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Metal News for May 16, 2011

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The Down Troddence Posts New Music Video Online

Indian metal band The Down Troddence has released the official music video for the song "Shiva." Check out the video, which was directed by KS Hashim, below:

The music video depicts the story of Raavana's penance for Lord Shiva's blessing. Angry at Shiva's silence, Raavana goes to Kailasa and plays this shloka with a veena made out of his intestine. The video also shows Pottan Theyyam (an art form which tells the story between Sankaracharya and Lord Shiva). It briefs the meeting of Lord Shiva disguised as Pulayan (down trodden) with the intention to further test Sankaracharya's knowledge who is proud of himself and about to ascend "Sarwanjha Peedam" (throne of knowledge).

Check out more of the band's music in the player below: More...

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The Great Commission Streaming New Song

The Great Commission is gearing up to release "Heavy Worship" through Ain't No Grave Records (ANGR) on July 12th, 2011. Now, fans of the band have their first opportunity to hear new music from "Heavy Worship" as The Great Commission premieres the song "Draw The Line" on Facebook. Head over to the band's Facebook page and click "Like" to check out the song.

The Great Commission will be appearing this summer on the Scream The Prayer tour alongside Norma Jean, The Chariot, War of Ages, label mates Sleeping Giant and As Hell Retreats and more. Dates for the trek are below.

7/1 Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
7/2 Bushnell, IL @ Cornerstone Festival (Not all STP bands on festival)
7/3 Bushnell, IL @ Cornerstone Festival (Not all STP bands on festival)
7/5 Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock
7/6 Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
7/7 Charlotte, NC @ Amos
7/8 Douglasville, GA @ The 7 Venue
7/9 Jacksonville, FL @ Murray Hill Theatre
7/10 Pratville (Montgomery), AL @ The Blue Iguana
7/11 Little Rock, AR @ Riverfront Pavilion
7/14 Willmar, MN @ Sonshine Festival
7/15 Winnipeg, MB @ Garrick Centre
7/16 Willmar, MN @ Sonshine Festival
7/17 Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
7/19 Dayton, OH @ The Attic
7/22 McAllen, TX @ Las Palmas Racepark w/ The All Stars Tour
7/23 San Antonio, TX @ The Backstage Live w/ The All Stars Tour
7/24 Dallas, TX @ The Palladium w/ The All Stars Tour
7/25 Tulsa, OK @ Cains Ballroom
7/26 Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
7/27 Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
7/28 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
7/30 Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
7/31 Pomona, CA @ Glasshouse

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Naer Mataron Issues Recording Update

After signing to Witching Hour earlier this year, Greek black metal act Naer Mataron has now checked in with the following update about recording a new album:

"Today we were at Incorporate M studio to start to fixing out the drums for the album, since the first time everything seemed really fine and pleasant, Billy and Niko (both technicals) were really professional, kind, and smart, ready to help any time we required something.

"The drum kit is a bit huge (Jonathan loves big sets) but in the same time awesome to look a combination between DW (toms and one kick) and TAMA (one kick) the sound generally is quite good (tomorrow we'll fix some detail found on the tuning of the toms) for sure we'll gonna have such a great time during the recordings, the hell now is just begun!"

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Unearthing The Instrumental Metal Underground

In this week’s edition of the Unearthing the Metal Underground column we’ll take a look at three bands that all defy one of the most basic and recognizable traits of extreme metal – a strong vocal presence. These bands feature musicians who have ditched the front man to let their instruments do all the screaming, crooning, whispering, chanting, and shouting.

Whether as a conscious decision, or simply due to the lack of a talented vocalist who can match the music, these three lesser known bands all show that metal doesn’t need grunts or shrieks to tear off faces and shatter ear drums. Without a vocal element, the musicians have the opportunity to bring many different sounds to the forefront that are easily lost by other bands, creating a completely different experience than the standard thrash or death metal track.


Spokane based three piece Odyssey is an instrumental act by choice, having no use for vocals getting in the way of the instrumentation. Don’t let that fact make you think the music doesn’t sing, however, as the long tracks are filled to the brim with technical showcases and progressive transitions that paint a picture in the head just as well as a vocalist could conjure with either clean singing or growling.

