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Metal News for May 10, 2009

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The Berzerker Posts T.A.T.U. Cover Song Video

The Berzerker, Australian-based death metal band, internationally renowned as one of the most brutal extreme metal bands performing today, has released a video clip of them performing a cover version of Russian pop song song, "All The Things She Said" by T.A.T.U. The #1 track was a ridiculously catchy song whose popularity was largely due to their status as underage lesbians and the film clip of the two girls kissing in school uniform in the rain.

The Berzerker's accompanying film clip had to up the ante on the original, featuring two of Australia’s best known fetish models getting raunchy and inspiring two schoolgirl viewers to explore their own sexuality, and each other, in their child-like bedroom.

You can watch the The Berzerker's video for "All The Things She Said" below. More...

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Warbringer Posts Kreator/Exodus Tour Update

Warbringer's John Laux has posted the following update from the Kreator and Exodus tour:

"First off i want to thank everyone who has and plans on coming out to our gigs on this tour. The clubs have been packed and the response has been amazing!

"I wanted to let you guys know that Nic Ritter wont be returning to the drum throne until our Headline dates on the west cost this June. The Doctors in LA told us his bone has healed but the tendons in his arm need special attention. We decided to leave him in LA so he could get some proper rest and recive physical therapy on a regular basis. Weve been informed he should make a complete recovery within the next 3 weeks.

"Special thanks and mention to John Gensmur from Epicurean for stepping into the ring for us on this Tour. He has been giving us, his kit, and the crowd his hell everynight so we can in turn rage and put on a hell of show for you guys! Accidents happen, but this tour woudln't have been possible with out his help.

"Our CD release date is just 2 weeks away and we are very excited. If any of you guys are definatly planning on buying our record, making an order by presale or purchasing it within the first week of release would be a huge favor to our camp. We are very grateful for your support! See you guys around the chopping block."

Remaining tour dates on the Kreator, Exodus, Belphegor, Epicurean and Warbringer tour are: More...

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Arch Enemy Announces Rescheduled Mexican Show

Arch Enemy, who recently postposted thier show in Mexico at Circo Volador on May 8th, has rescheduled it for August 20, 2009 (still at Circo Volador). More ticket information can be found here.

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Wishdoom Posts Live Doomsword Cover Video Online

Greek epic heavy/doom metal band Wishdoom has posted a live performance video of them covering Doomsword's "Sacred Metal" live at Harley Bar in February. You can check out the video below. More...

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AC/DC Announces Australian Tour Dates

Hard rock legends AC/DC will be returning to Australia and New Zealand next year to promote their latest studio album, "Black Ice." Support on all Australian shows will come from Wolfmother.

The tour dates are as follows:

January 30 - Wellington, New Zealand - tba
February 6 - Auckland, New Zealand - tba
February 11 - Melbourne, Australia - Etihad Stadium
February 18 - Sydney, Australia - ANZ Stadium
February 25 - Brisbane, Australia - Nathan Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre)
March 2 - Adelaide, Australia - Adelaide Oval
March 6 - Perth, Australia - Subiaco

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In For The Kill To Record New Album

IN FOR THE KILL will be hitting the studio next month to begin recording their sophomore effort for SICK6 Records. The alternative rock project, which is masterminded by NOTHINGFACE bassist Bill Gaal, will feature numerous guest appearances and will feature NOTHINGFACE drummer Chris Houck on most tracks. In the meantime, you can check out some of their prior material from their debut album "Kingdom Sessions: Volume One" on their MySpace player or iTunes.

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Praying Mantis And Tank Team Up For Show

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal favourites Praying Mantis and Tank will be teaming up for a co-headlining show at The Peel in Kingston Upon Thames, UK. Tickets are £7 - for info call 0208 546 3516. The concert will be taking place on May 24th. Both bands will be busy next month as Tank head overseas to perform at the Sweden Rock Fest and Praying Mantis will be releasing their brand new studio album, "Sactuary."

