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Metal News for May 13, 2012

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The Occupation Domination Tour Invades New Jersey

On Sunday, April 22, New Jersey was home for one night to some of the premier death metal bands in the world for the Occupation Domination tour. Featuring the likes of Aborted, Decrepit Birth, Cattle Decapitation, and Origin, this package had something for every fan of death metal. The tour came at the tail-end of a day-long metal festival that was going on at the venue. By the time the first band on the tour package, Battlecross, hit the stage around 6:30, some audience members had been there for almost six hours. That didn’t affect the early bands too much, but the later ones would see how having 12 hours of live metal can impact a crowd. More...

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Nominon Issues New Album Update

Old school death metal act Nominon has issued the following update about switching studios and recording a new album:

"The recording of the new Nominon album is certainly moving on after a bit chaotic change of studio in the very last minute (due to some incompetent losers at the studio we had booked to start with), so with a very short notice we could start the recordings with engineer Robert Ericsson at Studio Hell, a small studio located here in Jönköping, Sweden.

"We actually used that studio for the latest 7" EP 'Manifestation Of Black,' and since then the studio itself has been upgraded, that somehow was necessary before we felt that we could use it for a proper album recording.

"So far all drums are done, most of the guitar parts, as well as some bass and vocals. This weekend vokillist Henke Skoog will continue recording the remaining vocal parts. It all sounds extreme to the core, very morbid and filthy, yet variated death metal as usual when talking about Nominon.

"The plan is to have everything recorded by May 22nd because on the 24th Mr. Javi Bastard (of The 'true' Graveyard) will start to mix and then master the album at Moontower Studios in Barcelona, Spain together with Nominon drummer Perra Karlsson. More...

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Entrails Working On New Album

Sweden's Entrails has issued the following announcement about working on an upcoming third album:

"We are alive and the music is selling good and we are now in the middle of third opus. Yeah, thats right we will make a new album during this year and have that fucker released in very early 2013.

"The rehearsals are going great so far and the material we will use is pretty much done. Hopefully we will enter the studio and record some drums in a few months.. And we have also signed a new label wich will be announced this month of may that means we're leaving FDA Rekotz for another one.

"We would like to thank Rico and FDA for 2 great years and 2 albums and wish him luck for his job digging up bands here and there... We have some merch left to sell... check it out! (sorry for the bad quality)

"We are also proud to have been giving the chance to play at big festivals/shows this year:

27-28 May Faceplant Metalfestival (sweden)
9-11 Aug Party san (Germany)
16-18 Aug Summer Breeze (Germany)
29 Sep Entrails in Esbjerg (Denmark)
5-6 Oct Hell Indoor (Germany)
2-3 Nov Stromgitarren Festival (Germany)
3 Nov Turock (Germany)

"Come and see us and support the death metal!!!"

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While She Sleeps Releases "This Is The Six" Video

While She Sleeps has posted a new music video online for the song "This is the Six," which can be viewed in the player below. The song is the title track off the band's upcoming new full-length album, set for release on August 6th via Search & Destroy Records. The new single "This is the Six" is also currently available on iTunes.

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Takatak Recording New Single

Takatak, which was recently covered in the Pakistan edition of our "Unearthing the Metal Underground" column, has now issued the following update about working on a new single:

"For those who don't know, we've recorded our next single at Digital Fidelity Studios and its been produced by none other than Mekaal Hasan and Sameer Ahmed.

"Tracking has been completed and the song is in the mixing and mastering stage now. The production level of this song is intense guys!"

