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Metal News for May 19, 2013

Last updated on September 22, 2017 at 8:18 AM ET

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Indiegogo Page Launched By Botswana Videographers

Botswana's premiere metalcore band Wrust recently issued its second album "Intellectual Metamorphosis" and is raring to go to Italy to play at SoloMacello, an independent heavy metal festival in Milan, on the 26th of June. The band recently got an invitation to play at the event via the three filmmakers - Raffa, 31 and Alessio, 27 from Italy and Natalia, 25 from Greece (who are all London-based and in Gaborone, Botswana for the filming of the rockumentary March Of The Gods on the Botswana metal scene.

An indiegogo page has been launched to fund Wrust's travel to play at the festival, which will be headlined by Red Fang. Check out the video from the site below, along with a stream of select tracks from Wrust's new album - which follows up the debut "Soulless Machine."

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Burning Nitrum Posts New Single

Burning Nitrum has released a new single titled "Turned to Ashes (Nothing Stands Still)," which will appear on the band's upcoming 2014 debut full-length album. Check out the song below or find more info on the band via Facebook. Burning Nitrum is:

Davide (Dave) Cillo - Vocals
Ale De Rocco - Solo Guitar
Francesco Vivarelli - Rhythm Guitar
Walter Lanotte - Bass
Dario D'Ambrosio - Drums

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Arity Posts Teaser Trailer

Female-fronted act Arity is set to release debut EP "Physics Fall Apart" this summer. A teaser trailer can be found below, and the band also comments on its history and sound:

"Arity is a progressive metal band formed out of West Covina. The current line-up consists of Nicole Macias, Albert Burrola, Anthony Burrola, Chris Hunter, and Shawn Hernandez. After taking a break for a year or so from the music scene, Arity came together with influences of Protest the Hero, Periphery, Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, etc. For a taste of Arity's progressive metal sound, check out this teaser video!"

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Insaniter Streaming New Song

Greek thrash act Insaniter has posted the song "D, Collector" online, which comes off the band's "Mind of Evil" EP. The track listing is as follows:

1. D, Collector
2. Breathdrop
3. Rotten Dictator
4. Life in Madness
5. Disciple

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WeCreate Posts "Our Own Reality" Video

Zagreb, Croatia outfit WeCreate has released a new music video for the song "Our Own Reality" via Blank TV. Check out the video below.

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Craniotomy Streaming Entire New Album

Slovakian brutal metal horde Craniotomy has posted an entire full album stream of its recent release "Supply of Flesh Came Just in Time," which you can hear below. This eight-song album, Craniotomy's fourth full-length, was recently unleashed via Amputated Vein Records.

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Severe Mutilation Streaming Entire Album

Puerto Rican old school death metal band Severe Mutilation recently issued its second full-length album "Spawn of Hatred" via Khaos Master Productions. The thirty-minute release is streaming in its entirety below. The Bayamon band had its inception in 2008 under the name Bloodspill, changing its name in 2009. "Spawn Of Hatred" was officially released this month at the Quinto Pulguero Metal at the La Respuesta Club in San Juan.

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New Blood Red Throne Track Streaming

Norwegian death metal maestros Blood Red Throne will be issuing their seventh, and self-titled, album on May 25th via Sevared Records. The band has uploaded an advance track, "Primitive Killing Machine," from that upcoming release. Stream that song below. The album marks Blood Red Throne's 15th anniversary as a band.

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Infected Rain Posts "Stop Waiting" Video

Infected Rain has released a new video clip for the "Stop Waiting," which can be viewed below. The video was directed by Igor Levinsky, with visual effects by Anna Constantinova. You can also now pick up the single at iTunes here.

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Intense Releases New Music Video

English power metal act Intense has released a new music video for "Save Me From Myself," which comes off the band's "The Shape of Rage" album. Check out the clip below. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Anubis
2. The Elemental
3. One Man's Word
4. For the Fallen
5. Save Me from Myself
6. Lie
7. Haunted
8. Skull of Sidon II (The Final Stand)
9. The Shape of Rage

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Artizan Posts New Lyric Video

A new lyric video for "I Am The Storm" is available online, which comes off Artizan's new album "Ancestral Energy," released earlier this month via Pure Steel Records. Check out the clip below, or you can also stream the entire album at this location.