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Dragonforce Postpones Latin America Tour

Due to the current Swine Fly pandemic, British power metal group Dragonforce has announced that they have had to postpone their tour in Latin America. Guitarist Herman Li states: "We are obviously not happy about this as we were all really looking forward to touring Latin America for the first time and were all set to go, but there is nothing we can do about it, this has been forced upon us by Government intervention. Work has already started on re-scheduling the shows so any fans who bought tickets should keep them as they will be valid for the new dates. Watch out for announcements in the media or online as we will be playing there in the near future for sure!"

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Saturnus Announces Line Up Changes

Danish death/doom metal band, Saturnus, has issued the following update:

"Saturnus is currently working on new tracks with a line-up consisting of new and old members of the band. For various reasons Anders Ro Nielsen, Tais Pedersen, Peter Poulsen and Nikolaj Borg has left the band."

"Saturnus now consists of the founding members: Thomas A.G. Nielsen and Brian Hansen. Guitarist Rune Stiassny which supported us at The Ethereal Sessions tour in 2008 is now a member of Saturnus."

"Future members and concert dates will be will be announced soon."

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Dark Age Signs To AFM Records

German metal band, Dark Age, has issued the following comments regarding their recent signing to AFM Records:

"Finally here come some fresh news from your very own favourite band! We just inked a worldwide record deal with the Hamburg/Germany-based label AFM Records!

"We are really looking foreward to work hand in hand with this renowned label! The release of our sixth studio album is planned for autumn 2009 and the recordings will begin this friday, May 8th." More...

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Kalmah Enters the Studio

Finnish melodic death metal band, Kalmah, has issued the following studio update:

"We have entered studio to record our 6th full length album. During May we will record 9 new songs and couple of covers. Mixing and mastering will take place at the beginning of Autumn when the daylight starts to disappear from the Northern Finland."

"What's new? Well, I would have to say that all Kalmah elements are strongly present and the band has more strength than ever. And we will very likely use real trumpet, so at least that is something new... " More...

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Peter Dolving Seeking Fan Donations

The Haunted vocalist Peter Dolving has issued the following request for donations from fans:

"OK, I won't beat around the bush here; I need cash.

"I am getting ready to sit down and finish a couple of projects and I need your contribution to make it reality.

"The books are ready for editing so I can get around to publishing them, this takes time, and as you know time is unfortunately money.

"The music; I am ready to get to the next step of work with the O-project. Dave Witte(Burnt By The Sun & Municipal Waste) and Scott Reeder(Kyuss) will be helping me out together with Andes from Foobar. Studiotime = money and I need your help.

"The Artwork; I've collected a LOAD of my nastiest, weirdest queer transgressive porn art work from 10 years back and intend turning it all into Tshirts, Bed-Sheets and Lamp-shades. Of course THIS NEEDS TO BECOME a reality.


"1. Go to my myspace page. 2. Get yer credit card. 3. Press the donate button, and fork over all you can afford or believe it's worth to make it happen.

"There's enough of you out there now so it should be a reachable goal.

"Peace, and THANK YOU! / Peter Dolving"

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Amon Amarth Issues Tour Update

Amon Amarth has issued the following tour update:

"We just completed a very successful US tour and wanted to thank everyone for coming out to the shows! It was great to play at the places we missed on the fall tour and places we haven’t been to in a very long while or before!

"We had great support bands. We’d like to thank and raise our horns to them!

"After the US tour we went straight to Buenos Aires for our very first show in South and Central America. We’ve heard from other bands about how great it is but we never expected it to be THIS good! Amazing crowds every night and really great people everywhere!

"At the present moment, the show in Mexico City will happen as planned. Things have seemed to cool down a bit. As long as it’s safe for us and our fans to do the show, we'll gladly take to the Mexican stage!"

Upcoming shows: More...