Odyssey has very clear influences from the technical metal giants, as well as some of the more well known progressive acts, but the music is more about the journey than the label found at the destination. Any given song can have any number of stylistic shifts, and even throws in a sound reminiscent of metalcore or deathcore from time to time, while keeping everything together into a unified whole.

To hear what Odyssey has to offer, you can check out the entire “Schematics” EP (reviewed here), which is available for streaming through the group’s Bandcamp page, or read our interview with the trio at this location. The songs “Iconoclast” and “Ascendance,” from the debut “Objects in Space” album, can also be heard in the clips below.


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In Solitude Streaming Songs From New Album

After previously premiering the song "To Her Darkness" online through Metalunderground.com, In Solitude is now streaming another four tracks off the band's new album "The World. The Flesh. The Devil." Head over to Revolver Magazine's MetalKult here to check out the title track and the songs “We Were Never Here,” “Serpents Are Rising,” and “Poisoned, Blessed and Burned.”

Vocalist Hornper comments on the album's title: "We have chosen not to feed everyone our personal perception of the title and not to over-analyze it in interview, because we want the listeners themselves to rely on what the title evokes in them personally, and find their own way of perceiving it. The title and the specific song & poem that carries its name is very significant to what this album reveals and deals with, and if you read and listen to it carefully and close to heart; all answers shall come."

"The World. The Flesh. The Devil" is due out on Metal Blade Records on May 24th, and the track listing for the album is as follows:

1. The World, The Flesh, The Devil
2. We Were Never Here
3. Serpents Are Rising
4. Poisoned, Blessed, and Burned
5. Demons
6. To Her Darkness
7. Dance of the Adversary
8. On Burning Paths

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Vastum Announces New Live Shows

Bay Area horde Vastum, which recently posted a new song online titled "Primal Seduction," is on the warpath to bring its brutalizing debut full-length, "Carnal Law," to the masses. The album is set for release via 20 Buck Spin on May 31st. Vastum has now confirmed more live actions throughout the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest over the coming weeks, with more tour plans in the works to be announced shortly. Footage of the band performing live can be found below.

Currently confirmed dates are as follows:

5/18/2011 Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA w/ Inquisition, Necrite
7/01/2011 The Know – Portland, OR w/ Atriarch, Murderess
7/02/2011 Black Lodge – Seattle, WA w/ Ritual Necromancy, Anhedonist, Countdown to Armageddon
7/03/2011 Saratoga – Portland, OR w/ Knelt Rote, Negative Queen

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Anaal Nathrakh Streaming Entire New Album

The upcoming Anaal Nathrakh album "Passion" (reviewed here) is scheduled for a North American release tomorrow, May 17th, 2011 via Candlelight Records. In celebration of the impending release, Gun Shy Assassin is now streaming the entire album online. To check all the tracks from the album, navigate over to this location.

The "Passion" track listing is as follows:

1. Volenti Non Fit Iniuria
2. Drug-Fucking Abomination
3. Post Traumatic Stress Euphoria
4. Le Diabolique Est L'ami Du Simple
5. Locus Of Damnation
6. Tod Huetet Uebel
7. Paragon Pariah
8. Who Thinks Of The Executioner
9. Ashes Screaming Silence
10. Portrait Of The Artist

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August Burns Red Posts New Song Online

August Burns Red has announced the new album "Leveler" is scheduled to drop on June 21st, 2011 through Solid State Records. A new song from the album, titled "Empire," is now available for streaming through the band's Facebook page at this location.

You can view the album's track listing below, and the artwork is available here.

1. Empire
2. Internal Cannon
3. Divisions
4. Cutting the Ties
5. Pangaea
6. Carpe Diem
7. 40 Nights
8. Salt & Light
9. Poor Millionaire
10. 1/16/2011
11. Boys of Fall
12. Leveler

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Pythia Issues New Album Update

Pythia has issued the following update about releasing a new album and the band's upcoming activity:

"Hello! Here's wishing you all a happy Spring, as we have been blessed with some beautiful weather as well as wonderful news of late, more on that later. Although not out on the road since Hard Rock Hell in December, we have been extremely hard at work preparing for this year's onslaught on the international record markets, along with a little (much needed) R&R!

"In order to make sure we remained focused on the completion of our new album the band decided to put back the video shoot from March to late summer. We want to sincerely thank all who helped out in this part of the project, especially James and Matt/all the guys at EKHO for all the hard work already completed.

