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Metal News for May 20, 2003

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Daily Interviews

Tartarean Desire has a few new interviews with:

  • Swedish heavy / power metal band Steel Attack
  • Swiss black metal band Ipsum
  • Spanish power metal band Red Wine

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Daily Reviews

Tartarean Desire has a bunch of new reviews this week:

  • Ajattara - Kuolema (black metal, 2003)
  • Arise - Kings Of The Cloned Generation (death / thrash metal, 2003)
  • At The Gates - Terminal Spirit Disease (melodic death metal, 1994)
  • Babylon Mystery Orchestra - Divine Right Of Kings (hardrock / metal, 2002)
  • Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (doom metal, 1986)
  • Carpathian Forest - We're Going To Hell For This (black metal, 2002)
  • C.A.S.H. - Blame It On Love (hardrock, 1998)
  • Crest Of Darkness - Project Regeneration (black metal, 2001)
  • The Defaced - Karma In Black (death / thrash metal, 2003)
  • Dying Fetus - Stop At Nothing (death metal, 2003)
  • Freedom Call - Crystal Empire (power metal, 2001)
  • Freund Hein - Subversive Revolution (metal, 2001)
  • Hand Of Doom - Dreams Of Resurrection (death metal, 2001)
  • Ipsum - Mystic Evilution (black metal, 2003)
  • Lost Soul - Ubermensch (Death Of God) (death metal, 2003)
  • Lucifugum - On Hooks To Pieces! (black metal, 2003)
  • Mactätus - Provenance Of Cruelty (black metal, 1999)
  • Merendine Atomiche - Walk Across Fire (hardrock / thrash metal, 2003)
  • Nasum - Helvete (grindcore, 2003)
  • Norther - Mirror Of Madness (melodic death metal, 2003)
  • The Prophecy - Ashes (doom metal, 2003)
  • Rampage - The Arrival (heavy metal, 2002)

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Today is the Day for Red Aim

Today is the day the almighty Red Aim start recording the follow-up to their critically acclaimed Metal Blade debut “Flesh For Fantasy”. Once again the recordings take place in the world-famous Woodhouse Studios (Samael, Tiamat, The Gathering, Moonspell, Red Aim, ect...).
The album will be a bit more serious and diverse than its predecessor.

The band quotes the development in the musical direction as follows: "We can hardly believe it ourselves, but it happened that the material of our upcoming record sounds quite serious and sophisticated - and at the same time far more heavy and rocking than on "Flash for Fantasy". There are more traditional rock, stoner & metal vibes this time as well as some really dramatic and epic big melodies. On some songs we´ll even work with a children choir. Be forewarned!"

An album title is not set yet – we are looking forward to a release in late fall 2003!

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Acheron begin work on new album

Work on the new Acheron album, Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood has begun. The drum tracks have been completed and the rest of the album will be recorded on June 6th, 2003. The band has decided to get rid of all keyboards on the new album. Crowley states "We are going to evolve, while staying true to our roots. We have always had problems dealing with keyboardists in the past , so we said "Fuck it" and took them out of the mix. We are now a three piece unit. This album will be very guitar driven." The band will be releasing this album in Europe on Black Lotus Records.

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Veneficum Complete Recording Session

Veneficum's new album will be entitled Enigma Prognosis. The recording is finished and is being mixed as you read this. Mastering Duties will be handled by Finnvox Studios and the artwork will be done by Niklas Sundin.

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Grimfist to Release Debut in September

The debut album of Norway's Grimfist, titled "Ghouls Of Grandeur" is finished and will be release through Candlelight Records on September 22nd. The album was recorded in Abyss Studios in Sweden, March 2003, and was mixed by Peter Tägtgren.

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Throneaeon Cancel Tour due to SARS

The SARS virus is responsible for the Throneaeon cancellation of the tour. Here's the update "I'm sorry folks, but we have to cancel all the shows on the tour because of this fucking disease... It's a high risk of infection and I don't want anyone of you that hasn't had it to get it. Our drummer might be next up to get it so that's why we cant make the last days either. We are restricted to do it! I'm very disappointed at this because I really longed for it and I have worked for it so much. I'm pissed off, that's all I can say! But I promise that I'll do my fucking best to make it up to you, the band and myself. We'll be back!"

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Thy Primordial to Release CD by End of the year

Swedish black metallers Thy Primordial will release new album at the end of the year through Blackend Records. The current title for the disc is Pestilence Upon Mankind. They will be entering the Abyss studio next month with producer Tommy Tägtgren.

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Purify Sweden Released

Metal Fortress Entertainment has finaly released 7" picture vinyl "Purify Sweden". It's limited to only 300 copies so be quick or be dead!

This "seven" includes tracks Purify Sweden and Mercyful Fate cover, Come To The Sabbath.

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Skinless Release Party June 13th

Skinless will celebrate the release of their forthcoming CD, From Sacrifice To Survival (out June 17th through Relapse) in Albany, NY with a show and DVD screening Friday, June 13th at Saratoga Winners.

Other confirmed Skinless dates include: More...

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Moonfog Inks Disiplin to a Deal

Moonfog has added Oslo-based Disiplin to their roster. The three-piece features former Myrkskog guitarist Savant M. The band will be recording their self-titled debut album for Moonfog in August.

