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Metal News for May 13, 2006

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Legion of the Damned Announce New Bassist

Dutch thrashers LEGION OF THE DAMNED (formerly OCCULT) have posted the following message on their official web site:

"During our last tour, bass player Twan Fleuren left the band because of family matters. After having spoken with Twan, we all decided that it was best for him to focus on his family and leave the band. Within no time we found a new member in Harold Gielen, who complements the band perfectly. He also plays the guitar in MANGLED and INHUME. Harold already joined LEGION OF THE DAMNED on the last day of the tour at the 013 venue in Tilburg and you'll definitely be seeing more of him in the future. We wish Twan Fleuren all the best in life and we welcome Harold Gielen to our line-up."

LEGION OF THE DAMNED's debut album, "Malevolent Rapture", was released in January 2006 via Boomer Entertainment/Massacre Records.

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"Rebel Meets Rebel" Adds To Dimebag's Legacy

Launch Radio Networks reports: In stores [since Tuesday, May 2] is "Rebel Meets Rebel", an album featuring the last completed recordings by slain PANTERA and DAMAGEPLAN guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. The disc was recorded over a four-year period by Abbott, his brother and drummer Vinnie Paul, PANTERA bassist Rex Brown and country singer David Allan Coe. Vinnie Paul told Launch that the CD is a tribute to his late brother's talents. "It was a cool record, you know," he said. "It was just something that was really cool and something that's gonna add to Dime's incredible legacy that he already has. It's got some of the most stellar guitar work he's ever done in his entire life on there, and it was a fun record to make and it makes me feel like I'm still workin'with him right now. It's just one more thing that he did that's amazing, you know."

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Darkane Give Post-Tour Update

Sweden's DARKANE have just returned from being on tour in Europe with Sadus and Glory Blister. Here's the official update from DARKANE guitarist, Christofer Malmström:

"We had a great time and the audiences were fantastic! After returning home to our hometown Helsingborg, we played a show here and filmed it with 9 cameras for a possible DVD. We are gonna listen to/watch the results within the upcoming days and see if it´s worth working on (mixing the sound and editing the video). If it´s good we might release it later this year together with extra material from our career. We've always brought a video camera on tours and studio recordings, so it might be a lot of fun to watch."

Live photos of DARKANE in Switzerland can be viewed in the "Gallery" section at metalpics.ch

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Communic Set US Release of Sophomore Album

Nowegian metal band COMMUNIC are receiving praise in Europe for their sophomore album, "Waves Of Visual Decay." Waves Of Visual Decay will be released in North America on June 27th. You can download an MP3 of the track "Under A Luminous Sky" from this album at Nuclear Blast's site.

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Sun Descends Forced To Cancel European Tour

New York City thrashers SUN DESCENDS have been forced to cancel their previously announced European tour due to accusations that were levelled against the trek's projected headliners, IMPALED NAZARENE, regarding their alleged neo-fascist views and lyrical content. IMPALED NAZARENE had to call off a portion of their European tour that was supposed to feature SUN DESCENDS in the support slot alongside MASTER.

Commented SUN DESCENDS vocalist Mem von Stein: "This has been a very hard blow for the band psychologically and financially. However, we refuse to give up and we will try to come and play in Europe before this year is over. We deeply regret these circumstances and want to state this situation occurred without us being at fault. We started working on new material for the follow-up to 'Incinerating the Meek', and are even considering recording the new SUN DESCENDS album in Germany."

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Dry Kill Logic Return From UK Tour, Enter Studio

Dry Kill Logic just got home from touring England where they were reportedly blown away by the fan support and turnout. Playing to sold out crowds and wild kids every night, Jason Bozzi commented that, "It's good to see that kids still know how to dive off the P.A. systems."

From Wolverhampton, Cliff Rigano wrote, "Hey everybody! We're 4 shows into this tour and I can't even BEGIN to explain how amazing it has been so far! These shows have been off the wall and all the kids there have been INSANE!!! This is our first proper UK/Euro tour, and we are already planning our return - we should be back on tour in Europe in November!"

Upon landing down at JFK, DKL headed right into the studio to finish recording their upcoming album with Eddie Wohl and Rob "Goat on the Half-Shell" Caggiano of Scrap 60 Productions.

Dry Kill has also been busy with a side project called The Magellan Comlex. An official announcement on that matter is expected next week as well as the June release of The Magellan Complex, an EP/DVD tribute to the fans.

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Pork Pie And Gorillas: Kane Of Fall To Grace

Fall To Grace out of Los Angeles, California has quickly started the big climb to the top of the metal heap and doesn't seem to be letting up soon. This is a band that sidesteps playing down the extreme and instead plays up the beauty of a well-written song. I rarely find myself ever listening to a band that is frankly way too far from the brutal path, but I will be the first one to stand and defend the honor and accomplishment in the art that Fall To Grace is presenting to the music world. I went to their drummer, Kari Kane, in attempt to get into the mechanics of this impressive metal unit. More...