"We would also like to write a few words of support to the all the people at our Japanese label, Spinning, and to anyone affected by the recent events in the land of the rising sun. In good news over there though, the album is selling well, and has even been spotted on music stands next to some of our biggest idols and contemporaries. Let's see what album number 2 brings.

"As we touched on earlier, the new album is here! Finally, after all this time, a couple of leaked tracks, and much Facebook conjecture, the album is done!

"We can announce that the title is 'The Serpent's Curse', and is a definitely a movement on from 'Beneath the Veiled Embrace'. Ross describes it as our 'Empire Strikes Back'; a lot darker, but technically better!. Nuff said. The album is due for release in the autumn, and look out for a UK tour to support the launch. More news as details firm up..... More...

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Daemonicus Issues Studio Update

Daemonicus has issued the following announcement about the recording process while the band is holed up in C.C.H.B. Studio:

"A blasphemous creation... Repellent art of body parts Like surgical incisions Slicing, tearing, carving through

"That is what you get when this blasphemous creation is released. The track 'A Dead Work Of Art' is being recorded right now. Stefan is growling and making strange noices from the recording room, whitch is getting hotter then hell beacuse of the poor ventilation. It's no picnic being the vocalist. Or wait it is, the bastard are always divas, don't have to cary any gear and such... Just a small mic. Im just being jelous cus my amp weighs like 3 tons!

"I don't have much more to tell you then that the recordings are going great and we having a good time here in C.C.H.B. studio."

Images from the band's time in the recording studio can also be viewed below. More...

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Crionics Working On "Scapegoat" Video

Crionics has issued the following announcement about releasing the band's "N.O.I.R." EP in Poland and about working on a new music video:

"We're pleased to announce the latest Crionics offer will be out on 06.06.2011 on Icaros Records. The 'N.O.I.R.' Ep consists of three premiere songs as well as the band's own version of such metal world's well-known songs as Immortal's 'Blashyrkh' and Rammstein's 'Moskau' (featuring special guest appearance of Peter / Vader and Vogg / Decapitated). This not all what makes this offer pretty unique... The material comes out with very special bonuses, namely - first Crionics' demo recorded back in 1998, including Emperor's 'I am The Black Wizards' cover, 'Scapegoat' live video and 'The making of N.O.I.R.' video.

"Last year Crionics took part in several tours in order to get their name back out there... Runs consisted of 50 shows in total, including tours with Rotting Christ and Sadist amongst others, during which the band conquered the lands of almost every Middle and Eastern Europe country.

"'N.O.I.R.' has already had its premiere in the Eastern Europe at the end of the last year on Russian label MSR Productions. Icaros Records version is set to enchant Crionics' fans with different cover art as well as 12-pages booklet, all wrapped in a breath-taking layout and design. Works are in progress on the 'Scapegoat' video that will promote the 'N.O.I.R.' extended EP material. Before it gets online you may listen to 'Scapegoat' here."

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Nightrage To Support Firewind On Tour

Nightrage has been announced as the supporting act for Firewind on the upcoming "Frets of Fury" North American tour, which starts on October 9th.

Firewind's Gus G. states: “We couldn’t be happier to announce our first full North American tour! It’s been over three years since Firewind toured from coast to coast across the U.S. and we’re coming back stronger than ever with a killer package. We put a lot of thought into who we wanted to go out with us and truly believe that each band on this bill brings something special to the table making this a very diverse line-up. However, shredding guitar driven metal remains the prominent feature across the board.

“In fact there’s more to it than just that, as this package is somewhat of a musical family tree. Not many people know this but Arsis’ guitarist James Malone and I went to Berklee together back in 1998. We had an instrumental band together for awhile, which later became Firewind. James is a kick ass shredder and I’m glad our bands are finally touring together.

“Also, most people don't know that I played in Nightrage for few years. I did two albums with them and their main-man Marios Iliopoulos is a phenomenal guitar player. He also filled in on bass for Firewind this year, when Petros was unable to tour. More...

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The Gathering Offering Free Song Download

The Gathering has issued the following announcement about offering a song titled "Heroes For Ghosts" as a free download:

"You can download a brand new The Gathering track called 'Heroes For Ghosts' right now at our Bandcamp page. For free! Go click here.