For more details on Takatak, head over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Fallen Martyr Streaming New Song

Fallen Martyr has uploaded another new track from the band's upcoming release "Shadows." Give the new song "Passing through the Veil of The Exterior World" a listen through the YouTube player below. "Shadows" is set for release on May 29th, 2012 via Siegen Records and the track listing is as follows:

1. Revelry and Reverence
2. Wake up, Its time
3. Therian Premonition
4. Doubt
5. The Restless king
6. Passing through the Veil of The Exterior World
7. Body of Light
8. Invocation
9. Cognitive Dissonance and the Children of Hamelin
10. The 8th Circle
11. Soul Left Bare
12. (Cast Me Out)

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Ereb Altor Posts New Album Trailer

Sweden's Ereb Altor has announced the release of an upcoming album titled "Gastrike," which is set to drop on June 29th, 2012. A teaser trailer for the release has been posted online and can be viewed below. The "Gastrike" track listing is as follows:

1. The Gathering of Witches
2. Dance of Darkness
3. Dispellation
4. Boatmans Call
5. The Mistress of Wisdom
6. I Djupet Så Svart
7. Seven

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Illidiance Posts More Tour Footage

Russian act Illidiance has posted a second video clip online chronicling the band's time in Poland for the "Krush'em All" tour, which can be viewed below. You can also check out a previously posted tour video from the band at this location.

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Project Pain Reveals New Album Details

Project Pain will release the band's new CD "I Have Sinned" on June 23rd, 2012 along with a new music video for the track "W.O.D." Project Pain commented:

"We are very proud that there will be guest solo's on the CD from our former band members Mark Staffhorst and Marco van der Velden, and Wim Epskamp (ex-Minas Tirith) will do a solo as well, fuck yes we are ready to release some bad ass old school thrash. More news in the coming weeks about new members Project Pain."

The track listing is as follows:

1. False Prophet
2. Retribution
3. W.O.D.
4. I Have Sinned
5. Thrashopolis
6. Canister (instrumental)
7. Embrace Death
8. Hatred
9. House Of Pain
10. Silent But Deadly More...

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Muluc Pax Streaming New Song

Mexican ancestral metalcore band Muluc Pax is streaming the new song "Piel de Bronce." The track is not from it's 2011 sixteen-song release "Su'ut Kin," but will be on a new compilation featuring ten artists. The term "Muluc Pax" translates into the Mayan prophecy for 2012. Stream the lyric upload for "Piel de Bronce" below, a song that talks about the conquering of the indigenous peoples by way of the conquistadores and how it's time for the descendants to rise up again.

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Sunday Old School: Opeth

This past week, MetalUnderground.com has largely (and irritably for some,) been discussing the latest Opeth album, "Heritage," which has divided fans with its blend of seventies inspired prog rock. To understand why some fans are so upset about the direction, perhaps it would be best to take a look at the history of the group. Opeth was formed in 1990 in the Swedish capital by vocalist David Isbgerg and guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt after an argument with former band mates of Isbergs. They soon recruited bass player Nick Döring, drummer Anders Nordin and a second guitarist named Andreas Dimeo, though Dimeo and Döring left the group after their first performance. A number of lineup changes would follow, most notably the inclusion of guitarist Peter Lindgren (who originally joined as a bass player) and the departure of Isberg, with Åkerfeldt taking over vocal duties, in addition to keeping his role as a guitar player. They soon earned themselves a record deal with the then newly formed Candlelight Records and recorded their debut album, "Orchid" in the Spring of 1994, though due to distribution problems, it wouldn’t see a release until the next year. The album was positively received, with critics praising their blend of death metal with acoustic guitars and harmonies.

They soon followed "Orchid" with their sophomore effort, "Morningrise," which garnered even higher praise than "Orchid," allowing them to embark on a tour of the United Kingdom and a large Scandinavian trek with Cradle Of Filth. The growing interest in the band led them to sign with German label, Century Media, who released the groups first two albums in the United States (they had previously only been available in Europe.) Soon after the signing however, the band first parted with bassist Johan DeFarfalla, before splitting with Nordin, leaving Mikael Åkerfeldt as the sole original member. The first band first hired a new drummer named Martin Lopez before recording their third album, "My Arms, Your Hearse," which featured Åkerfeldt performing bass duties, though they soon found a permanent bassist in Martín Méndez. "My Arms, Your Hearse" continued Opeths tradition of releasing albums that were more acclaimed than their last, with many ranking it among their finest albums. More...

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