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Metal News for May 19, 2014

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Metsatöll Talks New Folk Metal Album

The Estonian band Metsatöll has another folk metal offensive on the horizon, as new full-length "Karjajuht" is about to drop via Spinefarm Records on May 27th.

Metsatöll's Lauri Õunapuu ("Varulven") was gracious enough to answer all of Metalunderground.com's burning questions about the battles, beer making, and ten-armed monsters that make up "Karjajuht." Read our full interview with Lauri below and discover the logistics of combining traditional folk instruments with electric guitars on stage, the mythology behind the "Külmking" music video, the distinctive look of each album cover, and much more! More...

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Devourment Announces Lineup Changes

Devourment has announced a major lineup change that sees the band regressing to the sewage from which it was originally conceived.

After nearly 10 and 20 years, respectively, Eric Park and Mike Majewski have decided to leave the group to pursue other things. Their absence has ushered in the return of two of Devourment's most hailed players. Devourment co-founder Brad Fincher has reclaimed the drum throne, and Ruben Rosas has come back, sans guitar, to once again provide guttural filth on the mic. Rosas made his unique style of vocal assault infamous on the band's legen - wait for it - dary 1999 debut LP "Molesting the Decapitated."

In addition to that personnel shift, incumbent bassist Chris Andrews has taken over the role of guitar, where he will be debuting his crushing style worthy of the Devourment lineage. The band commented on the reformation:

"Devourment mines it's origins while marching toward a darker, ever more brutal future. Two eras ofthe Devourment legacy shift and combine in a completely new and deadly line-up. This hybrid monster is set to elevate the signature sound they created and deliver the definitive next level of hyper-brutal death metal. Nothing can prepare you for the Pure Apocalyptic Embludgeonment that is coming. Nothing." More...

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Tim Lambesis Opens Up In Interview

Leading up to his sentencing, Tim Lambesis gave a lengthy, in-depth interview to Alternative Press, covering a range of topics from his state of mind, marital problems, steriods, the solicitation to commit murder charges, prison, the future and more. The interview spans 6 pages (don't be fooled by the initial 3 linked from the first page). Here's a bit about how the actual plot got started:

This guy at my gym, my workout partner, I just expressed to him how sad I was. I asked the guy I had been buying steroids from, the steroid dealer, if we could meet. I’m talking to him in the parking lot one afternoon and I go, “Hey, how’s it going?” He goes, “Pretty good, unless you maybe need me to kill somebody for you.” Like that, right off the bat.

I’m kind of like, “Whoa, what are you talking about?” He goes, “Well I’ve heard you’ve been pretty frustrated with your wife…” He just kind of had—I mean, he’s a steroid dealer. He has a sketchy background, you know what I mean? So I’m thinking, “Geez, where’s this guy going with this?” He starts asking me these seemingly rhetorical questions. “Have you tried working things out with your lawyer?” I said yeah, but it was going to be a couple of months before I saw the judge. “Have you tried taking them to a social worker? Like a counselor?” I said yes and the social worker had met with the kids.

He goes, “Well, you know your other option is I can hook you up with somebody that could do this.” And he goes, “Can you think of a better option?” He’s asking it like it’s a rhetorical question. I remember thinking at the time, “This doesn’t feel right. This doesn’t feel like my best option.” But my thinking at that time… As much as I wished there was a better option, this is my best option. Obviously, right now, I can think of a dozen things and I understand the legal system much better. Legally speaking, there are emergency type things where you can get a judge to see you earlier, which I didn’t know. There are dozens of things I can think of now. But I just started to develop this mindset of, “Alright… I guess this seems like the path I’m going to have to go down.”

There was also this little bit, which our readers might know a little something about...

There was an April Fool’s story online that you were already serving a nine-year sentence. And you had escaped from jail, Shawshank Redemption -style.

I know. One of my friends hit me up because he thought it was real. The judge has three options to choose from: three years, six years or nine. The way the credits work in California, you serve 50 percent of that time. So it’s actually one and a half years, three years or four and-a-half years.

Read the full article at Alternative Press.

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Judas Priest Streaming "March Of The Damned"

Legendary metal act Judas Priest posted is now streaming the entire new track "March of the Damned" in the player below.