"You can choose various formats, such as mp3 320k or VBR, FLAC, ACC, ALAC and Ogg Vobis. 'Heroes For Ghost' is a song which will appear on our new album, title and release date t.b.a. We will play this song live in the Netherlands (may/june) and during our South American Ghost Ride Tour. We thought it would be nice if you people already know the song a bit so you can sing with us.

"We hope you will like it as much as we do. We think we made something really special. On top of this, our friend Marcus Moonen is also busy with a videoclip (or short movie). We let you know when it's finished. In the mean time, enjoy! (and yes, it's totally for free! :) ) If you like our music and want to support the band, check out other TG songs/albums on bandcamp or physical products at our webshop. Cheers!"

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One Year On And On And On: Remembering Dio

There are some individuals in their field of music that are so important, they seem like they'll live forever. In many ways these legends do, as people will continue to listen to their music for years to come, but the lack of their physical presence on Earth can always be felt. Jazz lost a king when Miles Davis passed away in 1991, hip-hop lost one of it's most respected artists five years later when Tupac Shakur was murdered and heavy metal suffered from one, if not it's greatest loss this time last year, when Ronnie James Dio succumbed to stomach cancer.

The importance of this heavy metal titan who stood only at 5' 4" can never be exaggerated. this is the man who is credited with introducing the "heavy metal horns" hand gesture, which is used worldwide to this day by metal fans signaling their love of music, their approval or simply to acknowledge each other. As a singer, he was an influence to countless heavy metal vocalists and even at the age of sixty seven, he was still being credited as one of the best in the business, a title backed up by his winning of the Best Metal Vocalist Award at the 2010 Revolver Golden Gods Awards. Perhaps most importantly though, Ronnie James Dio was known for being one of the true gentleman of heavy metal. Unlike a number of other rockers, Dio wasn't known off the stage for excessive partying, violent encounters or a gargantuan ego, he was known for his honest love and respect for his fans and his undeniable intelligence and philosophic nature. More...

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Altars Of Destruction Parts Ways With Vocalist

Finnish thrash metal act Altars Of Destruction has announced that is has parted ways with vocalist Mike Luoma. His replacement will be Jarno Samppala, the brother of Altars Of Destruction drummer Jussi Samppala. Mike Luomo commented on his departure by saying;

"I feel it's the fair thing to do, now that new ambitions have risen. The core of the band have worked hard in the past months. My lack of time and motivation would only stand in the way of four other musicians' chances. Thanks to everyone in the past few years for support and helping start the new Altars Of Destruction chapter."

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U.D.O. Releases Fourth Tour Diary

German heavy metal act U.D.O. has posted its fourth tour diary clip online from its recent trip to South America. You can view the footage in the player below.

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Lethal Saint Announces New Single

Cyprus based act Lethal Saint, which recently contributed to a Metalucifer tribute album, has now announced the upcoming release of a new single. The single, titled "Saints Strike Back," will be released on May 24th and features three songs from the band's upcoming album. Additional details on the album will be announced as they are made available.

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Rob Zombie Video Interview Available

A new video interview has been posted online featuring Rob Zombie and John 5. You can check out the interview, which was conducted at the Soundwave Festival in Melbourne, Australia, in the player below.

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AC/DC Singer To Embark On Book Signing Tour

AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson has announced that he will be setting out on a book signing tour for his new book release "Rockers And Rollers: A Full Throttle Memoir." The new 224-page hardcover book by the AC/DC singer will be made available for the first time in the United States on May 24 through It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. You can view the official dates and locations for the events below.

Tuesday, May 24
12:30 p.m.
Barnes & Noble
555 Fifth AVE
New York, NY 10017

Wednesday, May 25
7:00 p.m.
Book Revue
313 New York AVE
Huntington, NY 11743

Thursday, May 26
7:00 p.m.
211 E. Ridgewood AVE
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

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Memoira Issues Recording Update

Memoira has checked in with the following update about gearing up to entering the recording studio next week:

"Hitting the studio next week! That's right! We are finally ready to hit the studio next week to start recording our next album! We are also giving you guys a chance to take a look behind the curtain cause we are planning to make a video diary of the studio sessions!

"We are extremely excited to work with the guys at Ansa studios again and hopefully make some history along the way and of course a kick ass album!

"P.S. Memoira salutes our lions on ice! Ice hockey world champions of 2011: team Finland! What a great day to be a Finn!"

