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Metal News for May 19, 2005

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Audioslave Fans Riot At Free Show In Hollywood

ContactMusic.com is reporting that Los Angeles riot police were called in to intervene at a free AUDIOSLAVE show on Hollywood Boulevard Wednesday night (May 18) when fans broke down barriers and started fighting each other.

Thousands gathered outside the Hollywood + Highland complex to watch the band's street performance for TV show "Jimmy Kimmel Live".

But after waiting for 90 minutes for the supergroup to appear and then facing interruptions as "Kimmel" broke for commercials, the fans became restless.

And when the group started playing "Killing in the Name of" — a hit for several of the bandmembers' former group RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE — the fans became unruly and barriers keeping them apart tumbled.

One bystander says, "It was really frightening. All of a sudden there was this commotion and the riot police arrived. It didn't last long but a lot of people feared that this could have become a much bigger incident.

"It was quite fitting that the gig took place on the eve of the new 'Star Wars' release because these guys looked like stormtroopers."

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Cryptopsy Guitarist Departs To Focus On Martyr

Guitarist Daniel Mongrain has officially left CRYPTOPSY due to "professional" reasons and to focus full-time on MARTYR, according to a posting on MARTYR's web site.

Mongrain originally joined CRYPTOPSY in late 2004 following the departure of Jon Levasseur.

MARTYR are currently in pre-production for their third album, which they expect to record this summer. The follow-up to 2000's "Warp Zone" will be issued through Galy Records before the end of the year.

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Download Two New Throwdown MP3s Online

Two brand new MP3s from the forthcoming THROWDOWN album "Vendetta" have been posted online: "Burn" and "Speak The Truth." You can also pre-order the CD now. The first 500 orders will recieve the Limited Edition Version with BONUS DVD, as well as a free "Vendetta" poster.

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Darkest Hour's Brushes With The Law

The following message has been posted at DARKEST HOUR's official web site:

"The dudes just can't stay out of trouble with the law. While doing a photo shoot and video shoot to prep their new record, DARKEST HOUR had two run-ins with Johnny Law this week.

"Day 1: Washington, D.C., where the band was taking band photos under a bridge. They were approached by four police cruisers and eight officers. The band was detained for over an hour and questioned repeatedly about their motives. In a time of mass hysteria, DARKEST HOUR is definitely not exempt. The officers thought that the photo shoot was a well designed plot for six terrorists to start planning an attack, on so-called 'soft targets' in the D.C. area and our rented van made them even more paranoid. Remember that the next time you have a breakdown and need to rent a substitute vehicle, it’s a 'suspicious move!' The band made it out with out being arrested or fined and the photos will now serve as a backdrop for the new record.

"Day 2: DARKEST HOUR are in NYC filming a video for the song 'Convalescence' with director Dale Restighini. The set was the outside of an old plastics factory in New Jersey where several tunnels converge. Fire, dirt, trash, and smoke set the scene — it was chaos, of course. It got so intense that some onlookers called the police. According to the officers they were in 'sheer terror and disbelief' at what was going on. The fire, the smoke, and the fact that heavy metal was blasting was just too much; but the police were unable to shut down the shoot before the band could finish. The result is a metal as hell video that came complete with its own police escort.

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Mustaine Breaks Ice w/ Dream Theater, Nevermore

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

"Yesterday [May 17] was the first official roundtable interview and photoshoot for Gigantour and it consisted of myself, John Petrucci from DREAM THEATER, and Jeff Loomis from NEVERMORE.

"It was great to see, meet, or re-introduce myself to these two guitar monsters. I feel that the interview went great and I got a chance to break the ice with the two guys, ask how their other bandmates were doing, give them a first-hand account of what I hope to achieve this summer, and ask them to help me learn some more guitar licks.

"I think they were surprised that I asked, but these are two great guitarists, and I have never felt comfortable asking anyone for pointers; pretty lame if you think about the players that I have been graced with.

"I also was listening to more bands to take a look at for Gigantour and the second stage. I will have an update on hopefully one more band that I am confirming soon, and I have withdrawn the offer to CHILDREN OF BODOM, due to their having conflicts with schedules evidently. They said they have some dates that interfere with doing this, and cannot join Gigantour. I understand and wish them the very best.

"While at Guitar World headquarters I also did a video guitar lesson for the song 'Symphony of Destruction'. I was a lil nervous because this was only the second time that I have done this, but I am getting over it. J

"After that I went over to VH1 to do an interview for VH1 radio. That was a fun interview because there were a lot of other questions outside of Gigantour and MEGADETH.

"We have also made some additions of concert dates for the West Coast and South West, some of which are in the beginning of the tour, and some at the end. We will announce these as soon as possible.

"Lastly, we are adding to the preliminary music loop on the home page of Gigantour.com tomorrow to include the first stage bands and should be able to make this very kewl, as well as continuing to gather pictures from the other artists.