The track is accompanied by an introduction by guitarist Glenn Tipton and the song will appear on the upcoming new release "Redeemer of Souls," which drops July 14th (EU) through Columbia Records and July 15th (North America) via Epic Records.

The track listing for "Redeemer of Souls" is:

1. Dragonaut
2. Redeemer of Souls (streaming here)
3. Halls of Valhalla
4. Sword of Damocles
5. March of the Damned
6. Down in Flames
7. Hell & Back
8. Cold Blooded
9. Metalizer
10. Crossfire
11. Secrets of the Dead
12. Battle Cry
13. Beginning of the End

Check out "March of the Damned" here: More...

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Black Anvil Streaming Entire New Album

Black Anvil's full new album "Hail Death" is now available for streaming in its entirety online. Listen in at Pitchfork.com here.

In related Black Anvil developments, the band will bring corrosive compositions to the stage of Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar and perform "Hail Death" in full. Details are as follows:

7/20/2014 Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY *playing Hail Death in its entirety w/ Psalm Zero, Fantom Warior, Yellow Eyes

"Hail Death" will be released via Relapse Records in North America/UK/World on May 27th, 2014 preceded by Germany/Benelux/Finland on May 24th, 2014. The track listing is as follows:

1. Still Reborn
2. Redemption Through Blood
3. Eventide
4. Seven Stars Unseen
5. G.N.O.N.
6. Until the End
7. My Hate Is Pure
8. N
9. Next Level Black
10. Under the Rose (Kiss cover) (bonus) More...

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Gloom Streaming "Entity" Track

The Washington D.C. metal upstart Gloom today reveals another new song off the self-titled debut EP, "Gloom," due out June 24th. The track, "Entity," is now streaming over at Gun Shy Assassin here.

Gloom's debut EP was produced by Marshall Wieczorek, the drummer from Metal Blade headbangers Wretched. The cover art is being handled by Steven Mercado (The Dillinger Escape Plan). The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Entity
3. Iron Tongue
4. Unrequited (streaming here)
5. Erotema
6. Chromosomal

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Alraune Finishes New Album

Alraune has completed work on an upcoming debut album, and Profound Lore Records comments on the band:

"Nashville, Tennessee black metal band Alrlaune has created a small buzz in their short existence through a few released demo tracks that have circulated online over the last year or so along with their recently released two-track cassette on Graceless Recordings.

"The people who would immerse themselves within these handful of tracks got a mere glimpse into the musically progressive dissonant occult black metal chaos that Alraune unleashed, some even proclaiming Alraune to be the next most promising prospect with the American black metal underground.

"With their debut album 'The Process Of Self-Immolation,' it will be evident that Alraune will be recognized as one of the most devastating new black metal bands today. 'The Process Of Self-Immolation' shall easily solidify such a claim upon immersion, an album which unleashes a striking display of visceral, twisted, and hateful portrayal of time-stretching black metal.

"The compositions within are complex and overwhelming yet maintain that tangibility through the band’s sense of real songwriting through this sonically melancholic and harsh soundscape."

To be released on CD/digital formats on June 24th through Profound Lore and on vinyl shortly after in July via Gilead Media, the track listing for “The Process Of Self-Immolation” goes as follows:

1. Prelude
2. Exordium
3. Simulacra
4. Kissed By The Red
5. The Process Of Self-Immolation

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Season Of Mist's Folk Compilation Streaming

The forthcoming "One And All, Together, For Home" compilation - featuring a group of European metal bands paying homage their distinct, unique heritages - is streaming below via AllMusic.com.

"One And All, Together, For Home" was assembled by Drudkh main-man Roman Sayenko. Each band employs its own means to find and present cultural roots to the world via song. The eight appearing artists contribute a total of 17 tracks in the form of traditional song interpretations, cover versions of folk artists, or the use of themes and melodies from their musical heritages in original compositions. The track listing is:

1. PRIMORDIAL (Ireland) - "Dark horse on the wind"
2. DRUDKH (Ukraine) - "Forgotten Lullaby"
3. HAIVE (Finland) - "Ei Kuule Emo Minua" *
4. KAMPFAR (Norway) - "En Hymne Til Urd"
5. WINTERFYLLETH (England) - "Abbots Brommley Horn Dance"
6. WINTERFYLLETH (England) - "John Barleycorn"
7. MONDOVOLLAND (Netherlands) - "Montferland I" (with Folkcorn)
8. MONDOVOLLAND (Netherlands) - "Montferland II"
9. HIMINBJORG (France) - "Esprit De Brave"