“Our music is based on old school black metal with inspiration from thrash and death metal,” explains Savant M.

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Incantation Headlines Central Illinois Metalfest

The Central Illinois Metalfest 2003 takes place on August 16th at the Canopy Club in Urbana, IL. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. Doors open at noon at the bands start at 12:30 pm sharp.

For more info go to: http://www.xwarp.net/fest/fest.html or email at: lividitymb1@hotmail.com.

Act performing at the festival include (in order of performance): More...

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Houwitser to Issue Damage Assessment in Oct

Dutch death metallers Houwitser have completed work on their new album, "Damage Assessment", at Excess Studios in Rotterdam, Holland for an October release through Osmose Productions. According to bassist Theo van Eekelen, the fans can expect "one fuck-all blistering death metal masterpiece."

The complete track listing for "Damage Assessment" is as follows: More...

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Dark Angel Postpone Tour Due to Injury

Reunited Los Angeles thrashers Dark Angel announced Monday (May 19) that they have been forced to postpone their "Darkness Returns" summer tour plans due to an unfortunate injury to their lead singer, Ron Rinehart. Rinehart reportedly sustained critical damage to the cervical region of his spine and several herniated disks in his neck recently, resulting in severe pain, numbness, and mild paralysis (loss of control over voluntary movement and muscles of the body). Among his more serious symptoms are loss of sensation and reflex function, which, if left untreated, may lead to loss of autonomic nervous activity such as breathing and swallowing. The singer is currently undergoing treatment including aggressive Trigger Point Injections (TPI) to alleviate myofascial pain syndrome (chronic pain involving tissue that surrounds muscle) and Epidural Steroid Injections (ESI) to reduce inflammation by inhibiting the production of substances that cause the inflammation. More...

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Opeth to Perform on Sweden's Channel 4

Opeth will perform two tracks from their latest CD, "Damnation", during a morning-show appearance on Sweden's Channel 4 (TV4) on Wednesday, May 28.

Opeth are currently finishing up a month-long U.S. tour with Lacuna Coil. They are scheduled to appear at The Quest in Minneapolis, Minnesota Tuesday night (May 20).

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DiGiorgio Issues Suicide Shift Update

Former Death/Control Denied and current Testament/Sadus bassist Steve DiGiorgio has released an update via his official discussion forum on the status of the much-anticipated Suicide Shift project (featuring DiGiorgio, Sadus guitarist Darren Travis, and Testament frontman Chuck Billy).

"What will [Suicide Shift] sound like? Like Chuck singing on me and Darren's songs!" DiGiorgio joked. "No really, I mean it's definitely aggressive, it's definitely fist-in-the-face metal. We're trying different things in the project that are aside of Sadus and Testament. But by the nature of those bands, it's gonna have recognizable elements to either or both. More...

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Morbid Angel Possibly working with Tucker

Morbid Angel are strongly rumored to have reunited with bassist/vocalist Steve Tucker and are believed to have been holed up at D.O.W. studios in Seffner, Florida since last Friday (May 16) recording their new CD for a September release through Earache Records. The follow-up to 2000's "Gateways To Annihilation", known affectionately by the group's fans as the "H' album (considering the band's penchant for naming albums beginning with a progressive letter of the alphabet), will be Tucker's third with the group, who were recently rumored (but never confirmed) to be in talks with previous vocalist David Vincent about returning to the fold.

Tucker originally left the band in early April 2001 due to "personal and family problems" and was temporarily replaced by Hate Eternal bassist/vocalist Jared Anderson. Steve eventually announced plans to reform his early death metal band Ceremony with Disastronaut guitarist Greg Reed and former Emperor drummer Trym, but those plans never fully materialized for reasons that are not entirely clear at this time.

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Flowing Tears Find New Vocalist

German goth metallers Flowing Tears have announced the addition of vocalist Helen Vogt to the group's ranks. Vogt joins Flowing Tears as a replacement for Stefanie Duchêne, who left the group early this year due to personal reasons.

According to an official press release, "it took a while and some auditions before the 21-year-old beauty stepped into the rehearsal room and blew everybody away with a deep yet charming voice. Beside of her technical skills, Helen fits in the band 100% and will bring newfound power to the Goth-Rockers from Saarbruecken. Flowing Tears have already performed a small show in early May with Helen and even the die-hard fans were impressed."

Here is an official statement from the band: More...

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Maudlin of the Well Part with Dark Symphonies

Boston-based avant-garde metallers Maudlin of the Well have officially parted ways with label Dark Symphonies, and announced they'll no longer compose music within the heavy metal spectrum.

"Maudlin of the Well and Dark Symphonies have officially parted ways," explains a Dark Symphonies press release to DigitalMetal. "Having released three highly acclaimed CD's under the Dark Symphonies banner, including their 1999 debut My Fruit Psychobell...a seed combustible, Maudlin of the Well will not be releasing their new CD with Dark Symphonies."

"After much discussion over the past couple of months, the band has reached the conclusion that the time is right to pursue a different direction in the music industry, and that new direction is with a label that doesn't promote their releases in the progressive, extreme metal market. Even though the band was under contractual obligations to release their next two releases with Dark Symphonies, both parties felt that it was in the best interest to go our separate ways." More...

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