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Metal News for May 20, 2007

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Sheavy Issue New Album Update

Canadian stoner rockers SHEAVY check in with the following update:

"The new album entitled The Machine That Won The War is nearing the final stages of completion. It looks as though it should be back from manufacturing by mid June and available shortly thereafter. To the left is a preview of of the cover art courtesy of Eliran Kantor. Right now it looks as though there will be two versions. One will contain a bonus DVD consisting of a live performance we did in St. Johns in March. The other version will be CD only and will contain the following new tracks: 'One Of Us Must Be Dead', 'Aboard The Mothership', 'Rings Of Saturn', 'Demon Soldiers', 'Dawn Of The Black Orchid', 'Humanoid', 'The Dark Carnival', 'Lords Of Radiation', 'Here Falls The Shadow', 'The Sleeping Assassin', 'Where Earth Meets Sky', 'The Gunfighters'. That's about it from here. We can't wait to get this done!! Peace!"

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Will Haven Reveal 'Hierophant' Track Listing

Sacramento metalcore heroes WILL HAVEN have finalized the track listing for their new album, "Hierophant", due on June 19 in the United States through Bieler Bros. Records (one day earlier internationally). It is as follows:

01. Helena
02. The Hierophant
03. Speaking In Solidarity
04. Fire Dealer
05. Kings Cross
06. Handlebars To Freedom
07. Caviar With Maths
08. Skinner
09. By The Teeth
10. Murder For Hire
11. Landing On Ice
12. Sammy Davis's One Good Eye More...

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Clawfinger Reveal New Album Track Listing

Swedish rap/metal combo CLAWFINGER has set the track listing for its new album, "Life Will Kill You", due on July 27 via Nuclear Blast Records. It is as follows:

01. The Price You Pay
02. Life Will Kill You
03. Prisoners
04. Final Stand
05. None The Wiser
06. Little Baby
07. The Cure & The Poison
08. Where Can We Go From Here
09. It's Your Life
10. Falling
11. Carnivore More...

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Scum of the Earth Reveal New Album Cover Art

Scum of the Earth (featuring former Rob Zombie guitarist RIGGS) have revealed the cover art for their upcoming Sleaze Freak album to be released by Eclipse Records, this Summer. The cover image is one of seventeen original acrylic works done by renowned horror-caricature artist Paul Garner, exclusively for Scum of the Earth's follow-up album to their 2004 debut "Blah...Blah...Blah...Love Songs for The New Millennium". Each of the different images illustrate the album's "Red Light District" concept, with the booklet featuring one image for each song, plus a few extras.

The new cover art can be viewed at the following location.

When asked where the ideas for the art came from, Garner replied "As I recall, Riggs and I started with a kind of freakshow idea which mutated into the sleazy Amsterdam red light district concept which worked out much better. With the booklet art we've created a mini Sleaze Freak arcade... I love how the girls on display in the windows have turned out. They're a really cool 'n' trashy cast of characters. Riggs and Brandon make appearances as the creepy clients skulking around the arcade looking for action.". Riggs also chimed in, "For the cover art specifically, there were a lot of revisions we had to go through. I remember a few times where we'd come up with a version, then our label would run it by their distributor and come back to us saying it was too explicit, or the chick didn't have enough clothes on, whatever... stupid censorship crap but finally we got to a point where the label and distro were happy. You know, some stores don't want the right-wing religious folks organizing protests and all that shit."

The band is currently finishing up the Sleaze Freak album at Studio 2100 in Springfield, MO and they expect to be finished mixing by June 1st.

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The Roman Holiday Signs To Disgorge Media

Independence, MO metal act The Roman Holiday has signed with Disgorge Media. The group is currently in the process of recording their debut EP, "The Apocalyptic Genocide of the Human Race," at Low Key Productions with Scott Koelzer (Eyes of the Betrayer). The recording should be completed within the next week and is due out before the group hits the road in June with AngelsAmongUs. You can check out a track on the band's MySpace.

