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Metal News for May 19, 2007

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Everest Announcement Regarding Line-up Changes

Minneapolis, MN metalcore band Everest has issued the following statement regarding their recent lineup situations:

"We're excited to announce the addition of a damn sweet bassist! He's an awesome dude and damn good at bass. Plus he's nearly as sexy as Nate, which is obviously the most important part...? hah

"On a sadder note, come this fall Everest's vocalist and our good friend Evan Nagan will be stepping down to continue his pursuit of higher education! He's been responsible for most of Everest's design work from the beginning and with the graphic design skills he's going to be learning over the coming years, he will no doubt continue designing some fuckin' sweet artwork!

"We'll be on the lookout for a new vocalist over the coming months. Anybody who thinks they can fill Evan's formidable shoes must meet these requirements: More...

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The Concubine, Left To Vanish Tour Dates

The Concubine will be on the road this summer on a full US tour with Left To Vanish. Here are the tour dates:

7/10 New Jersey @ TBA
7/11 Pennsylvannia @ TBA
7/12 Toledo, OH @ Vamps
7/13 Owensboro, KY @ The Borthers Pizza
7/14 Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
7/15 Merrillville, IN @ Las Pinatas
7/16 West Dundee, IL @ The Clearwater Theater
7/17 St Louis, MO @ TBA
7/18 Kansas City, MO @ El Torreon Ballroom
7/19 Oklahoma City, OK @ The Factory
7/20 Lubbock, TX @ TBA
7/21 Albuquerque, NM @ The Compound
7/22 Phoenix, AZ @ Metal Devastation 2
7/23 San Diego, CA @ TBA
7/24 Los Angeles, CA @ TBA
7/25 Modesto, CA @ Fat Cats Music House and Lounge
7/26 Soledad, CA @ The Castle
7/27 Frenso, CA @ TBA
7/28 Santa Cruz, CA @ The 418
7/29 Carson City, NV @ Studio Four
7/30 Bountiful, UT @ The Project
8/1 Nebraska @ TBA
8/2 Cedar Falls, IA @ The Main Event
8/3 Osseo, MN @ Segue Cafe
8/4 Milwaukee, WI @ TBA
8/5 Illinois @ TBA
8/6 Indiana @ TBA
8/7 Southgate, MI @ TBA

If you can help with any of the unconfirmed dates, email the band at throwthehaymaker@yahoo.com.

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xDeathstarx Seeks New Members

Redland, California hardcore/metal band xDeathstarx (Facedown Records) is currently searching for a new singer, drummer, and bassist. According to the band, "In the last few months we've gone through some line-up changes. We've had members leave for various reasons and since then we've had friends filling in their spots. We're looking for permanent members to join xDeathstarx and begin touring with us as soon as June."

Candidates must be Christian, straight edge, and willing to tour 6-8 months of the year. Interested parties should send an email here.

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Manslaughter Charges Dropped In Edmonton Death

News 1130 reports: Four young men hugged weeping friends and family after Crown prosecutors dismissed manslaughter charges against them in the death of a man on an Edmonton transit bus after a fight over heavy metal music.

"The initial reaction that was played out in the media was one of a person on an ETS bus being swarmed and killed," prosecutor Bart Roberto said outside court Friday.

"I think it was actually very reductive for the public to see that once the full evidence came out, a very different story was told."

The four youths - one was 16 and three were 17 at the time of the killing - were charged with manslaughter in the March 2006 death of Stefan Conley, 35, originally from Cookshire, Que.

Initial published reports from witnesses suggested that Conley was swarmed, kicked and stomped by four rowdy teens after he told them to settle down. The beating was said to have continued after Conley fell.

But that story collapsed during a preliminary hearing, which was held in public at the request of the defence.

Under cross-examination, those witnesses acknowledged they didn't actually see any kicking or stomping because their view was blocked.

Others testified Conley interrupted a conversation among the four youths about the rock band Metallic and insulted their taste in heavy-metal music. Court heard Conley and the teens then traded jibes.

A 16-year-old girl testified that Conley, who was five-foot-11 and weighed 198 pounds, crossed the aisle and punched one of the boys. The youths fought back, but one passenger told court they stopped punching Conley as soon as he let go of their friend.

The fight lasted about 10 seconds. Between five and 10 punches were thrown.

A medical examiner testified that Conley, who had a blood alcohol level twice the legal driving limit, died from a rare injury - a pinhole tear in a tiny artery at the base of his brain, the result of a blow to the face or chin. He died within minutes of receiving it.

