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Heed Post Another New Demo Song Online

HEED, the new Swedish band featuring former LOST HORIZON members Daniel Heiman (vocals) and Fredrik Olsson (guitar), has posted another new track, entitled "Running from the Shadows", on its MySpace page. Also available at the same location is the previously released 2007 track "Corona". Both cuts come off the group's recently completed four-song demo, which was recorded at Studiomega with Christian Silver and Johan Örhnborg at the helm. The tracks that were laid down are as follows:

01. Corona
02. Remembered
03. Running from the Shadows
04. Faith and Blood

HEED's debut album, "The Call", was released in Europe in June 2006 via Metal Heaven Records. Available in Japan since October 2005, "The Call" features a special guest appearance on backing vocals by former YNGWIE MALMSTEEN frontman Göran Edman.

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Dream Theater Release "Systematic Chaos" E-card

An e-card for DREAM THEATER's upcoming CD, "Systematic Chaos", has been made available at this location. There are plenty of ants to entertain you, plus some truly spectacular desktop wallpaper, AIM icons, and banners. Plus Roadrunner Records has loaded it with "The Dark Eternal Night" in-studio video and two tracks from the album.

"Systematic Chaos" will be released June 5 in simultaneous standard and special editions. You can pre-order now from F.Y.E. or follow the link to purchase in the e-card.

DREAM THEATER will be IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson's guests on Saturday, May 26 during Bruce's weekly BBC 6 Music radio show, aptly named "Rock Show". Listen to the program live via the Internet between 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. (midnight) U.K. time (between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST) at BBC.co.uk.

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Limbonic Art To Release "Legacy Of Evil" In Sept

Symphonic black metal masters LIMBONIC ART will release their comeback CD, entitled "Legacy of Evil", on September 27 via Nocturnal Art Productions / Candlelight. According to a press release, "LIMBONIC ART strike back with full force, more intense and malevolent than ever. This is a well-crafted black metal massacre, with heart and soul!'

On 06.06.06, LIMBONIC ART's two members, Daemon and Morfeus, decided to recurrect the band and re-signed with Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records.

In 2002, LIMBONIC ART returned with arguably their pre-eminent opus. The band's final album, "The Ultimate Death Worship", was hailed as the band's crowning achievement. Since the departure the two members have been active on different fronts, Daemon with his thrash metal band SARCOMA INC., and Morfeus with DIMENSION F3H, both releasing full-length albums.

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Devin Townsend Talks About Why He Ended SYL

In a recently conducted an interview with Devin Townsend (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD), the man explains why he knocked Strapping Young Lad on the head.

On integrity:

MTUK: What I said to you earlier about integrity and everything, that is the main reason why you're bowing out?

Devin: "Oh yeah, yeah."

MTUK: I can't blame you, you've had a child and everything and you've been in the media attention so much.

Devin: "By no means am I doing it for any altruistic reason. I'm not doing it to say 'I'm keeping my integrity,' I think I have more of a fear of success. I want to have a good time, I want to hang out with my friends and laugh about shit, I want to make music where I can just say 'Hey, check this out, this is crazy, have a listen…and anyway, what did you do today?' But as far as doing another album…"

MTUK: Being told to do another album and having a contract…you've had enough of it.

Devin: "Yeah and the thing with the STRAPPING thing is that, it might sound cheesy but whatever I say I'm going to do I'm going to do. I told them I'd do five records — I did five records. At the end of it they offered us this big deal, we'll re-sign you, we've got all these big bands that'll take you out on the road now. I just said 'I'm done, I told you, I'm done.' There's a good chance that if it hadn't gone to the level that it has then we might be doing it still."

MTUK: What are you going to say, three or four years down the line, you've had all the black metal bands like EMPEROR and IMMORTAL who've split up and then all of a sudden they get offers and they reform and headline huge festivals. What's going to be your opinion when you're asked to do that?

Devin: "Well I really hope that I'll be able to say no. It's like…"

MTUK: It's a difficult thing to give an answer to.