"Feel free to notify the Gigantour.com webmaster if you may have any photos to help us out of your favorite band(s). Please let him know BEFORE you send him anything."

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Crisis Cancel Fury Fest Appearance

CRISIS have cancelled their June 26, 2005 appearance at Fury Fest in Le Mans, France. The band have nixed their European festival date because their European manager, Jeremy Nakache, was not able to negotiate the proper airfare coverage to the annual event with the festival promoters. This was a last-minute shock to the band, and the group is unable substantiate making the trip at their own expense.

CRISIS wants to apologize to their fans in Europe. It is a disappointment and the band hopes to make it up to their fans in Europe at a later date.

In other live show news, CRISIS is going on the road starting mid-June with M.O.D. and JACKNIFE as part of the "Killith Fair" tour. The tour's official web site has just launched and there fans can find information for all three bands, MP3s, dates, forums and free ticket giveaways. Shows are still being booked, so watch for updates.

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New Chimaira Song Coming Soon

Roadrunner Records has issued the following CHIMAIRA press release:

"It's been almost exactly two years since the release of CHIMAIRA's genre-defining metal opus 'The Impossibility of Reason'. Filled with crushing anthems like 'Pure Hatred' and 'Power Trip', the album was direct and to the point, spewing pure sonic vitriol. Touring in support of 'Impossibility' saw CHIMAIRA play over 330 shows in 21 countries, much of which was documented in 'The Dehumanizing Process' DVD, which offered a unique glimpse into the making of that album and the ensuing chaos, but nary a note of new music.

"Well, rest-assured that the creative fires have been burning bright in the belly of the beast. CHIMAIRA have followed up 'The Impossibility of Reason' with a crushing new album of epic proportions. The time has now come to set this monster free as something this ferocious can't be contained forever.

"So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, coming this Tuesday, May 24th at 6 PM E.S.T. straight from beautiful, scenic Strongsville, OH, we will offer you 'Nothing Remains' — the first new music from CHIMAIRA in almost two years. So come back soon and be prepared to have your ass rocked so hard that you'll be shitting sideways until August!"

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Wicked Wisdom Faces Uphill Battle For Acceptance

Sky Showbiz has posted the following report about Wicked Wisdom's recent addition to the Ozzfest Lineup:

Jada Pinkett Smith faces an uphill struggle to be accepted on the heavy metal circuit, despite the backing of Ozzy Osbourne.

The Hollywood actress and her pop metal band Wicked Wisdom are at the receiving end of all sorts of threats after Ozzy included them in the line-up for Ozzfest. "Wicked Wisdom will be pelted by every loose object on the Ozzfest grounds," one comment on the Ozzfest website claimed.

Her band, who supported Britney Spears in Europe on her Onyx Hotel tour last year have also opened for Papa Roach - but clearly this is not the sort of recommendation wanted by metal fans.

"If they opened for Britney Spears, then they must suck," another Ozzfest-lover said. "This is going to cause a ****ing riot... Bring your steel-toed boots!" claimed another.

Apparently, Sharon Osbourne is a big fan of Jada's band and that is the reason that they've made it into the line-up.

They'll be joining the likes of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Velvet Revolver at the festival which opens in Mansfield, Massachusetts, on 15 July 2005.

Jada is clearly following in the footsteps of her acting rapper of a husband Will Smith - they must make up the most multi-talented house in Hollywood.

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Anthrax Checks In From Australia

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian checked in from the group's Australian tour on the "Friday Night Rocks" show on New York's Q104.3 FM this past Friday (May 13). Several excerpts from the interview follow:

On how the reunion tour has been going so far:

"It's been going really well. It came together really quickly. We only had three days rehearsal and most of that was spent just busting each other's balls. The shows have been great. Chicago was amazing. We played a couple of shows in Europe. Specifically the show in Glasgow in Scotland was unbelievable. We've done one show here so far in Australia, in Brisbane, and tonight is Sydney, and I expect tonight to be pretty insane."

On whether same people are coming to the shows that have been seeing the band on the last few tours or if there are a lot of new faces in the crowd:

"I would say it's a combination of both. It's people who have been coming to us all these years who are obviously coming out because of the curiosity to see what it's like, as well as people who haven't seen the band in a long time who are coming out to see Joey [Belladonna, vocals] again, and as well as, I just think, new people who never had a chance… 'cause we are playing to more people and the shows have been doing really well. We've got this [New] Jersey show coming up that I believe is really close to being sold out, which we were kind of nervous, actually, thinking, 'We're only gonna have a couple of weeks to sell this show, and we're filming a DVD there and we wanna make sure it's packed,' and it's almost sold out, so the response has been really good."