The case initially provoked widespread public outrage. More...

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Marilyn Manson and Dita von Teese Interviews

Marilyn Manson and his estranged wife have both recently given interviews discussing their personal lives among other things. Polly Vernon of The Observer recently conducted an interview with Marilyn Manson. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

On his new album, "Eat Me, Drink Me":

"I don't think that I would... [long pause] exist, if it weren't for this record. . . I haven't... left my house in a year. I shut myself, literally, out of being with people, and I think I... no, I wouldn't exist without this record. . . To me, it was worse than wanting to die. I didn't want to live. When you want to die, you at least have a goal. You're aiming for something. It's not a good goal, but at least you want something. And you've got anger and fear, but at least you're feeling something. But I wasn't afraid, I didn't have fear, I didn't care and I didn't have hope. . . Depression's something that people would... probably assume I've always had an element of it in me. But I know that I've never f... f... I was going to say 'felt,' but I don't know how I 'felt'... I didn't have any feeling — it's a void. But this record, it's a cliche, but this record saved me..."

On whether Manson blames his depression on his marriage to Dita von Teese:

"Yes, it has an inconvenient, unfortunate parallel to — you know — getting married. I think they ultimately have to be associated. I don't think that the relationship was... something to blame... as much as the, just the, the cliches of marriage. Being expected to change. Change who you are. I started to feel — and maybe this is only how I perceived it, or it's what my ex-wife genuinely expected of me — but to have to change who I am because suddenly I'm supposed to be more responsible or adult or to have to apologize for who I am... It just ultimately wasn't what I was prepared for."

On whether the conventions of marriage crushed what had been a healthy relationship:

"Yeah. That and the unfortunate coincidence that her career was really taking off. And I wasn't able to give up what I'm doing and follow her; like she did for me, in the beginning. But I never knew I was... going to be expected to do that. Sacrifice to me is something you do without expecting something in return. . . So to be expected... to... I guess be judged on how much you love someone by... if you don't do... what they did for you... because they did it for you. It got to a point where, where, I didn't know how to win, I didn't know how to explain... to somebody... that I don't... love... me. So for you to think that if I loved you I would change, or I would not be depressed, or I would want to... you know... give up my work for a moment, when I didn't think of it as work... what you create and who you are has to be the same, or both of them die. So that's what almost happened. My creativity died and I nearly died."

On whether he felt betrayed by the way marriage changed his relationship with Dita:

'That was one of the initial emotional confusions and responses. I felt that I was stupid, that I was taken advantage of. At first. But I wasn't, I wasn't taken advantage of. I realized that."

On whether there is any good way to divorce:

"I think that somebody's always going to suffer more. And I'd think I hurt her more. But only because she didn't understand the amount of pain I went through before it became apparent to her. She didn't understand that my idea of the relationship was suffering for longer than she knew. And so when things ended equally between us, she might have assumed that I didn't care. Not realizing that I had been experiencing it for much longer."

On whether anyone has blamed him for the Virginia Tech shootings yet:

"Not as far as I know. But I wouldn't be surprised if I was blamed. You know, it all seems very manufactured to me. . . in the way that there's candlelight vigils, but I haven't seen anyone crying. Not one single person crying. Someone said to me yesterday: I'm sure you're full of mixed emotions. And I'm not, really. I don't really care. I don't know anyone involved in it. If you lose emotion, and you gain it back, you realise that hate and love are very important to distribute properly. So I'm not going to waste any kind of emotion on things that aren't related to me. It doesn't mean that you have to be insensitive or cold, or have no sort of empathy. It just means that when you do have an emotion, make it extreme."

On whether he is really in love with his current girlfrield, 19-year-old actress Evan Rachel Wood:

"Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely! It's actually easy for me [to fall in love], because it didn't make me cynical. My current relationship gives me the ability to realize where I've always gone wrong in my life, not just in my divorce. To realize I was always thinking: I wish that my life could be like the movies, like 'Bonnie and Clyde' or 'The Hunger' or 'Harold and Maude'. And... it can be! It maybe just takes somebody else who is as fearless as you. It takes a person who will not hesitate. . . Because now, my only definition of romance is that somebody has to be willing to hold hands and jump off the cliff with you. At that point, you don't want to die any more."