Devin: "It's only difficult because if my kids are starving… you know? But there's a good chance with the production and doing music elsewhere that that isn't going to be the case. I honestly feel that if you can make a living…success is completely…you're always going to chase it right? If you have success it's never going to be as big as what could happen next. You're constantly chasing this imaginary thing and at the end of it, I go back to the METALLICA example again…you look at 'Some Kind Of Monster' and those guys are fucked. Ah dudes, they look terrified, they don't look like happy people. You've got Kirk Hammett, 'I'm a cowboy now! I live out in the fields and I don't want anybody to talk to me about METALLICA.'"

On future projects:

MTUK: When you say ambient music, what is your idea of what you really want to go into?

Devin: "Well I really like, there's this band from Newcastle from years ago called ZOVIET FRANCE. I love them. It's just like moods. I like sounds right? I've got a little studio and it's a real modest studio, just a ProTools LE system etc but because of that if I have an idea to make a puppet record, three months later it's done.

MTUK: It's kind of like you've got GODFLESH, you've got STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and you've got JESU — the other level. So you maybe want to tone down things?

Devin: "Maybe not even that. There maybe some stuff I do in the future that is as brutal and heavy as STRAPPING, it's just not going to be STRAPPING. I think that's the main crux of it, I want the ability to do whatever I want without a whole fleet of lawyers and record companies analyzing it and telling me what to do. It's like the success of doing it that way doesn't mean enough to me as an artist or a person for me to fight about it. I'm not going to fight anymore I'm just going to do it the way I want to do it. Why am I going to do it that way and be so obstinate? Because I don't care enough about it to spend that much time on it. Ziltoid, from the first month to the last note mastered was four months. Without having any music to having a completed record was four months. It was a concept and a puppet and a record and a myspace and the sense of achievement for me was like 'great — done.' It's like when you've got a project at school, you do it and you hand it in. You don't sit around going, 'Remember that project I did? That was awesome — in fact I've got project three and four coming up…' I prefer to be like Ziltoid — that was great. I got to make a puppet and come to England and hang out and do some really ridiculous stuff and now…what am I going to do next? I've got a whole load of ideas about what I'm going to do next and they're completely different to anything I've done. And then they'll be done and I'll do something else right? I think it will be just put it up on my website and then whoever is interested in what I do can just access it and listen to it. But I definitely don't want to force it on anyone. I really like doing things myself too. It might not be super-slick or super-cool but at least I did it. I like doing layouts, I like doing art, I like doing puppets…"

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Velvet Revolver Comment On Alice In Chains Tour

Velvet Revolver members Slash and Scott Weiland have confirmed they will tour with Alice in Chains this summer for a U.S. and Canadian tour which will run into the fall. Sparta will open on the second leg of the tour with additional supporting acts to be names shortly. Only the following two dates have been confirmed so far:

August 17th in Homdel, NJ @ PNC Bank Arts Center
August 18th in Wantagh, NY @ Jones Beach

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Chris Volz Sets Solo Album Release Date

Chris Volz, formerly of FLAW and the recently-disbanded Five.Bolt.Main, has just set a release date for his forthcoming debut solo album. The album, tentatively titled “Redemption,” will be hitting stores on September 11th on Rock Ridge Music.

“The lyrics on this record are very personal,” says Volz. “I don’t sing about anything I haven’t felt or don’t mean. Personally, this record was my turn to grab the reins. This album is, with no offense meant to any of my former bandmates, the chance to do everything I’ve always wanted to do.” The recording process took two weeks, the fastest recording experience of Volz’s career. “I have never recorded that expediently. The musicians we worked with were extremely professional and productive. It all flowed very well and everything fell right into place.”

Joining Volz in the studio for said recording experience were Matt Chiaravalle (Kittie, Crossbreed, Warren Zevon) and Jason Spiewak (Five.Bolt.Main) in both production capacity and as players on the record. Also performing on the record were: Danny Schuler (Biohazard), Chris Vitali (Orange 9mm), Johnny Pisano (Ryan Adams, Marky Ramone, Jesse Malin), and Rich Smalley (The NightRats, Looker).