You can also check out the band's music by heading over to the Memoira MySpace page.

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Demonical Performance Footage Posted Online

Footage has been posted online of Demonical performing the song "World Serpent" live at the Swedish Death Metal Attack in Aalen. You can check out the clip below or watch the music video for "Ravenous" at this location.

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Reclusive Forest Council Uploads New Song

Reclusive Forest Council has posted a new song online titled "Romanticized Reality," which can be heard in the player below. You can also check out the previously uploaded demo song "Voices" by heading over to this location.

Ray Heberer of Reclusive Forest Council also commented on the track:

"Hey everyone! It's been a while. Please read on... So this is another song from my solo project. It's a different style then what I've been uploading recently, so I hope you like it, or I'll have to find a new fanbase for this stuff. Also, I got a new effects pedal, so this is the first song to show my new recording equipment. It's also the first song where you get to hear me play keyboards!

"The modern version of Reclusive Forest Council - my solo project - is influenced by the sporadic and repetition-free structures of Veil of Maya, Between the Buried and Me, and Within The Ruins, the melodic sensibilities of Insomnium and Helloween, the time signature prowess of Dream Theater and Panzerballett, keyboards influenced by Planet X and Rings of Saturn, groove similar to that of Periphery and Tesseract, crushing low riffs like Meshuggah and Gojira, ambience in the vein of Cyclamen and Vildhjarta, and plenty of dynamics and guitar tones, influenced by Opeth and Circus Maximus."

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Video Interview With Symphony X Available

MetalTitans has posted a video interview online with Micheal Romeo and Russell Allen of Symphony X, which can be viewed below. You can also check out a previously posted video interview with the band from MusikUniverse here.

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Draconis Infernum Announces Album Track Listing

Singapore based black metal act Draconis Infernum has announced the band's second full-length album will be titled "Rites of Desecration & Demise." The cover artwork for the album is available for viewing at this location.

Draconis Infernum has also announced the track listing for "Rites Of Desecration & Demise" is as follows:

1. Regime Of The Underworld
2. Rites Of Desecration & Demise
3. Armoured Legion
4. Proclamation Of Encroachment
5. Vengeance Unto Thee
6. ...Of Solitude & Darkness
7. Chaos Infinity
8. The Grand Conjuration
9. Satan My Master (Bathory Cover) featuring Xaphan of Kult ov Azazel

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Kampfar Issues Tour Update

Kampfar has issued the following announcement about the band's upcoming European tour dates:

"European tour update: It is almost time for the European tour and befitting a year of change and turmoil we have to tell you that Jon will not be able to bring his bass bashing tricks to the stage with us. Family issues make it impossible for him to be part of the tour, and initially we were reluctant to perform without his presence, but we are lucky to have a solid replacement lined up. Endre Moe, known from Trail Of Tears, is an old friend and has been on the road with us many times before.

"The step up to bass duties is a natural one, and after a weekend of intense rehearsing we're happy to say that this solution will be a very good one. We'll see you, the Horde, on the road! This tour is for you!"

Kampfar has also been confirmed as the direct support band for Vreid's upcoming North American tour, slated to begin in late August and run through mid-September. This will be Kampfar's first time touring on North American soil, and the latest volley of dates supporting new album "Mare," released last month by Napalm Records. More...

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Deivos Streaming Song From New Album

Deivos is currently streaming a new song online from the band's new album "Demiurge of the Void." You can listen to the new track "Absolut of Hatred" by heading over to the Deivos MySpace page here. You can also check out the cover artwork at this location.

The "Demiurge of the Void" track listing is as follows:

1. No Gods Before Me
2. Code of a Dead Deity
3. Absolut of Hatred
4. Born to Loathe
5. Extreme Unction
6. And the Word Became Flesh
7. Demiurge of the Void
8. Panacea

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Power Quest Announces New Tour Dates

Power Quest has announced several upcoming tour dates as part of the "Blood Alliance U.K. Part 2" tour. The currently announced dates are as follows:

September 30th - TBC
October 1st - Newcastle - Legends
October 2nd - TBC
November 24th - Swansea - Venue TBC
November 25th - Bedford - Esquires
November 26th - Crewe - Dante's
November 27th - Wakefield - Snooty Fox

You can also check out the band's latest podcast by heading over to this location.