On whether he's happy:

"For the most part, yeah. More so than I was a year ago. And definitely more than I was 10 years ago. I feel, like, being in a position where I simply have no reason to apologize for just being myself, and where I don't have to make what I do an apology for me, or a defense of who I am."

On whether he ever talks to Dita:

"Not recently, but um... yup. I mostly just get yelled at for things that I can't change, and don't want to change any more. No. That's not a fair characterization of what, um... But it is pretty true! Ha ha!"

Marilyn Manson's estranged wife Dita von Teese recently gave an interview to the Toronto Star in which she discussed her split with the shock rocker and Manson's new video for "Heart-Shaped Glasses", featuring Marilyn in a love scene with his new girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood. An excerpt from the chat follows: More...

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Krohm Album Details Revealed

Debemur Morti Productions has disclosed the title, artwork and full tracklisting of KROHM's forthcoming second album. Mastered at the infamous Necromorbus Studios, 'The Haunting Presence' contains seven exhibits of paranormal Black Metal and is the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2004 debut 'A World Through Dead Eyes'. This time, Numinas' fevered mind has conjured a deeply personal, ritualistic work of incredible maturity. You can check out the cover artwork here.

Krohm's "The Haunting Presence" tracklisting is as follows:

Bleak Shores
Lifeless Serenade
I Respiri Delle Ombre
Memories Of The Flesh
Tra La Carne E Il Nulla

Unmastered samples can be heard at the band's Myspace.

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Treasure Land Post 2007 Demo Samples Online

TREASURE LAND, the Swedish progressive metal band who released two highly acclaimed CDs in 1997 and 1998, has posted audio samples from its 2007 demo at its official >web site. The tracks available for preview are as follows:

01. Cities are Burning
02. Let the Curtain Fall
03. The Price

TREASURE LAND last month cancelled its appearance at the Gothenburg Metal Festival (which took place on April 29-30 at Musikens Hus in Göteborg, Sweden) due to "personal reasons."

TREASURE LAND previously described its new material as "straightforward/in-your-face metal interlaced with strong neoclassical elements."

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Belphegor Update Upcoming Tour Itinerary

Austrian black metallers BELPHEGOR have updated their current tour schedule as follows:

8 - Gahlen, Germany - Moscht Festival
16 - Schweinfurt, Germany - Queens Of Metal Open Air
18 - Glasgow, UK - Soundhaus (with Vader)
19 - London, UK - The Purple Turtle (with Vader)
20 - Den Bosch, Netherlands - W2 (with Vader)
21 - Thionville, France - National Music Fest
22 - Dessel, Belgium - Graspop Open Air
24 - Trier, Germany - Exhaus (with Vader)

4 - Wacken, Germany - Wacken Open Air
10 - Svojsice U Prelouce, Czech Republic - Brutal Assault Open Air
11 - Bad Berka, Germany - Party San Open Air
24 - Bergen, Norway - Hole In The Sky Festival
17 - Mexico City, Mexico - Circo Volador
18 - Mexico - tba
19 - Mexico - tba

September (Pestapokalypse VI Pt. VI Over Brazil with GORGOROTH)
13 - Campinas, Brazil - Hammer Rock Bar
14 - São Paulo/, Brazil - Hangar 110
15 - Belo Horizonte, Brazil - MG Lapa Multishow
16 - Rio de Janeiro/, Brazil - tba
17 - Porto Alegre, Brazil - RS Bar Opinião

13 - Bucharest, Romania - Hatework Festival

24 - Leuven, Belgium - Lido

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Scorpions Reveal First US Live Date

According to Pollstar, the SCORPIONS first Humanity - Hour 1 US live date is Thursday, September 6 in Clarkston, Michigan at the DTE Energy Music Theatre.

As previously reported, Ariola Records will be releasing the Scorpions new album, Humanity - Hour 1 in Europe on May 25th as a regular CD, limited edition CD/DVD digipack and LP.

The tracklisting for the album is as follows: 'Hour I', 'The Game Of Life', 'We Were Born To Fly', 'The Future Never Dies', 'You're Lovin' Me To Death', '321', 'Love Will Keep Us Alive', 'Your Last Song', 'Love Is War', 'Rise Again', 'The Cross', 'Humanity'.

The limited edition digipack will feature the following material on the DVD: Behind The Scenes (Video), 'Humanity', 'We Were Born To Fly', 'Cold', Photo Gallery, Ralf Strathmann - Photo, Liam Carl - Photo, Liam Carl - Photo, Liam Carl - Photo, Liam Carl - Photo, 'Humanity' (Radio Edit - Excl Orchestra). More...

