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Metal News for May 22, 2002

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Displeased Licenses Two From Necropolis

For European territory Displeased records licensed both latest efforts of Phobia and Mental Horror from US based label Deathvomit/Necropolis. Phobia hails from California USA, playing their typical death/grind, highly inspired by the originators Terrorizer, Nausea (LA) and early Napalm Death! Mental Horror from Brazil are the new extremists within the extreme death metal scene, playing some insane ultra death metal, something like Krisiun or Angel Corpse on speed.
Serenity Through Pain (Phobia) and Proclaiming Vengeance (Mental Horror with two Europe only bonus tracks) are both available now.

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Johan Liiva Interviewed by BW&BK

Arch Enemy has been receiving a lot of positive attention for their new CD Wages Of Sin and their new vocalist Angela Gossow. Let us not forget that before the beautiful blonde frontwoman, there was a fellow by the name of Johan Liiva who sang on three incredible albums: Black Earth, Stigmata and Burning Bridges. Since his dismissal from Arch Enemy, Johan has gone on to form Nonexist with guitarist Johan Reinholdz and drummer Matte Modin. The band has just issued their debut album, Deus Deceptor on New Hawen Records. More...

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Headline News

Milano Fires Benante and Ian

S.O.D. frontman Billy Milano has issued a follow-up statement in response to the growing criticism over his decision to seek out replacements for guitarist Scott Ian and drummer Charlie Benante, both of whom are widely viewed as integral members of the group.

First off, as far as Ray [Herrera] is concerned, he said to me at the Fear Factory show in Dallas last year that when I was ready to get a 'REAL' drummer in S.O.D. to call him and let him know," Milano said. "END QUOTE!!! TRUTH!!!!! Secondly, I will do what I want with S.O.D. Charlie and Scott are fired!!!!! They never gave a fuck about the S.O.D. fans anyway. So I am going to find two guys to do it from somewhere and [Danny] Lilker will do it if he chooses to do it. But, This still is not going to help Charlene [a.k.a. Charlie] and Dimebag Ian [a.k.a. Scott]. They called Lilker to ask if we were gonna do S.O.D. without them, But didn't call Lilker to apologize for fucking him on the VH1 special. These guys know I am serious and the real deal. Maybe the next guy I hang out a window on the second floor will be you, Scott. For real."

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Headline News

Lemmy's Hat: Stolen!

Legendary heavy metal trio Motörhead played Club Townsend in San Francisco, CA, on Friday, May 17, 2002, as part of its U.S. tour to promote the Metal-Is/Sanctuary CD Hammered and, unfortunately, the distinctive hat owned and worn by vocalist/bass guitarist Lemmy was stolen from the backstage area. The theft occurred during a 30-minute window between the beginning of the encore and the end of the show. He'd worn the hat on stage for the main set.

The black hat — a cross between a pirate hat and cowboy hat — is of great sentimental value to Lemmy. He bought it at a truckstop while on tour many years ago, and he personalized it with his own original decorations and designs. The hat is made of brushed, soft cloth although it is "hard" and maintains its shape.

Lemmy would like to have his hat back, and the person or persons who took it are asked to return it. Individuals who have information about the hat's whereabouts may send an e-mail to Ace Trump, the webmaster of Motörhead's official web site — www.imotorhead.com. Tips should be e-mailed to Trump at: acetrump@bigfoot.net. Tip providers may remain anonymous.

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Cosmic Sphere Announce Their Arrival

Cosmic Sphere is the name of a new Finnish/Swedish metal act featuring guitarist Lars Chriss, guitarist Antti Wirman, bassist Tapio Oksanen, and drummer Kristian Enqvist. Playing a musical style described as "heavy, energetic and melodic metal," not dissimilar to In Flames/Soilwork, the band are currently writing songs for the group's debut CD, to be recorded later this year. More info on the group can be obtained via their official web site.

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Nile's Darkened Shrines

Heralded death metallers Nile have completed work on their third full-length album, In Their Darkened Shrines with producer Bob Moore at Soundlab Studios in Columbia, South Carolina.

"The new material is Nile's strongest yet! All the elements of the 'Nile sound' are intact yet the songs have reached a new level of intensity," guitarist/founder and principal songwriter Karl Sanders stated. "We have a lot of new sounds and a more sophisticated/realized/developed level of composition and structure." More...

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