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The Warriors Prepare To Release New Album

Southern California hardcore group The Warriors will headline the "Borderline Insanity Tour" with support from First Blood, Too Pure To Die, and Since The Flood beginning June 8th. The trek will serve as a preview to their Victory Records debut, "Genuine Sense Of Outrage."

"Genuine Sense of Outrage" was produced by Cameron Webb (Social Distortion, Motorhead) and features guest vocals by Motorhead's Lemmy Kilminster and Comeback Kid's Andrew Neufeld. "'Genuine Sense Of Outrage' touches base on many concepts including truths that reflect directly on our human condition as a whole," Warriors vocalist Marshall Lichtenwaldt says. "It's about stepping outside of ourselves and realizing that we are all the same. We are all enraged. This record is dedicated to those who truly embrace this culture and realize that these are more than words on a page." The album will hit streets in August, and the track listing is as follows: More...

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Coctopus, Ramming Speed Sign To TDB Records

Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records have signed two new bands, Coctopus and Ramming Speed.

Boston's Coctopus features former members of Bones Brigade and Shanghai Valentine. The band plays "balls-out" rock inspired by classic rockers Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Motorhead and Jimi Hendrix. Their debut album is due out this summer. You can check out a few songs here.

Also hailing from Boston, Ramming Speed will be releasing a brand new 7" this summer followed by a full US tour. This five-piece thrash outfit features former members of Backstabbers Inc. and Cyanide Breed. The band has posted a handful of tracks here.

Ramming Speed has a number of tour dates lined up for this summer, the latter portion paired with with Coctopus on a number of them. Here are the Ramming Speed “Top of the Dude Chain” Tour '07 dates: More...

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Enthroned Issue Italian Mini-Tour Report

Nornagest, guitarist/vocalist of Belgian black metallers ENTHRONED has issued the following tour report on the band's official forum:

"We are back from the Italian tour! It was a blow and a huge success! We first landed in Milano, where the promoter and the guys of SINISTER were waiting for us. We had a trip of six hours till the first venue and got prepared for our first show in a year and the first one with the new line-up! We played a 60 minutes set even tho the venue was filled with about 150 people (Thursday night) the place was in the mood! After the show and some drinks with the fans we headed to the hotel and took the plane the next day in Rome's airport, direction Palermo (Sicily). The place looked like a semi-open-air disco quite bizarre but top notch indeed. I perform a banishing ritual just before entering the stage and invoked Kali-Ma. The concert went on filled with Hatred (one of the most infernal presence on stage I ever had!) and despise some little problems with the sound engineer everything went on like a fist in the face! Sinister invaded the stage for an excellent old-school DM show, these guys are back with a vengeance for sure! As the owner of the venue allowed us free drinks for the whole night we spent a white night and took back the plane to Valencia direction Este. The venue was one of the hottest ever, the gig went fine but in the middle of the set, I piece of string slashed my pinky and I lost a piece of flesh and I spent the rest of the gig playing with my "d" string slashing inside the wound, well shit happens... Another success, but a very quite audience. More...

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Venom Gear Up For Scandinavian Tour

UK black metal legends VENOM are preparing for their Scandinavian Tour later this month.
The opening acts will definitely be Scandinavian bands says frontman Cronos: "I asked our agents in Scandinavia to select some local talent to open the shows. There's certainly no shortage of metal bands over there, so I've chosen a few that I thought would be ideal, but I've left the final decision to the agency."

In other live news, Venom and their management are also discussing other live plans with their agents for later this year. An American tour and some dates in Australia are in the cards, there's also talks of some shows in Japan and across Europe.

In new album news, the recording schedule for the new Venom album is well underway. The band have already laid the majority of the backing tracks and reports so far are that everyone is very excited by the results. According to a band update, "it's a very dark sounding album following on in the footsteps of last years release, Metal Black." More...