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Brutal In Seattle: Brandon Eckert Of Burnt Shadows

The bowels of Seattle, Washington have regurgitated up, Burnt Shadows, one of the more chilling and eerily death-sounding extreme metal acts in metal's underground today. It is an act that revisits the murder cry and blast beast of Acid Bath, while channeling the downright haunting thrash of Slayer. The band is made up of Brandon Eckert on vocals, Craig Saner on guitar, also including Dan Moore on guitar, Dave Moore playing bass and Tony Mitchell hitting the drums. They have made a serious impression on me from the first moment I heard their tracks on Myspace, and I am pleased to be taking a few moments with their extremely gifted singer, Brandon Eckert.

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Onslaught To Play One-Off UK Date With Testament

Reformed classic British thrash outfit ONSLAUGHT will play a one-off date with TESTAMENT and XENTRIX at Bradford Rio's on June 3. This will be the only U.K. date that TESTAMENT will be playing with ONSLAUGHT and XENTRIX. It will be ONSLAUGHT's last U.K. appearance before going off to record their new studio album.

ONSLAUGHT will enter the studio the first week of July to begin recording their fourth CD, "Killing Peace", tentatively due in September via an as-yet-undisclosed label. The band's current lineup includes Sy Keeler (vocals), Nige Rockett (guitars), Steve Grice (drums), James Hinder (bass) and the group's latest addition, guitarist Alan Jordan (ex-MIRROR MIRROR, FRANKENSTEIN). Songtitles set to appear on the album include "Destroyer of Worlds", "Pain", "Tested to Destruction", "Burn", "Shock and Awe", "Prayer for the Dead", "Twisted Jesus", and "Killing Peace".

ONSLAUGHT recorded three albums in the late 1980s - including the underrated "In Search of Sanity" (1989, Polydor), featuring ex-GRIM REAPER frontman Steve Grimmett - before calling it a day.

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Disfear Kick Off Tour w/ Rumpelstilskin Grinder

Sweden's DISFEAR performed the first show of their North American tour in Philadelphia at the First Unitarian Church with label-mates RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER and others on Friday, May 12. From there, the crust-rock destroyers will be hitting major cities in the North, East, Mid-West and Canada with fellow label mates MISERY INDEX along with Strong Intention and more during the course of the tour. A complete listing of DISFEAR tour dates can be found below.

This is DISFEAR’s second North American visit since the release of their Relapse debut, Misanthropic Generation. Upon returning home from this tour, they will finish up work on the follow-up album to Misanthropic Generation that is expected to see a late 2006 / early 2007 release via Relapse.

Currently confirmed Disfear tour dates are as follows: More...

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Andromeda Announce More Live Dates

Swedish quintet ANDROMEDA have lined up the following dates in September:

Sep. 9-10 - Raismesfest - Raismes, FRA
Sep. 11 - Noveau Casino - Paris, FRA
Sep. 12 - Spirit of 66 - Verviers, BEL

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Chrome Division Sets Release Date For Album

Led by DIMMU BORGIR's Shagrath on guitar, CHROME DIVISION features Eddie Guz (The Carburetors) on vocals, Ricky Black on guitar, Luna (Ashes To Ashes) on bass, and Tony White (Minas Tirith) on drums.

Recorded at Panzer Studio in Oslo, Norway, the band's stripped down, groove-laden debut album, Doomsday Rock 'N Roll, is set to be released in North America on August 8th. You can view photos of the band in the studio here.

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Blind Guardian Photos w/ New Drummer Online

Marking the live debut of BLIND GUARDIAN's new drummer, Frederik Ehmke, several photos from the band's May 5th show in Rijssen, Holland have been uploaded here

BLIND GUARDIAN's recently issued single, entitled "Fly," was released in North America on April 18th. The group's new studio album, tentatively entitled of Twist In The Myth, is due later this year.

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Bleed The Sky Offers Update From The Road

Bleed The Sky guitarist Kyle Moorman offers this update from the road while on the Jagermeister-sponsored tour with Ill Niño, God Forbid, Silent Civilian and Eyes Of Fire:

"This is the BEST tour we've been on! We've done two shows in New York City and Boston and both nights were awesome. We're always pushing ourselves to be better, to find new stuff to do on-stage, to give it our all for our live shows, and crowds like that definitely give us the energy we need to do that! Cristian [Machado, lead singer for Ill Niño] has watched our set every night. It's very flattering to have someone appreciating our music like that, and we're still on the road with our great friends in Silent Civilian. They REALLY helped us out when the transmission on our van blew up in Albuquerque by taking a lot of our gear in their trailer so we could make it home. I'll say it again: This is the BEST tour we've been on!"

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