CD 2

1. WINTERFYLLETH - (England) - The Three Ravens
2. KAMPFAR (Norway) - Bannsull
3. DRUDKH (Ukraine) - Dovbush
4. MONDOVOLLAND (Netherlands) - Montferland III
5. AVA INFERI (Portugal) - Ao Teu Lado
6. HAIVE (Finland) - Ukon On Tulinen Turkki
7. HAIVE (Finland) - Onpa Tietty Tietyssäni
8. PRIMORDIAL (Ireland) - The Foggy Dew More...

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Arkan Streaming Full New Album

French Oriental metal band Arkan is now streaming the forthcoming new album "Sofia" in full. Listen in below, thanks to Revolvermag.com.

"Sofia" will be released on Digipak CD this coming May 23rd, 2014. The album is available for pre-order at the Season of Mist e-shop and the track listing is as follows:

1. Hayati
2. My Reverence
3. March of Sorrow
4. Leaving Us
5. Soiled Dreams
6. Deafening Silence
7. Endless Way
8. Wingless Angels
9. Beauty Asleep
10. Scar of Sadness
11. Cold Night's Dream
12. Dark Epilogue More...

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Mos Generator Posts New Music Video

Washington state hard rock outfit Mos Genrator released new LP "Electric Mountain Majesty" on April 15th via Listenable Records. Recorded at HeavyHead Recording Company by guitarist / vocalist Tony Reed, "Electric Mountain Majesty" is the follow-up to Mos Generator's 2012 release "Nomads."

Today the band releases a music video for the "Electric Mountain Majesty" title track, which is available below courtesy of GuitarWorld.com.

You can also stream the full album online over here, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Beyond the Whip
2. Nothing Left but Night
3. Enter the Fire
4. Spectres
5. Neon Nightmare
6. Breaker
7. Early Mourning
8. Electric Mountain Majesty
9. Black Magic Mirror
10. Heavy Ritual More...

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Cold Colours Streaming EP Online

Minnesota outfit Cold Colours has released the "MMXIV" EP, which can be heard below or downloaded at Bandcamp here.

The EP was recorded and mixed at 14:59 Studios in Minneapolis, MN and features cover artwork by Georgi at Moonring Design. The track listing is as follows:

1. Heathen 06:41
2. From This Pain 06:19
3. Terminal Winter 05:39 More...

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Tethra Posts "Sense Of The Night" Video

Italian death/doom outfit Tethra has released a new music video for "Sense of the Night," which can be seen below and comes off the band's "Drown into the Sea of Life" album. The full track listing is:

1. Intro
2. Sense of the Night
3. Drifting Islands
4. Vortex of Void
5. Drown into the Sea of Life
6. The Underworld
7. Ocean of Dark Creations
8. Ode to a Hanged Man
9. End of the River

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Deathstars Posts Behind The Scenes Video

On June 13th, 2014 the Swedish industrial rockers in Deathstars will release their upcoming album "The Perfect Cult" via Nuclear Blast.

The band recently shot a video for first single "All The Devil’s Toys," which was produced by Staca Stanimir Lukic from ICODE Team, Serbia. You can see the video here, or check out the making-of documentary below. The track listing for "The Perfect Cult" is:

1. Explode
2. Fire Galore
3. All The Devil’s Toys
4. Ghost Reviver
5. The Perfect Cult
6. Asphalt Wings
7. Bodies
8. Temple Of The Insects
9. Track, Crush & Prevail
10. Noise Cuts More...

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Deathkings Re-Issuing "Destroyer" On Vinyl

Midnite Collective has announced the re-release of Deathkings' 2011 debut album, "Destroyer," which will be available June 24th on vinyl. The track listing is as follows:

1. Halo Of The Sun
2. Martyrs (vol. I)
3. Martyrs (vol. II)
4. Destroyer

The 180-gram black LP will be limited to 250 copies, and pre-orders are available over at this location. Midnite Collective also comments:

"Born of growling bass, thundering drums and enough melancholia to fill the pits of hell, Deathkings are here to satiate the collective need for dissonant, progressive, stomach-rumbling doom. More...