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Venom Reveals New Album Title

British extreme metal godfathers Venom have announced that the name of their forthcoming new studio album will be "Fallen Angels."

Although further details are vague at present time, the record will contain thirteen tracks and will be released through Universal Music in either August or September this year. Stay tuned for further information on the upcoming release of "Fallen Angels."

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Shadows Fall Guitarist To Tour With Times of Grace

Shadows Fall guitarist Matt Bachand will be the bassist for Times of Grace's upcoming U.S. tour with Underoath, the band's label, Roadrunner Records, announced.

Bachand, a longtime friend of TOG/Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz and vocalist Jesse Leach, takes over for bassist Daniel Struble, who has left the band to tend to "personal matters." Struble also plays in Five Pointe O. The rest of the band will be rounded out by Dutkiewicz' KsE guitar partner Joel Stroetzel and drummer Dan Gluszak.

“Losing Daniel was a blow to the Times of Grace camp, but we knew he had to do what was best for him and his family,” said Leach. “Having Matt show interest in joining the touring lineup could not have been a better fit! I have been a fan of Matt's voice and guitar work for many years. I am honored and very stoked to have him join us on tour to play bass and sing backup vocals. Matt is a great guy, and someone Adam, Joel and I have all known for years. Personality-wise and as a musician, it clicks so well. I am certain Matt will add a great vibe and bring his own style to the live show!”

Bachand said: “I am very excited to be a part of Times of Grace. Not only will it be great to get onstage with some old friends, but I am looking forward to something new musically as this role as bassist will be a very different experience from my role as guitarist of Shadows Fall.”

Dutkiewicz, who formed the band last year with Leach, former vocalist for KsE, said of Bachand joining the tour: “I’ll miss the crap out of Dan, but I’m so stoked to be bro-ing down with our longtime beer-swilling bassist bud Bachand. Come out to the shows and prepare to flex!”

Here are the dates of the Illuminato(U)r featuring Underoath, Times of Grace, Stray From the Path, and Letlive:

7/05 Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre
7/06 Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock
7/07 Farmingdale, NY @ Crazy Donkey
7/08 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
7/10 Hartford, CT @ Webster Theater
7/11 Portland, ME @ State Theater
7/12 Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights
7/13 Baltimore, MD @ Bourbon Street Ballroom
7/15 Louisville, KY @ Expo Five
7/16 Sauget, IL @ Pops
7/17 Tulsa, OK @ Brady Village (Headline Show)
7/18 Little Rock, AR @ Riverfront Pavilion
7/20 Bloomington, IL @ The Castle Theater
7/21 Toledo, OH @ Headliners
7/22 Syracuse, NY @ Westcott Theater
7/23 Toronto, ONT @ Downsview Park
7/24 Montreal, QUE A@ Paterre Parc Jean Drapeau (Heavy MTL)
7/26 Grand Rapids, MI @ Intersection
7/27 Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
7/28 Cedar Falls, IA @ Wheelhouse
7/29 Lawrence, KS @ Granada
7/30 Omaha, NE @ Sokol Auditorium
8/01 Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep
8/02 Lubbock, TX @ Jake's Sports Cafe (Headline Show)
8/03 San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
8/04 Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live Studio (Headline Show)
8/05 Whitehouse, TX @ The Warehouse
8/06 Tupelo, MS @ Ballard Park/Minerva Music Fest
8/07 New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues
8/09 Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
8/10 Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel
8/11 Richmond, VA @ The National
8/12 Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall
8/13 Flint, MI @ Birch Run Expo Centre

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Winterus Tracks From New Album Posted Online

Several tracks have been made available online from the new album "In Carbon Mysticism" by U.S. based black metal act Winterus. You can check out the songs "Moonlust," "Eternal Ghost," "Christ Reign," and "Dusk Unveils" in the clips below.

In other Winterus news, the band recently announced it is parting ways with two members, and you can also check out Metalunderground.com's interview with Winterus about black metal, zombies, and Christianity at this location.


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Muleta Smiles Posts Video Update

U.K. act Muleta Smiles has posted a new video blog online detailing the band's latest rehearsal and performance antics. You can check out the footage in the player below, or head over to this location to watch the band's video clip for the "Set Sail" track.