Says Schuler of the recording process: "I've done a lot of session work, and really enjoyed playing on this record. Chris and the guys were great, made me feel comfortable. The songs came together so quickly, the music basically wrote itself. All I had to do was listen. Being involved was a pleasure." Adds Spiewak: "Our goal from a production standpoint was to deliver on Chris's vision."

Volz plans to tour in support of the album later this year, but in the meantime, he is currently enjoying his time on the road with his former band, FLAW.

Volz has also been enjoying working with his label: Rock Ridge Music. “I’ve never dealt with a label like Rock Ridge Music before,” he says. “They never do things without telling the artist first. They do things quickly and cost effectively. Most importantly, their heart is in it, and I think it’s a better experience that way. They’re a company who cares about two to three records, not just one song. Artist development in this industry is so hard to come lately, and they truly believe in it.”

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Reasons For Montano's Hellyeah Ousting Revealed

According to TheMetalDen.com, Hellyeah bassist Jerry Montano was ousted from the band after he punched guitarist Tom Maxwell in the face, was ejected from the club, and said "I am going to go get a gun, come back and shoot everyone!" while intoxicated following their CD release show at The Clubhouse in Dallas, TX.

As previously reported, former Damageplan bassist Bob "Zilla" Kakaha was recently confirmed as Montano's replacement.

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Epica Set 'The Divine Conspiracy' Release Date

Nuclear Blast Records has set a September 7 German release date for the new album from Dutch female-fronted symphonic metal band EPICA, entitled "The Divine Conspiracy". The CD will presumably arrive in the rest of Europe on September 10.

"The Divine Conspiracy", which was mixed by Sascha Paeth, features a session appearance by GOD DETHRONED drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek. EPICA has yet to name a full-time drummer following the departure of Jeroen Simons in 2006.

As previously reported, EPICA has been confirmed as the support act for SONATA ARCTICA on their upcoming European tour in November. More...

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De Profundis Complete Work on New Album

London-based progressive doom metal band DE PROFUNDIS has completed work on its debut album, "Beyond Redemption". The album was recorded and mixed by Steve Watkins at Warehouse Studios, Oxford and then mastered by Tim Turan, who has worked with artists such as OPETH, EMPEROR, DIMMU BORGIR, 1349, and many more.

While maintaining the traditional crushing and eternally despairing sound of doom metal, DE PROFUNDIS also has many genre-defying and unique touches to its sound, such as jazz-funk slap bass, black metal blast-beats and a fully stereo guitar attack with technical guitar solos. DE PROFUNDIS also boasts an original logo by none other than the black metal legend Christophe Szpajdel.

A song from the album can be heard at this location.

DE PROFUNDIS is currently finalizing arrangements for the release of "Beyond Redemption" and is looking for a distribution deal. The band is also booking gigs for upcoming months, and should be contacted via MySpace with any offers.

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Fleshcrawl Finish Recording New Album

German death metallers FLESHCRAWL entered Toninfusion studios in Ulm, Germany last month to record their new album, entitled "Structures of Death". The band has since issued the following update:

"The recording sessions for our new album, 'Structures of Death', are finished. Everything's done and prepared for the mix which will kick off on June 4th at Studio Underground, Västeras, Sweden. By now, the rough mix sounds fuckin' awesome! We'll have the mix and mastering brutalize the material and then it's about time to unleash that killer! A release is to be expected in September (via Metal Blade)!"

"Structures of Death" track listing (not final sequence):

01. Intro
02. Fleshcult
03. Anthem of Death
04. About Mortality
05. Into the Crypts of Scattered Souls
06. Structures of Death
07. Into the Fire of Hell
08. Rest in Pain (R.I.P)
09. Written in Blood
10. A Spirit Dressed in Black
11. Nothing but Flesh Remains
12. War of the Dead

Artwork will be created by Uwe Jarling.

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Gorgoroth Announce Brazilian Tour Dates

Norwegian black metallers GORGOROTH will embark on a short tour of Brazil in September. Confirmed dates are as follows:

Sep. 13 - Brazil - Campinas / SP Hammer Rock Bar
Sep. 14 - Brazil - São Paulo / SP Hangar 110
Sep. 15 - Brazil - Belo Horizonte / MG Lapa Multishow
Sep. 16 - Brazil - Rio de Janeiro / RJ [to be announced]
Sep. 17 - Brazil - Porto Alegre / RS Bar Opinião

An in-depth report on GORGOROTH's video shoot for "Carving a Giant" has been posted online at Imhotep. More...