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Tombs Streaming "Spiral" Track

Brooklyn, New York outfit Tombs is set to release new album "Savage Gold" on June 10th (North America), June 9th (UK/World), and June 6th (Germany/Benelux/Finland).

Today we launched a new interview with the band about the upcoming album, and now Tombs has also released another track from "Savage Gold." Check out "Spiral" below, courtesy of Stereogum.com. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Thanatos
2. Portraits
3. Seance
4. Echoes
5. Deathtripper (streaming here)
6. Edge of Darkness (available here)
7. Ashes
8. Legacy
9. Severed Lives
10. Spiral More...

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Every Time I Die Announces New Album

The hardcore heroes in Every Time I Die will release a new album titled "From Parts Unknown" on July 1st via Epitaph Records.

"Thirst" is the first cut off the album and the newly released video is the first half of a short series. Check it out below, courtesy of Noisey.Vice.com. "From Parts Unknown" is also available for pre-order right here.

Vocalist Keith Buckley comments: "Instead of making something that the kids can all sing along to, we wanted to make music that scares them." Every Time I Die brought out the big guns and spent a month recording with producer and Converge co-founder Kurt Ballou at his GodCity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts. “Working with Kurt was stressful in the best way, like when your dad comes to watch you play baseball for the first time and you just want to make him proud,” says Buckley.

The album’s title was initially inspired by a term used by wrestlers to increase their mystique, but "From Parts Unknown" ultimately references the more hopeful mood that crept into its lyrics during songwriting. "I didn’t even realize I had that more positive outlook in me,” notes Buckley. The track listing is as follows: More...

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All Dogmas We Hate Posts New Video

French metal outfit All Dogmas We Hate released brand new full-length album "Human Wrath" on April 29th through M & O Music (CD & digital formats).

Now All Dogmas We Hate unveils an official music video for the title track off the album, directed by Drk Pixs Productions and available for viewing below. You can also hear the song "Crushed To Dust" over at this location.

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Wretched Posts New Album Making-Of Footage

Check in with Wretched at the studio as guitarist Joel Moore talks you through the process of recording forthcoming album "Cannibal" via the player below.

Moore describes Cannibal as the “most badass album Wretched has ever created,” going on to say, “These are some of the most technically challenging songs that we’ve ever written. If something wasn’t sounding right, we scrapped it and started over.”

You can also check out the previously posted new song "Morsel" by heading over to this location. "Cannibal" is set for release on June 10th.

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Vanhelgd Streaming Full New Album

Swedish death horde Vanhelgd makes its 20 Buck Spin debut next week with the release of triumphant third LP, "Relics Of Sulphur Salvation," which is hitting the streets of North America on Tuesday, May 27th.

Invisible Oranges is now hosting a stream of the eight intense passages from "Relics Of Sulphur Salvation." Listen in through the player below.

North American orders for the CD version of "Relics Of Sulphur Salvation" can be placed at 20 Buck Spin right here and internationally via Pulverised Records.

Stay tuned as Vanhelgd announces live performances in support of "Relics Of Sulphur Salvation" and more in the coming weeks. More...

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Ace Frehley Unveils New Album Artwork

Founding KISS guitarist and 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Ace Frehley has tapped long time friend and artist Ken Kelly to create the album cover for his upcoming LP "Space Invader," which is due out this Summer. Check out the cover artwork below.

Ace Frehly will release "Space Invader," his first new solo album in five years, via Entertainment One Music (eOne Music) on July 8th, 2014. The album will include at least nine brand new original songs as well as a cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker.” More...

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Murder Made God Signs New Record Deal

Murder Made God has issued the following statement about inking a new record deal:

"We are more than happy to announce that we are officially signed to the mighty Comatose Music. We feel proud to be part of such a great roster and have the chance to release our music under this label. Expect a new album of non stop brutality in 2015 as we working on new material."

Comatose Music adds: "Murder Made God from Greece is the latest roster addition at Comatose Music. They are currently working on new material at a fever pitch for the follow up to their 2013 debut release 'Irreverence.'

"Their new music promises to be a technical whirlwind of raging brutality and set to be unleashed in 2015. Murder Made God is heavily influenced by bands like Decapitated, Origin and Dying Fetus. They have recently concluded a UK tour with Hour of Penance and are now fully focused on the writing of their new album." More...