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Iced Earth Announces New Guitarist

ICED EARTH mainman Jon Schaffer has posted the following update at the official Iced Earth website:

"Our new guitar player's name is Troy Seele. Troy did a few solos on the new record and will be touring with us. He's been a friend of mine for about ten years and is from the Indianapolis (Indy) area. He's by far the best guitar player in Indy and will be bringing some cool vibes to the table."

As previously reported, Iced Earth's new EP, Overture Of The Wicked, is now available for pre-order at Amazon.com This title will be released on June 5th, 2007.

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Funeral Procession Warn Against Bootleg Of Demo

German black metallers FUNERAL PROCESSION have issued the following update:

"It has come to the band's knowledge that bootleg copies of the very first demo are spread via eBay and different mail-orders. The releases are claimed to be originals, but they are certainly not. An easy way to check your copy against those bootlegs is to make sure that the numbers inside the tape are written with red ink (the bootlegs have them in blue) and that both cover plus band picture are distinguishable (due to the bootleg being a xerox of a xerox one cannot recognize anything). The tape was released more than eight years ago and limited to 300, so it is of course very unlikely that a whole pile of tapes suddenly appears out of nowhere. Count Gothmog (vocals/bass) is currently trying to find out the source of this bootlegging and as soon as it is clear where they stem from, names will be made public."

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Therion Announce Moscow Live Show Changes

Swedish metallers THERION have issued the following update regarding tonight's show (May 20th) at B1 Maximum in Moscow, Russia:

"Due to technical reasons the two support acts in Moscow will be cancelled. There will be a very long change over between Therion and BLIND GUARDIAN, so Therion will be on stage earlier. Therion will be the first band.

Update: Therion will also play a heavily reduced set due to the promotor not delivering the stage as agreed. One of the main problems could have been fixed, but Blind Guardian would not allow Therion to use the drum riser. Therion now have to set up the drums in front, leaving only a 1.5m stage left in front of the drums. The reason for Blind Guardian not allowing Therion to use the drum riser? It MIGHT make the drums sound a bit different in the monitors from the sound check, something that the audience would not notice.

Because this will release some time PAIN might be performing after all."

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Watch Ozzy Osbourne's ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’ Video

The video for OZZY OSBOURNE’s first single, ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’, has been unleashed to the net. The track, which is taken from his new Black Rain album, out May 22, can be found online at The Headbangers Blog.

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Stone Sour Cancel Set of European Dates in July

STONE SOUR have been forced to cancel a series of dates in early July due to “family obligations”. The affected dates are below:

June 30 - Goteborg, Sweden @ Metaltown
July 1 - Leipzig, Germany @ With Full Force
July 3 - Athens, Greece @ Rockwave Festival
July 6 - Turku, Finland @ Ruisrock

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Evile Issue Second Update From the Studio

EVILE have checked in from the studio for the second time, offering an update with former METALLICA producer Flemming Rasmussen (METALLICA) from their Huddersfield, UK rehearsal space over the past weekend. Drum tracks are officially complete, with rhythm guitars next up for recording. You can read the full update, as well as see some candid pictures here.

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Dark New Day To Release New Demos

DARK NEW DAY has hit out in an attempt to quell fears that they are breaking up. Guitarist Clint Lowery has issued the following calming update:

“Dear dark new day friends. As you may of heard Will and Troy are going out with Evanesance. And you’ve heard I’m going out with Korn this year. I’m here to say DnD will live on. We recorded some great material recently with David Bendeth (Breaking Beanjamin, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Clutch) and I just met with my A&R guy at our label, Warner Bros. All of us are gonna be off in Sept after family values and we will record our record them. The great thing is I’ll be out there with Troy and Will and we can continue writing with them for the new record. It’s been a hard year for us as being out of the scene soo long. But I promise all of you we will make a slamming record and it should be out in March of next year. It’s a great opprtunity for Troy, will and myself to be out there playing and taking care of our familys. Music is all we know and sitting home until Sept would be hard. Brett is busy producing and Coreys writing songs and producing alot of bands. We have to survive and to I was really sad but excited to have to be the only one leaving to tour with Korn but now it’s gonna be better cuz we can be on the rode together and write and Brett and Corey will be writing so we can keep trying to top what I already feel is a strong record. Ya’ll been so patient and supportive but we will make this record. I’m just glad we’ll all be off at the same time. WE LOVE YOU and we’ll post songs that we’ve demoed to give you new music. “Fist from the Sky” was just a demo we did. We’ll try to put at least 5 on there over the next few weeks.”