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Koldbrann Parts Ways With Guitarist And Drummer

Norwegian black metal band Koldbrann has issued the following statement about parting ways with their drummer and guitarist:

"KOLDBRANN has chosen to end the collaboration with it's drummer through 7 years, Fordervelse, due to internal disagreements. Fordervelse has played drums on all of KOLDBRANN's releases and concerts to this date, and had a significant impact on the development of the band.

"Shortly after this occured, G. Antonsen stated that he wants to step down from his position as 2nd guitarist of the band, as he no longer feels that he has the necessary capasity to continue with active touring. Antonsen has given his all for KOLDBRANN since 2004, both on stage and recordings.

"The remaining KOLDBRANN are grateful for all the work the two of you have put into the band through the years, and we wish you the very best for the future! More...

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Project Strato To Release Early Stratovarius Demo

Project Strato, the band featuring ex-Stratovarius members, has issued the following statement about releasing an early Stratovarius demo:

"This is really cool, we just found a person who has a demotape of the very early Stratovarius line-up when Tuomo was still handling the vocals as well. This is the very same tape that I rehearsed the songs from when I joined the band. I think it is from 1983. We will try to transfer the reels to digital form and see what we do with them. But this got to be the very earliest material Stratovarius has ever recorded.

"Cheers, Timo"

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Negura Bunget Announces New Band Line Up

Romanian black metallers Negura Bunget have issued the following statement about replacing two of their members:

"This has to be one of the most difficult messages to be written. We are sorry to announce that Hupogrammos and Sol Faur have ended their journey along Negura Bunget. Our paths are now apart. We wish them all the best on their new endeavors (their new project will be announced at a later time). Meanwhile, a new Negura Bunget line-up is assembled , which will continue the path started almost 15 years ago. Rest assure, we are keen to prove there is more to be said by this band, and we will work to fulfill our spiritual endeavor relentlessl .

"All Negura Bunget scheduled plans (concerts, festivals, contracts with Aural Music/Code666 Records and Prophecy Productions/Lupus Lounge) will be completed in the new formula. New website and myspace page are developed and will soon be online.

"The new official Negura Bunget line-up is:

Corb - guitars/vocals
Spin - guitars
Gadinet - bass
Inia Dinia - keyboards
Ageru Pamanatului - vocals/pipes/percussions/xylophone
Negru - drums/percussions

"A word from Hupogrammos and Sol Faur: We would like to thank everybody who supported and believed in Negura Bunget and invite you to follow our further musical activities." More...

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Killswitch Engage Live Video Posted Online

A fan recorded video of Killswitch Engage performing the new song "Light in a Darkened World" on May 6 in Peoria, Illinois has been posted online. The video can be viewed below. "Light in a Darkened World" comes from their upcoming self-titled album which will be released on June 30th. More...

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Siblings Of Hatred Recording Debut EP

Sri Lanka based metallers Siblings of Hatred have issued the following band update about recording material for their debut EP:

"Siblings Of Hatred are known as the initiating Black Metal(Extreme Metal) band from the depths of Colombo. Disbanding in 2007, the Siblings were re-formed by bassist Jude filling in for former vocalist/frontman of the unit, Micheal, taking on Vocal duties and Guitarist Pinto along with the two Ex-Forlorn Hope members, TPKR behind the skins and Mackay on guitars and Dinuk Perry on bass.

"Siblings Of Hatred who are known for composing Sri Lankan Black Metal classics such as 'Forest Of Dark Emotion', 'Infant Lucifer' and 'Self Metal Disorder' are currently working on recordings of original material for the debut EP which is due to be released this year!"

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Obituary Posts New Album E-Card Online

Florida death metal band Obituary has posted an e-card online for their upcoming album "Darkest Day" here. The album is currently set for a June 30th release date via Candlelight Records.