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Rammstein Begin Songwriting for New Album

German industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN have commenced the songwriting sessions for their new album. As a result, they will not make any live appearances for the remainder of the year.

In related news, RAMMSTEIN guitar player Richard Z. Kruspe's solo project EMIGRATE will release its self-titled debut album on August 31.

RAMMSTEIN's latest album, "Rosenrot", received its long-overdue U.S. release in March 2006 via Universal Music. The CD, which was certified platinum in Germany for sales in excess of 200,000 copies within two weeks of release in October 2005, topped the official album chart in Germany, Austria and Finland, and landed at No. 2 in Sweden and Denmark, No. 4 in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, No. 5 in France, No. 6 in Mexico, No. 11 in Italy and No. 29 in the U.K. In addition, "Rosenrot" achieved gold status in Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

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Profane Omen Finishes Recording New EP

Finnish death 'n' roll band PROFANE OMEN has finished recording a new EP, entitled "Disconnected", at Villvox Studio under the watchful eyes of engineer Aleksanteri Kuosa and producer Ville Sorvali. The EP will be mixed beginning on June 19 for a fall release.

"Disconnected" EP track listing:

01. Disconnected
02. In Fear
03. Breed Suffocation, Breed Extinction
04. Learning to Die


5. Slave to the Grind (SKID ROW cover)
6. Wild Child (W.A.S.P. cover) More...

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Alice Cooper Cancel Mexican Tour Dates

ALICE COOPER's official MySpace page has been updated with the following mesage:

"The Alice Cooper 2007 tour is set to go. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, the tour will not be able to go to Mexico. Because of this, the South American tour has been forced to change."

ALICE COOPER South American tour dates are now as follows:

June 12 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Credicard Hall
June 14 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Zonaria Post New Song Online

Swedish death metal quartet ZONARIA will unleash their debut album Infamy And The Breed on September 3 (UK), 4 (North America), and 7 (rest of Europe) through Pivotal Rockordings (BLINDED COLONY, SONIC SYNDICATE). A song from the album, "Descend Into Chaos", can be heard on the band's official Myspace page. Guitarist Emil Nyström commented the following on the upcoming release.

"We have been waiting with such anticipation over the last few weeks to finally not only put up a brand new, skull-crushing track on our official Myspace page site, but also announce the album title and the track listing to all of our fans who have been patiently waiting for brand new material from ZONARIA. We encourage everyone to give us feedback and to let us know what you think of the new song. We can assure each and every one of you that the wait will be well worth it and "Descend Into Chaos" is just a small taste of the full on assault that is Infamy And The Breed." More...

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Death Breath To Hit The Road This Fall

DEATH BREATH, the Swedish old-school death metal project featuring former ENTOMBED drummer and main songwriter Nicke Andersson (currently the frontman of his rock 'n' roll band THE HELLACOPTERS), will embark on a short European tour in September/October. The group's lineup for trek, which will last no more than 10-14 days, will include REPULSION's Scott Carlson on bass. Exact cities and dates will be announced soon.

DEATH BREATH recently entered the Swedish "midprice chart" at position No. 3 with its new mini-album, "Let It Stink" (Black Lodge Records). The midprice chart includes full-length albums as well those releases that are being sold as "midprice" (i.e. at a discount during a promotional campaign). Mini-albums are sold within the same price range, so they qualify for this chart as well. More...

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Reckoning Inks Deal With Destroy All Records

Destroy All Records has announced the signing of the Brazilian metal band RECKONING to its roster of artists which include CAGE, HYDROGYN, CRAIG GOLDY, VITALY and CRIES.

According to a press release, "Reckoning’s music can be described as a combination of traditional, thrash and death metal with melody intertwined. In 2004, the band completed their first EP containing four songs of fast, aggressive yet melodic blend of heavy metal. It was produced by the band and Gustavo Silveira (NORDHEIM, TRIBUZY) and mixed by Sidney Sohn, who produced the recent CDs of Brazilian bands ANDRALLS, HEAVEN FALLS and Nordheim."