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Tombs Ascends "Savage Gold"

Even though founding member, Mike Hill isn't sweating it, his group, Tombs has a lot to live up to since the release of "Path of Totality" three years ago. Said album was at the top of many journalists' lists including Decibel and Pitchfork. Hill doesn't give much relevance to publication awards and online promotions such as The A.V. Club's premiere of "Deathtripper." He would much rather talk about the events that led him to penning this song or working with famed producer/musician Erik Rutan's production.

Living up to a certain standard can increase the pressure on a group looking to step into a different direction, but "Savage Gold" is a return to the blackened experimentation that characterized the first two albums, although with more maturity. To say this album is better is a subjective claim, but its one more album under the proverbial belt, so it only makes sense that journalists would expect progression. Before "Savage Gold" drops on June 10th, I was able to get Mike Hill's insight on these ideas and much more in the following email conversation. More...

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Unherz Announces New Album

The German metal/hard rock quartet Unherz is going to release a new album next month - the band's fourth - which will be entitled "Sturm & Drang."

It was produced, mixed, and mastered by Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner at the Kohlekeller Studio, while Ralf Remus is responsible for the cover artwork.

You can already enjoy a brand new song off the upcoming album. The video clip was directed by Nicolas Keller and features footage from the album recordings. Check out "Der Für Dich" below. "Sturm & Drang" is set to be released on June 27th, 2014 via Massacre Records.

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Dark Hound Debuts "Vyvian" Music Video

Nashville, TN-based progressive metal band Dark Hound is gearing up for the release of their debut album by releasing a music video from the forthcoming album.

Shot by Montgomery Brown, the video focuses on the roots of the band, featuring the foursome thrashing and headbanging in a basement rehearsal space. Dark Hound features guitarist Evan Hensley of Greek mainstays Nightfall, drummer Josh Brown (formerly of Enfold Darkness), bassist ET Brown, and guitarist Elliot Gordon.

The band was also previously featured performing "Life Is Killing Me" on Metal Underground's tribute album for the memory of Type O Negative's Peter Steele: "All For None, None For All."

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GWAR To Perform At GWAR-B-Q

Despite the passing of Oderus Urungus, GWAR lives on!

From the depths of the GWAR temple, beneath the frozen wasteland of Antarctica, mutant penguins swim towards America with news of GWAR's triumphant return to the stage as the headliner at this year's GWAR B-Q.

The 5th annual gathering of meat, metal and mayhem will take place on Saturday, August 16th at Hadad's Lake in Richmond, VA. Scientists work around the clock to translate the high-pitched chatter of the mutant penguin hoard as they approach landfall.

Conflicting reports indicate that GWAR's performance will be lead by none other than original recipe Beefcake the Mighty aka Mike Bishop or quite possibly it was misinterpreted as the Colonel's original chicken recipe. Who knows? Be there to find out for yourself as this historic metal event unfolds. More...

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Patronymicon Signs To Osmose

Swedish black metal outfit Patronymicon has issued the following announcement about inking a new record deal:

"We are very pleased to announce that we have signed a deal with Osmose Production for future releases. This is a true underground label with a lot of history and releases that has earned our respect.

"We also want to point out that this decision was not made because of some bad blood with Carnal Records, We are very satisfied with their work! This was just the natural course to take.

"May the poison simmer in the wells of purity!" More...

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Throes Of Dawn Recording New Album

Finland’s dark metal outfit Throes of Dawn has started work on a sixth, as-yet-untitled album. The band already spent one weekend in D-Studio at Klaukkala recording drums and synths. After a summer break the recordings will continue later this year. The band comments:

"Time to breach the long silence and see what's happening in the TOD land: We are soon entering studio to record the drums and some miscellaneous instruments for the upcoming sixth album.

"The recordings will take place early May in D-Studio at Klaukkala, Finland. We have carefully selected and refined seven songs which might potentially appear on the upcoming album. We have put quite a lot of effort on these songs; a lot of hours spent at the rehearsal place playing and drinking beer and thinking about the compositions and structures.

"I might even dare to say that we have never put so much effort and thought on these things before. I would also like to mention that the band is in a state which you can only achieve with years of dedication and hard work. The spirit and the motivation shown by everybody has made working with this album a really pleasant journey. More...