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Grand Lux Ink Deal With Nightmare Records

Sweden’s Ulterium Records and the US’ Nightmare Records have inked a deal for the U.S. release of the Carved in Stone album by the Norwegian heavy metal band GRAND LUX. The album was released in Europe by Ulterium Records, January 26. Nightmare Records will distribute the album exclusively in the U.S., and the release date is set for June 6.

GRAND LUX drummer Arild Ropstad comments on the U.S. release: “We’’re really happy about this deal coming together, especially since we’ve gotten such great response from overseas since Carved in Stone was released. There are plenty of 70’s and 80’s rockers over there, and we are pleased to bring them an album that we know they’’ll like!”

Carved in Stone will be distributed in Canada through Fontana North, and in the U.S. through Nevarre, Century Media and The End.

For more information about GRAND LUX, including two full songs off the album, visit their Myspace page.

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Deathchain Post Pit Of The Possessed Video Online

DEATHCHAIN's new video for the song "Pit of the Possessed" has been posted at YouTube. The track comes off the Finnish death/thrash metallers' third album, "Cult of Death", due on May 28 via Dynamic Arts Records (May 23 in Finland and June 1 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The track listing is as follows:

01. Deathammer
02. Hour of the Exorcist
03. Pit of the Possessed
04. Serpent of the Deep
05. In the Crypt of Vengeance
06. Witchstorm
07. Necrophiliac Lust
08. Cult of Death

DEATHCHAIN recently parted ways with singer Rotten and replaced him with K.J. Khaos. More...

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Immolation Check In From Europe

Veteran New York death metallers IMMOLATION are currently touring Europe with KRISIUN, GRAVE and DAWN OF AZAZEL. The group has checked in with the following update:

"The tour has been progressing well and each night the bands have been maxing themselves out. Tonight, more or less one fourth of the way through the tour, we are playing the 12th date in Glasgow. Behind us, there is the highly successful Neurotic Festival in Eindhoven (600 fans) and the crazy gig in Hannover (300 fans) with the equally crazy afterparty. The day after tomorrow we are returning to the mainland and getting ready for Hellriser Festival in Leipzig, Bavarian Battle Summer Fest in Rosenheim, Suffering Life in Wachenroth and Deathfest in Duisburg. The bands are also looking forward to the dates in Spain - we all want some more sun! More...

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Atargatis To Enter Studio In June

German symphonic gothic metal band ATARGATIS, which features in its ranks female singer Stephanie Luzie (DARKWELL), will enter Hellion Studios (DARKSEED, EQUILIBRIUM, SYCRONOMICA) in Munich in June with producer Seref A. Badir to begin recording its new abum for a late 2007 release via Massacre Records. According to the band, the follow-up to 2006's "Wasteland" will probably be called "Nova" and will once again be a concept album. The new CD "is going to be even more epic, even heavier and even more powerful" than its predecessor, according to the group. Female violinist Tialupa will once again play the violin on the new album, as will several guest musicians that have yet to be announced.

In other news, ATARGATIS has uploaded two rare demo tracks to its MySpace page. "Angels Crying" and "From Sirius" (the latter featuring a guest appearance by GRAVEWORM's Stefan Fiori) come off the "Divine Awakening" demo and can be heard at this location.

"Wasteland" was mixed and mastered at Alex Krull's (ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES) Mastersound studios, and it featured guest appearances by Stefan Hertrich (DARKSEED) on vocals, Moritz Neuner (LEAVES' EYES, ATROCITY, DARKWELL) on percussion and treble flute, and Susanne Zisky, formerly of the Junge Sinfonie Berlin, on the violin.

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Crashdiet Issue Studio Update

Swedish/Finnish "glam rockers" CRASHDIET have issued the following update:

"After a rehearsal interlude in Stockholm, the Swedish sleaze rock band CRASHDIET is back to the studio in Sundsvall to record their second album. The title hasn't been revealed yet. New blog entries are available now, with fresh videologs from the last photo session and a new 10-minute-long sneak peek from the recording process of the album. After revealing excerpts of new songs, the band's giving the opportunity to their fans to get new exclusive previews."