Reckoning is currently completing the material for the debut album to be released through Destroy All Records.

For more information about Reckoning, you can visit their website or their myspace page.

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Katatonia, Scar Symmetry Release First Tour Dates

The following initial dates have been released for the upcoming tour featuring KATATONIA, SCAR SYMMETRY, INSOMNIUM, and SWALLOW THE SUN:

September 4 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
September 14 - Mokena, IL @ The Pearl Room
September 19 - Hollywood, CA @ Whisky

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Mondo Generator Sign to Suburban Noize Records

Nick Oliveri and the MONDO GENERATOR have signed with Suburban Noize Records for the release of the forthcoming new album, Dead Planet: SONICSLOWMOTIONTRAILS.

“I’m really excited about signing with Suburban Noize. They have a cool street credibility and they are the real deal,” says Oliveri. “Everyone I’ve talked to at Sub Noize is on top of what they’re trying to do. Mondo Generator couldn’t ask for a better home.”

MONDO GENERATOR’s new album will land in stores on July 17, 2007, just days after Oliveri and the band kick off their summer long stint on Ozzfest 2007 tour. More...

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Suicide Silence Post New Song Online

You can check out a new track from SUICIDE SILENCE entitled “Bludgeoned To Death” online over at their official MySpace page.

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Daysend Readies "The Warning," Plans Tour

Daysend's new album, “The Warning,” will be released in Australia on May 28, 2007 through Faultline Records/Stomp Distribution. The band has planned a number of local tour dates in support of "The Warning" as well:

Blunt Magazine and Faultline Records Presents the No Regrets Australian Tour:

Sun June 10 - Sydney, NSW, Come Together Festival, Luna Park.
Fri June 15 - Brisbane, QLD, Phoenix (+ The Crisis Therapy, Function Cease & Submission)
Sat June 16 - Gold Coast, QLD, Miami Shark Bar (+ The Crisis Therapy, City In Panic & Govern the Sky)
Thu June 21 - Adelaide, S.A. Enigma Bar (+ Truth Corroded, Double Dragon & guest)
Fri June 22 - Belgrave, VIC, Ruby’s (+ Picture The End, Five Star Prison Cell, Exit Wounds)
Sat June 23 - Melbourne, VIC, Evelyn (+ Picture The End, Walk The Earth, Exit Wounds)
Sun June 24 - Albury, VIC, Sodens
Thu June 28 - Newcastle, NSW, Cambridge (+ Switchblade, Black Majesty & guest)
Fri June 29 - Sydney, NSW, Candy’s Apartment (+ Switchblade, Slowly Building Weapons, Scarblind)

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In This Moment Cancel Canadian Dates

The Southern California-based quintet IN THIS MOMENT has been forced to cancel its previously announced Canadian shows with LACUNA COIL as a result of being unable to enter the country. Affected dates are as follows:

May 22 - The Garrick Centre - Winnipeg, Manitoba
May 23 - The Distrikt - Regina, Saskatchewan
May 25 - Dinwoodie Lounge - Edmonton, Alberta
May 26 - MacEwan Hall - Calgary, Alberta

IN THIS MOMENT's debut album, "Beautiful Tragedy", was released on March 20 via Century Media Records.

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Rick Rubin's Move To Columbia Records Is Official

Producer RICK RUBIN's move to Columbia Records is now official, although there are no details yet on what Rubin's exact role at the label will be or where he will be based. The label released a statement this afternoon (May 14) confirming the Rubin hire and stating that he would "form a dynamic and creative executive partnership" with Columbia chairman Steve Barnett, under a new model devised by Sony Music topper Rob Stringer. As part of the deal, Rubin will bring his American Recordings imprint to the company, which previously distributed it in the late '90s and early '00s. American, which for the last year-plus has been distributed by Warner Music Group, has a roster that includes SLAYER and catalog including THE BLACK CROWES, DANZIG. As expected, in addition to producing albums for Sony BMG acts, Rubin will continue his producing activities for artists at other major labels. In this capacity he will work with artists signed to Warner Bros., including METALLICA.