On whether they are playing songs they haven't done in a long time:

"Yeah, we're playing all kinds of stuff. If we were gonna have Joey come back out and sing with us, we felt we had to do songs that people haven't seen us play since '86/'87. So, yeah, we're doing things like 'Medusa', 'Lone Justice', 'Armed and Dangerous' with the intro. We've been doing 'Gung Ho'. There's other ones, too. I think we might try the song 'Time' — not 'Got the Time', but the song 'Time', the opening song on »Persistence of Time« — we might try that tonight for the first time since like the IRON MAIDEN tour in '91. So, yeah, we're playing stuff that we haven't done in forever, which, in a weird way, makes us feel new, because even though it's reunion tour, we haven't played these songs in forever, so it keeps it really fresh for us."

On how if felt to share the stage with Joey Belladonna and Danny Spitz again after all these years:

"We did go into this with that advantage… We were a band for… this lineup was a band for eight years — from '84 until '92. That was the whole genesis of this band. So the bonds that were made at that point, it was very easy for that to come back, especially live. I mean, it's not like everyone had to study and go and had weeks' rehearsal to learn this stuff. I mean, it came back really, really fast. Really after the Detroit show, which was the first show on April 29th, that was the one… all the bugs just were out of us pretty much right after that show, 'cause going into Chicago, the two nights we did there, it was just instantly, we felt like a band, it felt like ANTHRAX. Looking over and seeing Danny [Spitz, guitar] and seeing Joey, it's strange, but at the same time, it's very normal. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it feels really good. It's a lot of fun, actually."

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Shadows Fall Part Of Shirts For A Cure Campaign

Shadows Fall have a brand-new, exclusive merch design available as part of the Shirts For A Cure campaign that benefits the fight against breast cancer. Click here to check out the new design, pick up the shirt, read more about Shirts For A Cure and support the cause.

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Chevelle Hosts Rock 30, Adds New Tour Dates

Chevelle will be co-hosting the Rock 30 this weekend. The Rock 30 airs in 17 states on 26 radio stations. Click here for stations and times. For more info, visit rock30.com.

Upcoming tour dates:
May 19 Baltimore, MD - Power Plant Live (WIYY's "Miller Light Night Show")
May 21 Urbana, IL - Canopy Club
Jun. 30 Milwaukee, WI - Summerfest
Jul. 08 Chicago, IL - NASCAR
Aug. 12 Columbus, OH - Germain Amphitheatre (Direct support to Velvet Revolver)
Aug. 13 Chicago, IL - Tweeter Center (Direct support to Velvet Revolver)
Aug. 20 Las Vegas, NV - Aladdin (Direct support to Velvet Revolver)
Aug. 21 Tucson, AZ - Valencia Anselmo (Direct support to Velvet Revolver)

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Powerman 5000 Change Tacoma Show Venue

The Temple Theater in Tacoma is having massive power issues and will not be open for the rest of the week so Powerman 5000 has changed the show on Thursday, May 19th, to The Olde Shipwreck at 1941 Marine View Drive - their phone# is (253) 383-1144.

For those of you who have already purchased tickets, they will still be good at the new venue. There is however, a problem for those of you who already bought tickets and are UNDER 21- the new venue is 21 and over. The Seattle show at Studio Seven IS all ages, so if you still want to try to make it to that one, you will need to RETURN your old tickets for a refund and make a completely separate purchase of new ones for Seattle.

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New Song And Video By Ulver Available Online

The End Records have posted a new track from ULVER, entitled ‘Christmas’. The track is available for download here.

Ulver’s new album, Blood Inside, is out through The End Records in the US on July 12th. The release will include the following tracklisting: ‘Dressed In Black’, ‘For the Love of God’, ‘Christmas’, ‘Blinded by Blood’, ‘It Is Not Sound’, ‘The Truth’, ‘In the Red’, ‘Your Call’ and ‘Operator’.

The End Records have also posted Ulver’s video for the track ‘It Is Not Sound’. Check it out here.

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Update On New Celtic Frost Album

CELTIC FROST frontman Tom Gabriel Fischer has posted the following updates at his official blog:

"Never before has the band been so heavy, never so dark…’ is what the small handful of friends have said who have heard the new production demos this week.

Heaviness and darkness can be expressed in a variety of ways, and while the entirety of our album will be distinctively more varied than the bandwidth of the songs our friends have heard, it really will be a very sinister collection of songs. It reflects exactly where we are at, personally, emotionally, and creatively, at this stage of our journey.

And no matter what some might interpret into all of this - and while they certainly do exist, who should give a toss - it is real and sincere. More real than anything we have done since 1987.

There is a strong chance that we will do the final recording sessions for the album this summer at Horus Studio in Hanover. Perhaps this really is home.”

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Solace Tour Begins

New Jersey`s doom masters Solace hit the road for the first time since last years crushing performance at SHoD. The band was sidelined for some time due to drummer Kenny Lund`s battle with cancer last year. Back to being healthy, the band has been busy working on new material for their upcoming Meteor City release, A.D., and getting out on the road and doing what they do best. Also planned for this summer are tours of the southeast and a jaunt out to the west coast and back.

List of tour dates includes: More...

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