The track listing for the album will be as follows:

1. List Of Dead
2. Blood To Give
3. Lost
4. Outside My Head
5. Payback
6. Your Darkest Day
7. This Life
8. See Me Now
9. Fields Of Pain
10. Violent Dreams
11. Truth Be Told
12. Forces Realign
13. Left To Die

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Eroded To Reissue Demo Albums

Italian death metallers Eroded have issued the following brief statement about re-releasing two demos through Konquerer records:

"A rerelease of both demos 'Banner of the unrest exile' & 'Test the grace infliction' CD is planned for the end of summer on the cult death metal label Konqueror records! Prepare to be consigned into oblivion!"

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Dead To Fall Announces Farewell Show

Dead To Fall has issued the following statement about a farewell show:

"Back in 1999, there was a little band out of suburban Chicagoland honing a sound that would shape the sound of metalcore in the Midwest for years to come. Who knew that this band, Dead To Fall, would go on to release 4 full-length albums on Victory Records and tour the world several times over with everyone from Napalm Death to Darkest Hour to Kingdom of Sorrow to Obituary, and play numerous festivals on US and international soil, including Hellfest, Pressure Fest (Germany), New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, and Power Fest (Netherlands). As if that wasn’t incredible enough, Dead to Fall’s career spanned a solid 9 years while the band managed to play close to 1,000 shows all across the globe. To say they created a sound and legacy for many young Midwestern bands as well as bands around the country to follow would be an understatement.

"Sadly, last April, while on their headlining tour in support of the release of the band’s 4th studio album Are You Serious?, the constant touring finally made Dead To Fall collapse under their own weight. Vocalist Jon Hunt said, ‘We just fell apart. After so many lineup changes, tour struggles, and internal struggles, it was just time to let it go.’ The band cancelled the remainder of their headlining tour and went their separate ways.

"Almost exactly one year later, Dead To Fall is excited to announce their final farewell show – a proper way to say goodbye to their original hometown, Chicago. Hunt said, ‘After we decided to split up, it just never felt right to not play one last time in Chicago, the city where we got our start. After about a year of planning and debating how to pull it off we decided to do this show, but with as many members from our history as possible. I'm so excited to be able to share the stage again with so many of the friends I've had over the years in the band. A lot of the people who got into the band in the last 4 years never got to see the original lineup play the first record live, or V&V for that matter. We wanted to send this band into history on a positive note, embracing all of the records equally in the form that they should have been heard live - with the people who wrote the music performing.’ More...

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Asphyx Announces New Album Release Date

Dutch death metal band Asphyx renewed its partnership with its long-time label Century Media Records and on June 22nd, 2009 the new studio album “Death…The Brutal Way” will be released in Europe. The band issued the following statement about the recording of the album:

"In the line-up consisting of Martin van Drunen (Vocals), Wannes Gubbels (Bass/Vocals), Paul Baayens (Guitar) and Bob Bagchus (Drums), these old school metal icons recorded ‘Death…The Brutal Way’ at Sonic Assault Studio with Frank Klein Douwel. Afterwards, the album was mixed and mastered by the none less legendary Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Edge Of Sanity, etc.), who previously successfully worked on mixing the debut album by Hail Of Bullets debut album, the band featuring Asphyx vocalist Martin van Drunen and guitarist Paul. Transferring the band’s classic trademarks of doomy, macabre death metal into the year 2009, ‘Death…The Brutal Way’ is easily the heaviest ASPHYX album to date and the first to feature the titanic roar of Martin van Drunen since 1992’s classic ‘The Last One On Earth’!"

Drummer Bob Bagchus also commented: More...

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Maroon Announces Make-Up Record Release Show

Maroon has announced a make-up record release show that should have been in Nordhausen on April 18th. The show will now take part in SONDERSHAUSEN (20km from Nordhausen) at the STOCKSEN on May 31st. According to the band, it was not possible to find any location in Nordhausen. Bought tickets for the Nordhausen show will be accepted.


All information as well as the presale can be found here.

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