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Bleed The Dream Reunites

After experiencing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, including an 8 year hiatus, Bleed The Dream has reunited with all original members: Brandon Thomas, Keith Thompson and Dave Aguilera.

Late drummer Scott Gottlieb, who passed away from cancer on April 10th, 2005, will be there in spirit and is the main motivation of the reunion. The remaining band members had this to say:

“We have a really special surprise for fans. We are going to record a new album in tribute to Scott and have a special replacement planned to take his seat. We tried our best to find someone who played similar to Scott, as well as someone that’s playing was what Scott would have enjoyed.

“It’s been 9 years since we have all walked into a recording studio together to work on a new record. This album will be the darkest, most passionate, and heaviest to date, with a fall release and tours to follow.”

In honor of Scott, Bleed The Dream will donate a percentage of the profits from the new album to cancer research and to family members with loved ones currently fighting cancer. You can keep in touch with the band, check for tour dates, and record release info at Facebook here.

Bleed The Dream formed in 2003 and released two EPs and a DVD on its own label, Maphia Records, then signed to Warcon Records in 2005 and played Warped Tour 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007, as well as “Taste of Chaos 2005 Tour."

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Killswitch Engage To Headline Dirt Fest

Killswitch Engage will return to Michigan to headline Dirt Fest 2014. Coming off of a Rock On The Range appearance and a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Performance for “In Due Time” from latest Roadrunner Records release "Disarm the Descent," Killswitch closes the band's 2013-2014 World Tour at Dirt Fest 2014.

The 2014 Dirt Fest lineup includes: Killswitch Engage, Sid Wilson of Slipknot, Powerman 5000, Hed Pe, Nonpoint, Chimaira, Battlecross, Gemini Syndrome, Tantric, Smile Empty Soul, Local H, Redlight King, Like A Storm, Nothing More, Eyes Set To Kill, Gift Giver, Blue Felix, Psychostick, and a special mystery co-headliner to be announced on July 19th.

The town of Birch Run, MI will once again get turned on its head at Dirt Fest 2014 on Saturday, August 9th. The festival celebrates its 16th year and is hosted by Matt and Andy Dalton of Dalton Brothers Entertainment, along with Banana 101.5 FM. More...

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Yob Posts "Clearing The Path To Ascend" Teaser

The Oregon doom metal conjurors and recent Neurot signees in Yob are pleased to unveil the first taste of their forthcoming new long player.

Titled "Clearing The Path To Ascend," the trio's latest audio exploration was recorded at Gung Ho Studio in Eugene alongside longtime collaborator Billy Barnett, who mastered Yob's "Atma," "The Great Cessation," "The Unreal Never Lived" and "The Illusion Of Motion." Mastering was handled by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Beastmilk, Nails) at Audiosiege Engineering.

Comments founding vocalist/guitarist Mike Scheidt, "Writing this album felt like being plugged into a main. Emotionally, it's our heaviest. But it also has some real beauty and light. We dug the deepest we ever have to get to the heart of these tunes."

"Clearing The Path To Ascend" will be released via Neurot Recordings this Fall. Further details are to be disclosed in the coming weeks. More...

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Flayed Disciple Releases New Music Video

The U.K. death thrash merchants in Flayed Disciple today release a new official video for "The Gates Of Bedlam," which can be seen below. The video was recorded at Collective Studios by Jody Cusack of Zero Cut Media.

"The Gates Of Bedlam" is taken from the band's three track self-titled vinyl EP due for release in early June via Bethlam Records as a 12” coloured vinyl. The track is lyrically set in London's Bethlam Hospital and discusses the atrocities committed there by the rich and upper class of society against those deemed unfit for real life.

Guitarist Jon Whitfield commented: “This video was loads of fun to do, it's straight up and simple, fast and dark which is what we wanted. It's difficult to do a video without coming across as bent and pretentious, but I think we've done well here. The lyrics for this track are really clever and for me it was the obvious choice to do a vid for.” More...

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Vile Regression Reveals Album Artwork

Having recently announced details for forthcoming new record "Empires," the Irish extreme metallers have today revealed the album's artwork, created by Bartek Siegieda (aka Splin) from Poland. The band comments:

"Bartek really took time to understand our record and really brought an interesting concept to graphically represent it. The record is very much about not being a slave to the fragility of prevailing systems and being free to be your own person.