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The Brothers Highhorse Splits With Vocalist

Texas act The Brothers Highhorse has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with the band's vocalist:

"Last night was Eric's last show with us, we wish him the best and he is definitely going to be missed. We are now going to take some time off to write a new EP and to find a new front man, so if you or someone you know is interested please send us a message." More...

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Rise With Honour Announces Lineup Change

After splitting with the band's bassist at the beginning of the month, Rise With Honour has now posted the following message online about the return of a former member to fill the slot:

"Right folks we have a little announcement for you all regarding a new Bassist! And we did not expect this either!

"We would like to welcome back past guitarist Valentyn Tkach and he will be pursuing a new role in playing bass for us.

"We appreciate that Val originally left due to personal circumstances but since then this has been resolved!! Please make him feel welcome (again). So that's it, no one else leaving, our line up is now fully sorted and we couldn't be happier, we now look forward to what lies ahead!

"Thanks for your continuing support." More...

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Rabbits Streaming Split Release

Oregon’s Rabbits and Norway’s Årabrot continue to co-pummel audiences across Europe on their ongoing brutal trek, touring in support of their new split 7” release, available now via Tiger (Europe) and Eolian Empire (USA).

To spread the vile news, today Invisible Oranges is streaming the noisemangled split release, right here (you can also check it out below). The following press release was also issued about the split:

"On the raging split release, Norway's ever-morphing Årabrot meets Portland's sludge-punk kings Rabbits, as if twins separated at birth with a psychic connection that spans a continent and ocean, both acts have mired themselves in the most base elements of rock and rebuilt these primitive pieces into music of violent, raw beauty. Årabrot's 'Blood On Bunny' (no dig at their split partners, they swear) is part industrial, part noise-rock, part sludge and all disturbing, while Rabbits's 'Yr In Luck' shifts between swinging, rolling, droning versus to grinding choruses, interspersed and ending with a pummeling dirge; like two fucked-up sides of the same shitty coin. The split will be pressed on mega-heavy 70-gram wax -- a split release with Rabbits' label Eolian Empire and Arabrot's Norwegian label Fysisk Format.

"Blood On Bunny, Fysisk Format confirms, is the first single from the pending self-titled LP from Årabrot, the act’s massive sixth full-length to date. The label will release more info on Årabrot in the coming weeks, while the band takes to the road with Black Cobra and Bison B.C. on a rampage through France, UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria." More...

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Sunday Old School: UFO

Some bands at the beginning of metal have gone on to become icons which in the eyes of fans can do no wrong, regardless of what they release. Others also contributed heavily to the development of metal, but despite being rightly regarded as legends, sometimes escape the attention of many fans. If ever there was a group that deserved more recognition, it would British hard rockers, UFO. UFO was formed in London in 1969 by vocalist Phil Mogg, bassist Pete Way, guitar player Mick Bolton and drummer Andy Parker, initially under the moniker, Hocus Pocus, though they soon changed their name to UFO in honour of a local club where they were discovered by Beacon Records. Their first album, "UFO1," was released one year after they changed their name, in October 1970 and met with varying success, garnering mixed reviews but spawned some hits overseas, most notably the song, "Boogie" (also known as "Boogie for George," which became a hit in Germany, and their cover of the Eddie Cochran classic, "C’mon Everybody," which became a massive success in Japan, where the album was also well received commercially, as was their second release, "UFO2: Flying," which received more positive reviews and featured the near twenty minute epic, "Star Storm."

After the (initially Japan only) release of their first live album, "Live," (later re-titled, "UFO Lands In Tokyo,") the band parted company with Mick Bolton and searched for a more traditional rock guitarist to replace him. They initially hired Larry Wallis, who lasted one European tour before leaving and eventually becoming the first guitarist for Motorhead, before embarking on another tour with Bernie Marsden, who would also leave soon afterwards and go on to become a founding member of Whitesnake. Their search came to an end in the summer of 1973 when they recruited 18 year old German guitarist, Michael Schenker, who was then still a member of the Scorpions. With their new guitarist in tow, the band recorded their third studio album, "Phenomenon," which showcased their harder sound and remains one of their most beloved albums amongst fans today. It featured some of their best known work, such as "Rock Bottom" and the hard rock classic, "Doctor Doctor." The record attracted many new fans in the United States and their native, Britain, both of which were expanded upon after the release of their next album, "Force It" in 1975 and the 1976 record, "No Heavy Petting," which marked their first release as a five piece, following the addition of keyboardist, Danny Peyronel, who was soon replaced by Paul Raymond. More...

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