Upcoming CRASHDIET tour dates:

May 31 - Tantogården - Stockholm, SWE
Jun. 01 - Tantogården – Stockholm, SWE
Jun. 06 - Sweden Rock Festival - Sölvesborg, SWE
Jun. 28 - Peace And Love Festival - Borlänge, SWE
Jul. 13 - Helsingborgs Rock & Metal Festival - Helsingborg, SWE
Aug. 25 - Skogsröjet - Rejmyre, SWE More...

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Vanmakt Post New Concert Video Footage Online

Swedish black metal band VANMAKT has uploaded video footage from its concerts last weekend in Nyköping and Linköping, Sweden. Check it out at YouTube.

VANMAKT recently posted the cover artwork for its upcoming debut album, "Vredskapta Mörkersagor", at this location (cover art created by Juanjo Castellano).

"Vredskapta Mörkersagor" will be released this spring/summer through Pulverised Records. The CD features guest appearances by Jonas Renvaktar (SPAWN OF POSSESSION) on the song entitled "Open the Gates" and Hebbe from SKALD on the track "En Mardröm, En Strid, Ett Helvete". VANMAKT also recently filmed a video for the song "My Darkest Hate" which will be included on the forthcoming album. More...

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Michael Schenker Group Announce More Tour Dates

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP has lined up the following tour dates:

Jun. 15 - Santa Rosa, CA - Last Day Saloon
Jun. 16 - Portland, OR - Outlaws
Jun. 17 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
Jun. 20 - Ventura, CA - Ventura Theatre
Jun. 21 - West Hollywood, CA - The Key Club
Jun. 22 - Santa Ana, CA - Galaxy Theatre
Jun. 23 - Santa Clara, CA - The Avalon
Jun. 24 - Sacramento, CA - Hard Rock Live
Jun. 25 - San Diego, CA - Brick By Brick
Jun. 27 - Colorado Springs, CO - Union Station
Jun. 28 - Lakewood, CO - Eck's Saloon
Jun. 30 - Houston, TX - Scout Bar
Jul. 01 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theatre
Jul. 04 - Woodruff, WI - The Longshot
Jul. 05 - Milwaukee, WI - Shank Hall
Jul. 06 - Detroit, MI - I-Rock
Jul. 09 - Chicago, Il - House of Blues (with ENUFF Z' NUFF)
Jul. 07 - Middletown, OH - Coconuts
Jul. 11 - Buffalo, NY - Rock & Roll Heaven
Jul. 12 - Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock
Jul. 13 - Southbridge, MA - ADC Performance Center
Jul. 14 - Hartford, CT -Webster Theatre
Jul. 15 - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance
Jul. 19 - Long Island, NY - Mulcahy's
Jul. 20 - Richmond, VA at Toad's Place
Jul. 21 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
Jul. 27 - Scheltenham, UK - The Night Owl
Jul. 28 - Derbyshire, UK - Rock & Blues Festival *
Jul. 29 - Manchester, UK - Manchester Apollo *
Jul. 30 - London, UK - Hammersmith Apollo *
Jul. 31 - Frome, UK - Cheese & Grain
Aug. 01 - Frome, Somerset, England - Cheese And Grain
Aug. 02 - Nottingham, UK - Rock City
Aug. 03 - Stourbridge, UK - Rockcafe 2000
Aug. 04 - Nuneaton, UK - Queens Hall

* opening for the SCORPIONS, ULI JON ROTH More...

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Mors Principium Est To Play Earthshaker Fest

Finnish virtuosi monsters MORS PRINCIPIUM EST have just been confirmed on the Earthshaker fest in germany and some other live dates to promote their new masterpiece 'liberation=termination'. The live dates are as follow:

14.6 and 7.7 in Pori, Finland and the infamous Earthshaker fest in germany on 20.7.

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Wodensthone Sign To Bindrune Recordings

English black metal band Wodensthone have signed to Bindrune Recordings. "pecializing in an atmospheric and gripping form of heathen black metal, Wodensthrone have created some of the most engaging music that we have heard from this genre in ages," the label states". By combining the varying extremes of melody, technical ferocity, subtle synth textures along with airy music breaks that can only be described as 'ancient' feeling in scope, this potent and inspiring force seeks to rekindle the fire of Odin in the hearts of modern men and pay tribute to England's Pagan roots."

Wodensthrone's yet untitled full-length on Bindrune Recordings will be unleashed towards the winter/spring of 2008. Until then, the band has completed all the material and recording for their half of an upcoming split CD with fellow countrymen, Winterfylleth on the latter bands own label. More info will be made available as this release approaches completion.

You can check out some of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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