"Splin envisioned a similar fragile ecoystem, a society and empire of clay golems. Born from clay they are desiccating and crumbling. The servant golems have no access to water for themselves, so in place of broken elbows / knees / necks they have rags and wires barely keeping them together. Without water their mouths dry out and their voice of discontent is silenced. The exception is the queen, who is in charge of water.

"She has servants that regularly change wet bandages enveloping her like a mummy, with an elaborate mist system to maintain moisture. Beautiful skin and the ability to speak however doesn't come without a price - she can't move from her protective wet clay, so she remains in the red chamber, distant from the crumbling empire outside. All water is entirely assigned to the production of fresh clay, from which large "pools" of new servants are formed to serve her. In a way, the queen is just as enslaved as her servants and rely on them to keep her alive.

“Bartek realised all of this with an elaborate bandage-changing ceremony depicting a society in decline and the double standards that exist.” More...

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Finntroll Announces Live Album

Until now there has never been an official Finntroll live recording available anywhere. Finally, Tuesday June 17th will witness the uncaging of the live album "Natten Med De Levande Finntroll" ("Night with the living Finntroll"), the exhibit of what a cadre of alcohol-fueled trolls can do when leashed upon a live audience.

This is Finntroll in full flight as witnessed onstage at Amsterdam's Melkweg Concert Hall on September 20th, 2008. The track listing is:

01. Kitteldags
02. Slaget Vid Blodsälv
03. Blodnatt
04. Nedgång
05. Nattfödd
06. Ursvama
07. Eliytres
08. Aldhissla
09. Jaktens Tid
10. Rivfader
11. Korpens Saga
12. Trollhammaren
13. Fiskarens Fiende
14. Svartberg
15. Försvinn Du Som Lyser
16. Midnattens Widunder
17. En Mäktig Här
18. Det Iskalla Trollblodet
19. Segersång More...

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Stone Sour Splits With Guitarist

Stone Sour - which features Slipknot's Corey Taylor - has issued the following announcement about splitting with the band's guitarist:

"As some of you might have heard by now, Stone Sour and Jim Root have indeed parted ways. We were trying to wait until the completion of the new SK album, but in light of recent events, we are going to confirm this information and move on.

"We feel it's best for both bands and hope that is reflected in the days to come. We will give you more information when the time comes."

In related events, Jim Root also missed Stone Sour shows last year to focus on the impending new Slipknot album.

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Triptykon Cancels Maryland Deathfest Appearance

Tom Gabriel Warrior has released the following statement in regards to Triptykon's cancellation of their Maryland Deathfest appearance:

"The greatest surrealist artist of our time, H.R. Giger, died in a tragic accident on Monday, May 12, 2014. In the wake of Giger's death, his closest friends are gathering to comfort his widow, Carmen, and to assist her in organizing Giger's funeral and his memorial service. I am one of those friends."

"We are all still attempting to deal with the shock of this unexpected and extremely painful loss.
For 30 years, H.R. Giger has been my mentor. As I wrote in my eulogy, a few days ago: 'At a time when almost everybody ridiculed, ignored, or even obstructed the music the then almost completely unknown Swiss underground band Hellhammer was creating, Giger listened to us, talked to us, and gave us a chance.' The result was Celtic Frost's To Mega Therion album which, in turn, was the basis for all subsequent collaborations between us."

"In all of his work with Celtic Frost and Triptykon, H.R. Giger was immensely generous, in spite of repeated objections of mine and countless attempts to convince him to accept proper compensation for his amazing contributions."

"I have also been an assistant to H.R. Giger and his wife for seven years. I have long seen them as very close friends, even as family. We have experienced many challenging events together, and we have repeatedly taken care of each other in every conceivable manner." More...

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Thranenkind Posts "Monument" Music Video

Germany's Thranenkind released a new music video fro the track "Monument." The song appears on the Lifeforce Records release and debut album "Elk," which was issued last September.

Check out "Monument" here:

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Demonical Releases "The Order" Music Video

Swedish death metal act Demonical, featuring vocalist Sverker Widgren (Cenitnex) and Martin Schulman (Centinex), released a new music video for the track "The Order." The song appears on the latest album Darkness Unbound, which was released last year via Cyclone Empire (see review here).

The band previously released a video for the song "An Endless Celebration," which can be viewed at this location. Check out "The Order" here:

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