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Bloodgood Issue Update On CD and DVD

BLOODGOOD have issued the following update: "Shakin' The World CD and DVD will, once again, be two separate units, not a combined unit." Says leader Michael Bloodgood: "Not sure why; I'm only the messanger." The CD and DVD are expected to be available by the end of May. Updates to follow.

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Ozzy Osbourne Misses Autobiography Deadline

OZZY OSBOURNE has missed the deadline to finish his autobiography. Ozzy signed a lucrative deal to publish a tell-all tome about his battle with alcoholism, drugs, depression and his marriage to Sharon Osbourne. However, Ozzy has been too slow putting pen to paper and the book - which was due to be released in time for Christmas - has now been postponed until next year. Ozzy's publicist Gary Farrow told Britain's The Independent newspaper: "He just hasn't written it. He is always doing something else, either recording or busy with his festival Ozzfest. "Sharon is always trying to persuade him to sit down and write, but he won't."

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Cipher Seeks Second Guitarist

Long Island, New York's Cipher is looking to add a second guitarist to their current line-up as they continue to write their sophomore record for Uprising Records. Serious inquiries can be made via email at d2dabob@aol.com or the group's Myspace page.

As previously reported, the band amicably parted ways with guitarist Mark Dollar, who entered the band as a bassist three years ago and then graduated into an empty guitarist slot for the past year and a half, earlier this year.

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Nightwish To Reveal New Singer's Identity Tomorrow

Due to a leak of the new NIGHTWISH single, "Eva", via an as-yet-undisclosed source in the United Kingdom, Finnish symphonic metal band NIGHTWISH will begin selling the Internet-only single "Eva" and reveal the name of the new singer earlier than previously planned.

"Eva" will be released in Finland via NetAnttila on Friday, May 25. "Eva" will receive a Finnish radio premiere on Radio Rock and YleX Friday morning at 7:00 a.m.

The identity of the new NIGHTWISH singer will be revealed on Thursday, May 24 at 5:00 p.m. Finnish time. First the news will appear on www.nightwish.com and soon after Spinefarm Records will send a bulletin to all media.

Two short audio samples of "Eva" have been posted online: Sample#1, Sample#2. All profits from "Eva" (cover) will be donated to charity.

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A Dying Dream Changes Name To The Ghost Inside

Los Angeles hardcore/metal outfit A Dying Dream has officially changed their name to The Ghost Inside. Vocalist Jonathan Vigil comments:

"Well, it's been a good 3 years for A Dying Dream, but we feel as a band, we've accomplished about as much as humanly possible from being a band called 'A Dying Dream.'

Three full U.S. tours, a handful of other tours, random fests, 2 EPs, and playing both Earth Crisis reunion shows is a lot to say from a band with a name that we never thought would make it out of our drummer's garage.

In addition to the new name, and some new members, we are currently hard at work on a new full-length CD that will redefine us as a band. It's been a very long time since we've had new music, and we just want to ensure that this will be a CD that will show our potential as a band, and prove to everyone how hard working we really are. It's slated for a late-fall release on Mediaskare Records and is tentatively titled 'Fury and The Fallen Ones.'

Lastly, I and everyone in The Ghost Inside would like to thank everyone that has been with us since the beginning and who has supported us unconditionally. Also, to everyone that listened to us, or saw us with an open mind and gave us that chance to win them over, hopefully we have. Expect to see much more of us in the future."

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Brutalocalypse Fest Details Revealed

Brutalocalypse is a two day fest that will take place in Tulsa, OK on June 8th and 9th. Tickets will $10 per day advance, $12 at the door and two day passes are available for $16. Here's the lineup:

Friday, June 8th
With Blood Comes Cleansing
White Chapel
Years Spent Cold
Operator Dead: Post Abandoned
From The Upright
Surcease Angels
The First Fight

Saturday, June 9th
Knights of the Abyss
Arsonists Get All The Girls
All In
Submerged In Dirt
New Annihilation
Ashes of Creation
Cambridge Ruins

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