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Aenaon Streaming Track From New Album

Greek metal act Aenaon has issued the following announcement about streaming a new song online:

"A new track from the upcoming album 'Cendres Et Sang' is unleashed online! We have the honour to have a participation in vocals by our respected friend, V' Gandr, well known from bands such as Helheim and Aeternus.

"'Grand Narcotic Harvest' is one of the most aggressive tracks in the album but also one of our favourites. A hymn dedicated to all sweet, self destructive addictions."

You can listen to the new song "Grand Narcotic Harvest" by heading over to the official Aenaon website at this location. A trailer for the upcoming album "Cendres Et Sang" can be found here, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Kafkaesque
2. Suncord
3. Psychonautic Odyssey
4. Grand Narcotic Harvest
5. Once Finite
6. Carnivora's Lair
7. Necroscope
8. Kraanerg
9. Black Nerve
10. In Heaven

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Reverence Posts New Song "Bleed For Me"

Power metal act Reverence, which features former members of Tokyo Blade, Sa­vatage, and Crim­son Glo­ry, recently entered Sight 16 Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico in April with producer Sid Garcia to record a debut album. A new song from the recording sessions, titled "Bleed For Me," can be heard in the player below.

The album is tentatively scheduled for a Fall 2011 release through Razar Ice Records. Working song titles set to appear on the CD include "Too Late," "Vengeance Is Mine," "Gatekeeper," "Revolution Rising," "Monster," "Lost Generation," "Bleed for Me," "Devil in Disguise," " Twist of Fate," and "Phantom Road."

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Nocturnal Depression Posts Vinyl Teaser Clip

French black metallers Nocturnal Depression have posted a teaser trailer online for the new vinyl edition of their "The Cult of Negation" album. You can check out the video trailer in the clip below.

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Onslaught Announces New Tour Dates

Onslaught, which recently parted ways with drummer Steve Grice, has now announced upcoming European shows dubbed the "Sounds of Violence" 2011 tour. The currently announced dates are as follows, with more to be announced shortly:

2011-05-25, Pandemonium Club, Maidstone, UK
2011-05-27, MetalFest Open Air, Pratteln, CH
2011-05-28, MetalFest Open Air, Dessau, DE
2011-05-29, MetalFest Open Air, Minning, AT
2011-06-11, Metal GDL Festival, Grandola, PT
2011-07-24, Ost mountainfest, Rasnov, RO
2011-07-30, Eisenwahn Festival, Obersinn, DE
2011-08-06, Wacken Open Air, Wacken, DE
2011-09-03, Occulfest, Drenthe, NL
2011-11-25, Salamandra, Barcelona, ES
2011-11-26, Heineken, Madrid, ES

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Endstille Posts "Anomie" Video

Endstille has posted a music video online for the song "Anomie," the first track off the band's new album "Infektion 1813," through MetalHammer.de. You can check out the video clip in the player below.

The album, which drops today in Europe and tomorrow in North America, has the following track listing:

1. Anomie
2. Trenchgoat
3. Bloody H (The Hurt-Gene)
4. The Deepest Place On Earth
5. When Kathaaria Falls
6. Satanarchie
7. World Aflame
8. Wrecked
9. Endstille (Völkerschlächter)

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Vesperian Sorrow Announces New Album Details

Austin, Texas-based symphonic metal band Vesperian Sorrow has announced that they have completed work on the follow up to 2007's "Regenesis Creation." The new album, "Stormwinds of Ages," features 11 songs, totaling roughly 55 minutes of the band's strongest material to date. No release date has been set, but a promotional video has been completed, and contains excerpts from four new songs.

"Stormwinds of Ages" also features guest guitar solos by Carl August Tidemann (Winds/Arcturus) , and guest vocals by Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys/Watchtower/Broken Teeth), Erika Tandy (Autumn Tears/Ignitor), and Jon Zig (Sarcolytic/Images of Violence). Jon Zig also created all album artwork.

The tracklisting for "Stormwinds of Ages" is as follows:

1. Sanguis Vitam Est
2. Stormwinds Of Ages
3. An Empire To Mourn
4. Casting Dawn Into A Shadow
5. Crown Of Glass
6. Legacies Befallen
7. Eye Of The Clock Tower
8. Oracle From The Ashes
9. Relics Of The Impure
10. Death She Cried
11. Of Opiates And Accolades

Vesperian Sorrow is also happy to announce the launch of their new web site at www.vesperiansorrow.net.

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