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Watch Mastodon Perform 'Sleeping Giant' At MTV

Video footage of MASTODON performing the song "Sleeping Giant" on MTV's "24 Hours of Human Giant" has been posted at MTV.com. MASTODON played the track live at noon on Friday (May 18) at MTV's Times Square studios in New York City. The performance, which kicked off a special 24-hour stunt on MTV hosted by the two comedians from their show "Human Giant", was reportedly shown live on large screens in Times Square.

A 23-minute video interview with MASTODON, conducted recently by David Farrier of New Zealand's of TV3, has been posted online at this location.

MASTODON and AGAINST ME! kicked off their tour on May 1 at Los Angeles' Wiltern LG. Each night on the trek, there will be a raffle to give away an Epiphone guitar signed by both bands at the end of the show. Just fill out the raffle form that will be in the merch area of the venue — make sure to fill it out completely — and the winner will be announced immediately after MASTODON's set. Must be present to win.

MASTODON is touring behind its critically acclaimed current album "Blood Mountain", which includes the No. 1 metal and Grammy-nominated single "Colony of Birchmen". The band was recently tapped as a "Discover & Download" artist on MTV.

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Outworld Post 'War Cry' Video Online

Houston, Texas-based metallers OUTWORLD have posted their video for the song 'War Cry' at this location.

Outworld, whose debut CD was released last fall on Replica Records, is currently writing for the follow-up CD. The band is scheduled to do their first performance since being joined by frontman, Carlos Zema at Texas Madfest on July 13th.

Outworld's lineup includes guitarist Rusty Cooley, who is known for his various intensive guitar instruction on DVD/CD-ROM and his signature Dean Guitar unveiled earlier this year. You can hear clips on their MySpace page.

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Helix Add More Canadian Dates To Upcoming Tour

Canuck rock legends HELIX have added a number of new live dates (here *) to their upcoming tour schedule. Dates are as follows:

24 - Brandon, MB - Trails West Inn
25 - Winnipeg, MB - Silverados
26 - Creighton, SK - Creighton Sportex

7 - Calgary, Alberta - Silver Dollar Casino *
8/9 - Grande Cache, AB - Grande Cache Hotel
12 - Fort St. John, B.C. - The North Peace Cultural Centre *
13 - Strathmore, AB - The Old Mill *
14 - Lethbridge, AB - Average Joe's Sports Bar *
15/16 - Edmonton, AB - Edmonton Casino
22 - Hanover, ON - The Forum Sports Bar & Grill
23 - Lucknow, ON - Lucknow Arena (with KIM MITCHELL)

12 - Bracebridge, ON - The Concrete Monkey *
13 - Ottawa, ON - Greenfield's Pub *
21 - Vancouver, B.C. - Langley Casino *

25 - Sudbury, ON - Summerfest *

9 - Whitby, ON - Johnny B's * More...

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Blood Duster Post New Album Samples Online

Australian act BLOOD DUSTER — which is described as blending lethal grindcore with traditional '70s-style Southern rock and rockabilly rhythms spiced up with a large dose of grossed-out humor — released its new album, "Lyden Na", on April 28 via Goat Sounds. According to a press release from Shock Records, the album title, when translated from Norwegian, means "The Now Sound" — a name which is supposed to pay "homage to the great Norwegian 'black metal' bands from past and present."

In late 2006 the group started recording what is to be a three-CD set — two discs to be sold in one package, with the third to be downloaded from the band's website. The download comes with exclusive demos from the album and a special fan video only available via a password on the band's "Hippie Kill Team" members' site. More...

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